Cindy’s NEVER Going Back!

Alina Li

Cindy’s NEVER Going Back![ Megan’s mom, now that she’s know exactly what she’s been missing out on all these years of marriage to a dud of a white husband (namely the pleasures of a truly BIG and wonderfully black cock) is never going back to the bland and unexciting world of vanilla cocks! ]Even as Cindy was packing and preparing to fly back home after an incredible two weeks of big black cock, she was already missing Willis’s cock; and she was missing the feel of it as he first slid it deep, deep, and deeper still, into her ass—something she had never before experienced; and certainly not with her husband, perhaps the least sexual, and least sexually adventurous man she could imagine. So very unlike Willis!But as she folded her things and put them into her carry on bag, she stopped for a moment and recalled, with great clarity, that first moment where Willis took her ass! She’d been a little worried that she wouldn’t be able to accommodate such a massive bulk, but he’s assured her that he’d take his time with her, and that, eventually, her ass would be his!”I’m gonna own that white ass, girl!” Willis had said to her from behind, as she nervously, but excitedly waited on his large bed, on her knees, ass up in the air. “That dumb-ass kaçak iddaa husband of yours is a fucking fool to let you slip away; but, Willis is not a fool! I know exactly what you been needing all these years. You need a REAL man. A good, strong BLACK man like me to give you what you been missing out on!””Oh, god YES!” Cindy had replied, her heart beating wildly with the thrill of anticipation. “Fuck my ass, Willis! It’s yours now. ALL yours!” As she had uttered those words to him, she had the feeling of having just stepped across a line, an invisible line, what they call a ‘Rubicon’, and that by having said the words, Willis really did (or soon would) ‘own’ her, and own her ass as well as nearly everything else about her! But that was precisely what she’d hungered for for years and years married to her feckless husband; but that was likely over with.True to his word, Willis had taken great care and patience to get that big black cock of his deep inside Cindy’s virgin ass; and though she’d struggled to take it, and it had even hurt a little bit as he kept pushing deeper and deeper, she found that by relaxing at the moment he pushed deeper, that it slid in amazingly well.”Oh. My. GOD.” She kept saying, over and over, as Willis, with determined kaçak bahis persistence, drove his cock deeper until he’d managed to get it all the way inside of her; and then he just left it like that for a while, letting Cindy slowly relax and get used to it being there like that.”You see?” She heard his voice from above and behind her. “You took it all! Now I really do own that ass of yours for sure. That dumb-ass, cracker husband’s never gonna get you back into his bed again. Not after I’m done with you.”Cindy found Willis’ slightly taunting words exhilarating; and she gave herself up completely to him, and without regret or reservations; and she remained like, on her knees, ass up in the air, as he fucked her ass with slow, but powerful strokes, each stroke going back in as deep as her ass could accommodate, and that was ALL THE WAY IN! Clear up to his huge balls, which she could feel nudging up against her pussy lips—and she had SO MANY orgasms that way, that she lost count. She’d never in her whole life known that fucking could ever be like it was with Willis—and she was in black cock Heaven!As she was almost finished packing, she was so pleased that even though Willis had fucked her virgin ass, it hadn’t left her feeling sore; illegal bahis or, well, not as sore as she’d worried it would be after words. She felt thrilled that she had done things with Willis she would have never done with her husband in a million years—things like getting fucked in the ass! She knew she wanted that again sometime; and with Willis if at all possible! But she wouldn’t see him again for a while now that she was flying back to New York and her, at least for now, estranged husband. She was already missing Willis. The thought of going back to New York, back to her husband, made her feel a slight panic. She didn’t want to be his wife any more. She wanted Willis (or at least another black man very much like Willis)! She’d most definitely undergone a major internal revolution in this regard. Like the saying had it: “Once you go black, you really never go back!” There was more than a grain of truth in that for her! But, for now, she had things to decide on in the coming days; and the biggest being: Did she want a divorce? Probably. But it wasn’t going to be all roses to get it. But it seemed clear that this was her future now. She’d glimpsed a different future. A future far different from the recent past she dreaded having to go back to, even if for only a short while.But, the memory of Willis’ bed, and his huge and beautiful, and dominant, black cock would sustain through the coming days and weeks. Of that she was certain.The End

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