Christmas lingerie party


This is a true story from two weeks ago, though I have changed the names of some of those involved, you will understand why.As a HGV driver, I do not get home very often during the week as I am usually away in different parts of the country. I do not normally see my wife between Monday morning and Friday evening.My wife had an Ann Summers party booked on Saturday and her friends and our neighbors were all invited to attend, along with the party organizer, Danni.The parties are normally mid week so some years I miss them but this time I had ages to prepare. Danni the organizer had called me up in advance and asked if I would do my usual modeling. My being in the house is against the rules but it has been long accepted that I model for the ladies.Saturday arrived I showered and lay on my bed with just a towel over my semi erect cock as the guests started to arrive. I had earlier taken a little blue pill to help out as I didn’t want to be coming too soon in the night. I lay on the bed and was watching some TV and listening almanbahis to the partying ladies when Danni knocked on the bedroom door and walked in. Danni is a woman of about 35, blond and gorgeous. Danni asked if I was still up for a bit of fun and modeling. She explained that the guests were all OK with her idea and I knew my wife was..I was curious as to what her idea was. She explained that the guests all wanted to buy some sexy briefs for their partners. I knew I would then model for them. The twist was that all the ladies had entered a raffle with the funds going to my beer fund for the winner to get a private show with me. I was to model whatever the lady wanted me to for 15 minutes in total private.I am quite proud of my body, I am not as slim as I used to be but I am not fat and I have a good sized cock, long and very thick. Before Danni returned to the ladies she asked to see what the ladies were keen to see. I slipped off my towel and she just gave a little mmm noise and left.Later in the evening Danni brought almanbahis yeni giriş me a selection of briefs that the girls had selected. By this time the ladies had all consumes a number of glasses of wine and shots and were getting very noisy and very naughty. I started off wearing a pair of tight boxers that showed my bulge off, too well really. I slipped on my dressing gown and went down stairs to the lounge where I saw lots of familiar faces and some unfamiliar ones. As we have only been in our new house two years I realized some of the ladies had never been to one of our parties before, and as I work away a lot I have never met most of them. The girls were sitting round our large lounge with a coffee table in the middle covered in dildos and sex toys of all shapes and sizes. I slipped off the gown and to my surprise got a few remarks and comments which was very exciting. I did a circuit of the lounge so all the ladies could see the boxers properly, then went back upstairs.I tried on another pair almanbahis giriş of boxers then was asked to move on to some thongs. I modelled these but was feeling a bit insecure. I now had just a thin piece of material between me and about 20 ladies and some of the ladies were either a lot older than me or a hell of a lot younger. This made me feel a lot more vulnerable than previous parties.The thongs were very sexy and had me quite excited as I was asked to walk slowly and a lot closer to the ladies so they could get a good look. A few of ladies had a little rub of my cock as I stopped in front of them.I went back upstairs and was now naked when Danni walked in. She walked up to me and slipped her hand round me stiffening cock and just said, “Great cock.”I said, “Is that me finished now then?”She said ” I want this but that will have to be later, you have work to do.”I was almost fully erect when she stopped rubbing my cock. She said, “Wear these for us,” pointing to the clothes on the bed, “and I will blow you later.”I picked up the clothes, which turned out to be a sexy Policeman outfit, and a thong with handcuffs attached and a peep hole had been cut into them. I knew the ladies would get to see some of my cock if I wore them.I agreed and slipped on the thong.

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