Bi-Dads And Daughters Enjoy A Post-Wedding Party


I first met David a few years ago as his daughter Dani was friends with my own daughter Millie. He was a tall handsome guy with slightly greying hair and blue eyes who was in impressive shape for somebody in their forties.We always got on well, soon became friends, and started meeting up for occasional drinks. There was always a bit of a vibe that things might go beyond friendship and it didn’t take long before we became regular and enthusiastic fuck buddies.David was in great shape with a long, thick cock that I loved having inside me as often as I could. We were both versatile so took turns fucking each other.The only danger was that one or both of our daughters might one day catch us in bed. It was something we joked about at times, especially now they had both turned eighteen.Both Dani and Millie had grown up into very sexy young women. Dani was a bit taller at 5-6 with long blonde hair and lovely curves; Millie was 5-2, brunette, and more petite than her friend.One day after a nice long session, we started chatting about the two girls.“I hope you don’t mind me saying Matt but Millie is such a sexy young woman these days,” David said.“I could say the same for Dani – she must have lots of guys after her,” I replied.“I know. She has to fight them off,” he laughed. “I’ve seen you looking at her.”“Sorry I can’t help but notice her.”“I’m the same with Millie – hope you don’t mind but I’ve had a few fantasies about her,” he admitted.“Oh right – please tell me more,” I teased.“I shouldn’t really – you’re her dad.”“Well I don’t mind at all – I’ve had the same thoughts about Dani,” I added.He smiled at me wolfishly at this point.“We’re so alike,” David added, noticing that my cock was already getting hard again. “So we both want to fuck each other’s daughters.”“Probably only natural,” I replied and looked down to see that David was getting hard again too.We didn’t have a similar conversation for a while. But sometimes I noticed David checking out and even flirting mildly with Millie, which I found unexpectedly exciting. I did likewise with Dani and she at least seemed a little receptive to my efforts, although I didn’t think it would lead anywhere.A few months later, all of us and our families attended kaçak iddaa the wedding of another friend’s daughter. Both Dani and Millie looked stunning – Dani in an elegant red dress that really showed off her curves, while Millie was in a tight but still classy dark blue number.After the wedding ceremony, we all went to a nearby hotel for the reception and I started chatting with David.“Our girls are looking so hot today,” he said.“I know, they are already turning heads,” I laughed.“And getting cocks hard no doubt,” he smiled.“I know, mine is already getting that way.”“Just wait until you have a dance with Dani – you’re going to be like a rock,” David whispered. “I’m going to be the same with Millie.”“Well that’s fine with me – she might like it.”“They both might and that would make us even harder,” David said clinking Champagne glasses with me.The wedding progressed fairly mundanely with some faintly amusing speeches and then the happy couple’s first dance.By the time the dancing really began, I was already feeling faintly drunk. I spotted Dani dancing with a guy her age, and I felt a pang of jealousy.Meanwhile, Millie was chatting with a couple of friends.David came and said down next to me. He seemed even more tipsy than me.“I’m going to ask Millie to dance with me, why don’t you do the same with Dani?” he suggested.“Not sure she’s going to dance with me,” I replied.“Well it’s worth a try – who knows what might happen?”He ambled over to Millie and I could see him asking her. She clearly accepted and David led her by the hand over to the dance floor.By this point, Dani had finished dancing and was quietly sucking on a cocktail a few tables away.I went over to her and she smiled up at me.“Hi Dani, how’s it going?” I said sitting down.“I”m good thanks Mr Jones,” she said.“I wondered if you fancied a dance – Millie seems to have gone off with your dad.”“Yeah, I noticed.”We looked over at them and could see them dancing fairly closely. This gave me even more encouragement so I grabbed Dani by the hand and she laughed as I pulled her on to the dance floor.The dance was fairly tame to begin with. Dani even laughed at my lack of style and accused me of “dad dancing”. But it was just fun being kaçak bahis near this hot, sexy young woman.When the slower songs came on, I made to leave the dance floor but to my surprise, Dani pulled me back and said she still wanted to dance.As we moved closer together, I could feel the heat from her young body and my cock became even harder than it had been for a long time. I put my arms around her waist and pulled her in tight.I glanced across to see that David and Millie were both dancing closely too. This was such a hot sight as I knew he would be as hard as I was.Dani looked at me with her gorgeous green eyes. She was clearly fairly drunk as well.“I’ve always liked you Mr Jones,” she said with a slight slur.“Thanks, Dani, call me Matt. You’re a lovely young woman.”“Matt – can I tell you a secret?”“Sure if you want to,” I said, suddenly feeling quite nervous.“Well, I’ve always had a bit of a crush on you,” she giggled.“Oh, I guess that can happen – I’m very flattered about that,” I replied.She smiled up at me and I pulled her in tightly. I could see that David and Millie were still dancing closely too.“You like me too, don’t you? I can feel your hard cock,” Dani whispered in my ear.“I’m sorry about that – I can’t help it being so close to a beautiful young woman.”She smiled again and licked her lips slightly. I could tell from the swell of her lovely firm tits that she was getting turned on too and her hardening nipples were becoming prominent through her dress.Things were getting so hot, I thought it was better to stop before things went too far – particularly in such a public setting.I broke out of the dance with Dani, which she seemed a bit disappointed by, and headed back to the tables. David and Millie had also left the dance floor.“That was one hot dance,” he said looking a little flushed. “Millie seemed to be getting a bit carried away.”“Dani’s pretty much the same – she told me she’s had a crush on me,” I said.“Maybe we should take them somewhere private – we can all go up to my suite,” he suggested.“I’m up for that if they are.”The two girls were now chatting together and looking over at us. I wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen but David went over to them. There was a illegal bahis brief discussion and then he came back to me.“They are happy to go up to the suite,” he said. “Are you up for this? See where it goes?”“Oh yeah totally,” I said confidently, although I wasn’t really sure.We headed up in the elevator to David’s plush suite, with both girls now fairly quiet and a little giggly. When we got into the suite, David fixed us all a glass of Champagne.“It’s much more private here,” he said as he handed out the glasses.The girls sat next to each other on the sofa and looked a bit nervous now. Had they just been teasing us? It was time to find out.“Well Dani, Millie – you’ve got your old dads quite excited now,” David said.They looked at each other but stayed silent, suddenly not so confident. But their eyes could not stop wandering down to look at the huge bulges in our trousers.“See something you like Millie?” David said as he walked up to my daughter stopping just a few inches from her face and giving her a close-up view of how hard and big he was.“It looks so big,” she giggled nervously.“Well you got it this hard, so you’re going to have to do something about it,” David said grinning widely. “Put your hand on it, don’t be shy Millie.”I moved closer to them to get a good view as Millie slowly reached out her right hand and started to caress David’s bulge which seemed to be getting even bigger. Her small hand seemed tiny in comparison.As I watched her caress David through his trousers, I felt Dani reach out and start touching my own bulge. I smiled down at her.“You’re pretty hard yourself Matt,” she whispered up to me. Her touch felt amazingly good and she looked so pretty, I felt like I would almost burst out of my trousers.After a few moments, David suggested both girls stand up and give each other a kiss. At first, they seemed tentative but Dani leaned into Millie and the two girls slowly opened their mouths.“That’s it girls,” encouraged David as they kissed more deeply.As the girls broke their embrace, David moved over to me and kissed me deep and hard. It was an intense deep kiss showing how turned on we both were.“Daddy – that’s so naughty,” said Millie with a note of surprise in her voice.After we had stopped kissing, David moved behind Millie and put his arms around her pulling my daughter closer to him. His hands quickly started caressing her and she purred contentedly as he touched her.

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