Ceciline Part 2

For Women

It had been a week since I had met Ceciline and her husband. Although I went to the parking lot every night, I hadn’t seen the man again. Some other men had tried to pick me up and I had gotten into a couple cars, but I didn’t want to miss my chance to go back to the house and see Ceciline. I hadn’t been able to get her out of my head. I could have gotten back there myself, but I was worried that they would not want to see me. What had happened the week before scared me, but also made me crave more. I had lost my virginity at a young age and usually used it as a coping mechanism when things weren’t going well for me. I recognised that, but never did anything to help myself. I was having problems in almost every area of my life. Things weren’t going well for me financially, romantically, or professionally. Maybe that’s what brought me to the parking lot. I had found myself in a rut and the excitement from the previous week offered me a way to break the cycle I was in. It brought me something new and exciting. Although I was no stranger to sex, my sexual escapades usually ended with quickies in the back of a stranger’s car or with a premature business man. The were boring and not particularly enjoyable. It was a Friday night and I went back to the parking lot. I promised myself that this would be the last time I stood in there waiting for him. I hoped that fate was kind and would bring him to me. I was not disappointed. I recognized the BMW before it parked. I was tempted to start walking over, but decided it would be better to wait until he came for me. Maybe he wasn’t even there for me. There were plenty of bars nearby, and other girls canvassed this lot. He did walk over to me though. “Can I help you?” He asked me as he had the previous two times. This time neither of us had to say anymore. I just walked to his car. I sat in the passenger seat once again. I left my legs parted, wanting almanbahis his hand in between them. I was already anticipating the events to come, and hoping that I would play more of a part in pleasuring his wife. He reached his hand in between my legs and his fingers were met by my skin. Remembering the last time, I had decided not to wear panties. He smiled. “Good girl.” He didn’t touch me anymore though. He just pulled some black material from his blazer pocket. A blindfold. He reached over and fastened it around my eyes. “We are going someplace different tonight, and I don’t want you to know where.” This frightened me. From our previous encounters, I could see that he had the potential to be very brutal. I already knew where he lived, where could he be taking me? What was more private than his own house? I thought my nervousness would have kept me on edge the whole journey, but I was tired and the movement of the car soon lulled me to sleep. I didn’t know how long we had been driving for when the man pulled over and stopped the car. I imagined that we had gotten to our destination. He reached between my legs and began to rub my clit with one hand. His hands were large and he was rough. He rubbed my clit so hard, I wasn’t sure whether he was doing it more for his pleasure or mine. I was hardly receiving any pleasure from the pressure he was applying on me. I fidgeted trying to get away from his hand, but the seat belt locked me in place. “Softer please.” I moaned. While playing with my clit he reached his other fingers to my pussy and began rubbing there as well. “I think you are enjoying this.” He said, referring to how wet I was. “And I don’t care whether you enjoy this or not.” He slapped me. I gasped. Not sure whether it scared me, or excited me. He quickly plunged two fingers into me, and after one thrust added the other two. He pressed four fingers into me hard and quick, almanbahis yeni giriş ramming me back into the car seat. It felt so good to feel him there, but I wanted his cock. “Oh god!” I moaned involuntarily. My whole body shook as I came close to orgasming. I forgot that I had no idea where we were. For all I knew we could have been parked on a street with pedestrians looking at us through the windows. This only heightened my excitement. He could tell I was getting close. I knew he could. He grabbed my hair with his other hand and withdrew his hand from me. He pulled my hair away from him, so my cheek was fully exposed. Slap. He hit me again. “I told you this isn’t for your enjoyment bitch.” He thrust his fingers into my mouth and I sucked them. They were sticky from being inside me and I licked myself off of him. He thrust his fingers into my mouth one last time. I gagged and coughed. He took them out and I heard him rummaging around looking for something. I felt him grab my wrists. He pulled them over my head and tied them together. He then tied the end of the rope around my neck. I couldn’t move them. The pressure on my shoulders was almost immediately unbearable, but if I tried to move them, the rope would dig into my neck, making it impossible to breathe. I could feel him watching me for a moment, enjoying my torment. Then he turned the ignition on once again. We weren’t there. We kept going, but this time I couldn’t sleep the pain in my shoulders and neck prevented me from doing so. We must have been getting close to somewhere, or at least I hoped we were. I wasn’t sure how much longer I would have been able to endure the pain. We must have pulled off of the motorway. The road was not as smooth and he was driving much slower. Time was going by slowly, although I didn’t really have much sense of it. I don’t know if it was a matter of minutes, or hours, but eventually almanbahis giriş he stopped again. This time he opened the door after turning off the ignition. I just had to sit patiently and wait for him. He walked around the car to my side and opened the door. He pulled me out of the car by my arms, causing the rope to cut into my skin. He led me somewhere. I was walking on some sort of dirt, but after a few steps I was walking on wood. After a few more paces, he let go of me. I was suddenly afraid. He could walk away from me and I would have no idea where I was. I would be unable to see and unable to move. I had guessed we were in some sort of forest or something. I knew we must have been in the middle of nowhere. I could get stuck out there. My fears were soothed when I heard him put a key into a lock. We were near a building and he wasn’t leaving me. He jerked me through the door way and led me through the building. I nearly tripped a few times over my own feet. He was walking quickly which didn’t allow time for me to be cautious. I began gasping for air. My breathing had become shallow, because that was all I could manage with the rope around me. We walked through a doorway. I could tell because I had knocked into it on my way in. He pushed me onto the bed and left me there. I had heard him walk out of the room. I lay on my side giving me some relief from the pressure exerted on my limbs, but I was still uncomfortable. A searing pain was now ripping through my shoulders. I thought I was going to cry, but I just waited. Waited for one of them. I had hoped Ceciline was there too, but I hadn’t heard her yet. He then walked back in and untied me. I let my arms drop to my side. The relief was immense. I moved my shoulders around, trying to shake off the tenseness. I was still blindfolded and could see nothing of my surroundings. I tried to find a comfortable position to sit in, but it was difficult, so I kept fidgeting, My neck was sore and my arms ached. I was sick of waiting though, I wanted something to happen. I wanted to know what I would be in for. I felt him touch my legs, then his hand moved up my thigh.

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