Brazilian Sugaring

Big Tits

First time writing a story in English so I apologize my mistakes I might do in my writings. ­čÖé


I’m man about 30 years old and living in Finland. I’m not a very tall or big guy in any way. I’m kind of a handsome guy with eyes that all women adore, although I do work out a lot and I’m quite tight. One thing I have to tell you about myself to get the story going is, I’m quite hairy.

I have tried a few methods to get rid of the hair between my legs. It’s not an easy thing to do by yourself. Cutting them with a razor makes them grow back again with a stubble and that doesn’t feel nice. I would like to get rid of them mainly because it would be more hygienic. Maybe I also had some other motivations for doing this… ­čśë

Then I read from the internet about sugaring. They said it’s a good way to get rid of the body hair. It’s a longer lasting and less painful than waxing. Next I started to browse local cosmetologist who would do this. Some of them advertised they do sugaring and even Brazilians, but they were always adding that it was only for women. There were a few ads that didn’t say anything about Brazilian or that it was only for women. The only ad I found which was pointed directly to services for men was in larger city, a couple of hundreds of kilometers away.

I decided I would first try to email the locals that did not say directly not for the men. I wrote polite emails which I sent to a few cosmetologists. All of them didn’t even answer and some of them wrote back that it’s not what they do. No positive answer. Damn. I had to think up something else.

One day I was walking in my city to get an haircut. I hadn’t called for a appointment, so I had to find someone who does the cutting just walking in. I found a little salon that had no clients inside. I decided to walk in. Politely, I asked if they had time for my haircut. A cleaning woman said they were closing for the day, but would I like to make appointment for the next day. I wondered that maybe that’s better idea when the another lady came from the back and looked at me from head to toe. She said she could cut my hair. She didn’t say anything more, so I started taking my jacket off. She pointed for me to sit in the big barbers chair. I was sitting in the chair when she put an apron on me. It was made from dark brown rubber. It had a tight piece that went around my neck. The other employee left as my cutting was starting.

The chair was reclined like a dentist chair and she adjusted my head to the sink. She started to wash my hair. I was like in heaven. It felt so nice when her fingers palpated and massaged my head. The chair started to vibrate and massage my back. I hoped the hair washing would not end very quick.

I don’t know if she noticed my enjoyment of the hair washing, but she didn’t stop the washing. She decided my head needed an oil treatment as well. She pushed some button and the chair ba┼čak┼čehir escort started rubbing my legs. I had a strange feeling when simultaneously, she looked directly into my eyes. She donned pair of rubber gloves which she let snap on. The chairs massaging lumps started to do a job under my ass. They started with a little movement, then after a short time they increased with intensity. Some lumps did their job like they were trying to slipping over my buttocks, while other ones trying to invade to my crack. This felt odd at first but nice after a little time. At the same time, the lady was rubbing my head with oil.

After oiling my head, she put on my head a rubber hat. The oil would do the work under the hat, while in the meantime she would cut my beard. I had not ordered that! But she wasn’t asking me. She moved the sink away and pulled head rest open from the chair. Then she massaged my face with some shaving cream. Her fingers touched my lips and went even little inside my mouth. This was also kind of a odd but she did all so smoothly that I just laid there. Then she took a knife and cut my beard. And after that massaged my face with some oil. Taking her time and again parting a little my lips with her fingers. Then she washed the oil from my hair and started to cut.

The chair was now in sitting position. I thought the massaging would end but it didn’t. I felt some turning on. She acted that she didn’t notice anything. She just cut my hair without asking what kind of I cut I would like to have. I just sat there very confused. She started to come very near me. First her breast rubbed against my shoulder and neck, then I felt her pressing her labia against my arm, moving a bit at the same time. I looked at her perfect ass from the mirror. It was well figured and in tight black leather pants.

She noticed me looking. She just smiled and kept on. After a while my hair cut was finished. I stood up and my ass felt very rubbed but relaxed. We went to paying area where I noticed from their price list, they did also cosmetologists treatments which also included sugarings with the Brazilian style. She noticed I was lookig the price list and asked if there was something that I was interested in. I managed to mumble something about Brazilian. She just said okay and ordered me to go to the room in the back of the salon.

I went to the room and heard her locking the front door. I looked around and there was big chair in the middle of the room that looked like a dentist’s chair. Looking around, I saw the walls were covered with cabinets. She came in and ordered me to strip naked. I took my pants off and exposed my genitals. She ordered me to take rest of the clothes too. I wondered why because I was only a Brazilian. I took everything off because I didn’t want to upset her. She then told me to sit in the chair. She reclined it to a semi sitting position. The chair also had a leg rest. She spread kad─▒k├Ây escort my legs; I found myself laying in very exposed position. My ass was now in the air and legs parted and twisted towards my chest from the knees.

I said, I would like to have the hair from the ass crack removed. Everything else could stay. She told me it would look better if she also did the balls and leave only a little of hair above the penis. She started her work, lifting my balls, twisting my penis and parting my ass cheeks. It was painful which she noticed. She went to one of the cabinets, took something down, then walked back over to stand next to my head. I was told to open my mouth. “I’m going to put something in your mouth to prevent you from biting your tongue, she said. It was some kind of a gag that went in my mouth. It was made from rubber. It was soft but filled my mouth so that I could only drool. It also had a strap that went round my head, keeping it in my mouth.

What was happening? Everything had been odd in this place, but this was breaking some limits again. She started the sugaring again. This time doing my balls. It hurt like hell. I was biting the gag. She said that I have strong hair there and the first time is hard because of it. Later on it would be nicer. I saw from her smile that she enjoyed every minute of my torture.

Finally the torture was over. She then told me she would put some cream to my skin for healing. She put on a new pair of black gloves, then scooped up a big lump of cream with her hand. She then started to massage the cream into my perineum, balls, the crack of my ass; she even grabbed my penis few times. She applied cream to my ass very thoroughly, taking her time. Suddenly her finger went in my anus and came out. It was so fast and smooth a movement with her well lubricated finger that I just wondered what had just happened. Was I dreaming or something? She went about taking off her gloves like nothing would have happened.

She asked if I felt okay or did I think I would need extra cream applied after the first round of the cream had been absorbed. I still had the gag in my mouth. I tried to say around the gag that I wanted more. Then she came near my head and I thought that she would remove the gag. But I was wrong. She just placed a blindfold over my eyes, saying it would help me to relax after the painful operations and focus on her massage.

I heard her donning gloves again. Some jars were opened and I felt some cool cream on my perineum. She started to massage it all over, but this time a little bit firmer, while grabbing my balls and penis tight. This situation hadn’t been in my control in a long time, but now it was even less if possible. My penis stood up when she handled it and my breathing got strong. She started massaging my ass by going over my ass hole several times. With a little bit of pushing, the finger sometimes felt esenyurt escort bayan like it would almost go in. She started circulating her finger around the hole. Suddenly it went in. This time she pushed it in slowly and left it in until her knuckle rearched my perineum. She then made a few in and out movements, then suddenly she made the in movement with two fingers and after that with three. After adapting to this she went on finger fucking me fast. I was close to cumming while she was simultaneously massaging my penis. Then she stopped. I heard her walking away. Same paper tearing sounds came to my e, like a condom would have made when it was removed from it’s wraps. I then heard a sound like zipper opening and sounds like clothes taking off.

Steps came back between my legs. I felt something blunt against my anus; it was forcing in little by little! It was simultaneously hard and soft. I thought it could be a silicon dildo. The blunt head forced itself in and after that came the whole thing in my ass like a never ending pole. Then I felt her pelvis. It was against my ass.?Strap on!? I screamed loud in my head. She then took hold of my pelvis and started little movement. Little by little the movement came longer and faster. She took her time fucking me nicely and enjoying herself, from time to time grabbing my penis, not letting me come. Then the fucking went wild and fast. She forgot about my penis and just fucked. I sensed from her movement and and breathing she would come soon. But how she is getting herself so wild just fucking me with a strapon? Then I felt something in me, like the dildo had grown even bigger and then started pulsating. It pulsated a long time and she laid herself on me like after running a marathon. The dildo began shrinking in my ass. She then stood up and took it off. What had just happened? Is she a transsexual and I have just fucked with real cock?

I had little time to think that. I felt fingers again in my ass and another hand grabbing my penis. Fingers found my prostate and massaged it slowly. The other hand was slowly moving around my penis. I was in heaven. I felt something huge building up in me. My cock felt bigger than ever. She must had four or five fingers in my ass; I’m almost I virgin before this! Then the orgasm comes. It’s so huge that I feel like losing consciousness. The sperm flew up to my own face. After that I just laid there.

After a while she came to clean me. Then she took the gag and blindfold off and asked me if I was now relaxed. She had put her clothes on and looked like nothing had happened. The only new thing I notice now, is it looks like she has a little lump in her leather pants where the pussy is supposed to be. I stand up and put my clothes on. We went back to the paying area. I pay and she offers a new appointment in four weeks. That would be a good time to come again for my hair and “hair” she says smiling. I took the appointment and walked outside. I’m relaxed and my ass is sore. Am I that nuts to be going there again?


I would gladly have comments to this. It was my first. Hope that it wasn’t too long. The building up the story is important to me when I fantasize. ­čśë

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