Catching Up with Lisa


“Lisa Hanson?” I asked the woman behind the counter in the upscale women’s-ware store. “Hi, I’m Paul LaMarche.”

“Well, nobody’s called me by that name for decades. Yes, Lisa Clark now. Good to see you again, Paul!”

“So are you still married to Sam after all these years? I haven’t seen you since before you got married. How do you like working here?”

“I don’t really need the job; I fill in on weekends and busy times – mainly to get the spectacular employee discounts. I’m finished in about twenty minutes; would you like to have lunch across the street?”

I said yes and left to run an errand.

We met at the “Local” and got caught up on the years over lunch. When we were both through bragging about our children, I was finishing off my chocolate mousse desert.

“Hey, I was going to ask you for a taste of that; it looked good”

“Here, I’ll get you some,” I said, and scraped the remnants around the edge of the bowl with my finger. I held it out to her and she sucked the mousse off my finger with a lascivious smile.

“First mouth I ever came in,” I said quietly.

She blushed and grinned. “The first? I never thought of that. Didn’t Judy ever… Oh, she had that experience with Brad. Well how nice; that was a fun time we had together.”

“How did that come about anyway; were Judy and Sam both out of town or something? And why did you do it? You were just about to get married, weren’t you?”

“Yes, they were both away for a week. And I was about to marry Sam. I figured that it was my last chance to have an experience with somebody else plus I always thought you were cute. And it’s coming back to me that I thought that you weren’t getting any oral from Judy and you probably would say yes to the right approach.”

“Well that was a great week,” I said. “And not just the blowjobs. You were pretty kinky, wanting to hold my cock while I peed, and sucking me off lying in the tub with the shower running.”

“I guess I was nervous about messing up giving head to Sam and wanted to practice with you. He had been hinting for a long time. I also loved your thick “naturally curly” cock. Sam’s was straight as an arrow; that upward curve of yours was sexy.”

“His was almost twice as long as mine, I recall.”

“Almost, which caused problems for a while, but I learned how to work around it. So Judy never sucked you off?”

“Yeah – we probably would have gotten married if she liked giving blowjobs – that would have been a disaster; we were both too young.

“You mentioned Brad? I wonder if he was the guy Judy told me about; she called him ‘X’. I guess he made her suck him for hours. She seemed pretty traumatized by the experience.”

“I met him a few times,” said Lisa. “Attractive guy, a few years older than we were, big car, seemed to have lots of money and no apparent job. He had quite a racket going, it turned out. Want to hear about it?”

“Sure,” I said.

“Well, Judy met him freshman year at a Saturday night college dance – late in the evening. He swept her off her feet. He said she was the prettiest girl in the room – just the one he was looking for. Curfew came and he dropped her off at the dorm, promising to pick her up the next morning for breakfast. Judy said she hardly slept a wink waiting to see him again. He picked her up and they were gone most of the morning and Judy came back just before lunch with stars in her eyes. We asked her what happened but she was very coy.

“To cut to the chase, she told me the whole story much later: they had gone to a restaurant, and sat on kartal otele gelen escort the same side of a booth for breakfast. He sat close to him as they ate and kept whispering how hot she was and how she was driving him crazy. She asked what was going on and he took her hand and put it in his lap – he had a big hard-on. She recoiled at first but he held her hand in place and gave her a look that just dissolved her resistance. Brad paid the bill and within 10 minutes she was sucking his cock out in his car. The guy was a fast mover. It was the first time she had done that and she was amazed at the whole experience: sensing the pleasure she was giving him, the control she had, the surprise eruption of semen in her mouth, the not-unpleasant taste, the sensation of swallowing his cum at his urging.

“The whole thing had been very quick – Judy said she was almost elated at it all – how thankful he was, how he praised her for her technique, saying he couldn’t believe that was her first time.

“It was the first of several breakfasts, all with the same plot.”

“Didn’t Judy want some reciprocation?” I asked. “It sounds rather one-sided”

“It was pretty much one-sided. Judy didn’t know enough to ask him for cunnilingus, and I think she felt insecure that he didn’t seem to want to fuck her, so she didn’t call the question. I guess he did occasionally put a hand into her panties and diddle her, but at the start it was just blowjobs and Brad praising and thanking her.

“After a while Judy asked him about going out for lunch some time. Brad said he was just about to suggest that. And then the plot thickened. The first time they went out to a nice place and Brad ordered a bottle of champagne to go with the lunch. It was a long lunch, and by the end they had finished the champagne and Brad had drunk several martinis. They staggered out to the car happily, clinging to each other, Brad stroking and feeling her up as they walked. They fell into the back of the car making out and – surprise – pretty soon Brad was pulling out his cock for the de rigueur fellatio session. Judy gamely performed as always, but this time it took over a half hour of concerted mouthwork to make Brad come. She asked to stop a couple of times, but each time Brad sweet-talked her into continuing. Again his charm prevailed as it always had.

“They never went out for breakfast again. The lunches followed a similar pattern: nice surroundings, good food, plenty to drink, a tipsy traverse to the car for a brief make-out session followed by a half-hour to an hour of protracted cocksucking.

“When this pattern became repetitive, Brad invited Judy out to spend the night in a Boston hotel. He picked her up in time for dinner at the hotel. Judy sensed he had been drinking and they had plenty more at supper. They staggered to the elevator and made it to the room, where they got into bed naked for the first time.

“Judy was sure that they would make love at last and she planned to exact some expression of affection beforehand. It felt wonderful to be naked against Brad, and Judy was certain this what going to be different and better. But Brad pleaded for some head before anything else, and Judy found herself sucking his cock once again. After twenty minutes or so, she was surprised to find that instead of feeling him start to tense up and twitch in anticipation of cumming, she felt his cock softening. Afraid she would be faulted for her technique, she redoubled her efforts and plied every trick Brad had taught her. It didn’t work, istanbul kartal escort and when she looked up she found he had fallen asleep – or rather passed out in a drunken stupor.

“She hardly slept all night, thinking about the trajectory of her relationship. The quick, confident breakfast blowjobs had morphed into ever longer, tiring and physically demanding sessions; ‘battered mouth syndrome’ I think she called it.

“Well, a week later she had accepted another dinner date on a Sunday evening – which she looked forward to with some trepidation, but she was still under his spell. That morning, a bunch of us piled into somebody’s car and drove out for breakfast. It happened to be one of the places Judy had been with Brad, but she said nothing. As we walked out after eating, Nancy said, ‘Hey I want to check something out; I think I recognize that car in the back of the parking lot. We all trailed along behind her and Judy recognized that it was Brad’s car! And sure enough, when we got close we could see another Wellesley girl sucking away on Brad’s cock. Nancy was furious. She kicked the car and there was a flurry of activity with Brad driving away as quickly as he could with Nancy cussing him out and pounding on the trunk.

“‘I had a lunch date with that bastard two hours from now,’ said Nancy, furious.

“And it dawned on Judy that she had a dinner date with him in eight hours, after which she would be expected to administer his third blowjob of the day in a state of total inebriation.

“That was the end of Brad and Judy, though I’m sure he continued his practice of recruiting and training fellatio virgins and grooming them to perform under more and more arduous circumstances. A great racket for him, but not for his subjects. And I bet that as Judy was coming to grips that the reality of her fellatio-based relationship, she resolved never to suck another cock again. Your loss, my gain!

“So Judy never sucked you off, right? What did you guys do anyway?”

“I guess now we would be called ‘fuck-buddies’ now. We both worked so weekends I would come over after lunch and her sister – who shared the apartment – would go to the library or errands in the square. Judy and I would get naked and have sex all afternoon. We’d fuck and I would eat her out until she came. Once after I came we just lay there for a few minutes with my cock still inside her. I got stiff again and we started fucking again until I came for a second time without ever pulling out.

“We did anal a couple of times. I didn’t have to persuade her – I took her gently doggy style and worked it into her full length over a few minutes. It felt smoother than regular fucking so I had to really pound her to come. Then we would quickly adjourn to the bathroom so I could wash off my cock and she could eject my cum into the toilet.

“Often when we would go out for dinner we would come back and fuck sitting in a straight-back chair up in their little kitchen, so we wouldn’t wake Linda. Well, we probably did wake her but at least we went through the motions of being discrete.”

“So what happened; why didn’t you stick together?”

“For one, I went back to college down in Connecticut. But mainly she had felt guilty about faking orgasms and her shrink suggested that she tell me. It was a great blow to my ego, especially since I would hold off cumming for what seemed like forever, and she would finally fake an orgasm and I could come – at last. Not a happy scene. And around that time you and I had our suck-week and when I moved kartal rus escort to New Haven I went out with other girls. She did come down to visit at least once and my roommate slept out on the couch so we could fuck. But the relationship pretty much dried up.”

“If I may ask, how about you and Sam?”

“I got pregnant soon after we got married, and it took a while after both kids were born to settle down to a sex routine. Sam really liked to hammer away on me and once it was painful enough to see the gynecologist – who didn’t help much. I took to sucking him off, which spared my cervix, but his cum tasted a bit metallic – not a pleasant taste like yours.

“I was having lunch with my friend Susan and we got talking about this. She loved to gossip about sex. I told her about the cum-taste and she suggested that I learn how to deep-throat, so the cum would never be near the taste receptors on my tongue. The movie had just come out and she had experimented with her husband and told me a few tricks: take it a little at a time, stick your tongue out, etc.

“I told Sam about this and he was immediately eager. Pretty soon I could take him into my throat without gagging, and when he came I couldn’t taste anything. His cock practically reached to my stomach, it seemed – well past my taste buds. No more metallic taste, and a very happy husband to boot.

“I still had the sore-cervix problem, which I discussed with Susan at another of our lunches. She said that she didn’t have that length problem with Jim, but why didn’t I try anal? She said she loved it and it seemed you could take practically any length of cock that way.

“So once again I talked with Sam about this and once again he seemed eager to try. We got some good lube and Sam was very gentle and patient the first time. He could penetrate me full length without pounding on anything like my poor cervix. And – surprise – it felt really good to me!

“Fast-forward a few months and we settled into a routine that’s been going on now for over three decades: In the middle of the week – like Wednesday – I would suck him off after supper. But the big event would be Sunday morning. I would often wake him up with a blowjob just to make the anal last longer. When he got hard again I would assume the doggy position and Sam would apply lube to his hard-on. Meanwhile I would start up my trusty Hitachi vibrator and would often be cumming before Sam even had his cock all the way up my ass. If I had sucked him off earlier he would last almost a half hour pumping between my cheeks, during which I would come 15 or 20 times. Love that Hitachi! And Sam’s cock!

“That’s been our routine for the past 35 years. I did the math once and figured 52 weeks for 35 years and came up with over 1800 times Sam came in my ass. And if I came 15 times each Sunday, this amounted to almost 30,000 times since we figured out this routine.

“And Sam loved it. He never tired of seeing his long cock going deeper and deeper into my ass until his thighs were snug up against my buttocks. He could pound to his heart’s content without sending me to the gyno in pain. And I suppose having me bucking and moaning and cumming every minute or two didn’t hurt any.”

“Well, I’ll have to pick up one of the girls soon; we’d better go. Quick question: did any of your girlfriends ever deep-throat you?”

“No”, I answered truthfully, “though I did persuade several to try.”

“Well, I would love a quick taste of that naturally curly cock once again; want to come out to my car for a few minutes?”

“Sure, but what about Sam…” I started to say.

“Oh, that’s okay; I just want a nice nostalgic taste and to treat you to my new techniques since we were together that week. Besides, your cock has grandfathered access to my mouth from back before I got married!”

And so Lisa and I finally got fully reacquainted after a period of almost 35 years.

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