Best parentteacher conference ever

For Women

It’s Wednesday afternoon at work and I get a text from you. “Hey honey, don’t forget tonight is the parent/teacher conference and fundraiser, so try to get home on time.” I get home a little late from the office, but am in time to go to the school function and head upstairs to change clothes quickly. I see you getting out of the closet and you’re wearing a snug, low cut sweater that shows off your ample chest and see you’re wearing a new necklace that is very shiny and hangs very low in your cleavage. “Wow, honey, you sure look nice,” I comment and you blush. Then I start to laugh and add, “Oh, I know why you’re looking so sassy tonight?” “What? What do you mean?” I can’t hide my smile and slight smirk and say “I almost forgot it was teacher conference night, and whose wife has the hots for the teacher Mr. Burns. I’m trying to think the last I saw you in a skirt and heels for a PTA meeting.” I see you blush a little as you know you’ve made enough comments to your female friends, that I must have heard a few. I giggle as I playfully pinch your ass, “Maybe we should do a little role play some night where I’m Mr. Burns and our son is failing çankaya escort and you’ll do anything to get him a passing grade so he can get a scholarship.” We both laugh at the idea and head over to the school. We get to his classroom and see we’re the only one on his schedule for the night as the one after us cancelled. We sit down and then we both get a text at the same time. “Sorry I’m running really late, we can reschedule or if you want to wait, I’ll text you when I’m closer. Maybe you can enjoy the fundraiser while you wait. Sorry, Mr. Burns.” You shrug and grab your bag and start to head out but as I get up, I go over to his desk and sit down and say “Kendra, thanks for meeting with me.” You’re not sure what is happening but then I add, “Well, you know we’ve been talking about the trouble your child is having in class. I know you want him to get good grades or else his scholarship will be lost but I’m not sure what we should do. I’m just not sure as a parent you’re committed enough to the situation.” Suddenly, you smile seeing I’m playing a little game and playfully add “Thank you Mr. Burns, rus escort I’ve tried so much, he’s just not getting it, I’m not sure what to do. We really need this scholarship,” as you playfully bat your eyes and lean over showing your cleavage. “Let me show you,” as I stand up and move to the desk and pull out some paper and lay it on the table. “Look at this, but he’s not getting it,” as you look over at the papers and feel me come up behind you and start to grind against your ass as you are on the desk. You feel me pushing against you, my erection growing as I say “This assignment isn’t very difficult, there are things that are hard in the world, but not this one,” I playfully add. After a minute, I feel you reach back and start to rub my erection. “See, that’s the kind of initiative your son should be taking. Find a problem, and solve it.” As I grind against your hand, you see purse teetering on the edge of the desk and then it falls over. You bend over to get it and by the time you scoop it, you see me standing on the edge of the desk, my crotch is inches from your face and my erection is pointing out. I look eryaman escort down and say “Let’s see if mom has more initiative than her son,” as I lean my hips in a little closer to your face and you reach up and pull down my zipper and start to take my cock into your mouth. My hands go to the back of your head as you kiss and lick softly and look up. As we make eye contact, I add “That’s good initiative,” as I slowly start to fuck your mouth with my cock. Going slowly in and out as your hands hold the shaft. It’s not forceful, but my hands hold your head in place, letting you know what I expect. You pull back to the head and start to lick and suck the tip, turning me on more and then start to get more into it. As you can tell, I’m close to climaxing, you pull away and look up with your beautiful eyes and say “Does this get the grade we need?” as you think you’re in control of the situation. My hand keeps stroking my cock as you try and negotiate as I say “Well, that might help me forget the unexcused absences, but…” and then you feel a stream of come hit you on your chest and start to dribble down between your tits and on your necklace. I smile down and see you completely caught off guard by me doing that. You start to protest and ask “What the hell was that?” as you’re standing up. Suddenly you hear “You don’t talk to your teacher like that” in a very strong tone, something you normally don’t hear.

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