Bush River


Editor’s Note: there is no bestiality in this submission.


You know the best thing about Heather? It wasn’t the fact that she was half my age, at 20 to my 44. It wasn’t her big, beautiful tits, although they were great. It wasn’t her tiny waist, even though it felt like it was made for me to put my arm around. It wasn’t her long, curly strawberry hair, even though that was a huge turn on. It wasn’t the fact that she had fucked 18 different guys by the time she was twenty. It wasn’t the fact that she was also into girls. It wasn’t even the fact that she was very willing to experiment sexually. It wasn’t even the fact that she had a very short list of banned experiences.

While discussing the things we had done, the things we would like to do, and the things we would not do, the list of “NO WAY” was narrowed down to no blood, no pee, no pain, no marks, no black guys and no prostitution and no animals. But, before we had even finished laying out the list, she told me that she didn’t want to be peed on, but would let me if I wanted to.

I lied and told her there was no way I wanted to do that. In truth, as soon as it was banned, I became intrigued. I was also turned on by pain, black guys and prostitution and animals. I wanted her to do all of them. I didn’t want her to do them because she wanted to. I wanted her to do them in spite of the fact that she didn’t want to.

I had already had her tell me to spank her. She kept telling me harder, and she started crying. She continued to tell me harder and continued to cry harder and harder. I fucked her as she lay on her stomach sobbing into a pillow and came so hard I couldn’t believe it.

Then, she sucked my cock after being fucked in the ass by it, with tears still streaming down her face.

I wanted more. I wanted to see her fucked by a bunch of black men. I wanted to see her sell herself. I wanted to watch her dog lick her cunt. I didn’t want to convince her she wanted these things. I wanted her to do them in spite of the fact that she didn’t want to. I wanted to watch her spirit melt as she gave in. I wanted to see tears form in her eyes as she took black cocks in her mouth as she thought about how her family had said they would disown her for touching a black man. I wanted to see her crying uncontrollably as men called her a whore and took turns shoving their cocks into her. I wanted to watch her desire turn to fear as I pushed her just a little further than she wanted.

She was willing to let me. That was the best thing about Heather.

I had taken her to Bush River Adult Book Store near Baltimore a few times. It had not always gone well. A couple of times she had frozen, and although she would let men continue to touch her as long as I wanted her to, she became cold and distant. Not only could I tell she wasn’t having fun, she wasn’t even trying to fake it. A couple of times she had gotten into it, but the guys had pushed a little too hard and she wanted to leave.

But, the last couple of times we had gone, it had been a much more pleasurable experience. At least, it was for me. She had been gangbanged. She had flown across country to meet a man who was paying her for the weekend. She had fucked black guys too numerous to count. She had gotten used to being called a whore when we fucked, and sometimes worse.

So, I had told her we were going down there on a Saturday, but I had gone a few days before. Once there, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass. I went in the gloryhole booths and sucked cock for all I was worth. I swallowed at least five loads that day before I even ventured into the theater.

Once I start, I have no control. I was sucking one guy who turned around and put his ass to the gloryhole. I greedily licked and sucked his asshole, all the time knowing I shouldn’t. But, I didn’t care. I sucked his ass, I licked his balls and took them in my mouth. And when he was ready to cum, I took his adequate, and not much more, cock deep in my throat and let him pump his semen down my waiting throat.

I had still not cum, but that wasn’t why I was there. I didn’t want to cum yet.

I went into the theater, comprised of four rooms with a hallway separating them. On the two rooms on the left were the gay films, and on the right, straight.

I circulated through all four rooms, and none of them were highly populated, but the front room on the left had the most people in it. Five men, from about 25 to probably 60. Some stroking halkalı escort their cocks through their pants. Some were watching.

I went in and immediately sat closest to the largest group and let my eyes focus on his hands stroking his covered cock. He stroked it harder, and moved closer to me. I slightly parted my lips and looked him in the eyes. He unzipped his pants and pulled out a respectable cock that was completely shaven.

Without hesitation, I took it in my mouth and began to go up and down on it. He moaned, and his hand went to the top of my head. I took my hand and moved his hand to the back of my head and pressed it into my head, forcing me down on his cock. I held his hand there and did that several times until he got the hint.

Then he started pushing harder, testing the waters, slowly pushing his cock until his balls bottomed out on my chin. I slowly pulled off and he slowly forced me back down. When he released the pressure, I started to come up again. He slowly guided me back down.

I pulled off his cock forcefully, and looked him in the eyes saying “Make me do what you want. Whatever it is. Do it!”. I again put his hand on my head and pressed hard, ramming his cock down my throat and this time he got the hint.

He held me with my nose pressed firmly against his abdomen as he gyrated his cock in my throat. When I started to pull off, he shoved me down further, grinding into my face harder. I started to gag. I tried to pull off and he was not having any of it.

I was gagging more and more, feeling as if I was going to throw up when he shoved his cock even further in my throat. I immediately threw up, but he still held me there. For a few seconds.

Then he relented. When I came off his cock, vomit went everywhere as I gulped air down. Before I was finished, he shoved his cock back into my mouth and began furiously fucking my face. I noticed a cock out being stroked beside me. We were providing a show.

I reached for his cock with my free hand and pulled him closer. He came willingly and I began to stroke him. Soon, they were all there, jerking off in a circle around me while my mouth was being brutally fucked.

I thought the time was right to try the things I had not been able to talk Heather into yet. I was addicted and didn’t want to stop pushing myself.

I pulled off his cock. He tried to push e back on. I resisted. He pushed again. I again resisted, but looked at him and said “Smack me, pass me around, call me queer or anything else you want. Don’t hold back.”

That was all it took. Before the words left my mouth, the side of my face was burning even before the loud CRACK of the slap registered in my ears.

“Open your mouth, faggot” he said menacingly.

I did, obediently as he put his fingers in my mouth, reaching for my throat.

“Don’t you bite me, bitch” he said as he tickled the back of my mouth. Then shoved his cock deep into my throat, grabbing my hair and violently fucking my face. Then he pulled out.

“Stand up.” He commanded.

I did.

“Open your shirt!” he said.

I started to unbutton it, but was not fast enough for him. He demanded I go faster. I did.

When my shirt was off, he told the other guys in the room that I was open for business. They all began to touch me. They started by pinching my nipples, which always turned me on. I moaned and my knees started to buckle slightly, and then one of the guys was biting my nipple.

It hurt, but I liked it. I always tried to get Heather to bite my nipples and she never did it hard enough. She was afraid of hurting me, but I wanted it to hurt. Then, someone, I still don’t know who, started to kiss me and I pulled away quickly.

“No, not that.” I said.

But, before the words were out of my mouth. The other side of my face stung from another vicious slap and a pair of lips were pressed into mine. I kissed back, letting our tongues me as the rest of my body was explored and tortured.

Then I was shoved to my knees, and they took turns fucking my mouth until they all came. I had cum on my clothes, on my face, on my body and in my mouth. And as I gathered it to take it all in my mouth, I said “I want you guys and anyone else you can bring to be here Saturday at 1 pm. I’m bringing my girlfriend and I want you to do exactly the same to her.”

It took some convincing to make them believe I was real, but finally, I thought I had at least a couple of başakşehir escort them ready for it.

“And Saturday, anybody else…..I want you to encourage everyone here to get involved.” I said.

I went home. I was so turned on, we had great sex that night. I was so horny that I pushed all the things I normally didn’t. I pushed my cock into her throat harder. I fucked her harder. I called her names harder. I spanked her harder, and was more turned on when she started to cry and never stopped to fake an apology. She didn’t stop me, either.

I couldn’t wait until Saturday.

Saturday morning came and she was trying to back out. She could always just say she wasn’t going, but that wasn’t in her nature. She had a really hard time telling me no. But she did make a fuss about what to wear, other things she wanted to do, the piercings in her nipples were fresh enough that they may be easily hurt, or she was just tired.

I acted as if I didn’t notice she was opposed to going. If I didn’t tell her it was OK not to go, she would not come right out and object.

So, time came to go, and she was wearing the clothes I asked her to wear. Very much her usual when we went out. Short black skirt, black thong, black push up bra and a white button up shirt with only the two buttons below her tits buttoned leaving her glorious mounds bursting from the top of her shirt like two ice cream cones waiting to be licked. Her hair was cascading in strawberry ringlets down to her tiny waist and she had on nice heels.

We talked about everything except what we were doing on our way to Bush River, but I couldn’t help but stare at her every chance I had. She was beautiful and hot all rolled into one.

I know people who think there is no difference between beauty and sex appeal, but they are wrong. Some women are so beautiful, but somehow seem unattainable and therefore have very little sex appeal while some women have an average beauty but have that quality that say “You Want Me”. She had both. I opened her car door and took her hand holding it until she was out of the car, as was my norm. We held hands walking into the store. I held the front door for her to enter. This was all not out of character. But, once inside, I took the lead, which was out of character.

With no hesitation, I led her to the counter and said “Two for the theater, please”.

“Ten bucks. She’s free.” The clerk, an old slimy grey haired guy of about 65, said as he took my money and picked up a purple marker and brushed it across both our wrists.

I took her hand and led her to the door to the back, and she came, albeit with a little hesitation. For all the promises to the contrary, I knew that unless it was something that would hurt her, I would not put a stop to things and she would not stop things unless I made her feel it was OK to do so.

She said no one was going to fuck her. She would let them touch her, lick her, she might even give a blow job, but nobody was fucking her. I hoped they tried, and I would silently encourage them, because I knew if they pushed it she would give in.

She was the only female in the place, so she drew a lot of attention. I paraded her from room to room under the pretext of seeing what type of movies were on in each room. But, I knew what was on. Gay movies to the left and straight movies to the right, all with one thing in common. They were not good.

I stopped in the most crowded room where the was a recliner sitting right by the door. I sat down and she sat on my lap. The movie had a pale, slightly overweight, distracted girl being fucked by two men with average size penises.

It was a typical low budget film, and with Heather in the room, nobody was looking at the television.

I started kissing Heather’s neck from behind while pulling her hair to the side. She tilted her head, pressing her face into mine, and my hands touched her waist. It was such a small waist, with a nice shelf of a curve leading to her ass. I just let my hands rest there and massage her waist and hips for a moment. She began to move her ass on my lap, only slightly, in rhythm with my hands.

When I felt she was comfortable with this, and I saw we were being watched intently, I began to move my hands up past her waist to that place where the soft, fatty flesh of breast tissue just begins to rise from the firmer ribcage. The tips of my fingers barely rested on her tits on either side.

I kadıköy escort bayan felt her tense.

I kissed her more passionately, and as I did I let my fingers slowly work around until they had a firm grasp on tit flesh. I slid my hands under her tits and cupped them, lifting them even higher than the Victoria Secret push up bra held them.

She was still tense, but resigned.

More kissing and manipulation of her tits, including some nipple play. Then, deftly and unexpectedly, I unbuttoned one button.

She stiffened noticeable. And as she did, I undid the other.

Her white shirt flew open, revealing the black push up bra beneath, contrasted with her pale skin.

She tried to squeeze her arms together to keep her shirt more or less closed, but as I kissed her I opened it wide for all to see. I slid it until it was just resting at the curve of her shoulders, ready to slide down her arms and off. She expected me to try to take it off, and raised her shoulders to stop the shirt there.

BUT, I KNEW SHE WOULD DO THAT. So, I stopped there on my own, and her move had no effect. I let my hands wander down below her shoulder, and as long as I wasn’t trying to remove her shirt further, I met no resistance. I caressed her stomach, cupped her tits and held them out for all to notice. I kissed her neck and told her I loved her and she was very hot.

But, I was not giving her a chance to respond now. I kept a constant din in her ear.

“You are so hot. All these guys are wanting to see your tits. They want to touch them. How would it feel to have ten pairs of hands touching you everywhere?” I said. And, I kept on, relentlessly pushing her while never giving her a chance to respond. And then, I slid her shirt off before she knew it.

By now, several of the guys had gotten up and moved to stand close to us so they could get a better view. Some had their cocks out, stroking them.

I looked up at a couple of guys that were close to us, and nodded to them it was OK. That was all the encouragement they needed. They both touched her tits and she stiffened. I kept whispering to her and as I did, I undid her bra, letting her tits fall free.

The whole room was surrounding her now, and I kept whispering. Telling her she was hot and beautiful, telling her I loved her, telling her how much they all wanted her, telling her how much I wanted to watch them use her.

I told her to take the cock of the guy who was pushing it toward her face, and start to jerk it off. She obviously didn’t want to, but with encouragement, she did. Once she was stroking it mindlessly, I told her how much I wanted to see them take turns stuffing their cocks in her mouth. I didn’t let her respond, I just kept describing it to her as if it were happening, and then suddenly, she had a cock in her mouth.

And then, all resistance was gone. She was not doing anything enthusiastically, but she was doing it. She was sucking their cocks, letting them lick her pussy and her nipples, fondle her tits, and almost anything they wanted to do.

Except fuck her.

Then, I started to stroke her clit and kept pushing her verbally. Then I started including her being fucked in my story. I had them taking turns fucking her while she sucked dick and they fought over the opportunity to get to her.

She was now lying there like a limp doll in my lap and I lifted up the front of her skirt and nodded for one guy to move in. He put the head of his cock to her pussy, and she didn’t object. She was being fucked, sucking cock, and jerking guys off while letting them touch her anyway they pleased. She was doing it robotically, but she was doing it.

And suddenly, I was no longer whispering stories in her ear, but names. I was telling her how much of a slut she was. She was a cum whore. A dirty nasty slut. And I loved her for it. I wanted her to want to do this anytime I wanted her to because it made me happy.

Mr. First cock pulled out and came on her stomach and was soon followed by another and then another. While they were fucking her, she was sucking cock and swallowing the cum. She had cum all over her tits.

And I kept telling her how much I loved her.

It seemed like it was never going to end, but I knew she must be getting sore and it had to end. So, suddenly, I said that was enough and put my hands over her tits as kind of a stop sign.

It worked. She let me dress her and we walked out to the car wordlessly.

The drive home was quiet. I asked how she liked it, and she lied. She said she liked being a slut for me. I knew she was lying and she knew that I knew she was lying.

I just said good and started making plans for the next time we went there.

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