Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 04


Kneeling before my Ex exactly one week after she had discovered my chastity device and taken the key, along with several compromising photos on her phone, I was ready to do anything she asked.

I know she had said all those things about keeping me locked up for a month with no orgasms, but I told myself this was only a temporary deal and she’d soon get bored and move on to something else.

If you end up in this scenario, be warned that the skin under your scrotum will likely be sore and even a bit raw after a couple days in this particular device. The skin needs to become accustomed to the foreign material that has suddenly become its best friend. I even read that the skin is actually stretching in this area, which causes the mild burning feeling.

Of course, my research also said to explore this slowly and to take off the device periodically to help get through the adjustment period. My Ex had no tolerance for that and said I would just have to take it and maybe after a week she’d let me out to clean everything. I was hoping it’d be an unlocking for good.

I was ready to do anything to be let out of the chastity device. Everything was making me horny, but all that did was tighten the cage around my cock and balls. The cage was just small enough that I had no ability to get an orgasm. And unbeknown to my Ex, I had actually tried several times with a vibrating massager to achieve some sense of relief, but to no avail. I had actually thought I was getting close with one attempt, but after several minutes I realized I would not be able to get any further. The device was just too restraining.

She had followed up with her end, coming over after work and allowing me the opportunity to worship her smelly, pantyhose clad feet. Of course, I had to clean her shoes off with my tongue and endure a long session of smelling her socks.

The torture of arousal caused by the restraining cock cage was never lost, and even long after she had left I would wake up randomly in the night with a cock trying to get hard. I would dream of her legs in those tan pantyhose, only to wake with the rude realization that no relief could be achieved.

Every time she and her boyfriend had sex she’d call my phone so I could listen, knowing I wouldn’t be able to help myself. All the while my cock strained, squeezed, and begged for relief inside the tight confines of the cage.

Perhaps the hardest part about this arrangement was going back to work and trying to ignore the thing. To me, it felt like I was wearing a huge sign that said, “COCK IN CAGE, PLEASE LOOK!” but in reality, nothing about my crotch stood out any more than it had before I was in chastity. It was all in my mind, but I was still worried someone might see something.

She had also decided I was to wear pantyhose and panties instead of my usual man underwear since I couldn’t go to work dressed up as a maid. The sensual rubbing of nylon against my pants plus the knowledge of my predicament almost drove me insane with frustration, but I did have a slight reprieve.

Luckily, once I was involved with projects at work I was able to forget about the cage and therefore have some moments of peace. However, my Ex would routinely ruin this by sending me random pictures of her feet in pantyhose or full body shots of her in some cute outfit. Always, with a caption referencing my inability to cum or have any say when I get to orgasm again. Sometimes she’d even demand a picture of my locked up cock, forcing me to excuse myself to the nearest restroom and snap one for her.

And so I knelt before her, dressed as she had requested in my corset, nylons, and heels, completely humiliated, horny, and aksaray escort ready to do anything to get out of the cage.

“A whole week without an orgasm. This must be a big deal for you, isn’t it?” she asked, teasingly. “And I’m sure you’re betting that I’m tired of this and will let you out, aren’t you?”

Damn it, she did this when we were dating, too. She was too good at her psychoanalysis. She seemed to know what I was thinking or was going to think before I even had the chance to conjure the thought myself.

Her nylons were especially ripe tonight. She must have been working a dozen tables, walking extra steps in those socks and shoes. The sweat mingled with the nylon, creating a perfume I couldn’t assuage, though I tried in vain with my tongue and lips.

“Oh my, you have extra enthusiasm tonight, don’t you? Is this really what happens when you keep a guy in chastity for a whole week? Really, us girls can go a lot longer than a week without an orgasm before we start acting all squirrely. Men truly are governed by their primitive desire to have an orgasm. You take that away and then you can do whatever you want!” she said with excitement.

Her legs shimmered in the light of my apartment, and I ravenously fed my fetish for nylons and feet by worshipping every inch of hers. The fact this was my Ex only added to the arousal kept at bay by the chastity cage locked securely on my cock. Without it, I would have been cuming time and time again in this scenario.

I still couldn’t believe she had gotten a job at Hooters until she had let it slip it was her new boyfriend’s request. He had said if she was going to be waiting tables, she better be looking hot and making money while doing it. The guy was starting to sound like more of a douche every time I heard a story with him. Still, he obviously had the body and the will to make my Ex his little submissive partner. This, I had been able to deduce, was why she was so into keeping me as her submissive bitch. We had done our power play games when we dated and I could never tell whether she enjoyed being dominated or doing the dominating.

So I realized I was actually her outlet for the dominant desires she still had and couldn’t help but having. Her current boyfriend would never, ever consent to being locked inside a chastity cage and wear sissy girl outfits. But my Ex knew I would be totally into it. Her discovering my experimentation into chastity must have been a glorious moment for her, knowing she had the perfect outlet for domination while keeping her boyfriend happy with his dominance over her.

“It’s just too easy to do this to you,” my Ex said. “All I need to do is wear pantyhose and you’re automatically at my feet.”

“Please, it’s been a week,” I tried to beg.

“Um, no!” was her quick response. “You do remember this is a month long ordeal. You are NOT getting an orgasm today, do you understand me?” she said grabbing my face.

“I understand.”

“This is really your fault,” she continued while I continued working on her feet, my cock raging in its cage making every second seem like minutes. “I had only planned on bringing you the corset, dressing you up, and dominating you a little bit last week. I don’t get the chance to dominate my current man since he is, in fact, a real man. But, I knew I could break you down enough to worship my feet and maybe even jack off in front of me, especially showing up in my uniform.

And then you revealed something more kinky and maybe even more unforgiving than myself. The cock cage!” she giggled. “So simple, I wish I would have thought of it! You really can’t cum. I’m sure you’ve tried, haven’t you? alsancak escort I know you have vibrating toys around here somewhere. I would know if you had cum. You wouldn’t be attacking my pantyhose so vigorously if you had, willing to do just about anything for even the slightest hope of getting to shoot that giant load collecting in your balls,” she said nudging my swollen testicles with her other foot.

I couldn’t help but release a whimpering moan as the slightly rough, yet silky material of her pantyhose rubbed against my balls. The shimmery pantyhose seemed to dance in the light as I licked her foot while she continued to torture my sack with her other foot.

“At least I can rub these,” she said, teasingly.

She was silent for a while as I continued worshipping her feet, eventually moving to her ankles. Dribbles of cum continuously dropped on the towel I had put down on the floor before starting our little torture session, collecting in a nice little pool I hoped wasn’t seeping through to the carpet.

“My research says I should probably unlock you long enough to clean that cage of yours. I don’t want you getting a bacterial or bladder infection, because then we’d have to start all over again! Don’t get your hopes up, chastity bitch. Here’s what we’re going to do. You’re going to crawl do the bathroom, and I am going to supervise your cleaning to make sure you don’t do anything stupid. Let’s go.”

With that, I was crawling through my own apartment to the bathroom, where I knelt on the floor waiting for her to produce the key, my cock excitedly waiting to experience glorious freedom.

Looking up at her in those shiny shorts, shimmery pantyhose, and spandex tank top, I hoped I wouldn’t accidently cum everywhere as soon I was free.

She lightly kicked my crotch and I looked up at her.

“Absolutely no cumming. This should only take a few minutes. As soon as I unlock your lock, you get to take over. Clean everything you need to, but within five minutes you need to be locked back in chastity. Got it?”

Five minutes? That was it? After a whole week, and only five minutes of freedom only to make sure things were clean? Well, I suppose it was better than nothing.

Bending over, she produced the key from somewhere I’ll never know and turned the key. I had never been so grateful to hear that ‘click’ in my life. Carefully, I began pulling the tub, which was proving difficult due to my cock growing rock hard at the same time. I finally got the tube off and couldn’t help but admire my now fully erect, unrestrained cock. It seemed larger than I remembered.

“Oh wow, look at you!” my Ex said, even her eyes were widening.

I couldn’t help but pick up the faintest scent of arousal from her crotch, which was only a few inches from my face.

“Four minutes, hurry up!” she finally said after we both had a minute to admire the largeness between my legs.

As quickly as I could, I took the different pieces of the device and put them in the sink while filling it with soapy water. The device had taken on a rather unpleasant odor, and I was glad once it was washed and dried. Taking a wet towel, I wiped off my still hugely erect cock, scrotum, and everything else I couldn’t get to while wearing the device.

The wet towel felt unbelievable against my cock, and it would only take a few strokes to send my cum firing in huge shots all over my Ex’s legs. The mere thought nearly caused me to lose it until my Ex grabbed the towel and kneed me in the groin.

“Careful!” she said. “I said no cumming!”

On the floor, I curled into a ball, but she kicked me firmly again, nailing amasya escort a perfect shot at my balls. The kick sent waves all the way up the nerves to my kidneys and back. Why was she being so damn rough all of a sudden?

“That ought to bring that raging cock down to a manageable size. Can’t get locked back in that cage if you’re hard, can you?” she said sweetly.

After writhing for several moments, I discovered she was correct. My cock had been hard enough to split wood only seconds earlier, but now was shriveled, tiny, and pathetic.

“Quickly!” she said tapping my balls again with her feet, causing an echo of the pain to reverberate throughout my body.

Hands shaking, I applied a small amount of lube to the tube and cock rings, I was soon holding the device in place, needing only the lock that would hold it all together.

“Let me,” she said, producing the lock.

Slowly, she looped the lock through the eye hole on the device and let it sit there a moment, still open.

“It would be so easy to just not lock this on you and take you into your bedroom and fuck that raging cock. I bet you would cum in seconds, if you even made it to the bedroom,” she said tracing a finger along the tube.

Instantly, the device tightened around my still sore balls while my cock quickly pressed as hard as it could against the confines of the cage.

“Feeling my hot, wet pussy all the way up and down your cock,” she said, still lightly tracing her finger across the device. “Wouldn’t you just love to have that release?”

“Yes,” I whispered meekly.

Then I heard the click. My heart instantly began beating rapidly as I felt a nervous, endless pit in my stomach.

“Nope, not for you chastity slave. This cock cage is for you now. My pussy is reserved for my boyfriend’s real cock. Say it!” she said grabbing my chin.

“Your pussy is reserved for your boyfriend’s real cock,” I said quietly, never feeling so humiliated, helpless, and horny in my life.

“Tell me how much you like listening to his huge cock fuck me while you listen on the phone,” she said, still lightly moving her fingers up and down the cage.

“I love listening to him fuck you with his huge cock.”

I couldn’t believe she was making my do this and say these things.

“Tell me how pathetic your locked up cock is and how lucky I am to have a huge, manly cock fuck me every night while you can’t even get hard,” she said in almost a whisper.

“My locked up cock is pathetic. You are lucky to have such a huge, manly cock fuck you every night,” I replied.

“Good,” she said. “Now that’s out of the way, crawl with me out to the couch and you can put my shoes back on my feet. I need to get going.”

Silently, I followed her to the couch and did as she asked, taking as much time as I could soaking up each moment of her pantyhose clad legs and tiny shorts. Soon, she had her jeans pulled up over her uniform and donned her unassuming hoodie.

“Have a good night, chastity slave,” she said from the door. “I know I will.”

Like the other nights before, I continued to kneel on the floor long after she had left, trying to come to terms with our new relationship.

How could I ever get used to this thing, constantly teasing and restricting my cock? This wasn’t just a game she was playing anymore. I could tell she was serious about continuing this for the rest of the month, if not longer, and there was really nothing I could do about it unless I wanted my life completely ruined with her incriminating evidence circulating all over Facebook and the internet, not to mention a nice ass beating by her boyfriend.

I looked down at the tiny cage keeping my cock firmly and securely restrained, so close to my touch yet completely removed from my control. I finally knew the feeling I that had been nagging me since she had taken the key the first day she discovered my chastity device. I was scared.

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