Cheating Conundrum Part 3 (End)

Armana Miller

I sat at my desk feeling sick. It was not just the lies and cheating, but Kathy was a completely different person than the woman I thought I knew.She would be returning from her run and I couldn’t face her. I don’t know if I would scream or cry or what, but I couldn’t do it. I had to get out.I ended up at a diner, nursing a cup of coffee and my growing anger.  I wanted to hurt her. Maybe she would come home to find all of her things in the front yard. Maybe I would send a screencap from that video to her whole family. I think what I really wanted was to show her that I had found out.  Her lies hadn’t worked.I would get her back soon, but first I wanted more evidence. I already had the additional cameras; I might as well install them. I just had to wait another week. I would get more evidence. It’s possible that there were complicated reasons I wanted the evidence, but that was beside the point.I drove back to the house. I would act like the husband of the year until I had what I wanted and then slam.  I would confront her and expose her.When I arrived home, Kathy had already showered and was sitting in the kitchen.”Are you okay?” she said, “where did you go”?”I realized I had forgotten a bag at the airport. I went back to get it.””Why didn’t you take your phone?” she asked.”I just forgot it.” Shit, I hadn’t considered that. It really didn’t make any sense.”Well, did you get it”?”Get what?” I said.”Your bag, the one you left.”Christ, I really had to pull myself together.”No, it must have been on the plane. I’ll call them and put in a claim.”She looked at me for a minute with a quizzical expression then shrugged. “Okay, I hope they find it.”Wow, that was close. I would need to do a better acting job than this, but at least she bought it.An hour later, I was in my home office trying to work out how I could install the new cameras without tipping off Kathy.  Luckily, she provided the solution.”I got a call while you were out. I’m sorry, but I have to work this weekend,”  she said walking into my office holding her phone.”That big case has really gone pear-shaped and its all hands on deck.””I’m sorry, güvenilir bahis honey,” I replied, thinking this would be perfect.I spent the rest of the weekend working harder than I ever did at my job. I installed all the new cameras without Kathy suspecting a thing.I caught my plane Monday morning, feeling dead tired and strung out.  After I exposed her, I would go away.  A new place where no one knew what had happened, and I could be sure nobody was lying to me.I checked the cameras hourly from the worksite. I had given up on getting any actual work done. Nothing much happened until Thursday evening, when panic struck. The camera connection went dead. I casually texted Kathy asking how things were going. She responded almost immediately that the internet was out in the neighborhood, so she was enjoying a book and didn’t really care that there was no Netflix.Wow, bullet dodged. The internet connection didn’t affect the cameras; they would still be recording.  I checked over the next couple of days, but the views did not return. Although this was frustrating, I wasn’t too worried. I was in a huge hurry setting all that stuff up, and I probably fucked up the firewall settings and it didn’t retain them after the reset.Saturday finally came and with it, my flight back. I arrived on time and picked up coffee as usual.On the drive home from the airport, Kathy texted. She apologized, but the same case from last weekend had blown up, and she would be at the office most of the day.I told her that really sucked, but I would have dinner waiting when she got home. I was thinking I would have plenty of time to review the video I had missed.I rushed in, dropping my bags in the kitchen and went straight to my office. I was sure there would be more proof of her duplicity and I would add to my best-of-Kathy porn collection.I skipped directly to Friday evening, guessing that would be the most likely time for any action. Scanning through, I wasn’t disappointed. At 8:15 on the dot, two cars pulled into the driveway. There was Pete, and following him were Jen and Howard.Jen and Howard were married. Jen güvenilir bahis siteleri was a paralegal at Kathy’s office. We had met them at a holiday party but I was pretty sure Jen didn’t like me. I had made a somewhat off-color joke about her being “the eraser girl” referring to how prominently her nipples were showing through her blouse. I think that comment made it back to her, and she had not spoken to me after. It was too bad because she was very attractive.She was almost the exact opposite of Kathy. Kathy was like a little pixie with her petite shoulders, short stature, and small breasts. I used to call her Tinkerbell after the character in that Pinocchio cartoon. Jen, on the other hand, was tall with raven hair, ample breasts and a slightly dangerous air about her.I didn’t really know Howard that well. He seemed like the kind of ginger who, when he starts to lose his hair makes up for it by working out and playing racquetball.The three of them walked up to the side door and simply let themselves in. Kathy met them in the kitchen and they talked a bit before moving into the living room.The fact that Kathy seemed to be having a couples’ cocktail party in our house with people that knew she was married to me made me feel a little sick. How many people know about her and didn’t tell me?  The three of them seemed to be having a grand time talking and laughing. After about a half-hour, Kathy retrieved something from the bedroom closet. When she returned to the living room, she showed it to her guests, and I saw that it was a novelty sex card game. I had actually gotten it for her as a joke, although deep inside, I hoped the game might lead to a little fun. It was basically full of dare cards that would force players to do lewd acts.After showing it to them, Kathy moved the ottoman over to between the sofa and love seat so that they could all play the game.The first card to be turned was by Pete. Apparently, it was directed at Jen. They all laughed when Pete read it and Jen stood. Reaching up under her skirt, she carefully removed her panties and after a quick flash of her butt iddaa siteleri tossed them at Pete. The card must have deeded ownership of the garment over to him as he carefully placed them on top of his jacket lying next to the sofa.Kathy was next to pull a card. She read it and again silent laughter from the crowd. Kathy stood but instead of removing any clothing, she jogged to the kitchen. On that cam, I could see her reach into the fridge and pull out a can of whipped cream. She also grabbed a bottle from the counter and ran back to the group, handing the can to Howard and setting down the bottle. He stood and joined Kathy standing. He then proceeded to loosen his belt and unzip his slacks. There was another round of laughter at some comment, then standing in front of them all, he pulled out his cock and sprayed a line of whipped cream down it. He was not hard and the cream started to drip, but before it could completely slide off, Kathy had swooped in. She cupped his dick and started to clean off the cream with her mouth. As she did, Howard’s cock swiftly stiffened. I was a little relieved to see that, unlike Pete, Howard did not have a porn-star dick. It looked to be comparable in size to my own, but owing to his fair skin tone, it was turning the brightest shade of pink I think I had ever seen. When Kathy finally released him, it sprang up, curving toward his belly.This dare apparently over, Howard pulled up his trousers before sitting. I noticed that he did not fasten them, though. I’m sure in the condition she had left him, it would have been difficult.The next card in line went to Howard. He looked at it and smiled broadly at Kathy. Laughing, she shrugged and stood to unbutton and removed her blouse. As was usual, there was nothing underneath. Kathy took the whipped cream and drew two perfect circles around her nipples and then knelt on the ottoman. Howard moved to kneel as well and then proceeded to lick the cream off of my wife. He seemed to really like it. Perhaps when you were married to Jen, who had large natural breasts, the change of pace getting to play with a couple of A-cups is a real treat.Apparently satisfied with his work, he stood. Kathy poked him with her finger. She looked sternly at him and pointed to her left nipple. I guess he missed a spot, so he leaned in again and sucked hard on the nipple one last time.

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