Bi Guy Deflowered by Young Asian Man


It’s ironic that those of us supposedly straight guys, who from time to time go out and seek some illicit sexual adventure with another bloke, often go about it in a clandestine and rather depraved way.I’m married and just turned forty. My wife is beautiful and I enjoy making love to her. But even though sex is good she’s not that adventurous, and as for myself I’m afraid to ask for anything out-of-the-ordinary in case she uses it against me in the future. A question of embarrassment I suppose.While I have always been known as a ‘ladies’ man’, I have, since I was younger wanked, fondled and probed myself at the thought of sucking, fucking and being ridden by another guy. Naturally I had to keep these thoughts very much to myself; my family was not the most understanding and also because I really did enjoy pussy. But I craved another guy’s dick.At night I would lie in bed and think how dirty I could get with another boy. I wondered what it would be like to be seduced by an older man who enjoyed younger guys. How I would dance seductively for him while my cock throbbed through my tight, clingy Calvin Klein boxer shorts. How I would let him use me. I wondered what it would be like to take a big penis up my ass and feel hot cum shoot inside me.As I became more adventurous I began to replace the fingers I used regularly to stick up my butt with either a small cucumber or carrot, or the handle of a toilet brush, or even a small plastic coke bottle. The pleasure I could get from stretching and filling my ass was incredible but I knew that nothing could replace the real thing.I refrained from making any rash moves and by the age of 25 I had not yet had any gay experience. It was simply just too risky. But it was at that age that I moved away to a new country, far from anyone I knew and far from prying eyes. And it didn’t take long before I ended up tasting cock for the first time.One afternoon I was out reading on my favourite rock on the pier. As summer had already passed there were only a couple of people swimming in the sea. One guy was not far from me but I paid him little attention – at that point my book was more interesting. But less than five minutes had passed when this slender Filipino guy in Speedo shorts got out of the water and sat on another rock not ten feet from me. At first I felt like this was an intrusion on my privacy but within no time he was beckoning me over to sit with him.I found this exciting and a tingle worked its way through my body as I considered the request. It was the most blatant come-on that I had ever received. Initially I smiled but politely refused, pretending that my book was much too engaging. Thankfully I was sitting side on to him so he couldn’t see my hard erection extending down my inside leg.It’s probably a good time to describe myself. I’m a white, athletic but slim 5’6” man with a good-looking but not beautiful face. I have a head of brown hair which goes with my brown eyes and sallow complexion. Not an ounce of fat in isvecbahis sight I was, and still am, good to look at and my medium-sized but thick cock is perfectly straight with a smooth velvety bulbous head. I have the body and looks which have attracted a host of overtly gay men in the past – but they’re not the ones I was looking for.But back to the Filipino guy who had just arrived. He was a good 2 inches shorter than me and the first thing I noticed was that he had no chest or leg hair. To me he looked ‘smooth’ and full of potential. Always having had a penchant for Asian women, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this translated well to Asian men too. He had boyish looks and I guessed he was around my age but his body had the form of an 18 year old, which suited me just fine. Although he had nothing else on except his Speedo’s I couldn’t get a good look at his crotch to see what he might be packing. But not knowing only increased my curiosity.He wasn’t long in convincing me to sit beside him. My intention to play hard-to-get went up in smoke as I took my firm ass, and even firmer cock, off the rock I was perched on and sat on another just to his left. He was softly spoken as he introduced himself as Jon and wondered whether I wanted to take off my shirt and trousers and join him for a dip in the sea. I had to decline. I certainly did not want to get caught with another guy.But I really wanted to touch that youthful, almost undeveloped body, and put my hand down the front of his Speedo’s to see what was on offer. And I bet he wanted to do the same thing to me. My heart was racing and the palms of my hands were moist with nervous sweat. Even my ass was sweating and I revelled in the knowledge that only I knew. One thing I couldn’t hide though was the fully erect cock in my trousers. And he was quick to spot it, “Mmmm, that looks nice. Looks big,” he said alluringly. I didn’t think it was possible but this made me even more aroused and it seemed as if my manhood could no longer contain itself in my clothes.Jon began to stroke the inside of my thigh, more towards the knee than my groin. It didn’t matter, it was just so thrilling to have another man touch me with the sole intention of penetrating every part of my mind and body. Within about two minutes my mustard coloured trousers developed a considerable wet patch as my unbearably erect cock oozed a lot of pre-cum through my boxers. “And I didn’t even touch it!” Jon added with a mischievous smile, rubbing his fingers in it and knowing precisely that he was completely in control.Dusk was upon us and it was time to leave the pier. I had a decision to make. I was incredibly turned on by this sexy boy but knew that if I accepted to take this further, there was no turning back. It didn’t take long – after all I did live on my own and didn’t know the neighbours – and we were quickly in my car headed for my apartment. Jon, now sitting in the passenger seat, replaced his hand on the same leg as before but this isveçbahis giriş time moved up a bit so he could caress the top of my knob, forcing yet more liquid to seep out. By the time we parked the car I had to wrap my sweater around my waist and let the sleeves hang down so nobody would see the glorious mess in my trousers.The doors shut to the elevator and my new-found friend became even more forward than before, facing me full on and placing the palm of his hand firmly yet sensually on the bulge in my pants. He leaned forward, placed the other hand behind my neck and drew my lips to his. After a moment’s teasing he separated my lips with his tongue which I let lick and explore the inside of my mouth. I had closed my eyes and found that I was entering a new world of ecstasy which was unceremoniously broken by the elevator bell which forced us to part so suddenly that I feared the moment had passed. Upon closing the door to my apartment I didn’t know what to do so I played the polite host and showed him around. The tour finished at the door to my bedroom. Jon took my hand, something I had never experienced with another guy before. It felt so wrong to begin this taboo intimacy but it stirred something deep inside me.Once again he drew me to him and kissed me with his tongue deep inside my mouth. In response I put my arms around his waist and drew his pelvis towards mine so I could feel his meat and at the same time I wanted him to feel my extended cock gyrate around his. In a flash he had taken both of our shirts off and we briefly felt the hot skin of our chests meet. Knowing how close I was to living my favourite dream made the whole episode almost unbearable. I also knew that living a fantasy means you’re one fantasy short.Nonetheless I buried this thought, sat down on the bed and gently urged Jon to follow me. No hesitation there. My head was at the level of his waist as I glanced up at him. He just smiled. I took both hands to the top button of his trousers and had him quickly unzipped. All that was left were the Speedo’s which were being stretched tight by a bulging crotch. With my right hand I cupped his covered balls and with the other slowly peeled away the top of the shorts, leaving as much room as possible for his dick to emerge and swell more. And it duly did. What stood before me was a semi-erect piece of heaven. It wasn’t very long and the knob was bent at the top, but to me it looked beautiful and full of promise.I wasted no time getting my mouth down there. I just had to suck it soon before it got fully erect, I wanted to feel the whole thing with my mouth and tongue. It was just as I had hoped it would be; a musty smell, tart taste of pre-cum and an overwhelming feeling of pure ‘forbidden’ behaviour which just made me even hornier. Within about 10 seconds I had taken every last inch of him down my throat. As I surfaced for air I looked up and saw Jon’s face which was a mixture of ecstasy and surprise – surprise that for someone who isveçbahis yeni giriş had never sucked cock before I could deep throat without gagging. It was pure ecstasy for me too.Before I could get that cock back in my mouth Jon had me lying on the edge of the bed with my feet in the air, confidently removing my boxers and trousers. As I sat up again with my legs over the edge he got down on his knees and took my cock in his hand, stroked it and said admiringly, “That is the most beautiful dick I have ever seen. Can I have it?” I told him it was all his and he got to work with the enthusiasm of a schoolboy but with the ability of a well-seasoned cocksucker. It felt so warm inside his mouth and the sensation which ripped through my body as I entered his throat is hard to beat, even today. This was something I could never achieve on my own; it was personal, it was live and it really was happening.Jon’s attention to cocksucking surpassed anything I thought possible. With each movement I made he intuitively reacted to my every want. When I thought I was going to cum he slowed down, when I began to go soft he increased his pressure. I couldn’t have asked for more but we were, after all, at the early teasing stages and this moment had passed its best. It was time to move on to pastures fresh and at Jon’s not-too-subtle suggestion we were to suck each other off. Fuck me, what a thought, how much kinkier can this get?As in a restaurant I wanted to get to the main course and not have to bother with the hors d’oeuvres and the starters. I wasn’t, in this instance, the Boss. The choices were no longer mine, I had no experience in the way of gay sex and frankly I knew that when I did have the opportunity to have sex with another man, I wanted to be the bitch. I wanted to be dominated, I wanted the other guy to dictate terms. And most importantly, I wanted this cute Asian guy with a twisted dick to fuck me like a woman.We both lay embraced on the bed, still gently exploring each other’s cocks, while we discussed which way to do this: Side by side facing each other? Spoon position with one guy’s cock pulled back towards his ass? Or a 69er? “69 for me” I said, “but I want to be on top.” Jon’s reaction was clear judging by the upward movement of his rod. He had been semi-stiff for a few minutes despite my caressing and I figure the impending mutual cocksucking did it for him.He rolled onto his back and started to masturbate with deep strokes of his cock. Inclining his head toward me he said suggestively, “Well, get that little dick of yours in my mouth. This is a two-way street and we both have work to do.” I didn’t hesitate to respond. I turned around and straddled his face while my own eyes were facing his wonderfully smooth cock. I reached down to rub Jon’s balls with my hand, in preparation for taking a mouthful of his manhood but first I had to see him take my limp cock between his own lips. He looked at the hanging piece of flesh with relish and after gripping it in his fist and vigorously tugging at it four or five times he stuck it between his lips and attacked it like I had attacked his just 20 minutes before. It was only a matter of seconds before I was hard again and fucking his mouth.

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