Comic Sex


The naked woman was spread-eagled on the raised platform, preparing for the worst. The evil ruler could inflict no pain great enough to get her to divulge the information. He approached her bound foot, holding the menacing device with three gleaming, sharp metal tines. She tensed every muscle, anticipating the shock of them penetrating her soft flesh.Barb squealed and jerked when Tony touched the sole of her foot with the three points. She had chosen to play the damsel in distress in this scenario, to have her limits tested. Only in a role-play could Tony even pretend to be cruel to her.She squirmed and giggled when he dragged the hand rake across her foot, surprised that it could be so tickling. Even her heels were sensitive to the scratchy contact. As soon as she adjusted to it, he switched to her other foot and she couldn’t suppress her laughter.She was soon out of breath, gasping and laughing uncontrollably as he worked his way up her body. He had a tray of implements—out of sight, so each one was a surprise to her. Although he gave her chances to recover, she was becoming so ticklish it didn’t seem to matter.“Miss Ashland, tell me how and when Bob is going to attack and I’ll release you. Don’t make me continue,” Tony said, reaching his fingers over her exposed belly.“Bob will defeat you, Cane! You better let me go now!” Barb did her best to say her lines but was struggling. She screamed as he drew his fingers down her ribs, her face red, her chest heaving, tears streaming from her eyes. When he approached her armpit with the paintbrush, she shook her head.“You win, Cane,” she gasped. “I’ll tell you, just don’t tickle me anymore! He’s going to tunnel from the south with the help of the gopher-people.”“You are lying to get me to stop,” he challenged her.“Please, Tony, it’s more than I can take!” Barb said, breaking character, out of breath.Tony bent to kiss his wife tenderly as he unhooked her wrists. Quickly releasing her ankles, he climbed next to her on their bed. He used the gaudy robe he wore as Cane as a blanket to cover them both.“That was intense,” she said, hugging him, but still shivering and quivering from his touch.Tony grew up loving the comics section of the newspaper, especially the Sunday funnies which were longer and in color. Where he lived, the early edition of the Sunday paper was available on Saturday, so he could read them in bed on Sunday morning. When he met Barb, he introduced her to the ritual.Barb was the one who came up with the idea of using the comics to role-play. She pointed out that, despite being intended for families and kids, many of the female characters are drawn quite provocatively. almanbahis şikayet Tony had to agree.“Even the ones that are hardly sexy must have a back story,” she said. “Take Dinah and Edgar. They have kids, so they must have fucked at least a few times. How do you think that went?”About a week later, they pieced together some appropriate clothes and props and did their first comic strip-inspired sex scene. It was silly and fun and they ended with Tony yelling Edgar’s catchphrase when he came on her tits, which allowed Barb to dress him down with Dinah’s catchphrase.They both credited the comics with them ending up together although, in polite company, they only mentioned the part about reading them in bed Sunday morning.Over time, they got better at it, using comic strips to suggest context and motivation. Barb wanted to know what it was like to be tickled mercilessly, but Tony couldn’t imagine himself doing it to his wife. But as the evil ruler Cane, he could torture the hero Bob’s girlfriend Amy Ashland to find out his plan of attack. That was one of the few times a scene didn’t lead to sex. She ended up so on edge, no matter where or how he touched her, she couldn’t stop squirming.There are a lot of comic strip superheroes with secret identities that complicate their sex lives. Tony proposed one where the superhero gets surprised when he discovers the truth about the woman who both of his identities lusted after.Barb started, using her narrator voice, “Fiona worked with George, a reliable but boring friend. She lusted after Hyperion, the superhero who always seemed to be around when she needed saving, but took off to save someone else when she needed a good fucking. Tired of waiting for him, she decided to see what George could do for her.”“George,” Barb said as Fiona, “Why don’t you come by my place tonight? I’m in the mood for some fun.”Tony continued with his narrator voice. “Unbeknownst to Fiona, George was secretly… Hyperion! Having a variety of superhero talents, he was always saving someone in trouble. Despite having the hots for Fiona, he couldn’t reveal his true identity, so George played the friend while Hyperion remained aloof, leading to Fiona’s frustration. Perhaps things were about to change. George arrived at Fiona’s place at the appointed time.”“Come in, George,” Barb said as Fiona. “You know I’m always talking about how great Hyperion is. Well, I decided to give up on him. I need someone to play with. Could that someone be you?”George blushed at her words. “I’d love to play with you, Fiona,” Tony said as George. “What game do you have in mind?”“There’s an outfit in the almanbahis canlı casino bathroom I want you to put on,” she said, pointing to the door. “I’ll change as well. Then we’ll see what fun we can have.”Tony knew the basic idea of the scene, but Barb had done the work. Hanging in the bathroom were the makings of a full-body gimp suit: heavy black tights in a woman’s size large enough to fit him and a long-sleeve black turtleneck shirt that left only his head exposed. She had found a budget gimp mask, black fabric instead of leather, with Velcro fasteners. He chuckled at her ingenuity.He narrated from the bathroom, “George was worried he might not be able to play her game. Fortunately, the costume Fiona provided him allowed him to preserve his secret identity.”When he emerged from the bathroom, covered in black from head to toe, he discovered Barb wearing a femdom outfit—dark thigh-high stockings, black panties, and a black corset that covered her torso and lifted and displayed her naked breasts. His cock swelled inside the restricting tights.“As you see, George, Hyperion isn’t the only one with some secrets and some powers,” she teased. “I can turn any man into an anonymous toy. You are no one, nothing, just an object for me to use and abuse.”She stroked his chest, then reached down to his crotch, giving his genitals a squeeze hard enough to make him bend at the waist.“We’ll see if you are up to the challenge,” she taunted him. When she turned away, the mask restricted his vision, so he gasped when she returned brandishing a chef’s knife. She rubbed the side of the blade against his chest and down toward his cock.“Don’t move,” she warned, and Tony stood as stiff as a board. She poked the tip of the blade into the fabric of the tights and cut a slit through the crotch. “It just needed a little alteration,” she said. Reaching inside, she pulled his cock and balls through the slot so they were on display.“They’re awfully vulnerable out here,” she said, roughly handling them, which only made them more engorged. “You better be careful not to disappoint me.”Walking behind him, she ran the flat of the knife over his back and down to his butt. “Oh, this won’t do,” she tutted. He felt the spine of the knife in his crack. The point caught the fabric and she sliced it right at his asshole. The tights, stretched by his cheeks, parted to leave an opening.“Nice,” she said leaning to inspect her work. He shivered, feeling her warm breath through the hole. Barb walked to the side where he couldn’t see and he heard some rustling. “On your knees,” she commanded. His eyes practically bugged out of the mask when she almanbahis casino stood in front of him. She wore a strapon harness, with a large, lifelike cock sticking out of it. Barb slapped his face with the exaggerated replica.“You know where this is going. Get it ready,” she laughed, “or you’ll regret it.” She opened his mask enough to expose his mouth.In narrator voice, Tony said, “George was turned on, but a little worried. Could he take what Fiona was going to give him without instinctively using his powers? He was determined to try.”Tony began licking the dildo, slobbering over it, trying to make every bit of it slick. Barb pushed the head between his lips; he took as much as he could, but it was too big and too long. He looked up at her, seeing her leering face above her jiggling breasts as she fucked his mouth.The long shaft was veiny and tapered to a prominent ridge. The sculpted helmet was smooth and detailed. Large balls dangled at the base, but he could not swallow enough of it to get close to them.“Pitiful,” she said with disgust, withdrawing it and resealing his mask. “Any woman could do a better job. You better practice. Next time I won’t use any lube.”“Turn around, on your hands and knees,” she ordered, kneeling behind him. Tony felt the round tip part his cheeks. The generous glob of grease on the end was cold, and she spread it around. Barb leaned into him and he felt his sphincter stretch until the head popped inside. She probed a bit, then withdrew, repeating the process until she was satisfied that he was adequately lubricated.Barb began to fuck Tony’s ass, starting slowly as she let him adjust. She was pretty sure this was the biggest thing that had ever been in there. His moans grew louder as he relaxed and started to enjoy it, even pushing back against her.Tony felt the ridges and veins tickle his butthole, but more noticeably they massaged his prostate as the head and shaft ground against it as it slid in and out. His airy grunts told Barb she was hitting the sweet spot.She felt a strange power as she used the full length on him. She watched for the taper of the shaft just behind the head to emerge before she drove into him again. When the balls hit his taint and it would go no deeper, she gave an extra shove, using her hands to pull him back against her. His sharp “Oh!” made her want to do it again and again.This is what they each wanted from this fantasy—Tony, to be used and pushed to extremes, and Barb, to be aggressive and uncaring. Each experienced thrills that went beyond the sexual stimulation.Her relentless thrusting built the looming pressure of ecstasy within Tony. His dangling balls and throbbing cock tingled but were not the focus. It was more diffused, growing and spreading throughout his body. Without the usual buildup, it was a surprise when he felt contractions; there was no edge, no rush, just a continuing crescendo.

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