Subject: Busman’s holiday -7 Ok here’s the next part! Busman’s Holiday 7 Ok, if you’re here you know what to expect. If you’re underage, or gay sex offends you or it is illegal to read this where you live- then leave now. IF you enjoy this type of story please consider a donation to to keep it going. Comments welcomed; ail Busman’s holiday 7-Berlin The afternoon quickly turned to evening. The guests gaithered in the dining room for a fabulous meal served by near naked young boys. After the dinner our hosts invited us all to the lower level party rooms. None of the guests hesitated. Porn was playing on the large screens around the room. Some of it was from the recent activities in the grotto and dungeon. We all quickly removed our skimpy garments and the scene rapidly fell into an orgy of sex. In all there were 16 resident guests, a few non-residents, and the staff. I found myself servicing many men. Most of the Europeans were anxious to sample my cut American cock. Lube and vials of poppers were scattered around the room. I was taken and used by countless men and may more rode my cock before the night was over. The next morning, my last at the resort, was spent preparing to continue my travels to Berlin and Munich. I boarded an early afternoon train after I’d sampled the men and boys one last time. Hans drove me to the station in time for my train. The 2 hour trip on the ICE was uneventful. I did notice some handsome business men and train personnel. But the situation was not right for any encounters. I arrived at the main station in Berlin in the early afternoon. I decided that since it was my first time there I’d take a taxi to the gay guest house I’d booked. When I arrived I was impressed with the quiet street and well kept house. The owners were there to greet me. I quickly got settled in and went to the main lounge to get some information about bursa escort the gay scene. I sat studying a gay map for a while when another man came in, obviously a guest. He asked me if I was English and I told him that I was an American. He saw the gay map laid out before me and asked if I needed help. I confessed that it was my first trip to Berlin and I was sort of lost. The man, Max, introduced himself and asked what type of place interested me. I told him that leather and a bit rough were my main iinterested. He pointed out three bars near the guest house that might be good for me. But since all of them opened at 8PM I might want to consider a trip to one of the saunas. He offered to show me the way and I accepted. We took the subway to the old eastern sector of the city. There was much rebuilding going on around the subway station. We walked a few blocks away from the construction to a quieter street. The sauna was in a plain building with only a small, brass plaque on the door. After he rang the buzzer we were admitted into a small outer room where we both paid our fee and were directed to the locker room. Finding my locker i quickly changed from my cloths and wrapped the towel which was in the locker around me. Max pointed the way to various parts of the sauna- the maze, the movie room, the pool, and steam room. He mentioned that there was a roof top terrace where many men would be sunning. He left me to explore on my own. I decided that the maze might be a good place to start. To get there I had to pass by an area of small, private cabins. Men were lounging by open doors or laying on narrow beds waiting for adventures. Some were already engaged in various sexual situations with one man or a few. I would later check them out. The maze was totally dark. I managed to feel my way around, encountering a few hard cocks as I did. In the center was bursa escort bayan a small area illuminated by a red light. Centered there was a large rubber covered bed. Some men were eagerly sucking on their partners while other stood around and watched. Poppers were passed around freely. I took a hit of some rather strong ones. For a few seconds my head was spinning. As I came back to near normal I felt a lubed finger rubbing my ass and them penetrating into my crack, looking for my hole. Another hit of poppers and I was a willing participant, bent over to offer myself to the mystery man in the dark. For a few minutes he explored my hole, opening me up. Another man stood in front of me so that I could brace myself on his hips while sucking an uncut cock. The man at my ass pushed the large head of his cock slowly into my now open ass. He stretched my hole to accomodate the large head and thick trunk of his cock. Having fully planted himself inside me, he sighed as I moaned at the pleasure. The man I was sucking grabbed my shoulders to steady me and forced his cock deep into my throat. Both men soon got into a rhytm pushing their cocks into my two holes. The motion sent a feeling directly to my balls. I knew that if they kept this up I’d soon over the edge. Luckily, both men seemed to sense this and began to speed up. I felt the cock in my mouth thicken and the first shots of cum go into my stomach. The other man grabbed my hips and forced himself deep into my body, holding still as he emptied his own load into my bowels. Both men patted me on my back and quickly disappeared into the darkness. My own cock was stiff with desire to find a hole to fill. I wondered around before I found the movie theatre. It was a room with three rows of wide, tiered benches. I found one in the top most section and lay there to watch the porn. My cock was at full attention, escort bursa sticking up for any who wanted to use it. Soon a young, muscled, blond youth found his place in front of me. He knelt and swallowed my cock to the root. He soon had it well lubed with his spit. I moved into a sitting position. He lost no time in lowering his ass down on me. I held his hips steady as he bounced up and down. I reached around to grab a nipple. This only quickened his bouncing until I felt his muscles tigthen around my cock, sending me over the edge. I felt my cock release 5 or 6 thick shots of my cum into his hot hole. We both took a minute to enjoy the sensation before pulling apart. He turned, gave me a kiss, and walked away. I lay back down to savor the moment. The place soon began to fill with the after work crowd of older, business men. Most would stop by on the way from the office before heading home to their wives. I showered and dressed to head out and explore the city for a good place to eat. I found a nearby beer garden that served a hearty meal of sausages and potatoes with their own beer. I went back to the guest house to nap before hitting the bars. It was a refreshing nap that left me recharged and horny for the night to come. Before leaving I checked the gay map again to make sure I knew the way to the 3 bars. It was only a 10 minute walk to the first one. The bar front windows were curtained with a black drap. Inside was just as dark as the outside suggested. I saw various pieces of biker gear and farm utensils hanging on the walls and from the ceiling. I ordered one of the local beers and let my eyes adjust to the darkness. I noticed a few other denim men around the bar. Most were alone and had that “hunter” look. They were waiting for something to happen. I took my beer to the far wall of the place and waited. Slowly the men began to move to a curtained area. I soon followed only to be confronted with a steep, dim stairway. I slowly made my way down to the lower level of the bar. It was the place for the action. I could hear men breathing hard, others moaning with delight and passion.

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