Big Babe Beach Bliss (Part II)


Something like this had never happened to her before. She was not the type of girl a man would approach in a nice way, let alone with honest interest. But here she was now, sitting next to the most polite and charming guy she ever met. How could this be? Kristy did not even know how to behave in a situation like this. She had no experience at all. Making conversation would most likely help to not turn this into something awkward. But what should she say?Mr. Handsome solved the riddle for her: “Oh, by the way, I totally forgot to introduce myself. How rude of me. So here I go, hello. I’m Darren.”“That’s a nice name. I’m Kristy.”The sound of her voice was full of relief. She could stop worrying. He would take the lead and handle this. Of course, he was totally experienced with talking to a stranger. He must have had such conversations hundreds of times before, must have approached countless women in his life. Although she thought, the usual case was rather that women approached him, not vice versa. A man looking as good as him (and being as generously equipped the way he was, she added in the back of her mind) must be very popular with the girls. She wondered how many had already had the pleasure of getting to know his lavish manhood in the flesh. Oh, the lucky ones!“Nice to meet you, Kristy,” he gently replied. “Your name suits you like a glove.”She blushed a little. “Thank you so much. I didn’t choose it though.”That made him laugh. “Of course, you didn’t.”Kristy instantly smiled back. She had made him laugh. Did that mean she was making progress in her conversational skills?“Do you mind if I take a more comfortable position?” he asked. “I have a bit of a back issue, so bonus veren siteler sitting like this can get slightly painful after a while.”She could not believe his politeness went so far as to ask for her allowance to change his position. Until now Kristy had believed that such courtesy only existed in old Hollywood movies. How wrong she had been.“Not at all,” she replied a little shy, “take any position that suits you well.”While saying it, she realized how ambiguous this must have sounded. She blushed again. Did he think she was flirting?Darren paused for a tiny moment, then said, “Thank you,” and lay down on his right side, forearm resting on the sand. “That’s better.”At a distance of barely more than three feet, she now had a good view of his entire body from head to toe. That was a little alarming. She would have to force herself to focus on his face and not let her eyes wander down to his big – there, it already happened the very moment she thought about it! Kristy had been staring at his speedos again. She blushed heavily. Where were her sunglasses? She urgently needed to get them out of her bag again.“Hey, don’t worry,” he said in a soothing voice, “it’s ok to look. I mean, you’re a woman and I’m wearing speedos that don’t cover much. How could you not look? It’s only natural.”She felt her face turning even redder. He had noticed – of course, he had – but he did not have a problem with it. He even told her it was natural for her to look at the perfectly visible outline of his penis (his exceptionally long and thick penis, her mind added, reminding her of what she just had seen, and seen before, and would like to see again right now).“You bedava bahis know,” he continued, “I can’t help myself looking at you in the same way. I’m trying not to do it in too obvious a manner, but it happens. You’re too beautiful not to look. When I sat over there,” pointing again at the spot he had been all day long, “I couldn’t get my eyes off you, no matter how far you were away. And now that I’m so much closer, my eyes can’t avoid admiring all the many details that make you such a wonderful woman.”She stared at him in total disbelief. An alien spaceship landing right in front of her could not have confused her more than the words he had just spoken. He could not mean it. He could impossibly mean it. Too beautiful not to look? Breathtakingly desirable woman? He was talking about every other woman at the beach but not her. Not Kristy, not the whale, not the fatty with a horse’s ass.Unable to think of any other reaction, she asked, “What details do you mean?”“Well, all of them,” he replied as if there was no other option, “and there’s no particular order. I don’t have to even mention your sweet face with those glowing eyes, full lips, little ears, and that characteristic nose. There are your very substantial thighs and arms; your broad hips; those cute hands and feet with their playful fingers and toes; the very soft and nicely grown belly; your round behind of overwhelmingly excessive size and those God-given naturally lush breasts that would fill the biggest cups and put every other girl to shame. I can’t stop looking at every inch of your beautiful body and while I do so, I am completely incapable of not picturing you undressed.”Kristy stared at deneme bonus him like a wish that a fairy godmother had granted her. There was no irony in anything he had said, no dishonesty or pretense. He actually meant all of this, every single word. If only she had recorded this so she could listen to it over and over again. Never in her life would she have dared to hope that anyone outside of a movie or romance novel would even remotely say such a thing to her. How in the world could she adequately reply?Once again, she did not have to. He solved the problem for her.“I guess I should better lay on my belly for a while,” he said and did so at the same time. “Yes, that’s much better. And safer.”She hesitated, then asked, “Is it your back problem again?”“No, that’s not the reason,” he said and smiled. “You know, being that close to you and looking at you and now even talking about all of what attracts me – well, my speedos are tight and can only carry so much.” He winked at her without having to add more.“Oh,” she replied instinctively, “oh.” She did not know what else to say. He had just told her that his already oversized penis had grown even more and was about to pop out because of her. That information made her almost faint of excitement. If only she had not focused on his face so much!“Oh,” she heard herself say again. How stupid must that sound to him?He sent her a big smile. “Oh?” and rose one eyebrow.She giggled and relaxed a little. “I’m just a stupid girl who is as overloaded as your speedos right now.”That made him laugh and after a short moment, she joined. She actually said something authentically funny. Where had this talent been all those years?When he had finished, he said, “To be honest, they’re not overloaded anymore.”“Oh”, she replied, this time intentionally and they both laughed again. “Does that mean, umm” she hesitated, but then could not keep herself from finishing the question, “something popped out then?”

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