For Mature Audiences. I look forward to feedback. Send to ail My Childhood pt 2

One night my Uncle Franco and my cousins, his kids, Ida and Chico and my aunt, came to visit. As I said, nights were very dark out there. We didn”t have any outside lights except what filtered through the windows from inside our tiny house. My cousin Chico, he was around 14 yrs old and I were outside sitting on a concrete table. I think it used to be a large mill stone and we were talking, enjoying the summer night, when he asked me if I liked to play with my dick. I said yeah, again, I was around 9. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard dick and took my hand and put it on it. It caught me by surprise. I was used to doing stuff with his dad but never with him. I enjoyed anything having to do with sex so I grabbed onto his hard dick and started to jack him off. A minute later he said “suck it”. I didn”t know what he meant. I said “what?” He took me by the back of my head and pushed my face onto his dick and said “open your mouth and suck on it.” I freaked out a bit but did what he said. Even though he was only around 14 and not ever hanging out with him I just did what he said. I opened my mouth and he pushed my head down. I didn”t know what to do so I just held it in my mouth. He said istanbul travesti suck on it and he started moving my head up and down while I sucked it. I didn”t have time to think about anything except to go along with it. A minute later my aunt and uncle came out of the house so he pushed me off him, zipped up and told me not to tell anyone. I said ok. They left right after that. I started processing what had just happened and I was excited for having had that little experience. It didn”t taste bad, it didn”t hurt, it was sex I guess so I decided it was pretty neat and went to sleep with a smile on my face hoping he and I could do it again but we never did.

Meanwhile Luis would come over and we”d play outside, tag, or just color in our coloring books or just sit and talk. We always ended up going to our outhouse and play with each others hard dicks. We would hug so that our dicks rubbed against each other. That felt so good. We didn”t know about jacking off or cumming, anything other than what my uncle had told me but still it didn”t register in my mind. I don”t know how to explain it. It was like what my uncle and I did just didn”t transfer over to what me and Luis were doing. We just knew that it was cool, it was naughty it felt great and it was something to enjoy. Luis kadıköy travesti and I messed around till we were in high school. He”s the only one that ever made me cum without touching myself while he fucked me.

One day my uncle came over on a Saturday or Sunday during the day and asked my mom if I could go with him to the swimming pool. There was only one public swimming pool at that time. It was at Ringgold Park, now called Dean Porter park I think. I was all excited since I”d never been. She said ok and so we took off. We got there, went into the locker room and changed into our swimming trunks. Of course I”m checking out my naked uncle, the other men and boys there, it was like I was in heaven! I didn”t know how to swim so we stayed in the shallow end for a little while then uncle took me into the deeper part. It might have been 5 or 6 ft deep but to me it was deep. I was holding onto him facing him the whole time. His hands started traveling down my body to my waist and grabbed onto my ass. Out bodies just rubbed against each other as I held on to him. I didn”t want to drown and it felt great. He lowered my shorts, went under water and put my dick in his mouth for a few seconds. I was like what the hell is he doing and there”s people all around! It felt great and all bakırköy travesti but I just was not expecting that and again, people all around! He comes up and smiles at me, I smile at him letting him know I like it I guess so he goes back under and does it again. I”m getting the hang of it and just relax and enjoy what he”s doing, no one”s paying attention to us so I figure yeah this is cool. After the 3rd time he came up took my hand and put it on his hard dick which he had pulled out, he said, “just move it back and forth”. I started doing that with his hand over mine but I was a quick learner and let me take over. He was breathing harder and I had a good hard grip on it and moving it fast like he was coaching me to then he grabbed my hand, made a funny face and didn”t move like he went stiff and I felt his dick pulsing. I now know he was cumming. He got a really big smile on his face and hugged me tight. We stayed there for about an hour playing around and having a great time. He said we need to leave and asked me if I wanted to eat. I was always hungry so he said we”ll go to Whataburger, my favorite so we changed and went. He asks me if I enjoyed him sucking my dick me playing with his and I said yeah that was fun! it felt great! “I really liked the way you jacked me off and made me cum”. I said “Is that what happened when you made that funny face and got all stiff?” He chuckled and said “yeah.” He said, “Next weekend I”ll go pick you up and we can do it again.” I was so stoked, smiling and telling him yeah I want to do that again.

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