My bf and I decided to go up to the mountains and camp out to get away. Our Friend Johnny came along with us. My bf is Matt, a 24 year old who is about 5ft9 with a lean body. He is a Latin guy with dark brown hair. I am 27yo 6ft3 tall lean guy white handsome guy. Matt is a real hot guy too. We are both 7 cut but Matt ‘s cock is more thick than mine. Johnny is 26 year old Latin guy who broke up with his bf about over a month ago. He also wanted to get away. Johnny is shorter about 5ft7 but more built than me and Matt. We drove up to the mountains to camp out and get away. We arrived late afternoon talked and drank some beers and crashed asleep in the 4 man tent.

It was early morning as I woke up in the tent sleeping with my bf and Johnny was about two feet from us. It was moderately cool night we both were wearing sweats as we slept. Matt is spooning me with him to my back. I move to lay on my back as he lays on my chest with my arm around his back. He lays his face on my chest. I can feel his hand rubbing my chest under my shirt slowly sliding down my chest to my abs and around my belly button. He rubs all around in circles. And, now I can feel my morning boner getting even harder. Matt leans into my neck and ear and whispers I want you in me so bad!!! We both knew we couldn’t have sex with Johnny sleeping right next to us. We did kiss some and slowly went back to sleep even though we were extremely horny!

I awake about couple hours later. I can smell breakfast food being cooked. I look around and Matt and Johnny are already awake and up. I climb out of the sleeping bag. As I open the door to the tent the sun beats in as my eyes squint. I see Matt and Johnny sitting there eating breakfast. Hey guys! I say. I walk towards Matt and give him a hug and sit down. It’s a beautiful morning not a cloud in the sky.

Matt leans into me and whispers I am so fucking horny!!! I grin and start to eat some breakfast. Johnny brings some clothes out from the tent. He says, Hey guys I am going to go for a run and let you guys have some alone time. He thanks us for letting him tag along with us and starts to take off his sweats t-shirt standing near the tent in plain view of us. We had been friends for while and we are all very comfortable being naked around each other so wasn’t a big deal really.

Matt and I both knew he was hung probably around 8 uncut and probably thick. We really only saw it soft or semi hard from morning boners. He takes off his shirt and then his sweats making him totally naked standing there. His is cock looking semi hard as most cocks do in the early morning. He puts on his jock and running shorts. He runs off and says he will be back in about 20 to 30 minutes. escort bayan

Not more than 20 seconds after he ran off Matt and I are in the tent making out kissing heavy. We are still in our sweats.
Matt says .. Oh Fuck I am sooo horny!!! I want your cock in me so bad!
We are both on are knees sitting up kissing deep and sensual.
I say to Matt… Oh Fuck I am going to fuck you so hard.

As we make out and moan and groan. Heavy breathing and panting as we lay on our sides kissing. Matt’s such a great kisser I love making out with him.
Matt stops and says aggressively FUCK ME now right now FUCK ME.
I quickly lube up my throbbing hard cock with lots of spit . I force Matt to lay on his stomach flat and pull down his sweats.
With my sweats down far enough I start to push my cock into his tight ass slowly watching . Using my hand to guide my cock in I look at Matt’s face as he looks over his shoulders I PUSH IT IN!! ALL THE WAY.

He moans LOUD OH FUCK OH OH. I GRUNT OUT OH FUCK YEA… GEEZZ!!! SOOO nice and tight! With My cock all the way in his tight juicy ass.
It feels soo FUCKING GREAT makes my head tilt back as I begin to fuck him big time. In out thrusting his ass hard. Pushing my meat in him. Hes fucking yelling FUCK ME FUCK Me repeatedly!!

OHoH the moans getting louder and louder from both of us as we fuck and fuck to the point anyone within 5 feet would hear us fucking.
We are both working a sweat. From the time we entered the tent to when my cock was fucking him, was no more than 5 minutes.

I am fucking him slow and hard watching my cock enter and exit his sweet ass. I am panting and breathing heavy. FUCKING feels soo amazing fucking his hole. He loves it when I pull all the way out and slam it back in. Which I did few times making him and I moan even louder with ever slam of his ass and I think my cock went in deeper and harder each time. After fucking him for about 5 to 10 min.

I stop and pull out. We get totally naked now. I lay on my back. He faces me on top. Catching are breathe from the fucking . We make out big time. I look at his eyes and tell him I want his cock in my mouth!! He brings his cock to my mouth I lick the enormous amount of precum oozing out from just being fucked hard. I suck the head some licking it.
When Matt’s really horny he gets little rough and wild which is so hot. As I am sucking his cockhead he grabs top of my hair and back of my head and fucking forces his cock into my mouth . aaahhhhgggMMM gugugguhhahah I gag some but take it. His cock is thicker than mine and little bigger than 7. Matt says suck it suck it! As he fucks my face.
MMMm moaning under my breathe loving his cock as he slides in out of my mouth kocaeli escort bayan . He pulls out after about 2 or 3 minutes .

He moves back and begins to sit down on my cock. Oh FUCK FUCK !! I feel my bare cock back in his hot ass. He yells as I grunt out moans.. oh FUCK. He begins to ride me up and down. Mmmmmmmmm OHOH FUCK. I am watching his face and as he fucks himself with my dick!!
He’s stroking his cock as he rides me hard up and down. I am watching his eyes some as he goes down on my cock taking it all deep!! I am fucking loving it oh fuck!!! I thrust some as I push my cock in his hole as his face tilts back from the extreme pleasure of me fucking him. He moans louder louder as he rides me I am like fuck FUCK I CAN FEEL it getting close for me as he rides me deep OHOH FUCK BOTH OF US DRENCHED IN SWEAT as I am fucking him and he riding me.
He doesn’t stop… he is trying to get that load up his ass as he keeps going UP DOWNUP DOWN FUCKING FUCKING MY COCK DEEP!!!
I can feel it. OHOH I CAN really FEEL IT. GEEEZ FUCK! OH FUCK I I AM CLOSE TO CUMMIING AS I yell out big loud MOAN OHHHHHHHHHHHAAH FUCK FUCK He knows I am about to cum as he keeps going and feels my cock swell even more as I THRUST SUPER HARD pushing my cock in DEEP inside him while I grunt louder …
SHOOTING my CUM UP HIS ASS HARD Matt stops riding and lets me finish by thrusting up in him my juicy load of cum.

I shot 9 times filling him up deep. He holds my cock in deep and leans in to kiss me. My cock buried in him with my cum oozing down and all around my cock still inside him.
We lay there like that for about couple minutes as my cock goes soft some. It was about 15 min from time we got in the tent until I came. However, He hasn’t cum yet. He usually takes longer time to cum.

He sits up lets my cock out and some of cum pours out onto me. He lays next to me as we kiss more. He slowly goes down starts sucking my cock licking the cum from what poured out. Sucking me slowly… feeling it swell more and more.

He is taking it in deep sucking my cock. It didn’t take long to get rock hard again. He leans back up to my face as we kiss and make out. I taste my cum from his tongue. Our naked bodies rolling on top of each other. Feeling are hard cocks rubbing. I roll to where I am on top of him.

As we are kissing making out my cock finds his hole and with no help or hands. I thrust my cock in his cum drenched hole sliding right in deep… as he fucking moans big time loud and immediately yells FUCK ME FUCK Me

I grab his ankles and start fucking him and pounding him deep and hard ramming it in all the way as I watch his face in extreme pleasure we are both moaning and grunting kocaeli escort and sweating big time. I am fucking loving it feels sooo fucking great fucking his hole filled with my cum as lube.
I keep fucking him deep and hard and I slow down some as i need to catch my breath. I fall on top of him panting and sweaty we make out some kissing feeling each other.

Its sooo fucking hot in the tent now we need air. I open the tent door some and the tent window . I guess people could see but I didn’t care. I tell matt I want to suck his cock some more as I get on my knees and he feeds me his hard throbbing cock. I go down on it big time sucking taking it in. Feeling his hard cock in my mouth and him moaning out loud big time as I suck and suck his shaft as much as I can take.
He’s fucking my face and I am loving it as I suck his big cock. I hear him moan more and more as I suck it I can feel his cock swell more and more as I keep sucking it deep he gets louder in his moans looking down at his cock going in out he moans and grunts OH OH GOD OHOH FUCK …

I slow down some and just lick his balls as he pants and breathes heavy OH FUCK I was close he says … I look up and say I am not done fucking you yet …I want fuck you doggie now…

He gets on all fours and I waste no time ramming my hard cock in him fucking his brains out in out ramming my whole cock in .. both of us fucking moaning and yelling in grunts mmmm OHOH FUCK OH FUCK YES
OHOH gosh yea fucking feels so great … Matt is fucking moaning so much now it sounds like hes crying in extreme pleasure with my cock ramming his ass! Harder Deeper!!
Matt begins to get louder and pushes back on my cock with his ass fucking himself harder
I grab his shoulders to get more leverage to ram his sweet ass with my hard cock in DEEP
FUCKING pounding so hard … as hard as I can Matt’s yelling in moans very loud as he reaches his climax getting closer and closer I can feel my second load brewing up inside me getting ready to burst deep into his ass.

I pull him up some so his back is to my chest keep fucking him deep
Matt yells LOUD in moans OOOOO FUCK OOOFUCK I am cumming ohhh FUCK MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm
His cum starts to ooooz out his cock without him touching it
Streams and streams of cum pour out as I am slamming him hard
Then I push him back down flat and RAM my cock in FUCKING HARD bursting my load of cum deep in his ass as I YELL OOUT IN a series of pleasure moans FUCK FUCK!!! Shooting my cum in his ass …

Oh fuck we lay there in dripping sweat for few.. Then we hear Johnny calling us. Hey guys So I guess you’re done now huh? He says. Matt and I get up still naked walk out of tent to see Johnny. Johnny says well looks like you guys were having fun from the sounds of it. We got dress and started to pack up to leave. Matt and I thought we were done with sex for the day but there was more to cum… to be continued…

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