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Subject: Boys by the Sea: Chapter 8-Part 1 Boys by the Sea: Chapter Eight-Part One Hello everyone! If you’re loving all of the fun and sexy content on Nifty, please show your support by donating to the fty/ This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to incidents or people alive or dead is purely coincidental. This story contains depictions of intergenerational family members engaging in sex. If you are a minor or you are offended by material such as this, please refrain from reading any further. *************** Throwing the large bag of soccer balls into the back of his Jeep, Troy hurriedly walked back into the house to round up Brody for their road trip to Miami for his weekend soccer tournament. Though Troy was disappointed that Ben no longer had an interest in soccer and quit the team so that he could take ballet classes, he wanted to be supportive of his boys, no matter what interest they had. Seeing Brody playing with his soccer ball in the backyard, Troy opened the sliding door, calling out to him. “Brody, c’mon son it’s time to go!” Closing the sliding door, Troy heard music coming from the bathroom. Realizing his other son, Ben was inside, he knocked on the door. “Benny, Brody and I are heading out now! Your uncle should be home soon!” Not convinced that his son heard him, Troy opened the bathroom door, surprised by what he saw. Standing in front of the mirror wearing a blue dress and pink low strappy sandal heels, was Ben. He was applying makeup to his face. Turning towards his father, Ben smiled. “Hi daddy! What do you think?” Troy was flabbergasted. Not long ago, Ben had asked him if he could have some dresses. Not feeling totally comfortable with his son’s request, he agreed to buy him some, but only if he promised to wear them at home. Stunned, he stared at Ben, wondering where the makeup had come from. “Uhhh, you look nice, son. Umm, where did you get all that makeup?” Asked Troy. Ben smiled brightly, “Uncle Dean bought it for me!” Troy turned his head when he noticed his brother walk through the front door. “Hey family!” Dean walked in to the house carrying a bag of snacks. He immediately noticed the perturbed look on his brother’s face, “What happened?” Just at that moment, Ben walked out of the bathroom. Twirling, he immediately caught his uncle’s eye as Dean whistled at him. “Look at you, gorgeous!” Said Dean, smiling at Ben. Ben blushed. Coming in from the back yard, Brody saw his brother. “Damn, you look hot, Benny!” Ben smiled at his brother as Brody walked over to him, giving him a kiss on his cheek as he held his hand. “Alright, Brody say goodbye to Dean and get in the Jeep. Ben, would you give me a few minutes alone with your uncle?” Brody playfully boxed with his uncle before kissing his cheek and stealing the bag of snacks. Ben went into his room, leaving the door ajar. “What’s up?” Dean asked Troy. “Why didn’t you tell me you bought him that stuff?” Troy said quietly. “What? The makeup? I didn’t think it was a big deal. You know how he likes girl things. Besides, it’s just a little face paint.” Dean shrugged his shoulders at his brother. “A little? He looks like a drunk drag queen or something!” Troy’s eyes got big. Dean couldn’t help but chuckle. “He’s probably still trying to figure out how to put it on. I’ll show him some YouTube tutorials.” Troy shot his brother a look. “You’re not funny.” Dean looked at his brother, inquisitively. “Why are you gettin so worked up about this?” Troy shrugged, “I just don’t want anyone picking on him for being different.” Dean thought back to when he and Troy were growing up in their old neighborhood. He often had to istanbul travesti defend his little brother from being bullied due to him being a smart, sensitive, and introverted kid. Dean had a feeling that was why he was reacting so strongly. “Anyway, we can talk about this later. We gotta get goin. Make sure you two are on the road early tomorrow so that you make it on time for Brody’s game, alright?” Said Troy. Dean stood at attention, saluting his brother like a soldier. “Smart ass.” Troy slapped Dean on the butt as he walked out the door. After his brother left, Dean walked over to Ben’s room and lightly knocked on the door. “Benny?” Not hearing a response, he entered his room. Sitting on the edge of his bed sat Ben, quietly crying. “Awe baby, what’s wrong?” Dean sat down next to his nephew, gently rubbing his back. “Does dad hate me?” “No! Your dad would never hate you. Why would you think that?” “Cause he doesn’t like my dresses, or my makeup. And he didn’t even say goodbye.” Dean suddenly realized his brother had left forgetting to say goodbye to his son. Wanting to comfort his nephew, he reached for an explanation. “He was just in a hurry, sweetheart. That’s all. I’m sure of it.” Dean wiped the tears away from Ben’s face with his t-shirt, smearing his makeup. In an effort to comfort his nephew, Dean thought of an idea. “Tell you what, why don’t we watch one of those makeup tutorials on YouTube. Then I can help you redo your makeup. Whatta ya think?” Ben perked up, smiling at his uncle as Dean reached over, hugging him tightly. About an hour later, Dean handed Ben a mirror. After watching a makeup tutorial, he had been able to make his nephew look like a model. “Wow! I look really good, uncle Dean!” Ben said, excitedly. “Not bad for a beginner, right? Guess all those painting classes in the pen weren’t for nothin.” Dean looked at his nephew, admiring his work. “Alright kid, I gotta jump in the shower. I still smell like the diner.” Dean kissed Ben before heading to the bathroom. About fifteen minutes later, Dean returned to his nephew’s room with a towel wrapped around his waist. Leaning against the doorframe, he watched closely as Ben took off his dress. Seeing the faint line of his butt crack through the fabric, Dean couldn’t help but feel turned on by the sight of his nephew standing in his heels, wearing a pair of see through red lace panties. “You look real pretty, baby.” Said Dean. Ben was mildly surprised when he saw his uncle. “I do?” He asked. “Yeah, you do.” Dean walked over to sit on the edge of the bed. Pulling Ben close, he slowly began to pepper his upper chest and neck with kisses as he moved his hands up and down his body. Caressing his nephews soft skin, he moved his mouth down on Ben’s chest. Ever so gently, he began to kiss and suck on his nipples. Ben let out a faint moaning sound when Dean rubbed his teeth against one of his small, erect nubs. Cupping his butt cheeks with his large hands Dean linked his thumbs inside the waist line of his nephew’s underwear, slowly pulling them down. Feeling his panties fall to his ankles, Ben stepped out of them. “Step back, Benny. I wanna take a look at you.” Dean commanded with a gentle tone. As his nephew stepped back, Dean held on to his hand, motioning for him to turn. He scanned the boy’s body meticulously with his eyes, taking note of his smooth skin and delicate features. Feeling his uncle’s eyes studying his nude physique, Ben began to get an erection. “You like it when I stare at you with no clothes on, don’tcha Benny?” Dean asked. Ben smiled timidly, “A-ha.” With one hand, Dean removed his towel, throwing kadıköy travesti it on the floor. Ben couldn’t help but notice his uncle’s long, ten inch dick, freed and getting harder by the second. Wrapping his hand around his nephews hard member, Dean pulled his body towards his own. Grabbing his nephew by the back of his neck, he began to firmly kiss his mouth. Ben placed his hands on his uncle’s long cock, jerking it as he felt him rubbing his round, young, ass cheeks, pulling them apart as he massaged his tight, little sphincter. Lifting his leg, Ben started to remove his sandal. “No baby! Leave them on.” Dean told his nephew. Ben smiled, excited by his uncle’s command. Picking his nephew up, Dean supported Ben by his bottom as the boy wrapped his legs around his waist. Crawling on the bed, Dean continued to passionately kiss his nephew as he laid on his back. Ben kissed his uncle back as he straddled his naked physique. Now with Ben lying on top of him, Dean continued to move his hands all over his nephew’s nude adolescent body, excited by the touch of his skin. Dean couldn’t help but move his pelvis up and down, rubbing his hard cock up along the crack of Ben’s ass, wetting it with his precum. Reaching back, Ben took his uncle’s hard cock in his hand, rubbing the head of his penis against his wet, pink hole. Realizing what his nephew wanted, Dean spoke. “You want me inside you, baby?” Ben looked at his uncle intently, “A-ha” Excited by the thought of entering his nephew for the first time, Dean grabbed the lube from the boy’s nightstand. First covering his cock with the silky, wet substance, he then moved his fingers to Ben’s hole. Gently, he inserted his fingers inside Ben, working on loosening him up for what was to come next. “Alright Benny, take a deep breath.” Said Dean. Using his hand, Dean slowly began to drive his rock hard cock up his nephews hole. After a few attempts, Dean felt his nephews ring surrender to his efforts. Feeling the soft walls of Ben’s rectum envelope his throbbing, stiff cock, Dean’s eyes rolled to the back of his head. Furrowing his brow, Ben whimpered and moaned, feeling his uncle’s ten inch cock penetrate his little, wet pussy. “You okay, baby? Dean asked. Ben nodded his head. “Y-yeah…uuunngghhhh!” Placing his hands on his hips, Dean began to pump his cock inside his nephew. “Oh my God, you feel so fucking good!” Dean watched his nephew closely as he rode his dick. Raising his body up, Ben arched backward, driving his uncle’s cock even deeper inside of himself. “Aaahhhhh!” Dean cried out in ecstacy as he felt his hard cock go balls deep inside his nephews body. Ben pulled his legs up, now squatting directly on his uncle’s erect penis, dumbstruck by the feel of its length and girth. Dean couldn’t ignore his overwhelming urge to keep fucking his nephew’s hole. As he pushed his pelvis upwards, he placed his thumb inside Ben’s mouth, leading the boy to begin sucking on it furiously. Seeing his nephew nude, only sporting a face full of makeup and feminine sandals, drove Dean wild. Sitting up in bed, he threw Ben down on his back, being sure not to fall out of his hole. Once he positioned him where he wanted him, Dean put Ben’s leg over his shoulder so that he could continue to pump his hole. Ben moaned like a bitch in heat as his uncle used his tight, adolescent pussy. “Play with yourself, baby! I wanna see you touch yourself!” Dean commanded. Dean watched as the boy rapidly jacked his cock while he had his way with him. Ben was in ecstacy with his uncle on top of him, pleasuring him with his large dick. Dean was a man possessed. Furiously bakırköy travesti he pounded his nephew’s little ass, getting more and more turned on as he watched his long cock slide in and out of his stretched out hole. Feeling his uncle’s cock hit him in just the right spot, Ben came. “Uncle Dean…I’m cu-Aaahhhhh!” Dean watched as Ben shot his load all over his own stomach and chest, drenching himself in his juices. Excited by the sight of his nephew cumming, Dean was next to achieve release. “Oh God, Benny! Oh God!!!” Ben placed his hands on his uncle’s firm pecs, feeling his heart beat rapidly under his slightly hairy physique. Feeling himself disengage from Ben’s body, Dean hovered over his nephew, passionately kissing his mouth while he still convulsed from the pleasure he had experienced. Dean watched as Ben reached his hand down between his legs, scooping his load out from his hole. Then, in a move that surprised Dean, he brought his cum covered fingers up to his own mouth, then to his uncle’s. Dean sucked greedily on the boys hand before again putting his lips on his nephews mouth. Spent, Dean laid down beside his nephew, massaging his bare hip as he basked in their afterglow. “You okay down there, Benny?” “I am. It doesn’t hurt. It felt really good.” Ben smiled, reassuring his uncle. “I love you so much, sweetheart. You know that right?” Ben nodded as he brought his hand up to the side of his uncle’s head, gently running his hand through his hair. “Mmmm, that feels good, baby. Keep doing that.” Said Dean. Ben continued to stroke his uncle’s hair as Dean brought his nephew’s legs up over his body, snuggling closer to him. A little while later, Dean and Ben lay beside each other in bed, watching television. Ben rested his head on his uncle’s chest as Dean delicately stroked his back with his fingertips. Hearing his phone vibrate, Dean picked it up to see that it was his brother calling him. “Hey! How was the drive to Miami?” Asked Dean. “It was good! But remind me to introduce our boys to some better music for our next road trip. I had to listen to Post Malone the whole way to the hotel.” Said Troy. Dean chuckled. He knew how much Troy loathed hip-hop. “Hey, by any chance is Benny lying next to you?” Asked Troy. “He is. Hold on.” Dean passed the phone to his nephew. “Dad?” “Hey Benny! How are you, baby?” Troy asked. “I’m fine.” Said Ben. Troy could hear a little bit of a tone in his son’s voice, most likely because he was still mad at him for not saying goodbye when he left the house earlier. “Baby, I wanted to call and tell you I’m sorry I forgot to say goodbye when I left the house. I feel terrible about it, and I swear I didn’t mean to do it on purpose.” Said Troy, sincerely. Ben smiled, “It’s okay, dad.” “I thought you looked very beautiful today. I’m sorry I didn’t say that earlier, too.” Ben’s smile got even bigger as he happily accepted his father’s compliment. “I love you, baby.” Said Troy. “I love you too, daddy!” Ben replied. Handing the phone back to his uncle, Ben once again snuggled next to Dean. “What are you guys up to?” Asked Dean. “Just lyin in bed. Brody’s passed out on my chest and I’m watching tv. What about you guys?” “The same. I think Benny’s gonna fall asleep any minute now.” Said Dean. “How’d we get so lucky, Dean?” “I have no idea. I’m just glad we are.” Troy chuckled, “See ya boys tomorrow?” “Tomorrow.” Said Dean. “Alright. I love you, big brother.” “Just like I love you, little brother.” Dean responded. Hanging up, Dean placed his phone back on the night stand. Grabbing the television remote, he shut off the tv, then cuddled up against his nephew and went to sleep. *************** I hope you are enjoying the story. If so, please return to find out what happens in part two. Also, feel free to email me if you have any critiques or comments you’d like to share. I welcome all feedback.

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