Subject: Brother Joe This is a fictional story is of a younger brother getting what he has always wanted from his older brother Brother Joe Since I was a kid I had lusted after my brother Joe. He was good looking and had a big cock that he always seemed to be displaying round the house. He always paraded in those skimpy underwear that left little to the imagination. He was my senior by about 9 years. And when I realized that I was gay at 8 years of age he was 17 and was dating girls. Our parents house was big and we had rooms on the southern end of it, his was next to mine. I would always stay up late when he had dates to see if he came home drunk. He would usually jerk himself off at night if the date didn’t go well. I would hear him moan lightly as he stroked on his dick.. I would on occasion creep from my room and look through the slightly ajar door to see him jerking himself under the blanket, his hand flailing under the covers. When he was really drunk he would pass out on his bed a lot still fully clothed or just in his underwear. One night I was as bold as can be. He had come home and passed out on the bed in his underwear, only the bedside lamp on. I crept into his room and watched him sleeping for a while. He was already 21 by then and I was 13, starting the old puberty fazes. So I was always horny. I would lay in my bed at night and jerk myself to orgasm. Well anyways that one night I had to get close to him. I looked at the big lump of his cock in his briefs. His legs were spread and he had a hand on his leg. I got down next to his bed and looked at his bulge. I wanted it more than anything in the world at that moment. I drew up the courage as I moved in closer to him. I lend over the bed and was just inches from his big crotch. I could see the lump of his cock on the left leg. Then I looked between his legs and saw the lump of his big balls. I never knew he had big nuts until then. The lump was very impressive. I got up more of my nerve after seeing that. I lifted my hand and slowly placed it in his large lump. The minute I touched the soft material and felt his flaccid cock I had to have more. That big cock felt wonderful under my hand. I could feel the heat of his body rising from his crotch. I gently rubbed his cock up and down. The sensation as his cock began to twitch from what I was doing was also getting to me. My cock was rock hard by now. I could feel it uncomfortable between my legs. So I got on my knees to lessen the strain. I slipped as I did and I fell over. My hand fell between his legs and my face just centimeters from his thigh. I froze, afraid I might have woken him. But he was snoring like a bull horn. That’s when I found that he slept like a stone. I was so close to his crotch now. I stayed in that position şişli travesti for a few more seconds. I turned slightly so I was staring right at his crotch, one hand between his legs, the other at his side. I could smell his crotch now as I was so close to it. I looked at the large balls below his cock. My hand went to the mound where they lay. There was heat emanating from the. I gently squeezed. I looked up to see his cock throb in his briefs. And noticed the lump was bigger than before. I moved my hand to the shaft and rubbed it as well. It was getting harder by the second. I had to have it now as I felt wetness in between my legs. I gripped his shaft under the material and squeezed it harder. it started to bloat in my hand. That was all my cock could stand. My body began to shake and I blew in my shorts. I had to remove my hand as I collapsed on the floor in spasm. I crawled from the room to clean myself up. Weeks later he came home in a mood at 2 am. The girl he went out with would not put out. I could here him cursing her name in his room. Then it got quite after a short while. I crept from my room to the crack in his door again. He was looking at a porn magazine and stroking his big cock, he didn’t even have the covers on. I watch in awe as his big cock moved in his hand. He had a thick uncut head on it, and I could see the clear precum at the tip. It dripped down his shaft as he pulled on his cock. Then he put the tip of his finger to the head of his dick and pulled a gooey trail off and I saw him actually press it to his mouth and suck. I grabbed my already hard dick in hand. Then he resumed his jerking off. I watched as his cock grew to a fat meat stick. He started to breath heavy as he continued to stroke his growing cock. I had taken my own dick out and was furiously pumping myself. I watched his big dick flailing in his hand as he wanked himself. He moaned lightly as he jerked his big cock. Then as he accelerated and it looked like he might blow, he got up off the bed. I rushed into my room and threw myself on the bed. He passed my room and finished his business in the bathroom. He came back out moments later and stopped at my door. “Hey bro are you awake?” I feigned sleep as to not arouse suspicion. He turned off my light and went to bed. I turned around when he was gone, and jerked my self off to satisfy my desire. It was no more than two days later that he came home stumbling in at nearly three am. He accidentally opened my door as he came in. “Ooooh shhiit” He said wrong room. I looked down at his jeans and there was a large lump in them. He instinctively groped himself as he headed to his room. Obviously didn’t get laid again. I thought to myself. I became instantly horny. I started to stroke my dick as I waited to see beylikdüzü travesti when he would go to sleep. I heard a thump and a sigh as he must have fallen on the bed. I got up slowly and headed towards the room. His door was wide open and the overhead light was on. I peered in to see him out on the edge of the bed his legs were hangin of to the floor and his jeans were at his ankles. I walked in slowly and turned off the overhead. Reached for the bed side lamp and turned it on. The soft light cascaded over his body. I looked between his legs at the huge lump in his briefs. He was wearing skimpy leopard print underwear that were struggling to contain his big cock. The tip of his cock was pulling at the waistband and his big balls were doing the same below. I got down on my knees and crawled between his legs again. I reached for his huge pouch and placed my shaking hand on it. his cock throbbed under my hand, and it was fairly hard already. I rubbed at his bulging basket and felt his cock getting harder. I tried to move in closer but his jeans on the floor got in my way. So I decided to help him out of them. I lifted his leg and pulled the jeans off, then the other leg. I stopped as he grumbled and started to snore. I was able to push his legs further apart. And stared down at the junction of them where his balls hung low. I crawled between his legs again and was able to get in close now. I placed my hand over the confined nuts. There was such an intense heat coming off them, that my cock twitched in my shorts. The large orbs seemingly filled my hand. I rubbed at them and they shifted in there sacks. My cock was rock hard now as I had to try and get his balls in my mouth. I leant down and came closer to his huge pouch. I could smell his strong crotch as I came in closer. The man scent blazing in my nose as I closed the gap. I buried my face into his confined balls. His smell wafting up my nose driving me insane. I ground my face into his crotch drinking in his smell. I was already tugging on my dick madly as I opened my mouth to take the encased balls in. I rolled them in my mouth through the underwear. I hadn’t noticed that his cock head started to protrude from the small briefs until I looked up. I gazed at the thick semi covered head. There was a trickle of precum at the tip. I moved from his balls to his cock. I licked along the length through his shorts. When I reach the tip my tongue gently trailed over the head. I tasted his liquer and became hungrier than I had ever been. I gripped his balls and gently tugged down his head and several inches of cock came into view. It was very thick and the head was still covered. I grabbed the shaft and picked it up. It was hard and throbbed in my hand. I had to suck on it really bad. So I placed istanbul travesti my hungry mouth over the tip and licked his cock head. The precum was delicious. I began to slide down his shaft. The thickness was wonderful. I could feel his veins along the shaft along my tongue and mouth. I had taken about half his fat cock down when I felt his hand on my head. I froze in fear as I felt him rub my head and start to moan lightly. “Mmmmnn Yeah” I heard. “No don’t stop. Feels real good man” I pulled off his cock and looked up to see him look down at me. “Keep goin man. Your mouth feels nice on my dick.” He continued. “It’s okay. Go on” I reluctantly returned to sucking his big cock. he rubbed my hair as I slid down his shaft again. My tongue glided over it gently as to pleasure him as best I could. I grabbed at his balls again and pulled on them gently. His cock throbbed in my mouth as I did so. “Aaaawwweee, yes. Pull on my nuts man. Milk em'” I pulled his cock from my mouth and pulled down his shorts. His balls fell between his thighs seemingly in slow motion as I watched them intently. They were beautiful. I reached for them and asked if I could suck on them. “Yeah go ahead. Chew on my balls” I opened my mouth as I slid one of those glorious orbs into it. The feeling of that big hairy nut in my mouth was awesome. My cock raged in my hand as I slobbered over his fat nut. “Yyyeeaahh. Shit that’s hot. Chew on it man. Eat my fuckin balls good.” He cried out I loved his fat balls so much I didn’t want to stop chewing on them ever. I moved from one to the other for several minutes. I watched as he jerked his fat cock madly as I drooled over his balls. “Come on and finish sucking my dick” He commanded I let his balls from my mouth. They came out with a pop and crawled back up to suck his dick some more. I slid down half his cock again and played with his now wet nuts. Gently I kneaded his balls as I sucked his big cock. he kept groaning his delight at my wonderful job at sucking his big club. “You’re a great cock sucker bro. I knew you would be” So he apparently knew I was gay all this time. Well my desires kicked into high gear now and I sucked more wantonly now. I tugged hard on his balls by accident from my rush of lust and he squealed. He grabbed my head and thrust hard into my unsuspecting throat. I gagged as Joe crammed every fat inch down my throat. I had to fight off his grip to stop from suffocating as I desperately tried to get air. I was able to gasp for a quick breath as he released his hold on me. But that didn’t last because as I did my teeth raked along the flanks of his cock. the sensation was too much for him as he again grabbed my head and crammed his cock back into my throat. “Ffuuukkk” he shrieked. “I’m cumming” My hand instinctively pulled at his balls and I could feel his cum racing from them and through his engorged shaft. He blew the contents of his balls into my mouth and throat, he convulsed madly as he came in my mouth. When he was done he told me to get “My fag ass out of his room.”

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