Bus Fun with Aunty

Big Tits

Bus Fun with AuntyThis happened like 2 yrs before i geuss,and this happened in my noob bus experience time.I’ll first tell about me,Im tall,tan and hv a gud shped body and i am good looking so i hd many girls on me.that day was a day where no ppl was in towns.I have a ride for about an hour to come home after practises and as usual i got on a bus and headed to the back coner seat as it was my fav and it was also covered.Bus was not crowded and aftr 4th raw or something near dat no one was dere at the back except me,evn conductor didn’t came to back he took money from the ppl straightly from front door.i was on ma phone when a middle aged aunty wearing a sexy saree came to ma seat and sat next to me,She had a nice pair of boobs and an ass,i would say she is a milf when looking at her but she was very very sexy any boy would fuck her at any cost,Her belly was not covered and i looked at it several time and evn her boobs were also a little bit opened and she didnt evn tried to make it cuz i was younger thn her and all.i tried my best to enjoy her look i would definitley tried to touch her as a mistake and take fun as i always do but she was a little bit away frm me like not tht much but if i did she would definitily think i did it on purpose imagine the distance like 30cm.While im looking i was on a Borner like hell and suddenly i felt something bit my Dick,i could nt hold it as no one was around me and this aunty güvenilir bahis was looking away i opened my sweats and i tried my best to not take it out cause it was bonned and i itched it,tht itching made ma borner stronger and i felt that she was getting a little bit closer to me and looking at ma dick,i looked carefully i saw her looking at ma dick and i acted like i didnt notice,then i took a little of it and iched like it hurts alot,then i fake panicked tht she was looking and i said im sry somthing bit it,and i put it inside my pants,She said no no drlng its fine,but fr bad luck i did nt put it inside my underwear so my bonner was a little like a tent and i noticed she was looking at it and she itched her belly and even boob i did noticed she likes my dick and wht i did was took it out and i searched fr sometin in my underwear as it was some bug who bit me,and my dick was a bonner,aftr tht i itched it cuz she said oky before and while itching i did jerked unnoticably like 2-3 times,and suddenly she came near to me where my elbow hit on her fucking sexy belly which was fully opened because of her saree,i panicked but she told its oky darlng,then she told me i think something bit it didnt it i said yes and i left my dick opend like dat cuz she was oky with it,and i tried reaching her belly and boobs with my elbow,i always do tht and if the girl is fyn im trying by my hand,luckily she was oky with my elbow güvenilir bahis siteleri touches on her belly she was on a phone call at thtat time so she didnt noticed tht,then i moved fr my hand trick i touched her belly frm my hand really really soflty she would never reallise tht and,after her call i pertended nothing heppend and still my dick is a little bit out on my sweats,i itched again and she asked me drlng is it hurting i told her yes aunty it really is,and then i went fr her belly again and she looked at me an i was scared tht she would hv notiuced it badly and i thought im fucked up,but she smiled and kept her bag aside which she was hugging and she let me go deeper on her belly then i fastly used my hand and touched her belly she looked at me with shock and asked “r u really in hurryy” then i told yes i am i hv never touched somethiung so soft like this and never have seen a perfect body like yours,then she came a little bit closer to me like really close i dnt want to touch her my own she was already in touch of my hnd area,so i touched her and touched her then i grabbed her boobs ad was like ah,then she was looking at my dick and she grabbed it i was on heaven when her soft hands touched it,then i took her as i ws hugging and pressed her boobs more confidently while she was jerking,i kissed her and gave a hickey which she really enjoyed and then i tired to unbutton her then she stopped me iddaa siteleri and said dnt do it drlng if some one came to the back i wont be able to get dressed quickly so lets keep this fr now,then i kissed her again and She strtd giving me a blowjob and trust me it was heaven,woow i really loved it and she used her tongue like wow it was amazing,then i strtd kissing her back while she was showing me heaven,and i touched her belly like crazy it was sweaty and chubby ,i even licked her belly many times,then i noticed im getting down in some time so i told her tht then she got up and said oh drlng im also getting down in some where aftr me near by,so she asked me to finish ASAP and i asked her how can i clean it then,and she told dnt worry drlng i ll clean it,then she kissed me fr da last time and let me kiss her boobs on top and her armpits too,woow it was great,then she started again and this time it was faster and i also touched her boobs again and licking her belly,den i felt tht current and i told her im close and i sprayed my seeds like 4 times and she drank all of it and she evn cleaned my dick with her tongue and i trully was in heaven,and then we both got ready and we exchanged our numbers and she told me she had this fun aftr 5 years because her husband was abroad fr a long time and i kissed her in cheeks and told dnt worry drlng ill be there fr u,then she told me to text aftr going home and we seperated and i got down…thts was one of my best days in life and i would write my other experiences and wht happend aftr this considering ur comments guys,this is my first story this will look like a mess so im sry and ill try better next time thnk u..

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