Subject: Best of british chapter 5 (Gay, celebrity) Best of British Part 5 This is a fictional story that involves consensual sex between people over the age of 18 and does not imply the sexuality of the people in the stories. Please donate anything possible to the Nifty fty/donate.html. My ass was fucking sore the next day, as if taking a pounding rom Danny Dyer and his massive Daddy cock, I was double fucked by Sam Aston and Alan Halsall taking a flood of cum into my ass. Even after I showered and got home cum was leaking from my ass all night and it ruined my sheets. I was praying my ass would recover in time for the next night. Luckily when I woke up my ass felt back to normal and I was ready to show some celebrities a good time. The shop as usual was fucking boring but I made a killing that day earning a lot of money. I decided to shut the shop an hour early and have a little nap, to rest my ass and cock for the night to come. I woke up at 6pm and got in the shower, I made myself look presentable and to my surprise my phone buzzed, usually I don’t get a call until I’m at the place, I checked it and it of course was Dani, “So 2 guys tonight. The first one says he can meet you at his house”. At his house, that was very unusual I was usually their little secret so this would be a nice surprise. The taxi pulled up at 7pm and I got inside, I quickly fell asleep in the taxi as I usually do so I had no idea where I was, but the journey took a little while. I woke up just as we were pulling up. I thanked the driver and got out at the gate. I was greeted by security who smiled at me, they knew for sure what I was here for they looked me up and down paying attention to my bulge which was nice, its nice to be appreciated isn’t it. I walked up to the door and my phone buzzed, “The first guy wants you to suck his cock only for a little before you lick his ass and then he wants to fuck you”. I smiled and put my phone in my pocket and to my shock the door opened immediately, and it wasn’t security it was the celebrity himself. I was so shocked; this celeb had been in my wank bank for years and I just wanted to whip his cock out at the door and swallow all his babies. “No fucking way no way do you want my services”, I laughed my hand covering my mouth in disbelief. Standing in front of me wearing a sexy vest and sweatpants was none other than British singing legend and all round DILF, Peter Andre. He smiled and put his finger to his lips, “Shhhh you gotta be quiet I have people sleeping in the bedrooms”, I smiled so even with others in the house he still wanted to get his dick wet what a dirty fucker. He led me into the house and into the living room, “Hey dude thanks so much for this I need this so bad”, he chuckled his slight Australian accent turned me on so much. “No problem dude happy to be of assistance”. He smiled and stood up, “So shall we start here and see where it goes”? he whispered looking unsure if the living room would be ok, I grabbed the waistband of his sweatpants and pulled him closer before grabbing his bulge making him sigh in pleasure. I rubbed it for a few seconds before he tipped my head up with his finger and muttered, “Let me remove some of my clothes”. And with that he pulled his shirt over his head, saliva filled my mouth as the Greek godlike body came into view, his tanned chest looked perfect, his body was smooth with slight hair on his treasure trail and a bit of hair on his pits. His pecs were defined and even at 47 years old he still had a 6 pack. His nipples soft and brown looked perfect for licking, damn why didn’t this man want his body worshiped. Peter smiled and pointed to his cock, “Pull them down then”. He chuckled putting his hand behind his head. I grabbed the waistband and quickly yanked them down his Black Armani boxer briefs coming into view and fuck the lump in those underwear looked huge. I just went for it, I grabbed the waistband and pulled them completely down, my mouth hanging open as I saw it. His cock was flung from his underwear bouncing up and down in the air, his cock looked amazing one of the most beautiful cock’s I had ever seen in my life. It stood stone hard at a massive 11 inches long, his Ex-Wife wasn’t lying when she said it was big, it looked a nice thickness and pointed slightly upwards. His head pink and bulbous with the foreskin covering the head slightly. His balls were as big as golf balls and weren’t saggy at all in his ball sac which was hairless. His pubic har was jet black and manscaped perfectly. He helicoptered it in my face sending Pre-Cum flying around the room. He shook it in front of me and chuckled, “Think this Australian snake is enough?”. I chuckled and nodded my head taking his cock in my hand and rolling his foreskin back and forth over the head, “Ugh that feels so good”, he grunted smiling when looking down at me. I pulled the foreskin completely back revealing his glands and entire cock head, I stuck out my tongue and took a long lick up the shaft licking from base to tip covering my tongue with his Pre-Cum, his cock tasted glorious, so clean but still musky like a pure man. I licked it like a lollypop for a few minutes coating it in my saliva before pulling away and quickly and quietly sliding the head into my mouth. “Ughhhh yes”, Peter moaned, his voice going higher as he moaned. I began my decent on his cock not wanting to tease this god. I slid it down my throat and immediate he began thrusting his hips trying to push it deeper into my mouth, he wasn’t being too rough which was a nice change. His hands were ruffling through my hair. His cock bottomed out in my throat making peter whimper, “F…Fuck not many can take it all”. I smiled at him and using my tongue I began to lick his balls with his cock deep in my throat, “OH GOD YES… YOUR SHOWING OFF NOW”, Peter shouted putting his underwear into his mouth to bursa yabancı escort stifle his moans as I took long swipes at his salty balls all the wile impaling his cock into my throat, he put his hand down and felt my throat, “Fuck I can feel my cock bulging in your throat” He moaned thrusting upwards so he could really feel it. He slowly fucked my throat for around 10 minutes his balls beginning to slap against my chin making my licking more intense, He then pulled away and grunted, “Suck me balls”, before shoving my face into his balls, he was very authoritative grunting orders at me, “Faster…suck harder…take them both”, his balls tasted incredible as I made them wet with my saliva, they would feel good slapping against my ass. He pulled me off and whispered, “Wanna eat me out?”. I grinned and he whispered, “Not in here I got somewhere naughtier”. He grabbed my hand and led me across the room and into the kitchen where he ordered me to strip naked, when I did he grabbed my cock making me grunt, “Mmmmm nice cock dude” he said smiling sexily at me. What he did next made my eyes open in shock, he sat on the kitchen counter and lifted his legs into the air, “Come on then eat me out right here”, I was in shock he really was a dirty fucker. I brought a chair for me to sit on because a girl has to be comfy when eating an asshole. His ass was perfect, fat, and peachy, nearly hairless with a few hairs around the hole and his hole matched his skin and was brown and tight. I dare not slap his ass because there were people in the house. I moved forward and sunk my tongue into his tight hole, immediately Pete raised his head and moaned, “Fuuuuuck yes eat my ass boy”. His hands immediately holding my head in place as I ate his ass hard and fast shoving my tongue around the hole making the hole and crack wet with my saliva. I teased his hole with my tongue before pushing hard with my tongue making him scream into his hands, “UGHHH YES”, He held me firmly in place and rubbed his ass against my face forcing me to taste his ass juices, fuck this mans ass tasted so good I could eat this ass forever. Suddenly Peter pulled me from his fat ass and whispered, “I know I didn’t say I wanted this but…could you…ummm” I smiled at him, “Just say it Pete come on”, “Will you put something in my ass” he groaned jerking his cock, I smiled before looking around, “What can I use?” I questioned. Peter thought for a while letting me play with his cock as he thought, a smile came to his face, “Look in the fridge there will be something”. This man wanted me to put a vegetable in his ass fuck this was unbelievably hot. I opened the fridge and saw immediately the right thing. I pulled it out the fridge and walked back over to Peter who smiled at me like a Cheshire cat, “Fuck yes get it in me”. He grinned spreading his ass even more, I sucked on the vegetable before putting it at his entrance and pushed the Carrot against his hole, it gave a lot of resistance but finally the hole opened and the carrot which was quite long was pushed into his guts, Peter moaned and gritted his teeth as the carrot made his way into his entrance, I could tell this hurt, “Don’t stop…feels good”, peter moaned as I pushed and pushed it until it was deep inside his hole, when it was all in I pulled it out and pushed it back in making Pre-cum shoot from his cock and make his stomach shine, I pushed It in fast and hard making his big balls bounce up and down and Pete moan, “Fuck…fuck…fuck”, I pushed it in deep and held it there pushing harder until my finger started to go inside as well. “Stop…stop…stop”, Peter moaned looking up at me, I was scared I had hurt him, his breathing was so heavy, “I… need to…fuck you or I’m gonna…cum”, he moaned, I grinned and pulled the carrot out looking for a bin, “Just put it back in the fridge, waste not want not, peter grinned. I was shocked he was going to cook the carrot that has been up his ass, I put it back in the fridge and he stood up. “Lets fuck in another room” he grinned grabbing hold of my hand. We ran up the long staircase, his cock bobbing up and down as we ran and his peachy ass wobbling with each step. Something came over me and I was just feeling naughty, I pulled my hand from Pete and when he turned around I was on my knees I quickly gripped his cock and shoved it into my mouth swallowing it all the way to the balls, “OH fuck…yes”. Peter moaned having to lie on the stairs as I made his legs buckle. His hands shot to the back on my head and pushed me down thrusting his hips upward making me choke on the fat piece. His balls were bouncing off my chin as he thrust in deep. I pulled off and smiled, “You kinky fucker”, Pete smiled standing up and grabbing me by my cock. as we got to the top of the stairs Pete thought for a second before a smile came over his face, he came in close, “Fancy taking this cock in the shower”. My cock nearly exploded at the thought, I got to have sex with Peter Andre in a shower, watching the water splash over his tight and sexy body. I smiled and squeezed his cock. He lead me into the bathroom, which was massive and fucking fancy, as he shut the door he whispered, “I had this room soundproofed so we can be as loud as we want. He turned on the shower and we got inside. The minute we were inside he pushed me up against the glass door and shoved his tongue into my mouth, the kiss was hot, wet, and passionate his hand stroking my cheek as we kissed, our tongues intertwining, and his mouth tasted incredible. He gripped my cock and jerked it slowly before putting his hand on mine and wrapping it around his hard cock. We were moaning into each other’s mouths as we began to jerk faster and faster until Pete moaned into my mouth, “Turn around I need to fuck you like now”. I turned around and Pete pulled out a bottle of lube, thank bursa sınırsız escort god he had lube that cock would have ruined me. He spread some on his cock and then fingered some into my ass, I only now realised his fingers were thick as his middle finger was thrust up into my hole, “Oh yeas daddy”, I moaned leaning back into him. He finger fucked me for about 5 minutes really opening me up. He pulled out and licked his finger, “You taste pretty good”, he whispered winking at me. He pointed to the side where I could out me leg up and he came closer beginning to rub his cock all over my hole getting it slick with his Juices. He put his arm around me and grunted pushing quick and fast into my ass sending 6 inches of his fat Daddy dick deep into my hole, we both moaned at the same time, “Shit this is tight boy”, Peter grinned slapping my ass and beginning to push into me. His cock was huge and not only was it huge it was thick too. It hurt like hell, but I wasn’t going to miss out on this opportunity. He bottomed out in my ass, Pere grabbed my neck and sexily whispered, “I’m impressed all of my thick fat cock is deep inside you not many can take it”, he chuckled and bit my ear turning me on even more. Pete began to build up a steady rhythm and his balls began to slap against my hole they swung like pendulums and the slapping sound was so loud he was grunting and groaning he was really giving me his best. He wasn’t under the jet of water and I realised that sweat had begun to glisten over his sexy muscled chest Pete was a power fucker and was speeding up so much his balls barely leaving my cheeks before slapping against them again. “F…U…C…K M…E, I grunted, Pete smiled a sexy smile and quickly pulled out all the way before thrusting his cock all the way back inside the me making me squeal, he repeated this a few times each time making me scream and Pre-Cum fire up my chest the last shot hitting my chin,. I smiled and squeezed my ass around Pete’s cock as he thrust in making each centimetre so tight around his juicy shaft and wet cock head. “Shit… So… tight”. Pete grunted before pulling me into another kiss and quickening his speed again fucking faster and faster before slamming in hard slowly over and over, this made his balls really whack into me and made Pete grunt primal caveman grunts. Me and Pete had been fucking for nearly an hour, “Fuck this man has stamina”, I thought as I realised his thrusts were becoming more erratic, I quickly felt under his cock and felt his balls tighten in my hands, through bated breath he moaned into my ear, “You…ugh…know what…that…means”. I nodded kissing him as he gave me one last scream-moaning inducing fuck ramming me brutally hard over and over before pulling out of me until just the head was in and screaming, “IM GONNA CUM…FUUUUUCK”, He screamed loud and thrust his whole cock in as it hit the base he began to cum, and boy was it an orgasm, he cummed and cummed and cummed. Shot after shot of his warm sticky salty man juice firing its way into my hole, he grunted and put his head into my shoulder thrusting slowly but hard as his orgasm made his legs shake, as he fucked the last of his cum into me my balls began to ache, and I shot a massive load all over the bathroom tiles. Pete was covered in sweat and I took the chance to lift his arm up and suck on his sweaty lightly haired armpit, “You dirty boy drink my sweat”, Peter moaned as my tongue washed his sweaty pit clean. When finished I moved over and gently sucked his erect nipple making him grunt again. We both moaned as his cock slid from my ass and smiled at each other before he smiled at me and whispered, “Lets wash each other clean”. After washing ourselves which took a long time because I may have blown another load out of Peter swallowing all of his salty goods, it tasted incredible and for a man of nearly 50 he has the stamina of a teen. He smiled at me as I got dressed and as I walked out the door he gave me some paper with his number on, I left him sat on the sofa in his underwear. I had no doubt he would have another wank and that really turned me on. I stepped onto the street and got in my taxi, I was so excited for my next client, although it was now pretty late me and Pete had fucked for nearly 4 hours. My phone buzzed as I was in the car, “This guy doesn’t have long he wants a blowjob and when its time to cum he wants to push it up your ass”. This was perfect and didn’t seem too strenuous as my ass was pretty sore from Pete’s cock. I got to a really fancy hotel and I mean a really expensive hotel. I was shocked. I was greeted by a big burly security guard who took me into a room where there was a small team of people, I was given the NDA and told that this person Is a very famous person and that If this got out that I would be in a whole lot of trouble. I was actually nervous at this point. Who could be that famous? I thought. I was shown to the penthouse suite where I was told that security would be outside the door at all times and that one call and they would come in and remove me. I was nervous but still excited to see who this guy was. I knocked on the door and walked in. I immediately saw the guy the second I walked in, my mouth falling open in shock and I had to rub my eyes to make sure I was seeing right. Sat on the bed in nothing but a pair of Boss briefs was none other than Fucking Prince Harry, FUCKING PRINCE HARRY. My cock twitched in my underwear as I slowly walked towards him. “Thank you very much for agreeing to meet with me”, he said his thick posh accent sounding so sexy. I didn’t know what to say, “P…Prince Harry oh my god it’s you”, I stammered, he smiled that sexy smile at me before reaching down and groping his bulge, “It is me and you’re going to get to know me very well”, he grinned. I had calmed down now and görükle escort only just realised how freaking hot the royal was, his body although not the most toned was quite fit with slightly defined pecs and hairless apart from a small ginger treasure trail leading to the royal goods. “Let just cut to the chase”, he chuckled walking towards me squeezing his sizable bulge, “Suck my cock now boy”, he whispered I was shocked to hear this coming out of a Prince’s mouth. I knelt on the floor and he pulled me up, “Not on the floor we aren’t chav’s in a toilet having sex”, he chuckled and pointed to the chair, “Sit there you might as well be comfy”. I sat on the chair and he walked close so his crotch was at eye level. He put his fingers in the waistband and pulled them down, my eyes widening and my mouth filling with saliva. His cock sprang out and a blob of his Pre-Cum was flung onto my cheek, I swiped it off and hungrily licked it off my finger, I was licking Prince Harry’s Pre-cum holy fuck. He smiled and put his hands on his hips, “My penis is all yours now”, he chuckled moving towards me. His cock was pretty nice, not the biggest id had at 8 inches long, it was surprisingly tanned for a ginger cock, his foreskin was rolled neatly behind the pink mushroom head and it hung at a slight left curve. His balls were pink and looked to be full of cum. I grabbed it in my hand and began to suck hungrily on the head, Harry groaned, whispering, “oh bugger me that feels so good”. His cock was so freaking wet and the Pre-Cum flowed freely from the piss slit. I licked around the glands of his cock before flicking my tongue around and then in his piss slit which earned me a gasp from the Prince throwing his head back and grunting, “Fuck yes”. I decided I had teased the man enough and began to slide his cock down my throat. He sucked in air and opened his mouth wide biting his hand as his sensitive cock was thrust into my throat. Quickly my nose hit his trimmed ginger pubic hair and he looked down at me smiling, “Great work man”, he groaned beginning to pull his cock out of my throat before pushing it back down. So, there I was with Prince Harry’s fat cock shoved in my throat and he was getting slowly more dominant thrusting his cock deep into my throat, his hands reaching around to my head and holding me down. He leaned forward holding his cock deep in the throat before thrusting hard and fast for around 20 minutes making the royal balls slap against my chin over and over, at one point actually making me gag on his cock, this made my throat vibrate on his cock head and I felt Pre-Cum shoot from his cock straight into my stomach. He grunted and his legs shook, He pulled his cock out of my mouth, a string of either my saliva or his Thick Pre-Cum connecting his cock to my mouth. He wiped it away and sucked on his finger, “I always eat my juices”, he grinned smiling that sexy Royal smile at me. He lifted his cock up before whispering, “Care to suck my balls?” I smiled and leaned forward burying my face to his fat swinging hairy nuts. They smelled incredible, like pure man and musky. I lapped and sucked at them making them wet with my saliva, I sucked one and then the other and then both of them making the handsome prince whimper in pleasure his balls now slick and dripping with my spit. He grabbed me by the chin and pulled me off his big babymakers. “Just suck the head I need to cum, when I say IM CLOSE get on that bed on all fours and prepare for me to thrust into you”. I smiled and started to suck on his very sensitive head as he jerked the shaft above me. I sucked hard letting his Pre-Cum flood over my tastebuds, his hands on the back of my head only letting me go as far as he wanted me too, it was only now I noticed I could see his ass in the mirror and lit looked bloody perfect, his ass looked big and was completely hairless apart from some ginger/brown hair in the entrance to his crack. I fucking wished I could lick his ass… Oh well maybe next time. I was brought out of my thoughts of the prince’s tight hole my him grunting and crying, “IM CLOSE”. I took my cue and jumped on the bed and waited, he lined his pulsating wet cock against my hole quickly spitting on my ass and pushing his cock in with almighty force, I think he thought it’d take more force as he thrust in hard, my ass opened and his cock was fired all the way into my ass sending him forward and landing on top of me in the bed, “Don’t bloody move” he grunted as he thrust hard and deep into my ass, I had the Prince Royal’s cock in my ass and it felt so good, he thrusted into me one more time before screaming, “FUUUUUUCK IM GOING TO SPUNK”, and lifting up his body as he thrust in as hard as he could and began to explode, his legs shaking and face contorting as he exploded shooting 7 jets of thick white Royal cum into my ass”, he grunted and groaned until his orgasm subsided. He smiled at me and pulled out, as he pulled out a surprise spurt of cum fired from his cock landing on my ass, I quickly swiped it with my finger and sucked with all my might tasting the sweet salty ball juice of the Prince, “You dirty boy”, he chuckled. Wiping his cock on the pillows, I smiled at him grabbing his cock one last time. “Shower is down the corridor”, he smiled pointing in the direction, I showered and squeezed all of his golden spunk feeling sad as it washed down the drain. When I came back he was fully dressed in a suit, “Bloody good job lad, I might book you again”. I smiled and walked out the door. I walked into the street my mind was racing, “I had just sucked off Prince Harry and taken a cum load up my ass from him, I was hit with his mighty sword, “Does this mean I’m a sir now”, I thought to myself chuckling as I got into my taxi, as we pulled away I saw Harry in the window waving me off. He wasn’t just a hot prince to me anymore, he was the sexy prince who I had extracted cum from. I was so exhausted I fell asleep in the Taxi; well, it had been an exhausting day. Who could be in the next chapter…? You decide, email me with your suggestions. I can’t promise they will all be in the series, but I will take them all into consideration, Email me at ook

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