Cocktails with Katy


We had been living in our new house for over a year and had gotten to know our various neighbours pretty well. It was a new development on the outskirts of our city so we had all moved into our houses at roughly the same time, giving us all something in common when initially engaging in small talk. We lived at the end of a small row backing on to the embankment separating the houses from the motorway.  Our rear gardens were all separated by fences which were six-feet high at the house end, dropping to about four feet halfway down the gardens, meaning we could all chat quite easily right across them but still had a measure of privacy when seated on our patios. We would all regularly sit out in the nicer weather as our gardens caught the sun from the early afternoon onward and speak as we ate or worked in the garden. Over the months we got to know our next-door neighbours, Joe and Katy, the best as they liked to sit out like us until the evening, eat BBQ and enjoy some drinks. Joe was a good bit older than Katy, being somewhere in his fifties whilst the rest of us were all in our mid-thirties. Joe was ex-forces, short and chubby, with a fairly no-nonsense approach to life and politics and a pretty ruthless sense of humour, but did become more personable with a few drinks. Katy was a good looking redhead only a few months younger than me, about my height and had a fuller, curvy figure. I had met her first when we had moved in as she had come to introduce herself. I had immediately noticed her very large bust, which with her being slightly larger in the hips and bum I estimated must have been at least a G cup.My wife, Asha, is of eastern European origin, dark hair, blue eyes and a cracking body, her 34DD breasts being her best feature and they are accentuated by her slim waist making them look larger. It had taken us a few months to sort out our garden to the point where we were happy to spend as much time in it as we could. This involved a lot of work on our hands and knees digging holes for plants and bushes and removing the rubbish the builders had buried under the soil. Asha, to her credit, spent a lot more time out there than I and Joe would always lean over the fence offering ‘advice’ although he was clearly more interested in catching a glimpse of Asha’s boobs as she tended to wear vests and shorts as she worked. I never paid too much notice to it and he would also hang around when I was out there to comment on our progress although I knew what he was really up to. I did like him well enough though and as he was older I never considered him a threat as such, besides we were both clearly boob men and I wouldn’t hesitate to give Katy the once over whenever she appeared on a hot day. It was a few weeks into the summer though when Asha had informed me that she had been in the garden hanging out the washing when Joe had surprised her.She told me she had put on the washing and gone for a shower, it was a sweltering hot day and as she was just in the house she was just wearing a short loose fitting vest top and shorts with her hair up in a towel. She went to hang the washing (not thinking to change as it was early in the day and nobody tended to be home then) and as she did, she said she felt like she was being watched, but couldn’t see anyone so carried on. As she was bending down to get the washing and stretching to hang it up she knew her boobs were working their way out of the top but just readjusted them when required not realising someone was getting a good show. As she tried to put a duvet cover over the line she had to throw it quite hard to get it over the higher line and this resulted in the cover catching the front of the vest and lifting it right up, exposing both her breasts for a few seconds before she realised and quickly covered them up. It was at that point she heard a voice.  “Well, I think I might need to wash my shorts and hang them out now, haha!”Joe had been in his shed and had been watching Asha the whole time.”Sorry, don’t mind me, I was just checking my tools and I happened to notice. I wasn’t perving or anything.”Asha is quite shy around Joe as he can be quite intimidating and has some questionable views on foreigners.”It’s ok, I didn’t realise anyone was there, sorry,  it was an accident,” she mumbled.”Don’t apologise, that’s made my day, that has,” he replied grinning.Asha informed me of this and for the next few days was too embarrassed to go out to the garden so had just stayed inside.  The following week though we were sat out on our patio enjoying the sun and Asha was wearing long shorts and a t-shirt but was saying she was too hot, I told her (quietly) to just change into her normal summer shorts and a top as we were behind the tall part of the fence that ran half the length of the garden so she wouldn’t be seen by anyone.She went inside and nervously came back out wearing her white denim shorts and a new bikini top. I was slightly surprised she went for the bikini, having been bahis siteleri too shy to sit in the garden for the last few days but we were fairly safe from prying eyes where we were, or so we thought.Asha lay face down on the grass next to the patio on a blanket and had a quick check for anyone before untying her bikini so she could get a tan on her back. I was sitting on my phone and hadn’t noticed the window above open slightly. Although we were close enough to our house to be covered by the fence at ground level Joe and Katy’s top floor did overlook some of our garden with the small bathroom window looking right onto our patio when opened. I was just enjoying the sun and having a beer while Asha caught some rays not realising she was being salivated over from above.Her phone went off and being someone who has to see who is messaging her right away she propped herself up on her elbows to have a look then forgetting her bikini was still untied she sat up to get her phone out of the glare. I turned to her as I saw her move to see both her large boobs come into full view, she was still looking at her phone, trying to shield the screen and hadn’t noticed that her bikini was hanging down between her tits.I coughed and said, “your bikini is broken I think,” at which point she looked down and gasped before frantically trying to cover them up which just made them jiggle even more.She was looking at me, bright red and covering her mouth in embarrassment when she quickly tilted her head up at the bathroom window, I turned and caught something moving before it then closed. Joe had clearly been spying and had been busted.I sniggered and said to Asha, “Looks like you’ve been caught flashing again, haha!” She half smiled and said she was going inside. Later, she asked me if I thought it was Joe but realising she would probably not want to sit outside again I lied and said it looked like Katy and I doubt she had been looking.A week or two of slightly less summery weather ensued which meant we weren’t outside as much but we had overheard Joe and Katy in their garden a few times and they seemed to be rowing. Joe could be aggressive and from what we had heard from another neighbour also had quite the roving eye. I was at the local shop later that week and had bumped into Katy there as we often did, this time she was just leaving as I was, so I walked back with her. We were just talking about work and the weather when she asked if she could ask me something delicate, I said of course and she began.”Ummm, has Joe been weird around you guys recently? I mean said anything odd to either of you?””No more than usual, haha!” I replied trying to lighten the mood, but sort of realising what she was maybe getting at.”No, I mean, sorry, it’s kind of uncomfortable to ask.” She paused then said, “has he been spying on Asha?”I was taken aback, I half expected her to ask if he’d been flirty or a bit full on as he sometimes was when speaking to us but I didn’t expect her to ask that. I wasn’t sure how to respond but caught by surprise I had no choice other than to try and be honest.”Well, erm, I think he may have accidentally seen Asha’s chest when she was putting out the washing, not sure it was all his fault. She was wearing a wee vest top and sort of fell out of it I think.””Hmmm, what did she say about it though?” she replied.”Well, umm, I think she just said she didn’t realise he was there,” I said.”Did he say something to her, though?” she was not letting up, clearly she knew something more than she was letting on.”Look, Katy, I don’t want to cause problems with you guys, he did make a joke I think, but I wasn’t there and I’m sure it was just an accident that he saw her. She’s not too bothered about it, really.”She looked away for a moment then turned and said: “Well I didn’t want to say to you as you guys are such good neighbours but, I caught him looking out of the window, at Asha, with her boobs out.” I was slightly surprised she came out with it like that, but I knew it was him at the window and half expected he’d been up to something like that.”I’m really sorry I had to tell you and I’m not angry at her at all, it’s her garden she should be able to wear what she wants and get a tan or whatever, he can’t help himself when there are big boobs about, he’s just a dirty old bugger.”She was clearly upset so I put an arm around her and just told her it was ok and explained that we weren’t angry about it. Asha was a bit embarrassed but no harm was done. She told me he had done stuff like this before and that she had spoken to him numerous times but he usually ended up doing something like it again after a while. They had even lost good friends because he couldn’t control himself. I told her not to worry we wouldn’t fall out with them and I said I’ll make sure Asha is decent from now on with a chuckle. She thanked me for being so understanding. Nearly home now she said she would just have to keep their windows locked, to which canlı bahis siteleri I quipped, “or you can just flash the neighbours, see how he likes it!”She giggled and said, “Oh, that’s a good idea, maybe I will, haha. see you later!”We went back into our houses and I mentioned to Asha that Katy had talked to me about Joe being creepy. She felt bad about it but I just reminded her it wasn’t her fault, well the first time anyway…We were back in the garden a few days later and had only been out for about half an hour Joe and Katy appeared. We were all getting on fine, It was another warm day and I was just in a pair of cargo shorts, t-shirt and trainers and Asha was wearing a summer dress which kept most things covered but still looked sexy. Joe was quieter than usual and it was Katy who seemed to be enjoying herself more than usual as she sipped on a large cocktail glass.She was wearing a sort of shorts and vest jump-suit number which showed off her legs and had a very plunging neckline which outlined just what a spectacular chassis she had. It was a very light beige so her underwear was visible through it and it was easily the most revealing thing I had seen her wear around the garden, somebody was making a point I thought.”Would you guys like a drink?” Katy asked us, “I’ve made a load of cocktails. I’m on holiday for a week so I’m celebrating, haha.”We both said we would have one. Joe declined as he had an early start in the morning and explained he was leaving for a work conference in England for the best part of a week and wanted to be fresh. “I’ve kicked him out for misbehaving actually haha,” Katy added laughing,Joe just smirked and looked sheepish. We had another couple of cocktails with Katy and the evening had got hotter so I had taken off my t-shirt. I was in pretty decent shape and although I wasn’t looking for any compliments, Katy mentioned it too. While Joe had gone inside, she also mentioned my hairy chest saying she liked it and wishing Joe wasn’t so smooth there.Asha was listening and didn’t seem too bothered as she and Katy got on fine, but as usual, she didn’t let me get too big headed by telling Katy I trimmed my chest hair with clippers, and other areas too. They both had a wee laugh at my expense which was fine but Katy was still looking at me and just said, “Don’t be embarrassed, I shave everything too,” followed by a definite wink and a chuckle. Asha hadn’t seen that, I thought. Katy was certainly acting friskier than usual but I put it down to the cocktails and a subtle attempt to get back at Joe within his earshot.  I didn’t mind being a pawn, besides he’d been perving on Asha, so I thought I’d play along. We finished our drinks and went back inside as were working the following day, but I had gone back out with the bins later and noticed Katy was still in the garden by herself having her cocktail. I popped my head over the fence to tell her she better get to her bed or she’d get locked out when I noticed her adjusting her top.She had one side down completely and was wiping what must have been cocktail off it, and her bra cupped right tit was out completely. She was wearing a very light cream coloured, half cup bra and was rubbing the material of her outfit top quite hard causing her big half-exposed tit to jiggle and give a good glimpse of her aureole. I must have looked for five or six seconds before I thought I better let her know I was there and not the other way around. I took a step or two back then forward again trying to appear as if I had just approached the fence. “You still here? Did he lock you out? haha,” I said, then pretended I had just noticed her predicament. “Oh sorry I didn’t realise you were um, uh busy, haha.” I turned my head down to look at the ground so she could cover herself up.”Nah still here, probably a sign to go to bed though when you start missing your mouth, haha!” she laughed. She hadn’t pulled her top up yet and I half turned towards her saying, “Haha, yeah, the first sign of a drinking problem that is.””I’m just annoyed I stained my new outfit, oh well, at least I didn’t get any on my bra. I think,” she said before looking down and pulling at the material of her bra in different directions as if checking it for marks.I was still standing there slightly uncomfortably as she did this but not able to turn away. She then pulled the material forward as if checking inside it and briefly gave me an unobstructed view of her nipple and most of her very large right breast before patting it back down pulling her top back up completely. “Looks good, think I got away with it!” she said grinning before getting to her feet. “Yeah, just about… I think… haha,” I said sort of stammering, still unsure if that had all been for my benefit or just an accident.”What time you on til tomorrow then?” She asked casually.”Just til half two, early finish before my rest days. Three days off, thank Christ.” I then asked what she had planned for tomorrow.”Just canlı bahis recovering and enjoying the peace of being home alone she said,” before adding, “and probably drinking on my own in the sun again, haha!””You better put on a bib then,” I said, “Or wear something you don’t mind spilling on.””Haha, yeah, I’m not sure I’ve got anything though. I might just have to go topless, haha.”I just laughed and said, “Well you did say the other day you were going to flash too, haha.” We said goodnight and both went inside. I still had a wee buzz from the cocktails and went to bed with a nice feeling and thought about what had just happened. I couldn’t work it out but still put it down to booze, although I did have the image of her big fleshy tit going round in my mind and had to satisfy the boner it had given me before I could sleep. The next day at work passed quickly enough and managed to finish early. I had been replaying the previous night in my head somewhat but put it down as a one-off. As it was another warm day, I had cycled to work so when returning home I went to put my bike in the shed. As I entered the rear garden I could hear a radio going so knew Katy must be in her garden. I put my bike in the shed and had a quick look over to her garden, but couldn’t see her from where I was standing so I just left it and decided to go in for a shower. I went inside and upstairs to change. Asha was still at work so wouldn’t be home till after six. I was just undressing when I had a peek out of the bedroom window which overlooked most of their garden. She was now in her garden (or had been before too but out of sight) and I was wondering if I could be seen when Katy seemed to glance up. I pulled back slightly hoping she’d not caught me before peeking again. She had a quick look at her watch and sat down.She read the back of a small white sun lotion bottle and put some in her hands before applying it to her arms. I kept watching, wondering if she had seen me or not, but couldn’t take my eyes off her. She leaned forward to apply the lotion to her legs and as she did, her vest top struggled to contain her large bust.She ran her hands up and down her legs for a good couple of minutes, lifting her legs and pointing her toes as she did so. I couldn’t help but think there was a slight performance to the way she was doing it and it was certainly having an effect on me. I felt my cock twitching and started to tell myself to stop looking and go for a shower, a cold one, but I suspected that I was not an unwelcome spectator. I hadn’t twigged right away but her bench was pushed further back than normal, right against the high fence between theirs and their other neighbours’ house which combined with the canopy meant she was unable to be seen from anywhere except our upstairs window.My conscience quickly evaporated when Katy started to apply lotion to her shoulders and chest. She rubbed it into her neck and appeared to glance up in the direction of my window again but this time I didn’t move believing she probably couldn’t see me. She started to run it into her chest and onto the exposed top half of her tits. She then had another quick look around before slowly peeling her top down. My cock had now hardened and was straining as she finally pulled her top all the way down and released both of her gigantic boobs. I dropped my shorts and immediately started to stroke my now rock hard erection. They were enormous and beautifully shaped, and despite being so large were topped off by very delicate pink nipples. She began massaging the lotion into them. Was she planning to sunbathe topless? I realised that had to be a no, plus her patio door was three feet away and she could have gone inside to apply sun cream. This was clearly for my benefit and I started to pull my cock knowing she was wanting me to while looking at her body.She kept massaging them for a good while and then stretched her arms and yawned, pushing them out to their fullest. They were huge. My partner Asha had big ones I thought but these were on a different level. I started to imagine what it must be like to run my hard cock between them as she sat back on the couch, making no attempt to cover up. She looked down at them oiled up and gleaming in the sun and gently cupped them before starting to gently blow on them as if trying to get rid of imaginary fluff.She opened her legs slightly as she did this and I noticed she was wearing some very light panties and her camel toe was clearly showing, I pulled my foreskin back hard and felt the cum rising before it shot out of my cock and hit the t-shirt I’d grabbed, I bucked hard and had to steady myself as I looked down to see Katy looking up at the window. Could I be seen? I was sure I couldn’t, having looked at up at their windows sometimes and not been able to see much, so I gathered myself and went for a shower. When I got out she was still there but now had pulled her vest up over her boobs (though left the straps down still, showing plenty of cleavage) and was sipping a cocktail. I toyed with the idea of going down into the garden or not but my desire got the better of me. I had to know if she was teasing me or if this had all been just an accident.

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