Subject: Caring for Cody Chapter 9 Chapter Nine “So how was school?” I asked reminding myself of my father who always asked that question every evening. “Fine,” Cody responded laconically as I used to do. “How’d soccer practice go?” I continued. “Okay. The coach says I’ll make the team. We’ve got a game in two weeks. You gonna come?” he asked. “I wouldn’t miss it,” I said with a smile. “How about friends? Have you made any?” I noticed Cody sort of looked a little sheepish. “Yeah, I’ve made some.” “Anybody you really want to hang with?” I asked. Cody hung his head a little with maybe a bit of a guilty look and answered. “There’s this one kid that seems pretty nice. We’re both on the team. He’s really into surfing though.” I was beginning to get the picture. “Cody, are you attracted to this boy?” My beautiful charge hung his head even further and didn’t respond. I sat down next to him on the couch and put my arm around him. I felt a twist in my stomach at the thought of him being interested in somebody else but of course I knew this would happen. “Hey, it’s okay you know. Do you think I didn’t expect you to develop friendships? Shit, Cody you’re not even fourteen yet. You’ve got a whole life full of friends to come. Does he like you?” “Yeah, I think so,” my teen said softly looking sideways at me. “How do you know?” I asked. “Jeff, I really feel bad talking about this. This is the first time since my friend Mark that I’ve thought about having a friend besides you. You’ve been so great to me. I don’t want to hurt you.” There was that surprising maturity sneaking in again. Fuck, this kid was special. “You’re not going to hurt me. You’re a kid. You’re allowed to be a kid. You’re allowed to have friends, even friends that you might want to be close to. The only way you could hurt me is get involved with gangs or drugs or run away. Other than that, I might feel a little sad but it’s part of life. I just want to share your life with you not run it.” “God you’re great,” he said and gave me a huge loving hug. “Okay, so tell me about this boy,” I said. “His name’s Tommy. He’s already fourteen. We have a couple of classes together and we talk at soccer practice. He’s pretty good.” “What’s he look like?” I asked. Cody sort of smiled. “He’s a surfer. He’s got long blonde hair down to his shoulders and he says ‘dude’ a lot. He’s even got an earring.” “How do you know he likes you?” I asked again. Cody knew I was talking about being gay. “I notice him checking me out when we’re in the shower after practice,” Cody said blushing. “You’re so fucking cute, I’m surprised all the guys aren’t checking you out!” I said with a grin. “Yeah, right,” the boy responded. “Have you said anything to him?” I asked. “Naw, I’m just seeing how we get along. He wants to teach me to surf.” “That’s super,” I said. “I used to love to surf. I have my old board around here somewhere. You can use it.” “Great,” Cody said but I detected he wanted to end this conversation. “So anyway, your birthday’s Saturday. How do you want to celebrate your fourteenth?” “I don’t care. It’s no big deal,” he said betraying that he was a little excited about it. “Well, I have an idea if you’re interested,” I said with a smile. “What?” he asked with some curiosity. “How about we spend the day in the dressing room at Nordstroms or ataşehir escort maybe in the cockpit on the Midway?” I grinned. He laughed. “If I had to do one of those over again, it would be Nordstroms.” I felt complimented. “Actually, if you’re not sick of amusement parks, I made reservations at the Grand Californian Hotel for Friday and Saturday night. We’ll spend the weekend at Disneyland.” “Damn Jeff! That’s super! I’ve dreamed about going there since I was a little kid!” I got another hug and a huge grin. “You can ask Tommy along if you want to,” I added. “Naw,” he smiled, “I want to spend my birthday with you.” Was this a great kid or what? His sensitivity was incredible. I wouldn’t have minded having his new friend along but my preference was to show him around my favorite theme park myself. I have always been a Disneyland fan. By the time both of us got home Friday night, it was close to six o’clock. Traffic would be jammed up heading north on 5 for at least another hour so Cody and I had a quick dinner at home and then began packing for the weekend. I could tell he was excited by the way he whirled around his room grabbing stuff and throwing it in his backpack. I had forgotten that this was his only luggage. I reminded myself to do something about that after the weekend. “Hey Cody, I bought you a couple of little presents before we go,” I said smiling and handing him a fairly good-sized package and a smaller one. Cody’s beautiful eyes widened as he held the packages. Unlike most kids with a present, he read the card first. I was going to give him a funny one but when I was in the shop, I realized I needed to tell him how much I cared. It was one of those not too mushy ‘Happy Birthday to a Special Friend’ variety. In it I wrote, ‘ Cody, you’re the greatest fourteen-year old in the world! I am so glad you have chosen to be here with me. Have a happy one. I really love you’ His eyes glistened as he softly said, “Thanks, Jeff. I love you too.” He opened the larger package and drew out the black and neon green wetsuit. “Wow!” he said, “This is awesome!” “Well if you’re going to learn to surf, you gotta have one of those for this ocean,” I said. “Besides,” I winked, “I can’t wait to see your cute little ass in it!” “You’re great, Jeff,” he said hugging me again. “Thanks man!” “Glad you like it.” I think he might have guessed what the second package was. He opened it slowly and saw the Apple logo on the box. “I have to have a way of talking to you when you are at school or wherever,” I said as he took the iPhone out of the box. “It’s already set up and ready to go. I have your number in my cell and I put my number in yours. Just no fooling with it when you are in class ok?” Cody just beamed as he looked at his phone and then at me. I got another hug and long wonderful kiss. We got on the road about seven o’clock and did the jammed drive to Anaheim. I surprised Cody at the hotel by checking us into a suite overlooking California Adventure. There was a living room area with a Murphy bed plus a bedroom with a double king bed. We walked around the hotel grounds for a little while and then went back to the room to turn in. By 10:00 we were both ready to get some sleep. It had been a long day and a tough drive to the hotel. “You avcılar escort sleeping on the Murphy or with me?” I asked. “I’ll come in with you if that’s okay,” Cody said. “Mess up the Murphy then,” I said. “Don’t want the maid to get the wrong idea.” On the last night of Cody’s thirteenth year, we simply huddled together and drifted off into long comfortable sleep. Breakfast was delivered to the room at 7:30 in the morning – juice, bacon eggs, hash browns, biscuits, butter and jar of honey. Although I answered the door in the hotel robe, both of us ate in our underwear looking out at California Adventure beyond the hotel pool, the bright fall sunshine filling the room. Cody came out of the shower stark naked just before 8:00 and flopped spread eagle on the bed, his beautiful body bathed in sunlight. He looked over at me with a grin on his face and his boy dick began to stiffen. “You looking for another birthday present?” I asked with a smile. I was instantly erect myself at the sight of this shining naked teenager first thing in the morning. “What do you have in mind?” he quipped. I was still sitting at the table, my cock trying to poke a hole in my underwear. It was then that an idea came to me. “Don’t move you sex maniac!” I commanded. I grabbed the honey and jumped up on the bed next to him. He didn’t know what I was going to do but he was grinning in anticipation. “We’re going to perform the famous initiation of the fourteen-year old,” I announced. “Prepare to be anointed.” I began to pour a thin line of honey around his mouth. “Don’t lick it!” I ordered. “It tickles!” he giggled sounding more like a twelve-year old than fourteen. “Part of the initiation,” I replied. I continued pouring the line of honey, down his chin and neck then on to his left nipple which was solidly erect. Everything on the boy was erect now including the goosebumps. I poured on over to the right nipple then went back to the middle of his chest a drew a line down his smooth flawless stomach making sure that his navel was full of the golden syrup. From his navel I drew a line all the way down the his left leg ending with a dollop on his big toe. I repeated the process down his right leg and then from his navel straight down, I circled around his begging hard cock to cover his firm young balls finally running the honey up his hard shaft letting the final drop mix with his precum. “Are you ready for your initiation?” I asked officially. “What is it?” he chortled. “The ancient tongue torture!” I intoned. Before he could answer, I had his freshly washed left toe in my mouth sucking off the honey. I sucked the toe like it was his dick and I could see my favorite target bobbing with delight as I began following the trail of honey up his leg. He was giggling but still getting goosebumps. I was so hard I could hardly stand it. I was careful to circle away from his loins as I finished the line to just below his navel. I repeated the process up his right leg but when I reached his taut bellybutton, I tongued my way into it to completely clear it of honey. Cody was shivering. Licking slowly and surely, I cleaned my way up his stomach and sucked the sweet nectar off his right tit, then on to his left and finally up his chest, neck and chin until covered his lips with avrupa yakası escort mine and fucked his mouth with my honey covered tongue. He sucked my tongue clean. Fuck I was hard! “Well, guess that wrap’s that up,” I said, “Park opens in fifteen minutes. We don’t want to be late!” “Yeah, right!” Cody grinned licking his lips. “You forgot one little area.” “Oh my gosh, I do believe you’re right!” I agreed with a wicked grin. “I guess we’ll just have to be a little late then.” “No shit!” Cody said pleading for me to continue. As I had before, I nuzzled his hard boyhood away so that I could lick the soft fan of pubic hair in which it nested. Some of the honey had dribbled off his shaft into the hair. I moved onto the sack under his shaft, the perfect, hairless, oval testicles of a young boy. I sucked the golden liquid off each of his nuts independently and then cleaned the entire pouch, licking and sucking. At last I began my long butterfly wing flickering up the hard boymeat. Cody’s hips were shaking and he was sort of thrusting up and down. It took me almost a minute to cover the five inches from his balls to the head of his tortured penis. The last drop of honey mixed with the clear precum that was flowing freely from the head. Slowly, I kissed the tip of his cock and then allowed it to push its way between my lips. I had never tried this before but I was determined to see if I could do it. The boy was shivering as the head of his adolescence disappeared into my mouth, then another inch was in, then another. I had half a cock in my mouth. I pressed on four inches – I thought I might gag – I was sure I would but I held on opening my throat up – five inches! I felt the head of the boycock down my throat, my tongue was moving against the underside of the hot shaft. I held it there, my lips pressed into his pubic hair, breathing through my nose, savoring my feat and the aroma of honey mixed with young boy flesh. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” he screamed. He grabbed my head and held it firmly down on his cock. He virtually exploded! This hot eruption of birthday cum wasn’t flowing into my mouth, it was being injected down my throat. I instantly wanted to pull back but I knew Cody was experiencing the most intense orgasm of his life. Shit, I hadn’t even sucked it once yet! “Uhhhhhhhh,” he moaned and the second wave of molten boyjuice slithered down my throat without a swallow. I couldn’t hold out any longer and I began backing the spewing cock out. The third wave still caught the back of my throat with the remainder of the love potion filling my mouth cavity, I held the head between my lips until he at last was finished. I let it flop out and slap against his stomach. “Wow!” I said breathlessly. “You almost choked me to death!” “Fucking wow is right!” he answered shivering. “Awesome!” I moved up to his angelic face, his cum still on my lips and kissed him. “Happy birthday, Cody,” I said. He licked some of his own cum from his lips. “Not bad,” he grinned, “Best damn beginning to a birthday I ever had!” I laughed. “Guess I’ve already been to Fantasyland!” “I don’t think Splash Mountain is going to even come close to that!” he responded. Cody wouldn’t get off the bed until he jacked me off. I didn’t want him to do that, after all it was his birthday. But he refused to leave until I was taken care of. He offered me a blowjob or his ass but I just let him bring me off with his long fingers. I shot a volley completely to my chin. We both showered and then it was off to the ticket booth to buy our two day passports and transport ourselves into the Magic Kingdom. As far as I was concerned, I’d been in the Magic Kingdom for almost a month now.

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