Champagne and Canapes

Anal Fucking

When I mentioned to Jack that we’d been invited to a swingers party at Erica Smith’s mansion on the last Saturday before Christmas he smiled and nodded his approval. But when I told him that it was a theme party, and he had to dress up as an elf, I think he thought I was just winding him up. To prove I wasn’t joking I showed him the invitation that Erica had dropped into the shop where I work a few days earlier. “There you are,” I said, “It clearly states that only elves and fairies will be admitted.” My lovely neighbour Jack lives a few doors from me and I’ve being enjoying a sexual relationship with him for a few months. We both like the fact that ours is an openly casual affair rather than a possessive one, and during the time we’ve been together we’ve had some great sexy romps without feeling committed. I told him that I’d been to a few of Erica’s parties in the past, and that I’d always met lovely new people I enjoyed having sex with so I suggested that he should just join in the fun. Besides, these events had become much more than just hedonistic orgies in recent times with more and more encouragement for guests to donate generously in support of good causes. My new assistant Megan was also invited but she’s only been working with me at Playthings for a few weeks and wasn’t sure if she should accept. She’s only twenty and she’s taken to her new job selling exotic lingerie, sex toys and other adult products really well so she’s certainly not prudish. She told me wasn’t involved with anyone at present, but that she was a bit shy so I tried to reassure that no-one was going to force her to do anything she wasn’t comfortable with. In the end she smiled and agreed to join us. Our store has been stocking a great range of male and female fancy dress outfits since mid October so we each chose a sexy fairy costume and I picked up a cheeky elf outfit for Jack. I’d suggested to Megan that it would be better all round if she came home with me after work on the Saturday so that we could get changed and all go to the party together. At considerable expense Jack had booked a chauffeur driven Bentley to take us to the event and bring us home afterwards. The plan was that Megan would stay overnight with me and I’d take her home on the Sunday. Being the last Saturday before Christmas we were exceptionally busy in the shop and when five-thirty came and we could close up, both Megan and I were worn out. I drove us to my home and we each flopped into a sumptuous leather sofa and kicked off our shoes. “Fancy a bath Megan?” I asked. She smiled and nodded so I scooted up my spiral staircase and began to fill the tub. I found a robe and called her when it was ready. She ascended the stairs and came through my bedroom to the en-suite where the scented steam from the bath filled the room. Megan is very petite, perhaps only just five feet tall, but what she lacks in height she more than makes up for in feminine curves. I’d never seen her naked before but her figure was just perfect. In fact her firm young breasts were perhaps slightly too large for her slender frame but those long stiff nipples were simply gorgeous. I was pleased to see nothing more than a thin runway of soft dark hair above her pretty little slit and as she sank down into the water with a soft sigh, I just wished the tub was big enough for two. By the time I’d had my bath it was almost seven-thirty, and as we relaxed on the sofas with some wine Jack let himself in and I introduced isvecbahis to him to Megan. The limo was due to pick us up at eight so after another drink Megan and I went upstairs to change while Jack got ready in the lounge. Megan looked fantastic in her pink fairy dress and I attracted her attention by dangling a thong on my finger. “Yes or no?” I asked suggestively. “What about you?” she countered. “No,” I replied. “Then I won’t either,” She said decisively. When we saw Jack in his elf costume we were both very complimentary even though we were struggling to keep a straight face. He was a vision in red and green with gold bells on his cap and his pixie boots. When the Bentley pulled up in front of the imposing mansion that was Erica and Tom’s home it was in good company because it seemed that everyone had arrived by way of a similar mode of transport. The array of stretch limos and other luxury autos was simply astounding. There was a very slight chill in the air but we didn’t feel the need for heavy coats so we joined the other elves and fairies that had arrived at the same time and made our way into the spacious entrance hall. We were greeted by the most amazing sight of two slender young women who were holding buckets that were laden with banknotes from all around the world. Jack put two hundred pounds in one of the buckets and noticed that there were bundles of notes as well as gold ingots. The two women were very pretty and completely naked apart from ballet pumps on their feet and a shimmering coating of gold glitter from head to toe. They smiled warmly as they greeted us and wished us a happy evening. Just then Erica floated into view wearing even less than she did at the last Halloween event. Her costume was nothing more than a diamond-encrusted collar and a sheer pink gossamer shroud. Her jet-black hair tumbled around her shoulders and her naked body was covered the same gold glitter as the two girls at the door. She was much in demand by all her guests but she still managed to welcome the three of us. I commented on the girls and the glitter and she boasted that she’d excelled herself this time. “I discovered this troupe of performers in Hungary,” she said,” I’ve brought them over especially and I know that you’re going to be blown away when you see them perform the most amazing ballet a little later. You haven’t even seen the boys yet but all the glitter and body paint is sprayed on in a special booth that they have in one of their trucks.” It all sounded very lavish and she invited us to join the main body of guests in the huge reception room. Erica is quite minimalist when it comes to catering so it’s mainly champagne and exotic canapés but it was the manner in which they were being served that was so unusual. There were perhaps two hundred swingers at this extravaganza, and mingling among us carrying silver platters laden with food and drink were young naked women covered in gold glitter and young naked men covered in green body paint. They moved gracefully with such elegance and poise that they were almost dancing. The atmosphere was relaxed and only mildly flirtatious, but there were certainly lots of attractive people of all ages making themselves known to others. I hadn’t personally noticed anyone particularly special, but the evening was still young and the champagne was still flowing so I was happy to just let things happen. At around nine-thirty a gong sounded loudly and all eyes turned to isveçbahis giriş the corner of the room where Erica stood on a podium with a microphone in her hand. She thanked all the elves and fairies warmly for coming and for their wonderful generosity then announced that she’d arranged a special ceremony for their entertainment and pleasure. She pointed to the French doors at the far end of the room and invited everyone to make their way through. Somehow in the melee of people I lost contact with Jack and Megan but as I was about to walk through the doors a very attractive man in his early forties offered me his arm and I gladly accepted it. “This is very exciting is it not?” he said quietly with a pronounced French accent. I acknowledged him and he introduced himself as Jules. I told him my name and we made our way into what turned out to be a huge marquee that had been specially erected on the side of the house and although it was winter outside, the space was a very comfortable temperature. Underfoot the floor was soft and it gave the impression of it being a giant crashmat. Melodic panpipe music filled the air, and as my eyes adjusted to the subtle lighting I could see that the whole structure was rigged like a theatre. The setting appeared to resemble a forest clearing with an assortment of realistic looking replica tree stumps, some of which were in excess of four feet in diameter. At the far end was a giant screen but there was no hint of what the performance would be about. It didn’t take long before all the elves and fairies were comfortably assembled around the perimeter and I was happy to be standing in front of Jules with his arms around my waist. When the French doors finally closed and the music slowly faded, the forest clearing was bathed in beams of silvery light and a foggy theatrical mist drifted across the floor. Then an unseen velvety male voice began to speak. “The Kingdom of the fairies is a magical Kingdom,” he said, “And this is the most magical time for all those who live within it. All of you here shall witness the ceremony of fruitfulness where the young virgins of the forest willingly sacrifice their innocence on the altar of eternal pleasure. Their readiness is signified by the golden glow of their skin and they invite all of you to enjoy their transition into womanhood in the hope that you will all be inspired to join them.” There was a few seconds of silence before the haunting sound of an oboe began to play a slow melodic solo. A single moonbeam picked out the young naked girl playing it as she sat on one of the tree stumps towards the rear of the clearing. Slowly the lighting changed from silver to gold to signify the break of dawn and from one side of the clearing a young shimmering nymph appeared and danced beautifully around the clearing. I have no technical knowledge of ballet steps but the music and the athleticism of the dancer was as classical as anything I’d ever seen was. She was slender and very fit looking with small firm breasts, and her dark hair was tied back in a neat bun. A young male dancer who was also naked and equally graceful then joined her. His body was green in colour from head to toe and his ample manhood was plain for all to see. Gradually their routine brought them closer together and physical contact between them began to build. It was difficult to tell if they were following the music or the music was reacting to them but the growing intensity was mesmerising. isveçbahis yeni giriş The boy stroked the girl intimately and she did likewise. They kissed tenderly and it was clear that she was slowly surrendering to his gentle touch. They embraced and the girl began to tug gently on the young man’s cock, which began to stiffen in her hand. At this point another dozen or so male and female dancers appeared from the wings and performed a beautifully synchronised routine before encircling the couple completely. As they watched the two principal dancers becoming more and more aroused they joined in the intimacy by touching each other. The boy’s cocks became erect and I noticed that they too were as green as the rest of their bodies, which could only mean that they were sexually aroused, when they entered the spray booth. The attention to detail in this production was first class. It must be so difficult to choreograph sex as part of a dance, and must have taken many hours of rehearsal to reach this standard of professionalism, but what happened next was just amazing. In complete harmony with her partner, the principal girl slowly folded her slender body forward until her hands gripped her ankles. Then with her legs some distance apart, the male dancer positioned himself behind her tantalising rear end. Simultaneously the other girls sank to their knees and brought their faces to within an inch or so of their partners erect cocks. A long slow note on the oboe signalled the moment of penetration and as the principal boy slipped his stiff penis into his partner’s sweet vagina in one smooth stroke, the girls around them took the boy’s cocks into their mouths and began to suck them rhythmically. Up on the big screen we could all see what was happening in graphic close-up but such was the beauty of the live performance as a whole that most of us preferred to enjoy the artistry taking place before us. As the principal dancer started fucking the girl tenderly I felt Jules’ hand moving up towards my breast and when he reached it he leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “Do you mind?” I reached behind my back and found the bulge in his leggings, which I squeezed gently. After that no words were necessary and as we watched the performance unfold, we sensuously fondled each other. Every movement of the performers was in perfect synchronisation and the haunting music captured the mood entirely. Suddenly all the dancers disconnected and the principal girl stretched out on her back on one of the larger tree stumps where she was immediately joined by the boy who positioned himself between her outstretched legs. I glanced up at the screen at this point where a wonderful close-up image of her luscious smooth pussy glistened with her feminine juices. The other boy dancers fanned out around the base of the stump and the girls sat astride them in a reverse cowgirl position gently stroking their cocks. As soon as the main boy entered the girl on the stump, the other girls took the boys inside them and they all began to fuck rhythmically. It was more than just a live sex show because the girls had their hands behind their heads and were swaying from side to side like ears of corn in a gentle breeze as they lifted and lowered themselves. I don’t think any of us in the audience realised until this point that all the performers had tiny microphones on their cheeks and we could clearly hear the soft moans of pleasure as the tempo of their rhythm increased. The sensual atmosphere in the marquee was becoming almost tangible and when Jules discovered that I wasn’t wearing any panties, he gently started stroking the soft bare flesh of my pussy, and caressed my tender clit.

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