Subject: Chris’s Dream Come True: Chapter 1 Disclaimer: The following is a gay fantasy and does not reflect nor imply the real sexuality of these hot young singers. If you do not like reading gay fantasies about teenage boys or celebrities, this is where you stop and hit the back or delete key. This story is posted at free gay adult story sites for the purpose of adult entertainment. Feel free to send comments, suggestions, or just drop a line to me at [email protected] Chris’s Dream Come True: Ch. 1 It’s been one year since Dreamstreet broke apart and up-and-coming artist Chris Trousdale is on his private jet flying to San Francisco eryaman escort for some charity concert. “So what exactly is this charity that I’ll be singing for?” Chris asked his mom “It’s some charity that supports gay teenagers, and I figured you might want to meet some of the other celebrities that will be there.” His mom replied “Who exactly will be there? Anyone I know already?” the inquisitive Chris asked Chris’s mom threw some pamphlet at him. The pamphlet said G.A.Y. (Gay American Youth) Free Concert in the park! Starring: Chris Trousdale, Hilary Duff, J. Lo, Kenny Chesney, and pop sensation etimesgut escort Aaron Carter. Chris read and re-read the pamphlet making sure he had read it right; we would be singing on the same stage as Aaron Carter!! “Who know mom, maybe this’ll be fun?” perked up Chris stated while thinking of the sexy teen pop star. “Oh, and I think I should let you know, you’ll be sharing a room with one of those stars at the hotel.” His mom said Chris started wondering who would be his new roomie. The jet landed at the San Francisco airport and before he knew it, Chris was at the hotel jerking off thinking about ankara escort Aaron. Just then he heard a knock on his door. “Who is it?” Chris asked a little pissed that someone interrupted his jerk off session. “It’s me, your roommate.” Said a familiar voice. Chris realized who it was; it was Aaron! He couldn’t believe it, he was rooming with the one and only Aaron Carter! “Hold on a sec.” Chris shouted while pulling up his Hilfiger boxers and shorts. Chris walked to the door and unlocked it. “Thanks.” Said Aaron who stumbled into the room with his arms full of luggage. Chris and Aaron chatted and watched T.V. for about three hours before Chris decided to turn in. “‘Night” Chris yawned “See you tomorrow.” Aaron said as he winked to Chris. A shiver ran up Chris’s spine, had he just seen what he think he did? He certainly hoped so! To be continued… Feel free to send comments, suggestions, or just drop a line to me ail

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