Choose Own Piss Adventure Ch. 02


Chapter 2


Sarah’s first class was Beginners dancing. She thought she would take it for an easy A. The class turned out to be very demanding. She got to the locker room a half hour after she left her house; she still had about fifteen minutes before here class started. Her water bottle was empty, as she had been drinking on her walk. It was a hot day and now she needed to pee again. She looked around; the locker room was pretty empty. She had some ideas

Pee in the shower- 1

Pee into her water bottle-2

Pee in class-7


Feeling bold, she undressed and picked a shower that was out of view from the lockers. She could feel her pussy getting wet from just the thought of what she wanted to do. She turned on the shower next to her, to drown out any noise she might make. Then she sat down on the tile, it felt cold against her ass. She moved her body close to the wall and used it to support herself. She had thrown her legs over her head, and was staring directly at her own pussy.

She started to pee; a few small little droplets came out of her pussy. She loved watching it collect and roll down her body. She opened her mouth unable to control herself, and with all her might pissed into her own mouth. It hit her tongue and fell out of her mouth; she tried to swallow as much as she could with out closing her mouth.

She loved the taste; it was almost sweet, with a small hint of salt. Fresh piss while it was warm was the best of all. Today it tasted exceptionally well as she could tell that some of her pussy juice was spraying out with it. She finished, after drinking as much of it as she could. Her brown hair was soaked in piss, and it made her nipples tingle as it cooled down. She was about to wash it of when she noticed her Dance teacher and a few class mates starting at her. What should Sarah do?

Should she ask them to join in-3

Or apologies for her naughtiness -4


Sarah looks around one more time to make sure no one is there. She unscrews the bottle water and standing naked right there in front of the lockers pisses into the water bottle. She fills it all the way up and still has to go so she pulls it away and just pisses right where she stands. It hits the locker next to hers, and a small puddle forms under her feet. She screws the top back on and runs her fingers along her pussy to collect any dew drops. She brings her piss finger to her mouth. She loves the mix of her juices and her pee. She quickly dresses and goes to class.

Her water bottle wasn’t transparent so she didn’t worry about anyone looking at her bottle and finding out it was her own urine. She picked a spot in the back and placed it next to her. Almost the whole class was there and everyone was stretching. Nikki came in late and grabbed a spot next to Sarah. She smiled at her as they started stretching.

They danced for solid 15 minutes before the teacher told them to take a short break. Sarah gladly went to grab her piss filled water bottle. Nikki watched as she took a great big gulp, not knowing Sarah was drinking her own pee.

“I’m really thirsty, do you mind if I have some” Nikki asks her hand out.

Sarah Gives her some- 5

Sarah don’t give her any- 6


Sarah moved so she wasn’t staring at her own pussy, an awkward way to talk to anyone. She saw Julia her dance instructor, Becca a cute blonde class mate, and Asuka a small petite girl all staring at her. Feeling really self aware all covered in her own piss that was cooling off and really starting to smell. On her hands and knees now she decided to just go with it “Want to join in?”

There was a moment of silence, all of them just staring at her. Finally Asuka spoke,

“You mean you want us to pee on you? That could be fun,” she looked around to see what her classmates thought. Julia was smiling, and Becca looked a little bashful.

Julia walked over, she was wearing her tight pants for dance. She took Sarah by the head and pushed it into her pussy, with out saying anything.

“How does it smell, you dirty whore. You like the smell of a real woman?” Julia said,

“Damn teacher I didn’t know you were into this.” Becca said, she was becoming more relaxed.

Julia removed her pants; she had a very hairy bush, and wasted no time spraying Sarah with her golden water. Her piss had a powerful musky scent; it was overwhelming and very sexual. Julia wasn’t aiming she was just letting it spray all over. Most of it got in her hair or splashed into her open mouth. When Julia finished she looked down on Sarah, who was drenched and trying to catch her breath after trying to swallow that much piss. Then Julia back up to let her students go.

Asuka went next. She removed all her clothes and then folded them up and set them on a bench near by. She had a thin petite body; she was hairless except a small patch of pubic hair neatly groomed. She casual walked to Sarah and surveyed the scene.

“I think it would be better if you were lying down,” she told Sarah, who happily obliged. She ankara escort bayan then straddled Sarah, and arched her hips forward a little, but nothing happened.

“Sorry,” Asuka said, and closed her eyes. A few small drops came out and ran down her leg, then a few squirts shot out and hit Sarah on he breast. That was all.

“I pissed before class, but this seemed like fun so I wanted to try,” she said a little abashed.

Sarah looked up at Asuka’s thighs; she wanted that little drizzle of piss that was slowly dripping down her leg. Without asking if it was okay with Asuka, Sarah sat up and started to lick Asuka leg, lapping up any pee. It was a very soft flavor, almost hard to tell between her pee and her sweat. She boldly went up and started to kiss Asuka pussy, she let out a soft moan.

Asuka put her hands on Sarah head, giving her the okay. Feeling the hand she started tearing up that pussy. There wasn’t very much piss, but the taste was wonderful. She ate her out for a few minutes until Asuka knees started to buckle and she fell gently on to Sarah.

“That felt so good, I’ve never had an orgasm from oral before.” Asuka said then leaned in and kissed Sarah, who tasted very strongly of Julia still. This didn’t stop her and she kept kissing.

Becca finally came up, she had her top off and her pants but she was still wearing her panties. There was a wet spot on them.

“Okay, so my boyfriend and I fucked before this so I am still full of his cum. Is that okay?” Becca asked red in the face. Both Sarah and Asuka nodded. So Becca took off her panties and stood with her pussy right in front of the two girls faces.

Asuka stayed, evidently turned on by the idea of getting pissed on as well. Becca’s pussy was inches from there faces, they could smell the strong musk of sex off her red lipped pussy. A small amount of white ooze could be seen dripping from her pussy.

It didn’t take too long before a long strand of piss and trailing cum hit Asuka dead in the mouth, being caught off guard she coughed.

Becca turned her hips and sprayed over Sarah, who was ready for it with an open mouth. There wasn’t much cum left, but it tasted salty none the less. She fired away for a good ten seconds before she was finished.

Seeing as they seemed done Asuka gave a kiss to Sarah and got off of her. The other two left as Asuka started to shower. Sarah just laid there taking it all in.

Sarah knew that her second class was going to start soon, but the bathing body of Asuka caught her attention. Should Sarah,

Go to Biology- 12

Ask Asuka if she wants to play around some more- 9


Sarah stood up and a powerful scent of piss filled the room. She looked at her teacher and class mates; they all seemed to have a surprised look on their faces.

“I am sorry, I just…” she said and decided to see if she could get anything out of it, “I am such a bad girl.” As she said that she turned around and showed off her ass.

Julia, Sarah teacher smiled. Sarah nice ass lifted slightly; there was no confusion as to its implication. “Well then I suppose you need to be punished.”

She walked up to Sarah, who had her hands up against the shower wall. Julia got up and ran her hand along Sarah’s back, her hand getting wet with Sarah’s piss.

“What a disgusting girl,” Julia said looking at her pissed covered hand. She presented it to Sarah. “Clean it off.” Obediently Sarah licked her piss of Julia’s fingers. This was getting Sarah so wet, she could feel her pussy moisten.

Asuka, Sarah’s small class mate gave a shock of surprise, “wow, she just licked her own piss.” She looked over to Becca, there other class mate. Beccca had a small wet spot forming on her crotch.

After Sarah had licked clean her teacher’s fingers, Julia began to spank her. It was a hard and powerful hit right from the start. It was followed by a long series of blows in rapid succession, each hit as hard as the first blow.

“Ahhhh, yesss.” Sarah moaned. The next few were much softer and more rapid. Julia turned over to see Asuka and Becca staring intensely.

“Do one of you want to take over spankings?” Julia asked as she stripped of her bottoms. Exposing her pussy, she a nice full bush. Asuka came over to them.

Julia gently gestured Sara down, as she laid down she guided Sarah’s head towered her pussy. Sarah obediently started to lick; she felt small hands lift her hips up for perfect spanking position.

Sarah started to dig in, it was a very musky scent. One of the strongest she had smelt before. She wasn’t able to tell if it was sweat or just pussy juice, but it had a very salty taste.

“Damn, you do that like a champion,” Asuka said to Sarah as she swatted at her ass.

This lasted for a few minutes, until Julia started furiously humping Sarah face and then shot out an intense squirting orgasm. “That was really good. I am impressed. How about I reward you for eating me so well?” Julia said.

Sarah Nodded. “Well I can piss in your mouth, or if one of mersin escort bayan these two are up to it they can piss on my pussy while you lick it.” She looked around.

Becca spoke up “I would be willing, but I fucked my boyfriend before coming here so as long as you guys don’t mind some cum mixed in.”

Have Julia piss in her mouth- 10

Let Becca piss on Julia’s Pussy- 11


Sarah stared over at Nikki hesitantly; she had a huge crush on her. Nikki was tall around, had a flat chest, but was firm and athletic.

“Maybe she’ll be into it?” Sarah thought to her self “And then if she is not I could just say it some weird energy powder mix.” Sarah was a little to horny to think straight so she handed the bottle over.

Nikki accepted the bottle, “Thanks, I am dying.” She said. She took the bottle from Sarah, there hands touched briefly, Nikki’s hand was wet from sweat. As Nikki took a sip Sarah was watching intently. The first drop hit, and Nikki’s eyes for a brief instant widened, but then were normal. She drank the whole bottle down and then gave it back to Sarah.

“Sorry I drank the whole thing, must have been thirstier than I thought, but don’t worry I will fill it up for you after class” Nikki said with a smile.

The teacher rounded them back up and they started dancing, it was hard for Sarah to concentrate.

“What did she mean fill it up? Did she know it was piss? Is she going to fill it up with her piss?” Sarah thought to her self in class. The though made her pussy wet, luckily every one was so sweaty that anyone looking at her wouldn’t suspect a thing.

After class everyone packed up and left except Nikki and Sarah. When the door closed Sarah looked over to Nikki to see if she could tell what she was thinking. Nikki’s body was glowing with sweat, her nipples were poking through her sports bra, and she had a full blown cameltoe. The scene was almost too much for Sarah to handle.

Nikki gave a wicked smile and walked over and picked up Sarah’s water bottle. With out saying anything, she stared at Sarah, pushed her shorts aside revealing a shaved pussy and pissed into the bottle. It lasted for a good 10 seconds filling up the bottle. She screwed the cap on and handed it over to Sarah.

“Let me know if you need more” Nikki said and left the class.

Sarah lifted the bottle to her mouth and drank. It was very warm, Sarah’s favorite kind of piss. It had a strong mix of sweat, but that was okay too. She finished the bottle and though to her self “I will have to get some more later.”

Then she left for biology class-12


“Sorry,” Sarah says, and she drinks the whole bottle, enjoying being watched as she drinks her own piss. “What a bitch” Nikki says and walks away. Sarah goes on the rest of her day like normal. The end.


Sarah walked into class feeling pretty full, her bladder about to burst. Everyone was stretching so she joined in. She could feel her face was flush, could she really go through with this she wondered.

She looked around the class, filled with beautiful women. The idea of pissing in front of them terrified and excited her at the same time. Her body was telling her that she had to decide now for she couldn’t hold it in anymore.

She was standing up and touching her toes, the pressure was too much. Her piss started to flow. A little patched formed around the crotch and quickly fell down her legs. As she was bent down she could see the dark spot and line growing before her eyes. She smiled as she saw the little puddle collecting around her feet.

The scent of her piss started to over power the smell of sweat in the class room as her puddle grew. It finally made its way to Nikki who was stretching next to her.

“What the hell?” Nikki said in surprise. This of course caused everybody to look over at Sarah who’s pants were completely soaked with piss.

Everyone started laughing. Lots of voices were heard. “eww.”, “gross.” ,”what the fuck?”.

Sarah felt super embarrassed and left. This was the last time she decided to do something this crazy. The end.


Asuka was lathering her small breast with soap, Sarah came up behind her, and they smiled at each other. “if your still interested in playing.” Sarah started to ask.

“Do you have to pee?” Asuka ask as she rinsed the soap off, revealing her brown nipples.

“Yes” Sarah replied.

“Great, I want you to piss in my mouth.” Asuka said. Sarah nodded, she loved her straightforwardness. Asuka turned off the shower head and knelt down and buried her face right into Sarah’s pussy, with one hand opening her up. She started sucking, waiting for Sarah to begin pissing.

Sarah had just gone, but she was able to summon some more. She could feel Asuka’s warm lips on her, feel the piss leave her body, hear Asuka gulping it down greedily. She pissed for just a few seconds but it seemed to be enough.

Asuka pulled away, she had some piss on her lips. “Well I guess that was fun, but I think I like cock better. Thanks though.” izle She got up and turned the shower back on and continued bathing.

Sarah just showered and left for class

Go to biology 12


“Please piss in my mouth, I want to taste your piss so bad,” Sarah said her hand rubbing her pussy.

Julia stood up and Straddled Sarah’s face. Sarah nose rubbed against Julia’s bush as she positioned herself.

“Here it comes, you fucking slut. Drink it up, drink my piss you whore.” Julia said as she let her golden piss fill up Sarah’s willing mouth. Sarah wasn’t really into the dom scene but her teachers piss tasted so good she didn’t mind.

Sarah was furiously rubbing her pussy as she drank the slow stream from Julia, who seemed to be going as slow as she could for Sarah. Sarah would let it fill up in her mouth and then just before it leaked she would shallow, some would naturally spill as she was swallowing as Julia wasn’t stopping to let her get every drop. Finally the hot wet nectar was drained. Sarah continued to lick Julia’s pussy while she brought her self to orgasm. The taste of pussy and piss while she fingered her pussy was too hot to last long, and Sarah let out a scream from her orgasm.

Julia looked down and saw Sarah’s fingers buried in her own pussy, and it was dripping in pussy juice. She lifted Sarah’s head.

“Why don’t you clean your fingers for me, like a good little slut.” Julia said, and Sarah obliged. She pulled her fingers out, her hand was running with her own juice. She greedily sucked her fingers clean.

“Does that taste good? Do you like tasting your own pussy juice? Of course you do. All whores do.” Julia said and then left Sarah there with her fingers in her mouth.

“That was fucking hot!” Asuka said. Then she and Becca left to get to class.

After savoring her self Sarah got up bathed and headed off for Biology.

Go to Biology- 12


“Pissing on your pussy, that sounds so naughty.” Sarah had to admit to her self, she smiled and Becca knew just what to do.

Becca came over to them, and clumsily pulled her panties down, Sarah saw a huge wet spot on them, and threw them casually to the ground. Her pussy was shaved, and looking a little pink. A semi-opaque liquid was slowly running down her leg. She stepped over Sarah and straddled her legs right over Sarah’s head, then she squatted down so her pussy was a foot from Julia’s pussy.

Julia enjoyed the view; she pushed Sarah’s head back down to her pussy. She obediently started licking. As she was licking, Becca let out her first stream, which hit Sarah in the back of the head, splashing her with warm piss and cum. With a few adjustments of her hip she got the stream to splash right on Julia’s enlarged clit.

Sarah was very much enjoying herself, the taste was strange, she had never really tasted cum before, that she knew off. It wasn’t too bad, mixed with two different pussies and piss the flavor was very diluted.

As Becca’s stream steadily died little drops of piss hit Sarah’s back. The sensation was wonderful.

Julia was over the edge, grinding Sarah’s face against her pussy she climaxed a second time. “Fuck, your good.” She said out of breath. She looked over at Becca’s wet pussy. Waving one finger she summoned her over. Becca straddled her face happily, and in no time was cleaned of her piss.

Then Julia got up “well that was fun” she put her clothes on and left.

Go to Biology- 12


Fresh and clean Sarah headed off to Biology. It was her least favorite subject, but she had to take some science class so she thought this would be fun. Biology was in a large lecture hall filled with around one hundred students. She found and nice spot in the back row and put her stuff down.

When the professor came in he did his usual routine, he turned off the lights and started his PowerPoint. He spoke in a monotone, his voice lulling Sarah to sleep. “Just a quick nap,” Sarah yawned and fell asleep.

When she awoke she was no longer in her class room, but in a tiny room with a table. On the table was a bottle labeled “Drink me” and a piece of candy labeled “eat me” This seem perfectly normal thing to have, Sarah decided to take one

Drink me-13

Eat me-14


“I am thirsty” Sarah said to her self and picked up the bottle. It was very small. She popped off the lid and took the tiniest drink. Then suddenly everything around her became blurry, then pitch black.

“Have the lights gone out” Sarah said, but noticed the feeling of something all around her, like a blanket. She stretched out her hand and felt around, indeed there was something on her, with much effort, she removed it, and found that the room had grown larger. The table was now almost twice as large as she was. When she looked down she saw her naked flesh.

“I must have shrunk” She exclaimed. Indeed she was now no bigger than six inches tall.

“Well this will make life very difficult” she was thinking when she noticed a door that was open. Deciding she might need help she walked through it. And coming through the door she noticed she was in a bathroom and not just any bathroom but her bathroom. Just as she noticed that she heard foot steps and her room mate Ashley came into the bathroom.

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