Bigrig Ch. 09


“How is he?” Greg asked, as Tony came out of the room.

“He’s sleeping…” The man made the trek across the floor to the table, where the doctor was sitting.

“I made you some dinner. Sorry I didn’t get you anything t’day. It was a rough one.” He reasoned apologetically.

“It’s fine… I’ll get my payback.” The man seated himself, grinning at Greg lewdly.

“I’m sure you will…” The doctor watched Tony dig into the meatloaf right away. “Thanks for lookin’ after the kid. Bruce told me to tell you he owes you one.”

“Hmm…” Tony stopped chewing, to glance up at Greg with another wicked grin. “That sounds promising…” He commented then.

Greg chuckled. “Yer hopeless, Tony.”

“I know… Tell me somethin’ I don’t know already.” The man went back to his meal.

“I’ve been waitin’ for this night for years it seems.” Greg admitted.

“Now that, I didn’t know. It does seem that long.” Tony jested.

“Yes, it does… I miss you, Tony…” He lifted his glass of water to his lips.

“Well, baby, let’s go for it…” The man put his fork down lifting the napkin from his lap.

“No, Tony… You eat first…” Greg pointed at the plate of food.

“Have it yer way…” Tony shrugged, replacing the napkin beginning to eat again.

“I am…” the doctor smiled wryly.

“Now, that is a look I have never seen from you, Greg.” Tony shook his fork at him.

“I know… I’m learnin’ though…” The man took another sip of his water.

“I like it. It looks good on you.” Tony stabbed a broccoli spear, shoving it into his mouth. “Mmm… This it good, Greg. Thanks…”

“Yer welcome… I’m just sorry I haven’t fed you like I should. I just got so busy t’day.”

“And yesterday, the day before…” Tony jest, grinning broadly.

“Oh, shut up…” the doctor grumbled.

“Okay…” Tony lifted the napkin wiping his mouth. He tossed it onto the table beside his plate. “…That does it…” He stood, grabbing the iced tea taking a few swallows. “…I’ve had enough of your bitchy attitude, doctor.”

“Is that so?” the man pushed his chair back from the table, half-laughing.

“Yep…” Tony advanced toward him, grabbing him by the shirt at the collar. He pulled him to his feet, dragging him to the living room promptly.

“Butchya haven’t finished yer dinner…” Greg protested lightly.

“You’ve had me on a fast the past few days, doctor. I’m full already…” He shoved the man onto the sofa, kicking off his shoes. Burying a knee in the cushion beside his hip, he straddled the legs grasping the hair of Greg’s head in his fist. With an abrupt jolt, he yanked the man’s head back against the overly padded back support.

A gasp escaped the doctor suddenly. “Tony…” he stared up into his face with longing. “Oh, God, you almost did it again.”

“Hmm…” The man’s face slowly brightened into another wicked smile. “I’m just gettin’ started, doc. You’ll have plenty of that before I’m through.” With that he attacked the man’s mouth, raping it harshly with his tongue.

The struggle ensued, as Greg’s hands started around his partner. Tony quickly and deftly grabbed the arms, hemming the hands over the man’s head, holding the wrists tight in one strong hand. With the other he gripped the lower jaw steadying Greg’s head, as he fought him. It quickly slid down to the throat, which he grasped suddenly.

The doctor groaned, giving Tony a short whine immediately after, as if in fear of him. His legs moved attempting to give his assailant, as much fight as he could manage. Yet he was careful not to be too evasive at this point.

His body belied his desire to be assaulted this way. The sudden surge of arousal that came over him in the very beginning, threatened to force him over the edge right away. But he was able to hold it back for the moment, curious as to what Tony had in mind for him, really.

“I hope you don’t value this shirt, doctor.” Tony pulled back enough to growl at him.

“I can buy a new one…” Greg returned breathing wildly.

Tony moaned, his face breaking into a renewed smile. Suddenly releasing him, he grasped the shirt in both hands, pulling violently. Without hesitation the material and buttons gave way, tearing the shirt completely open. Greg arched his back toward him giving a brief loud outcry, which was muffled when Tony abruptly took his mouth once more.

Jonathan jerked suddenly, not sure what had awakened him. He could hear moans coming from the living room. It sounded very lecherous and excitable to him. He couldn’t help but roll onto his right side and sit up. Standing, he pattered to the door, cracking it open to take a peek. Slowly, he made his way to the stairs until he could fully view the goings on in the living room below.

There, he saw that Tony had the doctor pinned by the throat with one hand, the other was plundering the man’s upper body luridly. The fingers were delivering some punishment to a nipple with no mercy, it seemed. And Greg was writhing terribly from its effect.

He kept trying to touch his attacker, only to have bahis şirketleri his hands pinned each time they moved from the spot that Tony had placed them harshly. Finally, he used the ruined shirt to tie them at the wrists, forcing them to the position he desired once again. When the hands came up again, a strong slap across the face reminded him not to move them anymore.

“Move them again and I’ll hurt you worse than you could ever imagine, doctor.” The man growled into his face. He then reached down, unbuckling the doctor’s thin leather belt that he now placed around Greg’s neck. Feeding the tapered end through the buckle, he pulled it tight, careful not to pinch the flesh.

Jonathan sighed long, as he watched them. His hand migrated to his now swollen and throbbing manhood. He rubbed it with the flat of his hand, as his senses were filled with the scene before him.

“Get those shoes off…” the aggressor ordered gruffly.

Quickly Greg was kicking them off.

“Now…” he used the belt, to jerk Greg forward, forcing him flat of his back on the sofa. “You are about to get fucked, doctor.” He had abruptly grabbed the man’s lower jaw, coming so close to his face they could kiss. And he gave Greg a soft gentle one on the lips. Then he raised up, violently removing the rest of the doctor’s clothing. Forcing his way between the man’s legs, he came down atop him harshly.

Greg bolted, as Tony moved up and down his body, fully clothed. His mouth gaped open. The head was arched back, his chin high in the air.

“You like that, doctor?” Tony seemed to be mocking him. His face was coolly sardonic, along with the sound of his tone.

“Yes, I like that, Tony.” The man returned without hesitation. He was already breathing wildly at this point. He stared up at the man expectantly.

Jonathan recalled the reason he had, had the second surgery. He quickly removed his hand from his privates, thinking he might had better return to his room. But the more he wanted to turn around and go back to bed, the longer he stood there, staring at the scene before him.

It seemed that he was frozen in the place where he stood. His eyes were glued to the two men on the sofa. The pounding of his heart was so strong, he thought it might give him away. His breath almost seemed caught in his throat.

Finally, he sat on the top step of the stairs watching the doctor being ravished by this so-called nurse.

He watched, as Greg became almost insistent upon having the man atop him. His legs sneaked around his waist finally pulling him firmly to him.

“You want this, doctor?” Tony teased cruelly, as he pushed against him abruptly.

“I want it, Tony…” the man inhaled sharply then answered sternly.

“Give it to ‘im…” Jonathan blurted out when Tony started to protest.

The two men looked up to see him sitting on the top step his hands grasping the railing like a small child.

“What are you doin’ outta bed…” Tony came up off the man starting toward the stairs.

Jonathan couldn’t help but notice the large bulge in his pants. It seemed to press its way against the material as if to spear its way out if possible. He grinned as he watched the man climb the stair toward him quickly. When he finally stood over him, Jonathan had a birdseye view of his confined manhood that truly desired to be freed.

Without a word, he took hold of Tony’s hips, planting his face right into it seeming to worship it with his face. He rubbed his face over it turning his head this way, then that to feel his strong hardness against his skin.

Tony moaned looking down watching him with a lurid grin. He wasn’t surprised by Jonathan’s forwardness. And he enjoyed the care with which the kid was doing this. But he knew the moment that Greg would begin to gripe at Jonathan about being out of bed.

“Tony…” the doctor grumbled. “…Take him to bed. And, come right back and finish this.”

The man looked down at the doctor with some displeasure. “He’s not hurting himself, doc. Chill, man… you’ll blow a gasket before long.” He teased.

“No, doctor ‘don’t do that’, don’t want me to have any fun at all…” Jonathan stood marching off the room on his own.

“I swear, Greg…” Tony shot him a hot look. “…He was fine. Now, you’ve made ‘im feel like he don’t belong. He can watch, if he wants. And he can do some things that won’t hurt ‘im. You need to take a chill pill…” when he finished saying his peace, he followed the youth into the room.

As he entered the room, Jonathan turned away from him right away. He covered his head with the pillow to hide his tears from the man.

“Hey…” Tony sat on the edge of the bed closest to him. His hand gently took hold of the pillow, prying it away from the youth slowly. “…You don’t have to hide form me. I know you’re crying. And I don’t blame you.” he almost whispered. “Listen, Greg really cares about you. And he worries you might get hurt. You can’t blame him for that.”

“I don’t…” the youth sniffed. “…But when do I get to take part too? I’ve been waitin’ so long.”

“I bahis firmaları know… but just a little longer and you’ll be gettin’ screwed all you like.” The man grinned down at him.

“I wasn’t doin’ anything that would hurt me.” He reasoned now.

“I know…” Tony brushed hair from the kid’s face. He chuckled a little at the way he complained. “I already told Greg about his self. He’s just worried it’ll lead to somethin’ that will hurtchya.”

“He’s always tellin’ me I can’t do this, or can’t do that. He thinks he’s my mother, or somethin’.” Jonathan rolled onto his back looking away from the man.

Tony chuckled again. “Chill, kid…he’s looking out for your best interest. And I’ll take care of Mr. Bossy. You relax and take a nap for a while. If you’re a good boy, I might let you get of taste of me…” he put his hand on his still hardened member rubbing slowly. “…We’ll do it when he’s at work. And it’ll be our secret.”

“You will? Honest?” Jonathan perked suddenly. He could hardly wait to get at his mouth on that.

“Yep… but you have to mind me, or the deal’s off, kid.” He now used it as leverage to keep the kid in check.

“I’ll be good… I promise…” the youth’s brightened eyes amused the man fully.

Tony chuckled at the way he was acting, almost like a small child at Christmas. “Okay… we’ll see… you take a nap. Doc has to go to work in the morning. We’ll do what we want then. Butchya gotta go to sleep now, for me.” He warned.

“I will…” Jonathan turned onto his right again curling up to sleep. He closed his eyes right away.

Tony chuckled. “Here…” he lifted the pillow standing. Moving his hand beneath the youth’s head, he lifted it placing the soft comfort beneath it. “I’m gonna check in on ya in a little while. You’d better be asleep when I do.” He warned with a grin, knowing Jonathan would try his best to please him now.

“I will, I promise…” Jonathan nestled his head in the pillow getting comfortable.

Tony went to the door watching Jonathan already attempting to fall asleep. With a grin he moved out into the hallway and down the stairs.

Lowering his head as he went, he couldn’t help but admire the kid’s tenacity and desire. Yet, it made him also wonder what he had done to effect him so. Perhaps, it was the fact that he had just saved his life. All in all, he knew he would find out soon enough.

“Is ‘e okay?” Greg was sitting up on the sofa waiting for him to return.

“Did I tell you, you could sit up?” Tony asked meanly.

“No, but…”

“The kid’s fine, now…” he grasped his shoulder forcing him back down where he had been. “…Getchyer ass back where I had you…” his gruff voice hung in the air long.


“You cut my lip, Tony…” Greg stood before the mirror the next morning, preparing to go to work.

“Just tell ’em you tripped on the stairs or somethin’.” Tony grinned.

Greg turned a bit, staring long at him. “They know me better than that, Tony.”

“So, I accidentally elbowed you, as I was helpin’ Jonathan outta the car.” He half-laughed.

“Now, that might work…” Greg chuckled. “It’s sore… I owe you a good punch in the mouth, Tony. I’ll getchya back too.” He warned.

“Go ahead, punk…” Tony started to quote that famous line.

“Shut up…” the doctor laughed fully then.

“You’d better get goin’… traffic’s gonna get hairy in a few more minutes.” He curled his arm under his head.

“You like bossin’ me around, don’tchya?” the man turned to him fully, grinning.

“Well, Bruce ain’t here to take care of ya. Somebody’s gotta do it.” He sat up in bed, as the man approached.

“I feel like yer rushin’ me off to work for some reason.” Greg stood over him with his hands on his hips.

“Maybe I am… maybe I’m not…” the man’s grin was infectious.

“You’d best be on yer guard, Tony. If Jonathan gets hurt, I’ll know why.” The doctor warned.

“You let me worry about the kid. You just take care of yerself. Watch yer mirrors. If you feel someone might be followin’ ya, take the long way home. And call me… I can send ya some help in two shakes…” the man chided seriously.

“I wish I could just stay home, but I promised I’d finish out the week since yer watching the kid.” The man grumbled somewhat, as he started out the door of the bedroom.

Tony stood, looking over at Jonathan who stirred gently. Unconcerned about his nudity, he followed the doctor out of the room. As he came down the stairs, he noticed Greg peering out a window, through the curtain.

“Get away from the window, Greg. That’s a big gimme. If they’re watchin’ they know where you live now. And they know you have the kid.” Tony chided gently, but urgently.

“Okay… sorry…” Greg quickly came away from the window turning to see Tony in the complete buff. “Hmm…” a wry grin slowly played across his lips. You are such a beautiful man, Tony. He thought. “…You know yer advertisin’.” He admonished playfully.

“Good… give ya somethin’ to look forward to on the way home.” The man continued on kaçak bahis siteleri his way toward him. “Oh, I’ll have dinner waitin’ for ya, too. Unlike you, I will treatchya right.”

“Would you quit it already? I’m sorry I forgot to feedya, okay?” Greg chuckled, as he spoke.

“Betchya won’t forget the next time.” Tony quipped.

“I might… just to piss you off…” the doctor laughed lightly again.

Tony took him abruptly into his arms. “Then, I’ll just give ya some more of last night to remind you that I don’t live off air alone.”

“You could just remind me next time.” Greg quipped now.

“But that’s not as much fun, doctor.” The man’s face came slowly toward his.

“I see yer point…” he muttered just as Tony’s lips met with his.

“I’d like to give ya somethin’ to dream of today, while ya work. Maybe you’ll get home quicker, if you can get away with it.” The man teased, then shoved his tongue deep into his mouth.

Greg melted against his naked body. Slipping his arms around him, he reveled in the feel of the contrast of Tony being naked, while he was fully clothed. Right away, he was so tempted to call in sick. But he did have a couple patients that he really needed to see this morning, before he even thought of coming home again.

Maybe the administrator would have some mercy on him, if he begged on his hands and knees. Perhaps, if he offered him a blowjob, he would allow him to cut out of work later that morning, instead of the twelve-hour shift he would normally work.

But then again, he just might loose his fabulous job at the hospital. What a traumatic experience, that would be. But, if he just asked, the worse thing the man could do, is say ‘no’…

“Tony…” he pulled back only enough to say. “…I gotta go, or I’ll stay here and get fired.”

“No one’s keepin’ ya…” the man teased, dramatically lifting his hands away from the doctor, holding them out from his sides. He let them drop as the man grimaced noticeably.

Groaning, the doctor turned, putting his hand on the doorknob. “You’re so mean to me, Tony. I could almost hate you…”

The nurse chuckled. “Butchya love me, Greg. You know it.”

Another groan came from the man, as he pulled the door open disappearing into the dark of the early morning.

Tony stood there for a long moment, with that lewd grin on his lips. He knew he had the doctor locked in the palm of his hand. There was an irresistible pull between them, which neither of them wanted to sever.

They each gave the other what he wanted deeply. It wasn’t like they were taking advantage of each other. Or, maybe they were, and mutually agreed to do so.

Still, he had cared for Greg for so many years. He just couldn’t deny it. He loved that man. And he loved the great sex they had together. It just happened so scarcely, that he would often forget what it was like before the next time they got together.

He turned, letting his head drift downward, as he started for the stairs. His only hope was that he was safe going to work. Wishing he could be there with him, he new he couldn’t be in two places at once. But he could have someone else watch over Greg for him, while he babysat the kid.

Bounding up the stairs, he rushed into the bedroom picking up the phone. Ben answered right away.

“Ben, Greg’s off to work alone… can someone tail ‘im, just to be sure he makes it okay?” He seemed to almost beg. The short pause brought a sigh of relief. “Thanks, I owe ya one.” Another pause came. “He’s good… he’s resting right now. I ain’t seen anyone yet, but when I do–” it seemed his comment was interrupted. “Okay… but I checked it to be sure. It couldn’t be tapped.” He argued gently. “Okay… if you want to do it, that’s fine. I won’t argue with that.” he chuckled then.

“Tony…” Jonathan muttered. “I gotta pee… I can’t get up.”

“Shit… can I call ya back, Ben?” he quickly turned, looking over at he kid. “…Yeah, I gotta little emergency here.” He paused again. “Okay… just call me and let me know. You got this number, right?” another pause. “Okay… bye…” he abruptly hung up, rushing to the youth.

Lifting him easily, he carried him to the bathroom, setting him on the toilet.

“Why can’t I move on my own, Tony?” Jonathan asked with obvious worry in his voice.

“You just had surgery yesterday, kid… it’s normal, okay.” The man went to the door to give him some privacy.

“Don’t go, Tony… please?” the youth begged, leaning forward a bit.

“Okay… I’m here, Jonathan… What give’s man?” he asked seriously.

“I don’t feel safe alone. I’m scared, okay. And if I can’t get around on my own, what am I sposed to do, if somethin’ happens and yer not here?” his eyes glistened with moisture, as he gazed long at him.

“Hey… I’m not gonna let anything bad happen to ya, kid.” The man came toward him going to a knee as he spoke.

“I know you’ll do yer best… but Uncle James ain’t no rookie either…” a single tear slipped down his face splashing on the floor between them.

“You let me worry about yer mean ol’ uncle, Jonathan. I promise ya, I gotta round with his name on it, just waitin’ to introduce itself to ‘im. And anyway, I ain’t in no hurry to go to my grave anytime soon. I got you, Greg and Bruce to take care of.”

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