Subject: Camp Site Butt Boy Part 6 This story is pure fiction, and the contents should remain fiction. It contains sex acts between men and boys. Do not read it if this subject matter upsets you. Just stop and go somewhere else. Comments ail AND EVERYONE, DON’T FORGET TO… DONATE DONATE PLEASE EVERYONE, DONATE TO NIFTY. If you return to this site regularly, leave a little donation. Any amount would be appreciated. The hungry would love to eat – cock needs $$. so DONATE SOMETHING, it’s EASY. Go to the top of Nifty Page to DONATE some $$. Money makes the cock grow fonder. Camp Site Butt Boy Part 6 When they got off the bed each studied the other. Benny saw the huge muscle man like a god. The tumescent, spent fuck organ hung down six inches heavy and thick, still bloated with blood like a huge ripe and ready fruit. The giant lemon sized testicles fascinated him as they rolled in their smooth nut sack. The whole body was shaved smooth glistened with sweat. He was desperate to love this man. Jack saw the still hairless little boy, so hung for his age he was going to be big. The beautiful slender body with a bobble ass so perfect, so young and tender, and after his first taste of giant cock, so eager. “Yeah.” He whispered. “I’m gonna make you my little butt boy.” When he hefted his genitals and let them flop down again Benny ran to him. “Jackie. I want to live with you.” Embracing Jack’s waist the child whispered, “I love you so much, Jackie. I want you to be my daddy.” He leaned down and sucked in the prick head that had just been up his ass. “I like being with you so much.” “Well, little Benny butt. We’ll have to do something about that.” He reached over the boy’s back and fingered the anus he’d licked clean. His finger slipped easily into the warm interior now. “Yeah. You’re so full of cum now. You like it too, didn’t you, you little butt flower?” The boy licked the beautiful glans like it was something magical. “More than anything, Jackie.” Jack pumped the soft anal ring tenderly and felt the first time that he was making love to a boy’s ass. “Damn. Get up here on the bed again. I got to kiss your ass some more.” He threw the legs up and licked the pink anus. “You make me feel good, Jackie.” Benny beamed at his lover daddy. “Just look at you. Such a beautiful little ass hole.” His tongue pushed deep into the warm pink boy hole. “I just love eating your butt, Benny.” “Me too.” Benny giggled.” “I could eat all of you.” He looked up at his smiling little boy and sucked in his balls, just dropped and already as big as apricots. Then he sucked the cock, way too big for such a small boy. “Oh yeah. You’re gonna be my butt boy.” The boy held his lover’s head and rubbed his ass crack over the licking mouth. “I love you doing my ass so much.” He panted with joy. “I know you do. And I love fucking your little butt flower so much too. Now let’s go up to the ranger station and see if Mel needs to fuck your pretty bubble ass for a while. I’d like to watch that. Then we can put you on a horse. Want to?” “Yes.” Benny still held Jack’s head and slid the mouth over his fuck hole. “Will he lick my butt too?” “If he wants to fuck you he will. Mel loves eating pink boy ass. Now let me get my mouth off your pretty little pucker.” Jack pulled away from the eager anus and slapped his prick head across Benny’s ass. The boy grinned at his new fuck daddy, then went looking for his clothes. “No underpants today, Benny.” No one was at the ranger station so Jack saddled up two horses and took Benny out for a trot through the woods. When the boy got saddle sore they returned. It was afternoon before they got to the ranger house again. Jack knew someone was there so he knocked. “Who is it?” Mel called out. “Just me and a new one.” Jack called back. “Come on in, Jack. I got your boy from yesterday here with his dad. They’re a real hot team. Damn.” When Jack and Benny entered the bedroom they saw Mel sitting on a couch and Jamie getting double fucked by him and his father, Cab. “Hi, Jack.” Jamie smiled at his best friend. “Can you wait a little bit. I’m getting done real good right now.” “I can see that, Jamie.” Jack laughed at the little butt slut. “This is my new one, Benny. Say hi, Benny.” “New one what?” Jamie squeaked out. “Don’t get all jealous, Jamie.” Jack walked over and kissed his yesterday’s fuck. “You got a nice daddy, and Mel, and little Benny here, he’s got no one but a dumb mother whose boyfriend doesn’t like him. So you be nice to him.” “Hi. I’m Jamie.” He smiled. “This is my dad. And this is Mel.” “Hi.” Benny walked over, put an arm between Jack’s thighs and then looked between Mel and Jamie where Jamie’s hard and leaking cock slithered between their bellies. “Wow. That looks like fun.” Then he looked up at Jack. “You can suck his dick of you want, Benny. I bet Jamie would like it if you did. Wouldn’t you, Jamie?” He pushed the boy’s face between the two. Benny pushed his head between the two until he could suck Jamie’s cock head and easily got half the shaft down his throat. karşıyaka escort “Wow, Jack. He can really suck deep.” “I like doing it.” Benny came off and swirled his tongue around the luscious prick head. “I never did it before, and it’s fun.” He sucked the leaking cock like it was Jack’s, the sweetest candy stick ever. Jack unbuttoned his new boy’s shirt and stripped him naked. “That’s how I like my little ones, Benny. Naked and pretty with this beautiful pink ass.” He pulled the boy off Jamie’s cock and stood him up to show off his big cock and balls. “And look at this, you guys. Isn’t he a sweet thing? Makes me want to fuck him all over again right now.” He gently slid his middle finger into his boy’s sore anus as he jacked the thick seven and a half inch shaft. “Yeah, you’re my boy.” “Wow, Benny.” Jamie grinned. “I like your cock. You want to fuck me when Daddy and Mel get done?” “If you want.” Then he looked up at Jack. “If Jackie says I can.” He turned and hugged the man he wanted to be his new daddy. Both Mel and Cab could see the boy needed someone. Jack grinned at the two men and shrugged his shoulders, then pulled Benny’s ass cheeks apart to show off the beautiful fresh pink anus. As his two middle fingers slipped into the anal ring Benny held his new daddy tight and rocked his ass. “Yeah, I might have to keep this one for a while. He’s the perfect little fuck butt.” “I want to live with you, Jackie.” “I know that, Benny. Now get my pants down, angel.” Jack took off his shirt and kicked off his shoes as his fuck boy slipped down his pants. “Now go back to sucking on Jamie’s nice big fat cock so you’ll be best friends.” Benny pushed his head back between the two sticky bellies and gobbled down Jamie’s leaking cock head. Jack spread his boy’s round white ass cheeks and pushed his face into the rosy pink ass pucker. “My Benny has such a pretty ass flower. I could just eat you up.” His tongue dug deep into the boy’s anus as his hand stroked the big hard boy cock. Benny reached behind and held Jack’s head to his crack. “Oh, Jackie. You make my butt feel so good.” He rolled his hips with ass love. “I know, Benny. And I just got to get in there right now.” He stood and swiped his half hard horse cock up and down the boy crack. “Suck my prick head with your pretty swollen pucker. Push back against my dick, angel butt.” Jack watched the anal flesh swell. “That’s it. Yeah, little Benny’s ass hole is so full of love. I might have to fill it full of cum again.” The talking and prick rubbing got Jack harder and harder. He held the middle of his shaft and pushed his meaty prick into the waiting pucker. Benny jerked with as fire. “Jackie, eee –, eee.” With no intention of stopping Jack laid over his fuck toy. “I know, angel baby. Your ass is sore from this morning.” He grinned at Mel and Cab. “It was his first time.” Then back to Benny, “But the best way to make my little fuck baby not sore is to just keep fucking and fucking. Make your pretty hole numb and loose.” He pushed deeper. “And besides –.” He jacked the boy’s cock. “I want to. I just love fucking your ass so much.” “OK.” Benny redoubled his sucking on Jamie to take his mind off the ache of his anal ring as Jack held his shaft and worked an inch of stiffening horse meat in and out of the softening boy hole. Watching Jack made Jamie hotter and hotter. “Fuck harder. Daddy.” Jamie began rocking his ass on the two cocks pumping his hole. “I’m gonna come. You want to drink my cum, Benny?” He held Benny’s mouth over his prick head. Benny nodded yes and continued sucking like a champ as Jack drove deeper and deeper through the sore butt ring and into the warm bowel. Cab and Mel slid their shafts against each other harder and hotter inside Jamie’s fuck hole as the boy’s body vibrated with ass lust. “Oh, oh, oh fuck yes.” Jamie panted. “Daddy, my ass is making me come.” He shot off. And Benny got his first taste of sweet cream. Jamie shot into the sucking mouth as his father and Mel rammed him wild, humping like two hot animals. Benny cupped the shooting testicles in his hand, fascinated by their movement as he let the sperm pool in his mouth to taste the salty goodness. “How’s my Benny butt doing now?” Jack’s tongue licked the boy’s ear. He pulled his fuck toy’s ass pucker back to the root of his shaft, massaging his belly to open the fuck channel he was digging for his ten inch shaft. “You still like my cock? Or do you want something smaller like Jamie.” Benny sucked until Jamie stopped coming, then stood and pushed his ass back onto his new lover daddy. Jack held his boy tight, and the others saw his hands roam over the soft hairless body, caressing his new boy, loving him, they could see that. “What do you say, angel baby? You want my big cock? Because I love being deep up your ass, Benny. I just think you’re the sweetest little fuck boy I ever had.” Benny rolled his head back against Jack’s muscled chest. His soft body shivered with need, desire, and love, so much love. One strong kartal escort hand stroked his thick cock. The other pushed deep but gently into his belly, moving the cock that shafted him around his guts. “Oh, oh. Da –, Jackie. I want you to be my Daddy.” He panted as the thick horse cock dug out the long channel it needed to pleasure them both. “That’s my boy. I like being way up in there, Benny.” He grunted as he pumped. “I want you so much too.” He closed his eyes and relaxed his body. “I love you in me, Jackie. Like I’m part of you.” “That’s my baby. Pull your cheeks apart for me.” When the boy did Jack dug in as deep as his horse shaft could push. “Damn, I love being up your ass, Benny.” He whispered over his fuck toy and rocked gently. “We gonna get you all smoothed out inside so you can back your pretty ass right onto me any time I want. OK?” “Yes.” The perfect fuck boy rolled his ass over the throbbing, wonderful fuck organ. “It’s feeling good –, gooder now.” “That’s my Benny butt flower.” Jack twisted the boy’s head back to kiss him, then pulled his torso straight and lofted a leg so the others could see his thick horse shaft fuck the boy. What they saw was the baseball bat organ’s root in the ass and his huge testicles hanging below the pink anal ring. “Uh-huh. I love being way up in there, Benny.” With his legs splayed out Benny went limp in Jacks arms, his ass relaxed and loosened, his body welcomed the fullness of the giant shaft slowly pumping him. He felt almost as if his guts would fall out if Jack pulled his cock out. “Don’t take it out, Jackie. You feel good now.” He reached down and pulled Jack’s giant lemons up to his big apricots, rubbing the balls together. “I want you to always love me like this.” “Yeah. You know how to make your Jackie daddy feel good, Benny.” His hands slid all over the sweating boy body, so white and tender. “I’m going to take such good care of my little boy’s ass hole. Make you want me.” “I want you already, Jackie.” Benny wiggled his anus over the cock root. It made Cab fuck his son even harder. “Yeah, like that, Daddy.” Jamie saw stars as the two cock crashed together inside him. “Oh, fu –, fuck.” His ass loosened and drooled. He wanted to stay that way forever, fucked full. He wished Jack could get his cock in with the other two. He turned and saw Jack sit on the couch with Benny’s back against his belly. He held the child’s legs and lifted the boy’s round butt up and down. Jamie watched Jack’s thick horse cock slowly slide in and out of the pink rose bud. “You watching Jamie getting fucked?” Jack asked. Benny nodded yes. Mel and Cab jackhammer Jamie’s hot red anus. The pre cum made the two shafts glisten with ass slick as they pounded ass. Benny rocked slowly on the shaft impaling him as Jack slow stroked his boy cock. “Maybe one day we’ll do you like that, angel.” “If you want, Jackie.” The boy melted back into his new lover daddy’s muscled body. His anus sucked on the shaft that loved him.”This is nice too.” “It sure is, butter butt.” Jack kissed his butt boy’s neck and pulled his ass chess wide open. Benny flinched. “You OK, angel butt?” “My hole is getting sore, Jackie.” The boy whispered. “We don’t want that, angel. We want you to like it.” And he lifted Benny completely off his shaft, stood the child ass to him and slid to the floor. “Now sit on my face, Benny baby.” He pulled the boy’s anus to his mouth. “Oh, oh, Ja –, Jackie, eee, eee.” The boy shivered with ass lust as the mouth and tongue soothed his swollen pucker. He rubbed his crack over Jack’s nose and lips, and reached down to slide his hand over his shining, ass slicked shaft. He loved the cock so much now that he couldn’t resist it. He turned and lowered his anus onto the prick head again. His whole body shivered with desire as Jack held him up by the cheeks so the little ass boy could stretch his legs out. Once planted on the huge shaft again he wrapped his arms and legs around his anal tormenter, his lover daddy, who loved his ass, and the cock he loved. When he rocked his ass Jack rolled them onto Benny’s back and raised his ass so the others could watch his giant shaft pump deep down into the boy hole like a thick piston. Then he looked at his boy. “I thought you said you were sore.” He bent down and kissed his toy. “i am, but I want you to want me, to… want my butt.” He bit his lip. “Oh I do, angel.” Jack slipped out of the hot anus again, knelt and tongued it happy again. “Sweet little thing. How I love little boy ass.” Watching the ass eating got Cab super hot. “Oh, fuck. I’m gonna cum.” He rammed his son’s floppy ass hole. His tight nuts slapped against the anal channel over and over, and then, “Ahhhh, ahhh. I’m coming Jamie. Oh, yeeeeahhhh.” Just as he started shooting Mel rammed the boy ass hard. “Uh-huh. I feel you coming, Cab. Damn you’re a hot man. Oh, yeah.” And Jamie felt both cocks explode. “Oh, wow.” He fell forward onto Mel’s chest half conscious, feeling his hot loose ass kastamonu escort throb over the cum shooting shafts ramming and filling him. Watching the two cocks slide in and out of Jamie’s anus Benny reached around and grabbed Jack’s giant shaft. It still throbbed with desire. For him. He pulled the prick head of the love shaft to his anus. “I thought you said you were sore.” Jack kissed his little fuck boy and smeared his cock against the tight anal pucker. “I am, but you said I got to get fucked a lot to make it feel good. And I want that.” “I didn’t mean right now. We could give your ass a rest.” But instead he pushed his giant prick head into the irresistible ass boy and grinned. “Or not.” Benny bite his lip. “What a brave little butt you have.” He slid the whole horse cock back in. “Brave and warm, and oh yeah.” He stroked the boy’s thick cock and stretched his testicles. “Jackie.” Benny shivered as his anal ring was stretched again. “Oh, Jackie. I want you to love me.” “Oh, butter butt. I’ll show you loving.” With the entire ten inch horse shaft in his ass boy he wiggled the soft belly to find his deep fuck channel. Once he felt his huge bull’s balls resting on the boy’s ass back he kissed him. “You like my big dick up there, don’t you?” He slammed against the soft ass cheeks. “Tell me.” Benny grinned at his lover daddy. “Ye –, es.” Benny let his whole body go limp again to feel the huge meat shaft throbbing way up in his guts. “I love your big fat cock up my ass more than anything, Jackie. I love you in me.” The giant muscle man moved slowly inside him, exploring the bowel with his prick head, loving his boy, loving his ass. And Benny loved him back, loved the giant cock wanting him, even loved the pain. “You make me feel good inside, Jackie.” “Aren’t you the best little lover boy.” He stood up. Benny clutched his lover man with arms and legs, squirming on the impaling horse shaft. Jack walked them outside wiggling the ass cheeks over his cock root. Benny sighed with ass love and melted into his lover daddy’s muscled chest, wanting only to keep his ass full of this cock. “I might take you out riding like this tomorrow, Benny butt. Trotting around with my dick up your ass. Let you ride a horse cock on a horse.” He laughed at the thought. “That would loosen your ass forever.” Benny slowly drifted into a dream state. No pain anymore, just the fullness of a giant throbbing cock filling him with love. “OK.” He whispered and rolled his hips on the love organ pumping him. “Can we sleep together tonight, Jackie? I like being with you. We can fall asleep like this.” “You like my dick up your ass?” Jack bounced the boy on his shaft. Benny giggled. “Yeah, you do. You need my dick, my big cock, don’t you, Benny? You’re my little fuck boy? Tell me.” “I love your big fat cock in me, Jackie.” Benny buried his face on Jack’s hard pectoral muscle and nodded yes when Jack bounced him up and down again. “I never felt anything so good before.” “That’s my boy.” Jack raised him off his huge shaft. “Let’s go swimming.” “But you didn’t come yet.” Benny worried he didn’t please Jack. “I came up your ass this morning. I’ll come again real soon, but now I’m sweating and need to cool off.” He slipped the boy off his shaft and stood him up. “I’ll fuck you later, don’t you worry.” As he spoke Benny bent over and sucked the giant prick head. He never wanted anyone or anything more than Jack and his cock. “OK.” He grinned his winning grin at his new daddy lover. “I really like sucking your cock too, Jackie.” He kissed the beautiful fuck organ. “It’s my favourite thing in the whole world.” “Let’s give it all to you then. Take a deep breath.” When the boy obeyed Jack slid the entire shaft down his throat. Benny’s whole body jerked, but he grabbed Jack by the ass cheeks to hold the shaft in. When his fingers touched his fuck daddy’s ass pucker Jack said, “Yeah, Benny. Get your fingers in my ass.” When Benny pumped two fingers into the anus Jack grabbed his head and throat fucked him slow and deep. Benny forgot about his gagging and finger fucked his new lover daddy, loving him more than ever before. As his fingers dug deeper Jack wiggled on them. “Oh yeah. Benny likes my ass too.” He slowly slid his ten inch fuck post out of the soft throat, turned and bent over. “Suck my fuck hole, baby.” He pulled his cheeks apart. The boy’s face push into the man’s ass crack. “That’s it. Eat my fuck hole, Benny, and daddy might let you in there.” He wiggled on the hard tongue that pushed into him. “Oh yeah. You’re going to be up Jackie’s ass soon enough.” Jack then straightened up and carried his naked little fuck boy into the cabin intent on keeping this one. Benny held his lover daddy tight wanting always to be with him. “That was fun, Jackie.” “What was, pumpkin butt?” Jack kissed his little boy. “Putting my tongue in your butt hole.” Benny giggled. “Well, if you’re a good boy I’ll let you eat my ass some more tonight. Might even let you put that big boy cock in there too. Would you like that?” “I don’t know. I never did it before.” He thought for a second. “Does that mean we’re going to spend the night together, Jackie?” “I think so, Benny butt.” He set the boy down. “Now get your shorts on and let’s go.” The child ran for his clothes, his head full of dreams. DEAR READERS, PLEASE DONATE SOMETHING TO NIFTY

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