Subject: British Soap Family Rituals – Chapter 3 British Soap Family Rituals Disclaimer: this story is fantasy and implies nothing about the characters or actors who play them. This story also contains incest themes. Chapter 3: EastEnders, The Mitchells “Fuck…” Jay gasped. “Jack, you’re gonna have to fuck me, cos I can’t take no more, I need that cock deep in me” he begged. Jack removed his fingers and sucked them hard, tasting the inside of Jay’s shiny cunt which now waited very slightly gaped, ready to take a hard, long fuck. “My pleasure”, Jack stated as he rubbed some lube on his enormous weapon and lined himself up. As Phil continued to slurp on Ben’s meaty ass, he spotted out of the corner of his eye Jack sliding his rigid cock into Jay’s ginger pussy and tugged on his own tool at the erotic sight. Jay gasped and sighed out loud as he felt himself impaled by Jack’s long schlong. His arse was spread wide and Jack grunted as he bottomed out in Jay’s velvety chute and felt his balls rest against the young man’s firm smooth taint. “Fuck that feels fantastic” he muttered into Jay’s ear as he leaned forward and began to thrust in perfect rhythm. His hips slammed back and forth as he stared down at his uncut bare cock slipping in and out, Jay’s pussy lips clinging to its length with a tight grip. “Oh god, rattle me! Fucking breed me!” Jay panted. He began to tug his own cock to increase the sensation but his hand was batted away by Jack who did want any premature cumming – not on his watch. The two of them fucked like a well-oiled machine, Jack nibbling on Jay’s ears and neck as he pummelled his hole. Both men had wanted this for years but it hadn’t materialised… now it had, they knew it had to happen again. The warmth of Jay’s man-pussy against his dick was like nothing Jack had felt before. Suddenly, Jack felt a pair of large hands on his thrusting, muscled arse and warm breath on the back mersin escort of his neck. “I’ve been watching that bum for the last few minutes and I’ve decided I need it” a deep voice whispered. Jack turned around and saw Grant Mitchell grinning back at him. “Be my guest mate” Jack smiled back, as Grant leaned into him and they shared a sloppy open-mouthed kiss. Grant held out a bottle of poppers and Jack took a deep hit. While Jay and Jack had taken their sex to the next level, Stuart had cum fiercely up Grant’s experienced hole and was recovering on the sofa, enjoying Phil suckling on his softening penis. Phil loved to taste his brother’s arse on other men. Meanwhile, Ben had stopped taking Callum’s cock down his throat and Callum had easily replaced one hole with another – Phil’s tongue had got it wet enough so he could slide his bone right in and set about breeding his husband’s cunt. Back at the dining table, Grant was on his knees with his face between Jack’s firm, tanned cheeks. Grant lapped at the slightly hairy hole and tasted fresh sweat from the fucking Jack was giving Jay. Jack moaned into Jay’s mouth and, as they flicked each other’s tongues, Grant used his own to massage Jack’s puckered pussy. The three men relished in each other’s manly scents and tastes, with Jay delirious as his prostate was rubbed with every battering from Jack’s weapon. As Ben lay back, spread eagle and happily taking a ploughing from Callum’s familiar dick, Phil had moved himself to between the two married men to lick at Callum’s slick cock and Ben’s stretched ring as the sex carried on. Phil would momentarily suck Callum’s smooth balls into his mouth for a short while, before releasing them to return to slurping at the entrance to his son’s love tunnel. Stuart lay back and watched his brother in action, admiring Callum’s firm arse and toned body as he made passionate love to his husband. Maybe he could escort mersin get closer to both of them in the near future? Things were heading towards an explosive climax between the remaining three men, with Grant now poised to slip his thick head into Jack’s exposed anus. Jay was whimpering with his head on the table, back arched, as he took that huge love-stick. Jack had one leg on the table, spreading his backside, as Grant removed two fingers from inside him and replaced them with the first two inches of his cock. Jack grunted and intensified his speed, meaning his arse slipped backwards and forwards on Grant’s wide dick, engulfing it within seconds. The three men fucked in unison for the next six minutes, biting and licking and sucking each other’s bodies as they enjoyed the feeling of their pussies and cocks getting to know each other better. First to cum was Jay – Jack had allowed him to touch his cock again and within thirty seconds of furious jerking, his smooth foreskin slipping over the precum-soaked head, Jay orgasmed loudly and intensely all over the table. This put Jack on the home straight, and within the next minute, the sensation of Jay’s pussy tightening around his cock and his arse being filled by Grant caused him to flood Jay’s cunt with a massive load of hot white daddy seed. The two men stayed connected, Jack collapsing on top of Jay, while Grant enjoyed stretching the muscle hole that clung to his dick, and it didn’t take long for Grant to yell out in ecstasy as he shot deep inside Jack’s hole. This action caused Callum and Ben to climax, the intense smell and sound of sex making Callum spunk a large volume of man-juice inside Ben’s well-used bussy. Ben jerked himself lazily and let out a smiling gasp as he shot his wad across his own chest and stomach. Callum pulled out with a loud pop and his cock was immediately enveloped by Phil’s eager mouth who couldn’t wait to get mersin escort bayan that cocktail of his son-in-law’s cum and his son’s arse juices. Ben’s cunt dripped and quivered in post-orgasmic bliss, as did Jay and Jack’s over the other side of the room. Jack and Jay lay on the table, smooching like lovestruck teenagers with a finger up each other’s hole, as Grant made his way across the room and knelt down eagerly before Ben’s spread bum. Ben signed as his uncle happily lapped at his cummy hole. Ben’s arse had been one of Grant’s favourite things in the world since Ben was 16, it was like nectar to him. Callum’s tasty cum made it even more delicious. A few minutes passed before Phil removed his mouth from Callum’s cock and barked his final orders. “I’m gonna cum, get yourselves over here”. Stuart followed the lead of the other men who all quickly knelt on the floor in a tight semi-circle with Phil towering before them. The oldest Mitchell tugged on his now reddening cock, ready for his final climax of the evening and the end of the ritual. The men knelt with their tongues out, while Grant reached out and tickled his brother’s large hairy bollocks. “Fucking take my spunk!” Phil bellowed as he shot four ropes of cum across the eager faces in front of him. Some landed on Ben’s tongue and he swallowed the seed that created him. A splatter hit Jay’s cheek, and Jack took some to his nose. Grant licked a glob off his lip and Callum and Stuart both took a rope across their chins. The men all turned to each other and made sure they cleaned each other’s faces with their tongues. Callum and Stuart kissed for the first time tenderly. As Phil stood panting, he proudly surveyed the scene before him, knowing another successful birthday ritual was under his belt. “Nice one lads – here’s to next year!” he cheered. The men grabbed themselves a beer and chatted merrily into the night, already thinking about how they would continue the fun next time. THE END. Thanks for reading, please email your feedback and suggestions to the address at the top of the chapter. Let me know which soap and which family you might want to see featured next in the series.

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