Bitter Sweet 02


Chapter two
The show goes on

My arms dropped as the beam came down just above my head.

“Still here with him? I expected to see him spread eagled on the carpet,” Angla said from behind me.

“Oh just amusing myself while I waited,” Dafne replied, walking over to untie one of my arms.

I heard the swish as Angla walked up then stopped at my back.

“He’s here to serve you,” she said.

Thwap! My legs flinched and tightened as the pain in my cheek flared.

“Aren’t you Slave?” she asked harshly.

My arm fell free as I half shouted: “Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. At least your tiny brain has learnt one thing.” Thwap! My cheek took another blow. “Next thing is for you to learn to keep still. Don’t you agree, Mistress Dafne?”

Thwap! She hit me a third time on the same spot. My muscles twitched and trembled.

“Oh,” she said in mock complaint, “it gets tedious–” Thwap! “–when they won’t listen.” Thwap! “Are you stupid? Don’t you understand ‘Don’t move?'”

Dafne’s little giggle didn’t help as the words loosened my gritted teeth. “No, Mistress. Yes, Mistress.”

Thwap! “There, just remember that then.”

My other arm fell as Dafne turned and commanded: “On your knees, dog. You’ve been told about standing in the presence of your superiors.”

Behind me, Angla clapped. “Good. Stay in character. Keep reminding him he’s a worm here to serve you.”

Dafne walked over and scooped up my leash, jerking me forward onto my hands and making me scramble to keep up as she half dragged me to the door. Twice I faltered, kneeling on one of my wrist ropes as they snaked around, each time feeling the collar pull tight and the clip digging in under my jaw.

She walked me to the empty space where the coffee table had been. My eyes focused on her ass and the glimpses of her pussy as I crawled behind her. When she stopped, I cast my eyes around to see Angla’s legs as she sat on the couch.

“On your back,” she commanded, dropping my leash as she took a step closer.

I dropped and rolled, moving the rope from under me as I lay flat. I looked up her long legs to the pouting lips of her pussy as she stepped astride my head and took a step onto my chest, quickly bringing the other foot up as she wobbled and shifted her balance.

I watched her as she walked carefully down and came to a stop on my hips. Her right foot moved across, her toes sliding to the base of my dangling cock, massaging it to life. As it grew stiffer, she flipped it over and rubbed with small strokes, pressing it into me. As it reached full size, she moved her heel to my helmet and ground down on it. My hips trembled, wanting to jerk and shift her.

She gave a little giggle as she drew her foot back to cover my shaft then lifted the one on my hip. She whirled around to plant the foot on my thigh as she turned to face me. My cock burned as it rolled and twisted out from under it.

Straining my eyes to look down, I saw her move forward as she stepped back onto my cock and shuffled her feet to massage it with her insteps and big toes. The feel of the soft hose added to the pleasure, and brought me quickly back to full strength despite my willing it not to.

She giggled as she inched up my shaft, her heels slipping from my hard cock as she tried to press it in. When they reached my helmet, she pinned her heels together and the pain grew as she squished it against my pelvis.

As she stepped onto my belly, My breath huffed out. Then thankfully, she stepped onto my chest. She brushed her toes in my chest hair, twirling it as she looked me in the face. I met her eyes and waited as her smirk grew.

She knelt down, her hands on my shoulders and her face looming over me. “Mouth open and tongue out,” she ordered, her tone quiet but stern.

I opened my mouth and poked my tongue out. Her cheeks puckered and she dribbled spittle down onto it. I felt it run down to the back of my throat, and felt my gullet tighten as I suppressed a retch. Another stream dripped languidly down from her pursed pouting lips, then she giggled, her soft hair bouncing as I gulped that down as well.

She straightened up and shuffled down until her knees uncovered my nipples. Her lips firmed again as she looked down and took my nipples in her fingers and thumbs. Her jaw line softened and she smiled as she pinched and pulled, stretching them out and setting them on fire. My muscles tightened as I balled my fists and pressed my lips shut, trapping the air in my lungs.

She twirled them as she let them shrink back, the silk of the gloves soothing the pain of the pinch. I waited for the attack as she rippled her fingers over them, the silky touch erotic enough to stir my cock to life.

She leant heavily on me and pushed herself onto my hip, her heels resting on my shoulders as she swung them over. I felt her ass crack and pussy squeeze down on my welcoming cock.

Smack! “Open your legs, worm,” she commanded as she slapped my ribs, making me flinch.

Smack! “You still haven’t learnt,” she said scornfully. anadolu yakası escort “Maybe you are stupid.”

Her legs drew up and she pushed herself, sliding down my cock to sit between my open legs. If not for Angla who might catch me, I would have tried peeping with a gentle rise of my head, but I just had to wait for whatever ‘playful’ act Mistress Dafne would inflict on me next.

She slapped my thighs and pulled them in, grabbing my cock as she wriggled onto her knees and then straddled me. “You think this worm can please me?” she asked, looking over to Angla.

She shifted up and started to rub my helmet over her slick silky folds. My cock surged with pleasure, thickening rapidly in her tight hand. As the pressure grew, she jerked back, releasing it to let it spring up. Her smile tightened and she slapped the helmet. “Don’t get too excited, big boy.”

She then pressed it down and shifted forward to continue stroking.

The slap had set it throbbing, even as the pleasure flowed back in from the caress of her wet folds teasing me once more. As it thickened, she leant back and gave another little giggle before slapping it again.

The throbbing muted the pleasure for a while till my cock started rising. She lifted it and slapped it from side to side before releasing it and pushing herself up.

“Well if your worm won’t play, it needs a lesson in obeying its mistress,” she said, standing and stepping up onto my hips again. Her heel came down and ground my helmet into my flesh as she looked up into my eyes. “If you can’t give me pleasure, you’ll get punishment,” she said threateningly, giving it a final twist before walking up to my chest.

She stepped off over my head, turning and looking down at me. “Let’s try something else. Move over to the chair.” She glanced at one of the armchairs.

She walked at my head as I shuffled over, nudging it with her toes as she manoeuvred me into position. I ended up with each of my legs leaning on the chair’s arms and my ass pressed against the base. When she was satisfied, she nodded her approval and stepped back onto me.

She walked down to my groin, and then knelt on the seat as she took the ropes at my ankles and tied them around the back of the chair. Turning around, she seated herself with her stocking feet resting on my stomach.

I lay watching her watching me, and wondered what was coming next.

She inched forward to the edge of the cushion and then slid her feet up onto my chest, lifting one as she commanded: “Open your mouth, bitch boy.”

I let my head bend forward as her toes pulled my jaw down, and felt the smoothness of the hose as she thrust her toes in. I started to suck and lick her big toe, thankful that there was no pain this time, just the indignity of having my tongue used as a toe-rag. I was beginning to feel hunger pangs and my need for the toilet was growing. By my estimation it had to be past eleven, and I hoped they’d break for dinner soon.

She brought the other foot up and pushed that big toe into the corner of my mouth. She gave a little giggle as she stretched my lips wide, the webs of the hose biting into the corners of my mouth before she eased off and allowed me to resume sucking on her toes.

My neck was aching after about five minutes. She’d been talking to Angla for the last three, about her appointment with her punter later, only giving me the occasional glance as she changed feet or pushed more toes in or out.

She glanced lazily back at me as she lifted her foot to prod my cheek.

“Time for a change,” she announced, pulling her legs back and slipping forward to kneel on my chest. “My pussy still needs pleasing. Your pathetic worm wasn’t able to do it, let’s see if your tongue can do better.”

She shuffled her knees up over my shoulders, her musky, sweet aroma growing stronger as her pussy opened and lifted to settle on my open mouth. The taste and fragrance of her juices made my cock twitch a little as I pushed my tongue into her folds. She wriggled and the hood slipped up to press on my nose, and I arched my head back to keep breathing through my nostrils.

Slap! She hit the top of my head.

“Keep still,” she said, pushing forward to block my nostrils again.

“He needs more training,” said Angla from the side.

I was blind with Dafne sitting on my face, but I heard the distinctive swish as Angla walked over. “It seems this bitch boy needs lots of reminders.”

I felt her sit in the arm chair, the backs of her knees on mine. She dropped her rod across my cock, and then I felt her nails scrape up my inner thighs. I tried to ignore it, and concentrated on the juicy lips under my tongue, focusing on the sweet perfumed taste as I sucked air through the narrow gap above my extended lower lip.

Her nails started nearer to my groin as she drew them up a second time. I screwed my eyes tighter, the stinging trails reminiscent of the prickly roller. There was no way I wanted to give her an excuse to pick up her rod, in my mind I could already imagine avrupa yakası escort Dafne’s tittering little giggle.

I kept my tongue flicking over her soft lips, catching the juice as it oozed out to cover them.

I felt the rod lift, and I tensed. Angla stood and her ankle brushed me as she turned around. She sat back down on my sternum, her feet resting alongside my thighs.

The tip of her rod began pushing and rolling my cock, stirring life into it as it thickened and straightened. Knowing I was powerless to prevent her having her fun, I waited for her playing to stop and the punishment to begin.

As my cock twitched up—Thwap!–she quickly slapped it down. My stinging head smacked against me and bounced up again. Thwap! She hit it again. I felt pain where there had been pleasure–fire where there had been a warm glow.

I kept as focused as I could on Dafne’s pussy, pausing briefly as I gulped down her juices, then dipped my tongue back into her tunnel.

As my cock shrank, I felt the flat at the tip brushing over my balls where they were wedged between my legs. Dafne moaned softly as my tongue rimmed her tunnel, wriggling her hips as she pressed into me. Then she started rocking, her lips sliding stiffly over mine, bringing my jaw up and letting me breathe through my nose again. She shifted slightly, bringing her nub over my tongue. I started tickling it, flicking my tongue over the already hard pearl.

Angla worked the tip back down onto my cock and was teasing it again. It thickened a little, but the throbbing grew in my helmet and stopped it swelling any further. I felt her stand as Dafne’s moans grew louder.

I wanted her to have an orgasm. The pleasure I was giving her might make her like me more and be a little lenient with me. I was sure I’d seen signs of longing in her eyes some of the times she’d looked at me.

“You’re getting your money’s worth,” Angla said as Dafne’s moans turned to screams. “You’re starting to make me jealous.”

I stuck to her pussy as she wriggled and bounced, my tongue fluttering as I wished I could use my hands to control her and pull her in tight to come in my mouth. She squeezed her thighs as she shuddered and groaned loudly.

I shifted to suck at her lips and her warm juices before she slipped down onto my chest, her arms flung behind her as she lay back. Her thighs closed above me as I felt her toes scrape up me and slip around as she straightened her legs.

Her thighs opened and slipped to the sides of my head, bringing her pussy down under my chin. I lay there feeling pleased but unable to twitch a muscle as Angla loomed over me.

“Dafne sweetie, more moaning and a little less scream. And don’t make me jealous, I’m itching to try his cock and you’re making me wetter.”

I felt my cock roll between her shoulder blades as she half sat up to answer, propping herself up with her hands on my ribs. “”You can fuck him now. I was going to finish with a bit of CBT, but you’ll probably get more action out of him before rather than after.”

I thought that would be that, but the mention of those mystery initials meant there would be more to come. Dafne was still dreamy with pleasure as she straightened and rested her hands on her thighs to look down at me, a silly grin on her face.

I was tempted to smile back as she drew her legs up to stand, but I was fearful of what might happen.

“Move,” Angla ordered, prodding me in the ribs with her toe.

I lifted my legs and shook them, clinking the clips of the ropes. She grabbed my leg as she stepped closer, and then pushed my leg down as she unclipped it and leant over me to undo the other.

“Over in the middle,” she said, turning and aiming another kick to my ribs.

I followed, shuffling on my ass as she took a step or two into the middle. She stepped around and squatted over my knees, facing me. I heard her spit as she grasped my cock, then came the gentle rub of her palm on my helmet as her fingers closed to caress and massage my foreskin as well.

I lay still, eyes closed, the pleasure growing as my cock hardened. I felt her shift, feet athwart my hips as her hand started rubbing my engorged helmet over her slippery folds. There was barely a trace of pain as my strained shaft twitched with the teasing, I felt her working her hard nub on the tip before pushing it into the entrance of her tunnel.

She sank straight down, the rush of pleasure making me emit a huffy groan. Her tight pussy encased my shaft as she wriggled and groaned, sending more thrills through me. Then she started bouncing, and my pleasure doubled again.

The memories of the pain faded away as the pleasure flooded my senses. For the moment, the world around me dimmed, everything meaningless behind my closed eyelids. I sensed Dafne above me, and then felt the pull on my jaw to open my mouth.

I cracked my eyelids, squinting through my eyelashes to see Dafne’s upside down face hovering above me. I wondered if she was going to face-sit me again, but her cheeks puckered eryaman escort as she held back her hair and a runner of spittle landed on my lip then dripped onto my tongue.

“Lick it in,” she said with one of her little giggles.

I opened my eyes, and my tongue scooped the gob in. Her smile grew and she dribbled another down, this one dropping to the back of my mouth. I gulped, the pleasure of Angla’s pounding still dominating my mind and feeding thrills into my body.

Dafne dropped her knees onto my shoulders and leant forward, her buttocks landing on my forehead, her hands meeting my chest and sliding down till her silky fingers brushed my nipples. I knew then that I was going to be denied my release; Dafne seemed intent on distracting me from full enjoyment.

She tried to pull my nipples between her fingertips, but they were too slippery. I felt her thumbs stroke up as she stretched forward till she could grip them with her thumb and finger.

Her pussy was directly above my eyes and I could smell her musky, sweet aroma. If I’d had the nerve I could have stretched those few inches and tasted the source.

The pain of her teasing mingled with and was subsumed in the pleasure Angla was giving me in the cause of her own satisfaction. Her sighs and groans and the feel of her tight pussy pounding up and down filled my mind despite the distraction of Dafne’s ministrations.

Dafne shifted forward slightly, putting her pussy within tongue reach as she grabbed and squeezed my pecs. As her nails dug in, she gained my full attention, my hot breath puffing out to wash over her pussy as I balled my fists with the effort of trying not to move.

Dafne giggled and pushed herself back onto her heels to look down at me again,looking up I saw her hair streaming down to frame her face, enhancing her prettiness with its shading, the smile on her face momentarily angelic.

Angla was grunting now, her flesh slapping hard against me, and as Dafne stood up I took a quick glance down. Her tits were bouncing out of control, her teeth clenched and her eyes screwed tight. As my head flopped back, she came with a scream.

She sat heavily on me, her tunnel’s pulsing spasms leaving me wanting more. She leant forward and I heard her rasping breath as she laid her hands on my ribs. My cock was still hard and throbbing inside her, but I knew it was over. Just the mysterious CBT to come.

I sunk my chin into my neck and saw her smiling happily as she rose up. As Angla turned to the couch and stepped away, Dafne stepped forward and I felt the hard sole of her shoe press down on my barely softened cock.

As she slid it forward, I felt the stiletto squeeze and pop my balls apart. I was holding as still as possible with the expectancy of pain at any second, and was tempted to bend my head to get a better look when she lifted her foot and kicked my thigh.

“Open your legs,” she commanded.

As I did, she looked down at me, a little smile playing on her lips as her eyes locked on mine. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Angla stand and walk towards me. As I watched, she stepped across my waist, her ass towards me and her pussy peeking at me.

“Be careful with those platforms on,” she warned as she sat on my ribs.

“They’re a treat for his cock first,” Dafne said.

I could just see her behind Angla, her breasts bobbing in and out of view behind Angla’s head.

“Let’s get it hard for you then,” Angla said with a chuckle as she leant forward and grabbed my cock.

I heard her spit and felt her begin to massage my head and stroke my shaft. My cock reacted quickly, surging up as the pleasure started; my biological drive overruling my mental control. It didn’t seem to care that the reason behind the stimulation was so that Dafne could inflict more suffering on it.

Angla’s hand slipped down to the base, and Dafne’s giggle had me bracing in anticipation.

Thunk! I felt a sharp pain that dulled as my cock flip-flopped.

Thunk! I flinched and got a sharp slap on my thigh from Angla.

Thunk! The sting of the blow amplified the throbbing ache.

Thunk! It was more of a scrape as my cock leant backwards.

“Oh,” Dafne sighed.

Angla laughed. “Poor little thing’s lost interest in your training.” She shifted and glanced over her shoulder at me as Dafne ducked out of sight. I welcomed the break as Angla released me and my cock slapped down on my belly, the whole shaft throbbing now as I waited for the focus to shift to my balls.

She popped back up and to my surprise, I felt the soft, silky feel of her hose-covered toes as they hooked under my balls. She stroked them gently for a few seconds, then they withdrew. There was no giggle, but I saw the line of her mouth tighten.

Smack! It went into my groin and sent my cock dancing.

Smack! she kicked me again. My cock flopped down and rolled to cover my balls.

Smack! This one caught my cock and balls, I gave an involuntary jerk that set Angla laughing with Dafne giving one of her annoying little giggles.

Smack! Smack! Smack! The pain was acute. My breath hissed through my gritted teeth. Both my cock and balls hurt–my cock throbbing in pain, my balls feeling like they had sharp spikes in them. Dafne kicked my legs wider apart with a hard prod to each thigh.

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