Chapter one: My friend Diane’s story


This is a story about a friend of mine whom I knew in England.  Diane was quite a bit older than me. We had met and were introduced by other lesbians at the social club we belonged to. After my discharge from the Service, I wanted to stay in London because of the many friends I’d made there. She had her own two bed room flat, and I was invited to stay there, sharing in the expenses. We had much in common, we both had very strict upbringings. Whereas I was passive by nature, she had a very assertive personality. We both had our first sexual experiences with older women. Diane was born into a very wealthy family in 1917, her father was a banker. Both her parents were very strict conservative types, and she was expected to excel in everything she did. Unfortunately as hard as she tried, she could not meet their expectations. She just had average intelligence, and had to struggle to just pass her school exams. Her brothers and sisters seemed to have the brains to excel in school, but not her. In order to just squeeze through in school, she was made to spent hours doing home work. Even then her marks were just above average. She was subjected to lots of discipline, with spankings and being sent to her room for even the slightest reasons. Obviously he was a disappointment to her parents. She was a tough lady, by the time she was in her teens was used to the beatings. She said, “I’d been spanked so often that it didn’t bother me anymore, I could take it. In fact there were times I’d deliberately provoke my parents, in order to be sent to my room. There I could lie on my bed and fantasise, and even dreamed of running away. I suppose I had masochistic tendencies,” she told me with a laugh. At least she managed to get her ‘O’ levels in the English education system. Finally her parents accepted the fact that she was not going to make it to university, and allowed her to quit school. By this time she was sixteen and was expected to find a job. But she had no real skills, other than being able to type at a reasonable rate. Each day she was expected to go job hunting, but in those days in the mid thirties jobs were scarce. She tended to gravitate towards a railway station, where there were lots of shops. Under the main line station was another for the underground system, that Londoners called ‘the Tube’? This is where lots of commuters, travelling between their homes and jobs in the city. This made it seem like a lively place, just like the malls of today. As well as lots of shops there was no real restaurant there, just a canteen where people could buy refreshment and sandwiches. Also there was a large waiting room, where there was a large fireplace to provide heat on cold days. She spent lots of time there rather than going home, where she was often subjected to criticism from her family. She particularly enjoyed the rush hour, watching the passengers. So many people mingling about, it seemed to make it a lively place to be. Also too sometimes some man would strike up a conversation with her, and perhaps buy her a sandwich and cup of tea. Of course lots of them would hope she would show some appreciation for their generosity, and invite her to join them somewhere private. She was also often offered money for sex, she declined and managed to hold onto her virginity. It was there where she met Allyson, the lady who was to have a great deal of influence in her life. It was during rush hour, when the place was a hive of activity. She had a need to use the toilet, and went to the ladies in the station. It was also very busy, with a line up of women waiting to get a stall. One of the stalls did not have a door, it had been ripped off by vandals. Still it was used and while waiting, Diane couldn’t help but look at the lady sitting on the toilet. For some reason to her it seemed most bahis siteleri embarrassing, to see another woman do her business. Yet she couldn’t help but stare at her. The lady was sitting there she said, skirt up around her waist, and her drawers around her knees relieving herself. Diane did not realise she was staring, and when they made eye contact the woman smiled at her. At that she forced herself to look away, and then a few moments later another stall became available. Quickly she got in and closed the door, and was able to drop her own drawers and sit down and relieve herself. She felt silly being embarrassed at what she saw, but in England using a toilet is a very personal thing. Returning to the station Diane went into the waiting room, where she found a seat near the fireplace. The room was quite full of travellers, where she enjoyed just sitting there and watching others. She was aware of a woman taking the seat next to her, and the lady said, “Hello,” and made a comment about the weather. Looking round at her, Diane saw it was the woman she had seen using the toilet. She felt awkward and replied in kind, not knowing what else to say. The lady asked where she was travelling to, she did not seem to be bothered by the fact that Diane had watched her use the toilet. She answered the woman honestly, telling her she wasn’t travelling anywhere, that she just enjoyed the atmosphere. The lady explained she used the underground to go home, and had to change trains for another line. As nature had called, she had come up to use the toilet. She did not say why she came into the waiting room, instead of going back downstairs. Finally she invited Diane to join her for a cup of tea in the canteen, after which she said her goodbye and left to catch her train. Diane admitted she missed her once she had left, as she found her to be nice and friendly. She made a point to be at the station at rush hour, hoping to see her again. Two days later her wait was not in vain, the lady dropped in again and seeing her came over and said hello. Over tea and sandwiches they talked again, and now Diane opened up more about why she was there. Allyson was quite sympathetic, and said she might be able to help her get a job. She told Diane she was a supervisor in a large department store, and might be able to get her a job. She went on to say they had quite a turnover of sales people, but it would be a start for her. Now they arranged to meet again at the railway station each evening, and the next time Allyson brought her an application. She also helped her fill it in, telling her what to say. How she enjoyed people, and hoping to make a career with a major corporation etc… Well she got the interview with the manager of the store, a man whose name was Mr. Walker. She thought she was after a job as a sales clerk, and was surprised when she was offered a job in the office. Apparently the woman, who did their typing, had given her notice and was quitting. This was a stroke of luck for Diane, as typing was one thing she was not bad at. Also it meant she only worked half day on Saturdays, where as the sales girls had to work till closing at six. She liked this as it meant working closely with Allyson, who as a supervisor was there to help her settle in. Their friendship grew and they began socialising together, after work on occasion they would sometimes take in a movie. Saturday afternoons they would go shopping together, browsing other ladies shops for clothes. They would try on clothes, look at the latest fashions even though she couldn’t afford to buy much. Although she occasionally would meet a man who would ask her for a date, Diane usually declined as she was happy to have Allyson for a friend. In those days, the mid to late thirties, sex was not something ladies talked about or canlı bahis siteleri took part in. After all society expected ladies to be seen and not heard, and to ‘keep’ themselves for marriage. The office was on the second floor above the store, and after a few weeks on the job Diane found Mr. Walker to be very demanding. She didn’t mind really, as Allyson was there as a buffer between them. However she did notice that Allyson was very condescending, and felt the manager was rather ignorant towards her on occasion. She mentioned this to Allyson who just smiled and passed it off, “You know men how they like to think they’re important, that if he wasn’t here the store would just collapse.” Diane’s intuition told her there was something not right about this, but it was none of her concern really. Only she felt her friend should have been treated with more respect, after all she had been in their employ for almost twelve years. After work the employees were given just fifteen minutes to leave the store. The supervisors were responsible to ensure each employee under them left in time, and then they were to cash in moneys collected for the day. Allyson was the senior supervisor, and it was her responsibility to verify the money turned in matched the sales for each department. As a result she was usually the very last person to leave, and lock the store for the day. When she and Diane were to meet after work for any reason, Diane would wait for her in the staff room by the employee’s entrance, and when Allyson she was finished they would leave together. Mr. Walker seldom visited the staff room, as he would leave by a private door. So there was no reason for him to be aware that anyone would be there after closing hours. That’s when he would be at his most demanding, thinking everyone had gone home. Sometimes Diane could hear him shouting at Allyson, and she in turn would be pleading with him. Other times he would be flirting with her, making comments on her appearance or dress. Never the less she was getting curious, and was starting to pay more attention to what was going on. She would quiz Allyson about it, but she would tell her to just keep quiet so Mr. Walker wasn’t aware that she was still in the building. Sometimes Diane would hear sort of muffled noises between them, but stayed in the staff room as was expected of her. Most nights it would not even be more than half an hour, and occasionally it would be longer. Then Allyson would collect her and they would leave work together. Diane’s curiosity got the better of her after a while, once the others had left she would wander over to the stairs. There she would try to listen to what was being said, and usually it was Mr. Walker’s voice and it was not always complementary. One night there were other noises she couldn’t identify, so finally decided to tip toe back upstairs to see what was going on. The office was empty and the door to the manager’s office was open, and that’s where the sounds were coming from. His secretary’s desk was outside his office door, and silently Diane snuck up there and waited for a moment. The sounds and comments Diane heard were as she put it, “In appropriate.” Peeking around the doorway she soon realised why, Allyson was bent over his desk. Her drawers were down around her feet, and his trousers around his feet as he was engaged in fucking her from behind. Diane was mesmerised watching as he had one hand on her hips, and slapping her bare bottom with his other. She could clearly hear him slapping her flesh, as he thrust his manhood in and out of her. Allyson in turn was moaning and making ooh and ahh sounds, and wiggling her arse like she was enjoying it. Diane got aroused watching them, and felt her own pussy get wet with envy. Suddenly he stopped moving and gripped her tight, canlı bahis then a few minutes later pulled out of her. For a few minutes Allyson didn’t move and was still bent over the desk. Diane had a bird’s eye view of her bare arse, the back of her legs and the seams of her stocking that were held up with garters. For some reason it was a sight that intrigued her, more so than watching the manager pull up his trousers and start to button them. At this she crept back downstairs to wait for Allyson in the staff room. After they left and headed to the theatre, to see the movie they had planned on seeing. Diane was dying to find out what was going on between her friend and their manager. She worried about what her friend would say if she knew she had seen her, would they still be friends? Diane knew nothing about sex really, there was no such thing as sex education in those days. Sure she had her own feelings, and enjoyed masturbating to relieve them. She could only imagine what it would be like, never even seen a picture of a man’s cock. Now she had at least seen Mr. Walkers arse, but from the angle couldn’t see anything else. She was dying to quiz Allyson about it, but was still too shy to say anything. After that on other nights after the staff had left, Diane would creep over to the stairs to listen. It wasn’t every night but a couple of nights later, when she heard the tell tale signs again. This time she could hear what Mr. Walker saying, and it wasn’t very nice. He was calling Allyson names, calling her a stupid bitch and a whore etc… She could hear Allyson pleading with him, agreeing she was a trollop and he was too good for her. She said she would do anything to keep her job, and that he was a nice man and she deserved to be treated like dirt. Kicking off her shoes, Diane crept up the stairs till she could see over the top step. Mr. Walker had her by the hair, and was shaking her and dragged her into his office. Now Diane got up behind the secretary’s desk, and positioned herself so she could see into the room. Mr. Walker sat in a chair and pulled Allyson over his knees, she in turn struggled as he seemed to hold her firmly with one hand, and with the other lifted up her skirt and pulled down her drawers. Now he spanked her on her bare bum, and not just light smacks but good hard ones. She in turn shrieked, her legs kicking and her arms flailing. Between her cries she called out to him, promising to be good and how she deserved to be punished. Once he was finished striking her, he stood up suddenly and undid his trouser fly. He dropped his trousers and shorts down, and for the first time Diane saw a man’s organ. She said it stuck out like a pole from a forest of hair. Reaching down he grabbed Allyson by her hair again, she was sobbing as he made her bend her over his desk. Now it was like Diane saw the last time, as he was shagging her he kept slapping her arse. Once it was over Diane crept back downstairs, hn quietly left for the night. Diane was troubled by what she saw, she knew that it was a man’s world. Not only that but Mr. Walker was the manager, and the reality was if she didn’t give in to his wants, he would replace her with someone who would. What troubled her about it was, why did he have to be so mean to her? Why did he have to beat her like he did? The next day Diane didn’t know how to react to Allyson, or what to say. She felt if she said anything to her about what she saw, it would only cause further grief. For her part Allyson seemed to be her old self, carrying out her duties as normal. This didn’t really help Diane, who felt she should say something, some words of comfort or understanding. Diane’s discomfort was noticed by Allyson, who in turn didn’t understand what was troubling her. She felt whatever it was personal, and felt it better to just let her get over whatever was troubling her. On the Saturday morning, Allyson invited Diane to go shopping with her. It was something they had often done after leaving work, so there was nothing unusual about her request.

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