Subject: Big and Little Boyfriends — Chapter 4 (Revised) Big and Little Boyfriends – Chapter 4 by Underjug BB/bb, con, group, oral, anal, mast, inc ********** IF YOU ENJOY THIS STORY, SUPPORT NIFTY! HELP THE SITE TO REACH THEIR GOAL THIS MONTH! Support Nifty in any way you can so we don’t lose this wonderful, free archive. Visit: fty/ Thanks to all who email with nice things to say. I also post my stories at the AlltheFallen and 3DBoys sites. ********** Time to put on the Secret Decoder Ring! Kay, so now that I talked about our code words for the regular dirty stuff us boyfriends did, my big brother is gonna make it more easier. I been telling the story cause Sawyer likes the way I put things, and since Sawyer’s way better at writing, he’s been getting it all down. Sometimes I forget stuff and have to go back and talk about it, or sometimes I get it a bit mixed up. Sawyer’s good at fixing everything, but most of the story is pretty much how I said it. The boyfriends had to come up with secret words for regular dirty stuff cause my little boyfriend, Ben, accidentally said a sex thing at the dinner table. The problem is, says Sawyer, it makes the story hard to follow, with it being like rap slang or something. We know what we’re talking about, cause when I say something, it’s in our secret code. Like I’ll go: I was jabbing my big boyfriend, Aiden, then I crawled down and tunneled his trunk and played with his dice ’til he made icing. But Sawyer is gonna put on his Secret Decoder Ring and it’ll instead go: I was frenching my big boyfriend, Aiden, then I crawled down and sucked his cock and played with his balls ’til he shot his cum. Just know I’m saying it all in the secret code when I talk about our regular dirty stuff. It’ll still say “wieners” for me and Ben. Sawyer says they won’t be “cocks” until we can make cum. And I’ll still talk about our dirty games like Beanstalk and Kitty Catting and Fernando, but Sawyer will put in reminders what they are. He says those dirty games are the “Kama Sutra of Big and Little Boyfriends,” but I still don’t know what that means. So, with the Secret Decoder Ring on, lemme tell you what happened… The big and little boyfriends had the run of the house for the first part of July! Both our parents went on a trip together for two whole weeks! Even though Sawyer and Aiden were only 14 years old, our moms and dads let them take care of me and Ben. They had our neighbor across the street look in on us. But we didn’t want nobody coming over all the time. They might catch me blowing my big boyfriend or fucking my little boyfriend. So my brother came up with the smartest plan in the universe. By the way, I did say that. It wasn’t Sawyer changing it cause he thinks he’s better than he is. It really was smart. He got us to do all our chores in the morning. Tending the lawn. Washing dishes. Taking out the trash. At first me and Ben didn’t wanna. But Sawyer knew what he was doing. Cause when our neighbor came over for the first coupla days, he was all, like, wow, everything seems to be running smoothly. He said he didn’t need to keep popping over and if we ran into trouble we knew where to find him. See? Smartest plan in the universe! Now we could run around naked and kiss and suck and rim and rut and fuck without worrying about getting caught! Me and Sawyer had a pool in the backyard and the people who lived here before put in a high fence. So nobody could see into the yard. Us four didn’t even need swim trunks, we all went around without any clothes on. We got a tan everywhere, even on our wieners and butts. ‘Cept me and Sawyer tanned faster, cause Ben and Aiden were one-fourth Scottish and so their skin is a bit more sensitive to the sun. It’s not like they burn or anything, it’s just they stayed more whiter. Sometimes in the backyard the big boyfriends’ cocks would get hard and the little boyfriends could suck them or get fucked by them. Or, like, me and Ben would cuddle or 69 each other on a lounge chair, or Aiden would fuck Sawyer doggy style by the pool. Me and Ben were lucky, cause we could dry cum anywhere, but Sawyer and Aiden had to be careful about getting spooge in the pool. Actually, I did say “spooge.” LOL. ‘Kay, I know I’m supposed to say “icing” for the word “cum,” but “spooge” sounded way more funnier. It was so cool having our own nudist camp! The first night, the big boyfriends wanted some alone time with their little boyfriends. Aiden was into roughhousing usually, but he’d get all romantic and cuddly and say, “I love you, little dude.” We made out and I asked him if we could Fernando and he said yes. He would get on all fours and I’d crawl under him also on all fours and suck his cock until he shot his cum in my mouth. It tasted so good! Sucking wieners instead of cocks istanbul travesti was way more easier with them being smaller. Big boyfriends could get a whole wiener and even balls in their mouth. But it was more work for little boyfriends to try to deep throat the cock of a teenager. Me and Ben loved our big boyfriends’ pubes. But no matter how many times a cock was wiped off, a pubic hair would always somehow get on it. The little boyfriends would have to stop a blowjob and try to pick the hair outta our teeth. “It messes with the rhythm,” our big boyfriends would complain. So me and Ben convinced them to shave off their pubes. And, boy, did that make a difference! Now we could suck til the cows came home, or until the bulls shot their loads. That’s a Fernando joke. You know, cause in our Fernando sex game, the bull is getting sucked off by a calf who thinks he’s just a cow with a big udder. Swimming naked is so much fun! You don’t hafta worry about water filling up in your swim trunks. And you don’t hafta wring your trunks out and wash em. Plus, you get to see cocks and butts all the time. I loved to swim underwater between both my boyfriends’ legs and lick their cockheads and smack their behinds. By this time, my little boyfriend had learned he liked bottoming for my big brother. Which is awesome for me. Cause then I could fuck my little boyfriend too! The only messy part was the lube. Me and Ben liked fucking face to face with me holding his ankles. I tried to be more versatile, but it hurt me a bit having a wiener up my ass, never mind a cock. Which was cool with Ben. He loved getting fucked. Secret Decoder Ring OFF: “Yeah, Cole, tunnel me. Do my bag. Now maul me. Oh! Let’s ruck.” “Wanna ruck, Ben? I’ll ruck you.” Secret Decoder Ring ON: “Yeah, Cole, suck me. Lick my nutsack. Now rim me. Oh! Let’s fuck.” “Wanna fuck, Ben? I’ll fuck you.” Ben liked me to fuck him for a long time. It didn’t hurt him as much with a wiener, so I could pound him. I loved us coming at the same time even though they were dry cums. Both us couldn’t wait ’til we reached pooberty. ‘Kay, I say it like that, so Sawyer’s writing it that way. Four years! That’s how long we were told it would take before we’d make cum! “That’s okay, little dudes,” went Aiden, “the big boyfriends have enough jizz to go around.” Boy, did they ever! Both the big brothers could come four to five times a day. Spooge is the most awesomest. ‘Kay, I’ll stop saying that word. “Cum.” Cum is the most awesomest. It can end up on the front of your body, up your butt, or in your mouth. Drinking it is way fun. Kids love stuff blasting into their mouths, so me and Ben super enjoyed when a big boyfriend came and got us swallow it all down. No fuss or mess. And we’d have our tasty treat. But the big boyfriends sure liked their fucking! Aiden would frot me on the outside of the bum and come up my back while jacking me off. I told him I was sorry it was so hurty for me to be fucked for real. But he ruffled my hair. “Don’t worry about it, little boyfriend. It’s totally cool.” “But I know you really like fucking. Everybody else is doing it.” My big boyfriend explained he wasn’t a natural bottom and it took him a while to get used to it. Aiden said me and him were more so tops and he kinda liked that about me, he found it sexy. I blushed and said I hoped I could get fucked as much as Ben. Aiden told me there was no rush. “I love that it’s a challenge to get up in your hole. Losing your virginity will be just that much more sweeeeeet.” He made me feel good with a French kiss. The little boyfriends would almost always get up in the morning before the big boyfriends. So we’d sneak into Sawyer’s bedroom and find our big boyfriends asleep. “Hey, Cole,” whispered Ben to me, “we should hide under the covers and blow them ’til they wake.” “Kay,” I giggled, “let’s see who can make their big boyfriend come first.” “I’ll take that bet,” giggled Ben. We sneaked under the covers and crawled between the legs of our own big boyfriend. It was weird seeing Aiden’s cock soft. Almost always when we fooled around it was already partly hard. Lifting up his cock all flippity floppity reminded me of a puppet without a hand in it. It was extra neat sucking on it cause I could stuff all of it in my mouth like an accordion. When I sucked, though, it started getting stiff and I had to back off or choke. It was different for Ben. My big brother’s cock was already stiff cause Aiden said older boys sometimes get hardons in their sleep. Both us were sucking and giggling. “Heeeyyyy,” said a deep, sleepy voice. It was Aiden. “What’s goin’ on down theeeeeerrrrre?” Me and Ben giggled. “Is this my wakeup call?” went Aiden. “Mmmm-hmmmmm,” I said with his cock in my mouth. “Hey, big boyfriend, you awake?” kadıköy travesti asked Aiden. I saw Sawyer’s legs shift and Ben tried to keep servicing him. “What’s…Are we getting morning blowies?” asked Sawyer. “Probably, yeah, by ghosts,” joked Aiden. “I can’t see anyone sucking us off,” joked Sawyer. Me and Ben tried hard not to laugh with cocks in our mouths. “Daaaammmmnnnnn,” said Aiden as he stretched, “I could get used to waking up like this every morning.” “Uuuuuhhhhhhhhh, ooooooohhhhhhhh.” “Mmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” “Yeaahh, suck me, little boyfriend.” “Fuuuuuuuck. I’m gonna come soon.” That last one was Aiden! I was gonna win my bet with Ben over whose boyfriend would shoot first! “Way ahead of you! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!” Dang, that was my brother! Sawyer came, like, 10 seconds before my big boyfriend. Ben looked at me under the covers like “haha, I win” as he swallowed Sawyer’s cum. So that actually started my and Ben’s first fight! They say you’re not really in a relationship ’til you argue. And so far the two of us got along real, real well together. But after that blowjob competition, me and him got into an argument. And nope, it wasn’t over whose big boyfriend shot first. So, we were playing with my Lincoln Logs in my bedroom. “Betcha my big boyfriend’s cum tastes better than yours,” said Ben as we talked about how naughty we were blowing them under the covers. “No way, Ben. Aiden’s is, like, nice and creamy. It’s sorta like salty caramel.” “Um, well, Sawyer’s is more like coconut milk and it just tastes better.” Us two went on and on bragging about our big boyfriends’ cums and how much yummier they were. We started getting kinda mad. It was bugging me for us to be fighting. “Well, how do you know it’s better?” I asked. “It just is,” went Ben. “But how do you know if you never even tasted Aiden’s?” I asked. “I just know.” “Prove it.” “How?” “Maybe switch.” That made Ben stop. Part of his cabin wall he was making fell down. “Like, blow our own big brothers?” He said it like it was the weirdest idea ever. “Well. Then we’d know.” “But they’d never let us.” “We don’t hafta ask ’em.” Ben scrunched up his face. Then he went “ooooohhhhhh,” like he understood. “Sneak under the covers.” “Yup.” Me and him giggled at our naughty plan. The next morning, we tiptoed into Sawyer’s room. Covering our mouths so we wouldn’t laugh. We looked at each another, like, I will if you will. Super duper carefully we crawled under the sheets. I got to between my big brother’s legs. It was kinda scary cause I knew they’d get steaming mad if they found out. So me and Ben were hoping they’d shoot their loads with us under the covers like last time and not see us. Sawyer’s cock was different than my big boyfriend’s. It was cut like the little brothers’ were. This time both cocks were flippity floppitying. Ben was already putting his big brother’s cock in his mouth. I didn’t wanna chicken out so I quickly did the same as him to my big brother. And I started sucking. Sawyer woke up first. Like from a not happy dream. But then he relaxed. “Wellll, wellll,” he went as he stretched. I looked over at Ben and I was, like, thank goodness my little boyfriend had a cock in his mouth that stopped him from laughing. “Hey,” I heard Sawyer nudge my big boyfriend. “Aiden. Wake up.” “Mmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh, what’s…Ohhh, we have visitors again.” “God, that felts goooooooood.” “Little dudes, seriously. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” “Nnnnnnggggggg…” Sawyer’s cock was hard in my mouth. I couldn’t believe me and Ben were getting away with it. Our big brothers couldn’t tell! “Hey, you’re a little more aggressive than usual,” went Sawyer. Uh-oh, I thought, he can tell! I went softer with my sucking. I looked at Ben and he had yike! eyes and started sucking harder. “Yeeeaahhhhh, just like that,” said Sawyer. Phew! “Fuuuuuuuccck, I love it,” sighed Aiden. “I’m coming, stud.” Here it was! Finally, I was gonna taste my big brother’s cum! And I was gonna win the shooting contest, even though me and Ben never bet this time over who’d come first. “NNNNNNNNGGGGGG!!!” Sawyer blasted in my mouth and I gotta say it was kinda coconut milky like Ben said. “FFFUUUUUCCCK!!!” went Aiden. I watched Ben gulp down his big brother’s cum. Still with Sawyer’s cock in my mouth, I smiled at Ben. We quietly high fived. Me and Ben pulled off and tried not to giggle. “Thank you, alarm clocks,” chuckled Aiden. Us little brothers were about to switch sides, when Sawyer grabbed my arm and pulled me up. “C’mon, little boyfriend,” he said, “lemme give you a kiss.” Ben was also being pulled up! Oh no! Soon as Sawyer saw me he let out a shout. Aiden went bug eyed seeing Ben. They pushed us away. “What…What’d you do?” demanded Sawyer. “Ah, please don’t bakırköy travesti tell me…” went Aiden. “We just wanted to know whose cum tasted better!” said Ben, as if telling them would make it all better. I didn’t want him to feel bad, so I said, “It was just a bet!” “Did you seriously just swallow my jizz?” Aiden asked his little brother. “Oh no no no,” went Sawyer. “Dudes, that so wasn’t cool.” “We’re sorry,” I whimpered. “We just wanted to know,” pouted Ben. Kay, so that didn’t go well. Us little brothers were grounded in my room for the morning. We kissed and cuddled and Ben let me fuck him. It was kinda scary, cause we thought Sawyer and Aiden would stop being our big boyfriends. But at lunchtime, we were told to come for pizza pockets and lemonade. The teenagers were less mad at us kids. But they were still serious. “That wasn’t right what you did,” Aiden scolded. “We need to feel we can trust you,” added Sawyer. Ben was like super alert. “You can trust us!” “Evidently not,” said Aiden. “That was incest, dudes. You don’t do it with your own brother.” “It was almost like cheating.” Ben started getting tears. “We didn’t mean it that way.” I started getting tears cause Ben was getting ’em. “We’re really, really sorry.” “The chains we gave you were for a reason. It was a sacred bond as big and little boyfriends.” “So for the next few days, the big boyfriends are sticking together and the little boyfriends are sticking together.” “We’ll let you know when we’re big and little boyfriends again. Understand?” Me and Ben gave them sad nods. “Alright,” went Aiden. “We do have just one question for you.” Me and Ben looked, like, what? “Just one question,” said Sawyer. Me and Ben waited all super nervous. Aiden said, “Whose cum tastes better?” Me and Ben were still so nervous we didn’t even smile. But the big brothers cracked up, so we laughed too. “My big boyfriend’s!” Ben shouted. “My big boyfriend’s!” I shouted. “Good answer,” both Aiden and Sawyer said. The big brothers were still mad, but they took us for ice cream and we played Frisbee in the park. Even though we all had fun, me and Ben did miss doing big and little boyfriend stuff. It was hard with us being smaller, cause we couldn’t do Fernando together, and forget Beanstalk which was when the one person crawled up the other person. You needed a teenager for those. I tried Monster Mash on Ben, but he didn’t like me grinding my wiener into his face. Ben did Punching Bag on me, and even though he said it was good, it still wasn’t the same for him trying to push my little nutsack with his nose and lick it. The punishment only lasted one day. Next morning, Aiden and Sawyer called to us from their bedroom. The little brothers ran in and there were our big brothers lying without a sheet and both with hardons. We got to blow our own big boyfriends again, but this time they made sure to see us so we didn’t sneak and suck a big brother instead! After we swallowed their loads, our big boyfriends hugged and kissed us. It was so nice to have them back again! We played all morning in the pool. Being a hot summer day it was cool and refreshing. After lunch, the big boyfriends said we’d been so good they were going to reward us with a surprise. Me and Ben begged and begged and begged for them to tell us. Aiden smiled. Sawyer smiled. “You’re coming with us to the Pride Parade next week,” said Aiden. Me and Ben jumped around like crazy. This was the gay event the big brothers had talked about going to. But now the little brothers were invited! “Plus!” went Sawyer. “We’re going as superheroes.” Ben looked at me like, what? “A friend of ours from school,” continued Sawyer, “we set him up with a guy and they’re in love.” “In love just like us,” said Aiden, and the big boyfriends kissed. “This friend’s into fashion design and as a thank you he’s offered to make us costumes. He knows you dudes are going, so he’s making you costumes too.” Us little boyfriends grabbed hands and stared with our jaws hanging. “Aiden and I are going as a gay superhero couple. I’ll be Hulkling…” “…and I’m Wiccan.” “Wooooowwwww,” I said. “Super cool!” Ben shouted. “And you, Cole…” Aiden teased. “What? What?” I asked. “And you, Ben…” Sawyer teased. “Tell me!” Ben begged. Aiden smiled. “Cole, you’re going as another gay character. Iceman!” I gasped. Sawyer turned to Ben. “And you, Ben, will be his gay crush. Northstar!” Ben was so excited he couldn’t even speak. “I think this calls for Monster Mash,” went Aiden. “Right you are,” went Sawyer. “I was thinking Kitty Catting.” I flopped onto the bed and let Aiden climb on top. He grinded his cock into my face until he shot his load all over it. That was Monster Mash. Sawyer lied on his back and jerked off while Ben licked his taint. Soon as Sawyer came on his own tummy, Ben cleaned it up with his tongue and also drank from Sawyer’s belly button like it was a bowl of cream. That was Kitty Catting. We were all going to the Pride Parade! Toldja it would be the best summer!

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