Blueberry Hill


Susannah Morgan pulled up outside the bungalow where she lived with her parents. She took the car key from the ignition. Opening the car boot she took out a bag containing the new dress she had bought for her best friend’s wedding. She closed the boot and put the car ignition key in her handbag and walked along the path leading to the front door of the detached bungalow and searched in her handbag for the house key.

Her handbag was, as ever, full of everything she collected. She rummaged around the bags contents, lipstick, make-up, tissues, extra-strong mints, her purse and an assortment of other things women tend to carry in their handbags for no particular purpose. No house key.

She had this experience so many times and the key always turned up somewhere, but she still panicked until it did. Her parents were away on holiday in Greece and they had the only other set of keys. There was only one thing for it, empty the entire contents of her bag and purse. She walked back to the car and put the bag containing the new dress back in the boot.

Sitting in the driver’s seat she started emptying her handbag onto the passenger seat one item at a time. No key. Similarly her purse and all its contents, her banking cards, cash and one or two other small items like the odd safety pin. No key.

Susannah put everything back one item at a time, including a pair of nail-clippers she thought she had lost weeks ago. Now she was getting really worried. She was in the shit unless she found that bloody key. She had no pockets in her white blouse or black skirt. She started looking in all sorts of ridiculous places, the backseat of the car, the boot and glove compartment, the keyring on which she kept her car key. No, there was no bloody house key.

The street was deserted, the lack of cars told her that most neighbours were out and the only friend in the street she bothered with was also away on holiday. The only sign of life was Gary who lived in the bungalow opposite and who was busy cleaning his car.

Gary was about 26, single, lived on his own, and always had a stream of young women coming and going apart from the late-night parties that kept the whole neighbourhood awake.

Susannah’s parents had complained to him a few times and on another occasion the police had come and warned him to keep the noise down. He was always pleasant, apologised profusely, but the next party would be just as bad. Actually, the only time she had ever spoken to him was when he shouted across the street and wished her a happy birthday on her recent 18th only a month earlier.

“That Gary has just taken a different woman into his bungalow again.” She had said to her mother, only last week.

“You need to keep well away from that one Susannah, he is nothing but trouble.” Her mother said. Susannah had taken her mother’s advice on that one. Gary she felt had no shame partying all the time and switching and swapping from one woman to the next. She hadn’t had a lot to do with men or even boys when she was at school. Her parents were church going, god fearing, and she had been brought up within the bosom of her parent’s values. Susannah firmly intended to save herself for the man she married as her mother had done and was so proud of it.

Susannah sat in her car and tried to stop panicking. She took some deep breaths and tried to compose herself. Gary was bending over his car with his back to Susannah, vigorously polishing the shiny, red bonnet. His grey T-Shirt clung to his body, sweat running sexily down his back leaving the back of his shirt soaking wet. He was wearing a pair of tight-fitting jeans. His legs were spragged about two feet apart and his tight-arse shuffled from side-to-side as his hands stretched across, polishing the bonnet.

She dragged her attention away not wanting to admit to herself that the sight of him stirred feelings and thoughts, the kind of thoughts she should not be having and was not supposed to have.

Had she, by any chance, left a window open at the back of the bungalow? The thought gave her a grain of hope. She got out of the car, Gary had moved around to the other side of the bonnet. He could see Susannah walking towards her bungalow. He hadn’t noticed her sat in her car. Now he was noticing her.

Gary had one thing on his mind, his bedpost. She would be a great notch to add, he thought. I could just bend her right over the bonnet of this fucking car, get that tight skirt up over her arse and drill her little, cunt from behind. I’d stretch her like she has never been stretched before.

Gary knew what he was talking about. He had eight-and-a-half inches slack and a girth like a cucumber.

He watched Susannah look through her front window then go around to the back. She was out of luck; she checked every window and door on the off-chance and started retuning to her car.

“Is everything alright Susan?” Gary shouted across to her.

“Susannah.” She corrected him, “I seem to have lost my key, can’t get in the house.”

” Aren’t your parents kartal genç escort about?”

“They’re on holiday”

“I can make you a cup of coffee or tea, whatever your poison.”

“No thanks, I will drive into town again; I have to go to the bank anyway.” She lied.

She again sat in the front seat of her car and turned the ignition key. The car refused to start. She tried again and again, no go.

“What have I done today, killed a fucking robin.” She shouted in sheer exasperation.

Gary just smiled at her, flashing his perfectly, pearly-white set of teeth.

“Coffee or tea?” He said.

“Oh fuck, make it coffee please.” She answered, getting out of her car locking it, taking a quick look up and down to make sure no one was watching her and then crossed the street to join Gary. Yes she was feeling vulnerable and considered changing her mind but what could she do, sit in her car? She was not in a good position making her way into the house of this man painted as an immoral scoundrel by her parents and in particular her mother. Marion was very much the old school with old school values and certainly did not want her daughter to fall in with a bad lot like Gary and his friends. Her father, Nicholas, was very much a pipe and slippers man. He didn’t say much but tended to agree with his wife whenever he did.

Gary was a big believer in fate, and as he watched Susannah walk towards him, he thought, maybe this pretty little chick’s fate has just been sealed. Could he get inside her knickers? That would be a major prize for him. Susannah was a real beauty and the thought of getting a hard length of his thick cock into her had it straining inside his jockeys, but he concealed these wicked thoughts in his mind – for the time being.

Susannah expected his bungalow to be some kind of playboy’s pad but she was pleasantly surprised. It was nice, very clean and even a few ornaments and flowers. This man must have feminine side after all, she thought. She was wrong about that.

As Gary asked her to sit down she noticed there was already soft background music, Sinatra singing ‘Fly Me to the Moon.’ Since the music was already on when she walked into the room she knew it wasn’t some corny ploy of his to seduce her but she felt like she might be getting out of her depth. She had never had a boyfriend, never been with a man. Could she handle this situation? He was eight years older than her. She was an innocent abroad. He was anything but.

Gary brought the coffee, “Get this down your neck, it will make you feel better,” he said, putting the coffee on the little table in front of her. “Then I will have a look and see if I can get you into your bungalow and get your car going.”

“Oh thank you Gary that would be marvellous.” She said crossing one leg over the other and picking up the coffee cup, having a drink then putting it back on the table just as Sinatra hit the final notes of ‘Fly Me to the Moon.’

There was the usual few seconds silence before the next track started. It was Fats Domino singing ‘Blueberry Hill.’

“Oh this is my favourite song of all time.” Susannah gushed. “I have danced my legs of to this.” And she started singing the words and Gary joined in. Together they sang it all the way through, laughing at themselves as they sang the last two lines.

‘For you were my thrill ‘On Blueberry Hill’

They both laughed like a couple of teenagers. There eyes met for a second or so. He has the loveliest brown-eyes she thought but quickly looked down dropping her gaze to the floor.

“Shall I play it again?” Gary asked.

“Oh yes please, I love that song.” Susannah said having another drink of her coffee and putting the cup back on the table again, momentarily forgetting her problems.

Gary reset the CD recorder to replay Blueberry Hill and in the few seconds before the music started he turned, held both hands out palms up, “May I have this dance?” He said gallantly tilting his head so full of confidence in himself.

Susannah smiled and put her hands in his and he pulled her to her feet and they moved into the space in the centre of the room. Her left-hand softly rested in his right-hand. His arm was around her slender waist, his palm moved up to the back of her silk blouse touching the clasp of her bra. The music began and they started to move slowly.

‘I found my thrill’

Susannah’s breasts were pressed against Gary’s firm masculine chest. She felt him looking down at her. Her head was turned to the right, avoiding eye contact. It’s only a dance she convinced herself.

‘On Blueberry Hill’

How had she got into this situation? She had lost the keys to her house and that was all she could think about just a few minutes ago, now all she could think about was the closeness of this very sexy guy with his fantastic body pressing against her, a man she had been warned to steer clear off. She wasn’t supposed to feel like this. She knew her mother would be appalled if she knew, but he bayan kartal escort seemed nicer than she had thought him to be and nicer than the reputation he had among others in the street. Had he been misjudged? She felt confident that Gary would get her into her parent’s bungalow and that he would get her car going again.

‘On Blueberry Hill’

One of Gary’s knees touched hers momentarily, her thighs rubbed against his. There was a sensuousness emitting from the strong manly muscles of his chest. Susannah’s free hand was resting on his shoulder and she could smell the sweat from his exertions cleaning the car. She could smell the power of his manliness.

‘When I found you The moon stood still’

She was unavoidably aware that he was looking down at her but she kept looking to her right, afraid of looking up at him and staring into his smoldering, sexy, brown-eyes. Susannah felt as if she was falling apart. As they swayed to the strains of the music his body brushed across her breasts, tantalising her hardening nipples.

Gary was experienced in the art of seduction. Susannah was becoming engrossed in the moment but in his mind Gary was thinking beyond the immediate moment. He was planning each move, each next step each subtle touch.. This was a great chance to fuck this pretty little thing and it would be one in the face for that stuck up nuisance of a mother of hers. Yes, he thought, if I play my cards right this little beauty is going to take some fucking cock up her cute little cunt. Susannah was unaware of the tender trap that was slowly being sprung.

‘On Blueberry Hill And lingered until My dream came true’

His chin was now on the top of her head feeling her soft, silky, black-hair that flowed down on to her back. Her face was resting on his pecs, still looking to the right. God she wanted to look up at him, needed to look up at him. The temperature was rising, simmering. Their feet shuffled closer, the full length of her soft thighs now touching and moving against his.

‘The wind in the willow played Love’s sweet melody ‘

Gary’s right-hand let go of hers and slipped around her waist joining his left-hand, pulling her slender body towards him. With each exotically, sexy movement his knees pressed between the softness at the top of her thighs. His hips moved from side-to-side in small gyrating, circular motions.

‘But all of those vows we made Were never to be’

She had to stop this, she just had to, but could she? Could she just run? How could she just abandon the feelings coursing through every vein? Her little cotton panties were getting wet, she was slowly disintegrating. His hand slid all the way up her back to her neck, then to her chin, cupping it tenderly, turning her face around and upwards to look into the eyes she had hoped to avoid. Her knees were on the verge of collapse.

Their eyes locked. Susannah felt her heart pounding against his strong chest; both of her hands were resting on the sensuous muscles of his strong shoulders. His eyes slowly moved down her pretty face like stripping away a veil, the tip of his tongue sexily licked his lips. Her chin was resting in his hand as he moved closer. Her fingers ran through his unruly black-hair. She felt if he let go of her that her knees would fail her.

Though we’re apart You’re part of me still’

The words of the song seemed to be coming from miles away now but the spell they wove was real and again she thought she should not be doing this, should not be falling into these rich feelings of passion. Was this it? Was it finally her time? Was she going to be taken by the very men she had been endlessly warned to avoid at all costs?

Gently, fleetingly their lips brushed together. His kiss was soft and sensitive. Susannah knew she was being deliciously seduced and every part of her brain screamed to bring this to an end. She wanted to run, to escape, but where to? The voice in her head was yelling at her “Get out of here.” But her body wouldn’t listen. They moved even closer until her body molded yieldingly into his. She was intoxicated by the feel of his sexy body. She felt like putty in his hands. He knew his way around, knew what he was doing, full of his own confidence, sure of his every move.

‘For you were my thrill On Blueberry Hill’

Gary’s thigh pressed between her thighs deliberately pushing against her mound where he knew her pussy and inevitably her clit would feel the pressure. Masterfully he was taking control and bit-by-bit pressing home his advantage. He was in line for a fuck, the fish was on the hook. He was reeling her in.

The kiss became much more passionate; their tongues clashed in an exotic dance that matched their own exotically, tangled, rhythmic movements. Susannah could feel his massive erection pressing into her stomach; she swayed in search of it. God it felt so big, could it really be as big as it felt? Her panties were wet and her heart was pounding, racing and thumping against her ribs.

‘The escort kartal bayan wind in the willow played Love’s sweet melody ‘

She half realised in her misty confusion that she was being steered somewhere. The smooching had taken place in one small spot but now she was being moved slowly across the room. The feel of his long, masculine thighs and his hardness pushing against her had her head swimming in a sea of ecstasy.

‘But all of those vows we made’

Gary’s hand reached out and pushed the bedroom door open in one easy movement. He backed her inside still kissing her passionately. She yielded to his every move; there was no thought of resistance now. She knew where this was heading. Her head was now screaming at her to resist but her sweet virgin pussy was in no mood to take advice.

‘Were never to be’

Susannah was eased onto the bed her skirt hitched up to her waist and her panties pulled off in one urgent, bewildering moment of wild passion. Her thighs were wide apart exposing her slit to his lecherous gaze. His jeans and jockeys were down, his cock was out, she gasped as she saw its magnificent proportions.

“Though we’re apart. You’re part of me still For you were my thrill’

Susannah felt Gary’s cock poised at her soaked entrance, sliding between her swollen petals pushing against the tightness of her entrance and she saw the lavish smile of triumph and satisfaction spread across his handsome face. She wanted him now, ached to feel that cock inside her. She needed it, wanted to feel it all; wanted to grip it with her womanliness. Gary found her wet, open entrance and thrust his cock passed the resistance of her hymen and eased it all the way inside her. The yelp that accompanied the first thrust of his swollen cock-crown told Gary he had just entered the lovely wet softness of virgin territory.

‘On Blueberry Hill’

The music stopped and Susannah took the biggest, thickest cock she would ever have inside her. Her skirt was up around her waist, her knees bent out almost at right-angles and her soft, smooth thighs utterly exposed. Gary was pounding right up into her. Her clitoris was sliding along the top of his smooth shaft. His thickness was swelling, pushing hard, aggressively hard, against her tight, soft womanliness. His balls pressed into the soft cheeks of her cute, little arse.

Submissively her knees where spread out as far as she could get them allowing Gary to get his entire length and thickness as far into her as possible with each long, powerful thrust. Susannah was in heaven, she had never expected to be taken so forcefully and so fast, never had she thought sex would be like this. He was fucking her but she was fucking him as well. How long had she needed this? How long had she denied herself?

She was moving into the first stages of orgasm. Gary knew it; he felt it, felt her gentle contractions around his thickness. He had wanted her orgasm and he was getting it. His thrusts increased as her passion grew. Her breathing became jagged as she gasped for large gulps of air. Her wetness became a deluge. His cock was drenched.

“Fuck me. Fuck me, fuck me.” She screamed through her passions, her head rolling from side to side on the pillow. Her contractions became more exotic, more powerful and deeper. She felt as if her head was about to burst. She was gouging her finger nails across his broad shoulders.

Susannah was buried beneath his massive frame. She was like his delicious captive as massive ripples of her orgasm wracked her slender body. She touched the very heights of pure ecstasy and felt the sudden increase in the thickness of his rock-hardness invading her body, penetrating her entire female womanliness. The crescendo of her orgasm was like a thunderbolt of sheer ecstasy.

Gary clenched his teeth and grimaced but he couldn’t stop the inevitable. His eyes rolled upwards in sheer ecstasy. Rich, injections of spermatozoa invaded his hard rod causing wickedly intense but exotic tingles around the nerve endings of his cock-crown deep inside Susannah, reaching towards her cervix. He was so deep inside, fucking a rich, succulent part of her that was being fuck for the first time. His body stiffened, his thighs trembled.

Still buried beneath him Susannah felt the staggering power of his orgasm shake his fantastic torso before he burst inside her with a flood of thick sperm. They collapsed together and their bodies melted against each others, their energy spent.

She lay at the side of him feeling his arms around her, her head resting on his chest. Her hand was stroking and fondling the thickness of his manhood, now soft but filling her hand. His manly palm cupped her drenched, dripping wetness, lovingly, tenderly caressing it.

They collected their scattered clothes and got dressed. Gary went into his kitchen and made two more coffees and bringing one for Susannah he handed her a pill.

“Take this now my lovely, you will need it.” He said cheekily with a wide grin spreading over that cheeky handsome face again. “Always better safe than sorry, your mother would be most upset.”

Gary lifted the bonnet of Susannah’s car and easily found the problem getting it started again. As Susannah watched him she suddenly noticed a key just under the car near the front wheel, it was the missing key to the bungalow.

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