Boilerhouse Steam Room


God this guy was good at sucking cock. He was a real slut for it and he had my cock buried down his throat as I face fucked him.

It had been a few weeks since I’d been out so I was horny as hell this Wednesday night. I’d had a few drinks and decided to head into The Boilerhouse. After paying and grabbing my towel I went and got my locker, stripped off and headed for the shower. I had a nice long shower, scrubbing myself all over. I picked up my towel and walked bare ass naked across to the steam room. I love the steam room here. It’s hot, sweaty and dark.

I sat down on the upper level and leaned back letting the steam soak me. There were a couple of other guys there but no one who took my fancy so I just closed my eyes and relaxed. The door opened and closed a few times and when I looked around again there was about six or seven people in the room. Most still had towels around their waists except for this one guy. He looked about 30, tall, slim, smooth body and a nicely shaven cock, just the way I like them.

I started stroking my stiffening cock, looking at him all the time. Then I took a nice big hit of poppers. The tension and smell of man sweat was almost overpowering. bahis şirketleri I loved the feel of my smooth, shaven cock, sweaty and ready for a hot mouth and arse. I spread my legs a little wider to give him a better view and suddenly he was on his knees in front of me, one hand on my balls and his mouth hanging open. My cock twitched as he gently kneaded my balls. He slowly licked his way around my smooth balls and up my hardening cock before engulfing me in his hot, wet mouth. I moaned as he swallowed me. He was drooling all over my cock and balls and then suddenly took me down to the hilt. I felt his throat tighten on me as he swallowed.

I took another long hit of poppers before putting the bottle to his nose. He sniffed like a man possessed, put his hands under me and pulled me closer to him. Everyone in the steam room was watching, wanking or kissing by this stage and I was loving being the exhibitionist. I grabbed the back of his head and started to face fuck him. He gagged, then moaned and it only drove me further. He was loving being treated like a slut. I rubbed down his back, pulled and squeezed his sweat covered, smooth arse before spanking him hard, not giving bahis firmaları him any warning. He moaned out and Oh Yessss around me cock before going back to my balls.

I was hot, hard, very horny and full of cum as I hadn’t been out for a bit so I didn’t want to cum too quickly. I stood up, standing over him as he kneeled on the tiled floor begging for my cock, begging to be throat fucked hard, spanked and treated like the sub slut he was. I hit his slick, wet face with my cock. teasing him and myself. I grabbed his head forcefully, pulled him tight to my crotch and told him what a slut he was. I told him he would have to do better to get my cum. I cock slapped him again to make sure he got the message.

We both snorted some more poppers before I turned around and leaned on the seating. Pulling on his head I forced his mouth to my ass. I was dying to see how good his tongue was after having his mouth around me and he didn’t disappoint. He opened his mouth wide and licked me from balls up. It felt so good as his wet tongue probed my ring. I was gasping for breath by the time he finally started tongue fucking my ass. This guy had the hottest mouth and he knew how to use kaçak bahis siteleri it!

I couldn’t last long like this and we both knew it. My legs were trembling, my ball sack was tighter than a drum and my cock was twitching and leaking precum like a tap. I heard a moaned and turned my head to look. I saw two guys frantically kissing as they stood behind my rimmer. Both were wanking hard and were on the edge of cumming. First one let fly right across the sluts back, spattering his arse with a huge load of creamy jizz. I turned completely grabbed his head and shoved his mouth onto the second guys cock. It was more than he could take. His knees trembled, he broke off his kiss, gasped and came hard and deep into the throat that was wrapped lovingly around him.

That was it for me. I could take no more. I moaned that I was going to cum. As I said it my cock was again swallowed whole by the hottest, wettest mouth I’d felt in years. I thrust into him, once, twice and then came. Came hard. He couldn’t swallow all my cum and some leaked around the corners of his mouth, dripping down onto his chest. It was only as I looked down to watch my cum dipping on him I saw the puddle of cum at his feet. I grabbed him, kissing him roughly, tasting the cum, mine and others in his mouth. Said thanks, spanked him hard once on the ass and left. I needed to cool off and grab a shower.

The night was going to be a good one.

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