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All characters fictitious. Sister was adopted, no blood relation.

I found myself just staring at the laptop screen. I could feel my mate watching. His eyes were fixed on my sister’s legs, and I sat there struggling with the worst, yet most incredible feeling I had ever experienced.

Kim was 22 and I was 24. We were at our parents’ cabin. My mate John was sitting in a lounge chair beside and a little forward of the couch. He was examining my sister’s bare legs.

She had dozed off with her head resting upon my chest. She had kind of slumped over, and cuddled up during a movie we had playing on a laptop. I stared at the screen. I’d had my arm resting along the back of the couch but lowered it and was touching my sister’s hip. John saw me do that but I just rested my hand there.

I waited anxiously for about 10 minutes before I began gently stroking, and I gradually worked my fingertips beneath the hem of Kim’s little nightdress, inching under the soft fabric and slowly working upward until I felt the thin band of elastic around her hip.

My heart pounded as I followed the edge of it, gathering the light skirt away, and I stared at the laptop screen, sweat beginning to seep from my forehead as my mate’s head turned toward me. And right then, I felt my sister’s fingernails clawing into my thigh.

I began fondling my sister’s leg while keeping my eyes fixed upon the laptop screen. I slipped my hand along the front of her leg, rubbing back and forth gently, but applying a little pressure when I touched her knee, pushing against it.

Kim’s nails dug in again. I was watching her face and saw her eyes open slightly then close again. “It’s okay just let me,” I whispered against the top of her head and her nails clawed more firmly but she relented and allowed me to move her upper leg back a bit and show her to my mate.

My sister’s legs were bent up and together. I stroked down her thigh again and pressed softly, but enough that she knew. And her nails dug into my thigh again but I kept pressure on and her leg shifted slightly, her thighs parting, and my erection throbbed as my mate leaned forward for a look in between them.

“Oh fuck that’s nice,” my mate groaned.

I nodded, swallowed hard. My sister covered her eyes with a hand as I lifted her bent upper leg bahis şirketleri and spread her more. I felt her through the crotch of her panties, rubbing her wet.

“But Alan!” she breathed against my neck, hiding her face there now.

“Can’t he have a fuck?” I whispered back. “It’s going to be a long week trapped here in this cabin if you don’t let him as well.”

“Mmm I suppose,” my sister uttered, blushing across at my mate. He was staring at her crotch, his eyes glazed and his mouth open a bit.

“You won’t say anything, will you man?”

My mate glanced up at me. He swallowed hard. “Na man, I won’t say anything.”

“See he’s cool,” I told my sister and kissed the top of her head. “No one will ever find out.”

“Yes, but will you want to watch each other?” my sister checked with me.

“No not really. It would be more about watching you, Kimmy. It’d be about watching you being fucked by John, not so much him doing you.”

“Yeah same,” John said quickly. “It would be about watching you being fucked by your brother. That’d be so fucking hot.”

I chuckled. “Don’t worry man, I’ve already nailed her a few times, haven’t I Kim!”

“Yes, when I wasn’t even safe!” my sister scolded. “I’m lucky you didn’t get me pregnant.”

I was still feeling her through the crotch of her panties, although she had closed her legs.

We were snowed in after a big storm last night. It was supposed to be just us but John got caught in the storm after trying to drive out and had to turn back. It was going to take a week for the roads to clear. He was stuck here in this remote cabin with us.

I kissed freshly washed blond hair, still damp and smelling pretty. “So, would you care if we watched each other, Kim?”

“Um I don’t know,” my sister uttered and buried her face against my neck again as I pulled aside the crotch of her panties.

My mate was gawking, his mouth hanging open again. My sister squeaked and sort of moaned. I was keeping her upper leg aside again. “Aw fuck,” my mate groaned.

“Yeah man, you want some of that?”

“Um Alan!” my sister cried.

“Yeah I fucking want some,” John said and gulped hard again.

“Come take these off her then.”

John got on the floor and crawled on his knees. Kim squeaked again as he grabbed the band of her panties at her hips. She lifted her bottom though. That was what I bahis firmaları wanted to see, to be sure she was into this. There was no resistance in her legs now either. She let me spread them and yelped again when I nodded to my mate and he growled against her cunt.

John licked and ate into her. We worked her around to be lying on the couch with her head on my lap. Her nightie was bunched up above her hips and I had my hand up the front of it, feeling her tits and tweaking her nipples. She was keeping her eyes closed and her face towards me, her cheek pressed against my boner. And she was blushing fully and biting a little smile.

John stopped eating my sister out and stood up undoing his pants. “Do I need to use a rubber?” he asked and pushed them and his briefs down. His cock sprung upright. It was way thicker than mine and probably a bit longer by the looks.

“Um…” Kim had opened her eyes and was glaring at John’s cock. She gulped. “Um I suppose it doesn’t really matter if you don’t use one.”

“Yeah? You don’t mind?” I stroked hair from my sister’s reddened face.

“I don’t know. I suppose you’d both rather cum inside me.”

I grinned. “Yeah I was planning to all week anyway.”

“Hmm, no surprise there!” my sister accused. “Which is why I insisted on this week and not last week like you wanted.”

“Oh right, that’s why you changed dates!”

“Yes, when I worked out my days and timing for that.”

I was shifting from beneath my sister. That allowed her to scoot back a bit and for my mate to have room as he knelt on the couch and got between her legs. I claimed her hands and encouraged her to put her arms over the back of the armrest. She blushed up at me but submitted, and I pulled her nightie up in front and exposed her tits.

“So we can watch them bounce while we fuck you eh?”

My sister nodded. “Okay…”

My mate fisted his fat cock and wiped the head up through where he’d licked her wet and open. She moaned and undulated up off the couch as he skewered her.

He released the shaft from his fist and surged. “Uh huh!” my sister moaned out loud, and she clung to my mate as he pulled back and surged again. “Uh huh huh!”

“Yeah, like that,” John teased her. “Yeah, you fucking take it Kimmy.”

“Mmm I like it,” Kim moaned. “Uh huh, that’s so huge.”

“Oh fuck yes,” my mate groaned and he lowered kaçak bahis siteleri to his elbows and cupped my sister’s face with his hands. Her mouth was open and he covered it with his and inserted his tongue. He was rolling his hips and fucking her steadily. She was arching up off the cushion and grinding against his thrusts, her hands twisted together behind the arm of the couch.

“Mmm yes take me,” my sister panted, her eyes fixed upon mine. My buddy was humping her powerfully. She had her legs spread as wide as she could. “Uh huh,” she moaned, frowning and biting down on the guy’s shoulder.

“Oh fuck!” John groaned and pounded her harder. “Oh fuck that’s close,” he cried and held firmly up her, grinding hard.

Kim’s eyes were wide and her mouth was open. John stopped moving in her and I saw that her body was braced taut and quaking in orgasm, the tremors pulsing through her at intervals, her tits trembling. “Uh huh huh,” she finally moaned and she thrust with her pelvis and clamped her body to my mate’s.

John pulled back and thumped against her spread legs. He pulled back and pounded her again. “Oooh fuck yeah!” He pulled back and speared into her once more then squirmed hard and resumed rolling his pelvis and fucking her.

My sister’s legs had relaxed and were bouncing wide open. She had a hand in her hair now, twirling absently, and was clutching the arm of the lounge with her other. She met my gaze again. I grimaced a little, questioning her. She bit down on her lip, grimacing too. And my buddy humped her powerfully one last time and held firmly up her, his butt cheeks clenched and quivering.

“Oh fuck yeah,” he groaned with satisfaction and humped powerfully a couple more times, then he held firm again, crushing my sister to his chest and with his toes pressed against the other arm of the couch.

I looked from my mate’s clenched butt to my sister’s eyes. “Are you sure you’re safe, sis?”

“Uh huh, I should be.”

“Oh fuck that’s a load,” my mate growled and humped hard against her again. “She’s so fucking tight eh, man!”

“Yeah she is. She’ll be good for it all week too eh!” I had said that while holding my sister’s eyes and making her blush again — my mate shifting out of the way for me to take my turn. “Once each morning and night, what do you say Kimmy?”

I had my cock in my fist. My sister help guide me as I lay on her. I released it to her and slid through her soft fingers and inside of her.

“Hmm, morning and night huh?” she challenged. “I think you guys should fix my car for me if I let you both that many times.”

** The end **

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