Check and Mate – 3


At our summer ritual last Friday night, my husband and I met our friends and their kids up at a private campsite. We had supper and put the kids to bed. Then we adults sat around the campfire with a few bottles of wine and chit chatting.It wasn’t long before the men started stretching and yawning and declared themselves ready for bed. But I was just winding down from the day. I was set to party more. I mean, hello! It wasn’t even midnight! I saw Tammy was feeling the same way. We looked at each other, rolling our eyes. I have known Tammy for a few years and have shared some intimate moments almanbahis every now and then.One by one the men went off to their campers with their wives. Tammy and I told our husbands we’d be in right after we tidied up the site.I was picking up the mess left behind when I noticed Tammy was gone. I searched the campsite and found her leaning against the back of one of the campers, smoking a joint and looking up at the stars. Her long dark hair glistened in the moonlight. Music was coming faintly from one of the campers. I watched a few moments and felt that twitch in my clit I get when almanbahis yeni giriş I’m aroused. I breathed deeply squeezing my thigh muscles. My heart was racing. I tweaked my nipples through my shirt.I gasped at what I was thinking. Tammy turned and said, “Hey, what are you doing?”“I was just . . . I was . . . watching you,” I confessed.Smiling, she said seductively, “A little turned on, are we?” When I didn’t say anything, she said, “Hey, let’s dance in the moonlight.”“What about the men?” I whispered.“Oh, they’re probably all asleep by now,” she said.She danced toward me, almanbahis giriş moving erotically to the music. I basked in the scent of her soft hair and flesh. She leaned into me, her body feeling hot. I couldn’t stop myself from moving her hair aside and kissing her bare neck and shoulders. Goosebumpsrose from her skin.The breeze caressed us as we moved to the music. Her arms enveloped me. I stroked her thinly-clad body ever so gently. I was lost.I planted butterfly kisses all over Tammy’s neck, shoulders, and arms and pulled at her loose blouse, which dropped to her waist exposing firm nipples waiting for attention. I circled her areolae with my tongue without touching her raspberry nipples until she was begging for more. I thought her juicy berries would burst. I could only imagine what was going on in her panties.

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