Boytoy Ch. 03


Having had my world turned completely upside down my life settled into a new pattern. I recognised that I was a cock hungry slut who needed to suck and fuck as often as possible, I needed to be used as a sextoy by men, men who weren’t afraid to fuck me until I could take no more. To this end I would get away to meet Duncan and his associates as often as I possibly could. Duncan, Larry and the others would fuck me almost senseless before dragging me off to parties or strange bars to be used as a fucktoy by men I had never seen before; or they would pimp me down the docks, making a healthy profit from the pleasure my lean, young body provided for their clients (on one unforgettable night I was fucked orally and anally by the nine crewmen of a local trawler, bent over a stack of fish crates I was fucked almost unconscious).

When I couldn’t get away to meet Duncan I took to hanging around the local park and the public toilets, loitering, hoping some stranger would want me to suck his throbbing dick or he would fuck my brains out. On one occasion I was a bit too obvious with my loitering.

It was late summer and the weather was still warm, I was wearing only a tight T-shirt, cut off denim shorts, and trainers. I had worn shorts that were deliberately too small and they were almost indecent. Under the shorts I was wearing a pair of high cut white silk women’s panties. I had been lurking near the public toilets for some time hoping for a likely fuck, but there seemed to be hardly anyone about. I stood in the shade of a nearby tree watching the entrance to the toilets, my hand resting lightly on my crotch, my mind filled with erotic daydreams of some man’s prick thrusting powerfully into my pert arse.

“Well what have we got here Pete, he hasn’t moved in almost an hour!”

I spun at the unexpected voice, almost falling in the process.

“Maybe he’s here for a spot of queerbashing, try and prove how hard he is to his mates?”

“Or maybe he’s the other way inclined and he’s here looking for some action? Either way…”

There were two tall men in white shirts behind me, for a second I couldn’t make out any details, then I recognised the uniforms, Police! I panicked kaçak iddaa fearing that they would somehow expose me for what I was.

“I’m sorry officers I was just leaving…” I managed to stammer out and turned to go.

“Yes I think we better take you down the road young sir”

My heart sank.

We went over to the police Land Rover which I hadn’t even heard approach and set off to meet my doom.

We drove about 6 miles and arrived at the local police station, it was a small building with just a reception desk, kitchen, toilets and three available holding cells, rarely used as the Area Headquarters was only a further 15 miles away. The older officer who was apparently a sergeant got out first and unlocked the door to the station (it was generally left unmanned at most times and was generally just a stop off point for officers doing their rural beat).

The sergeant went inside, then shouted out “No one else in Pete bring him in will you!”

The younger officer, Pete, pulled me out of the car and led me into the station, then into a small interview room which normally doubled as a storeroom it seemed.

“Stand over there will you lad” he pointed towards the far wall. As I turned to face them I was forced to squint as the setting sun was beaming through a small window directly into my face.

They sat down behind the table, Pete was tall 6’4” maybe but very lean and wiry, the sergeant on the other hand was bout 6′ but had a much heavier build, he was in his late forties, slightly overweight but still powerfully muscled. “So why don’t you tell us in your own words why you were there son. and bear in mind that soliciting a very serious offence.”

My mouth gaped open at those words “No you’ve got it all wrong, I wan…”

“Bollocks, ye were looking for a shag you wee fag!” this came from Pete, who started to rise from behind the table. My mind was in turmoil, I had no idea if they could seriously charge me with an offence but I was most assuredly terrified at that point.

“Permission to search the prisoner sir?”

“On what grounds?”

“Suspicion of concealed drugs sir!”

“Very well, go ahead”

I just blinked in surprise at that kaçak bahis and Pete began to approach me.

“Turn and face the wall, legs apart, hands against the wall.”

I turned and leaned forward, moving my feet apart, almost in tears at this point.

“Remove your shoes lad”, dazedly I obeyed the instructions, then resumed the position. Then I felt Pete’s hands on my arms as he began to pat me down, under my arms, down my torso back and front. He tugged my T-shirt free from my shorts, I hardly noticed. Then he checked the waistband and legs of my shorts, suddenly he yanked them down to my ankles, I gasped, a secret exposed.

“Aye looks like soliciting all right lad” I heard the sergeant say, I tried to protest but my mind had gone blank.

“Put the cuffs on him will you Pete?”

“Yes sir.”

My left wrist was jerked behind my back, my right soon followed, encircled by the cold steel of the cuffs and then I felt it! That sensation I loved, I could feel Pete’s iron hard cock rubbing against the top of my silk clad buttocks, it was unmistakable, this cop wanted to fuck me.

As Pete turned me to face the table I took the opportunity to grind my arse back into his already hard cock. It twitched in his pants but otherwise he did not acknowledge me.

“Ready for an internal inspection sergeant!” I was pushed hard against the table, as the tops of my thighs met the steel table the sergeant, now on his feet, grabbed my shoulder and pulled my torso flat to the surface. My feet were kicked apart and I felt Pete tying my ankles to the table legs with plastic ties. the sergeant continued to hold me down. My body was now tingling with anticipation, a feeling which heightened unbearably as I felt Brian’s hand grasp my silk knickers and the rip them from me! My attention was the caught by the sound of zipper being teasingly slowly opened. I looked towards the sergeant as he pulled out his rapidly stiffening length.

“Okay Pete, entrance exam first” I heard an acknowledgement and then something hard prodded my arse, this was no dick! The filthy bastard was going to shove his truncheon up my butthole. My dick sprang fully erect and I could not help but moan aloud as illegal bahis at least 9” of cold, smooth, hard wood was twisted up into my butt.

The sergeant kept holding me down as the beautiful hard baton was pulled from my arse and then pumped back in. I groaned in delight as the waves of pleasure overran me, I was practically drowning in erotic sensation.

“Time for an oral examination I think lad” I dimly heard this before something slapped against cheek, I opened my eyes to see a beautiful fat cockhead trailing down to rest against my bottom lip. I flicked my tongue out to taste the clear liquid seeping from the tip. The sergeant moaned then pushed his incredibly thick prick forward far more purposefully, the head pushed past my lips and I began to suck on it as if it contained nectar from the gods.

The truncheon was withdrawn and soon I experienced the sensation I now lived for, a long, hot cock was being humped into my freshly buggered arsehole. The two cops began to develop a rhythm pounding into me harder and harder, I was unable to even moan, the sergeants fat dick had completely filled my gobbling slut mouth to the limit.

They worked me over for hours in seeming silence, changing places several times, allowing me to taste and smell my own arse on their slimy cocks, if they tired at all, I was filled by another rock hard truncheon twisting in my butt, ramming in and out. All the while they were careful to never let me come once, no matter how much I started to beg and plead. The pressure on my balls was delightful agony, made more intense by the bootlace wrapped tight around my cockshaft and bollocks, lifting and separating the two gems.

Again and again they screwed me to the brink, hard and fast, long and slow, eventually they upped the tempo savagely thundering into me, grunting like animals as the emptied their delightful cream into me, and then with one sharp tug on the lace, Pete released my cock from it’s agonising trap and spunk sprayed across the floor. I wailed in ecstasy as the most incredible orgasm I had ever experienced swept through me, I was swept up to a completely new level. I came for what seemed an eternity.

I was released and taken home but I have managed to be arrested on three other occasions since then, once being used by a drunk in the cells, before being gangfucked by Pete, the sergeant and two other officers for over four hours.

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