Bella Gets Painted, Part 2


Bella gasped, her body tightening immediately against the ties and cuffs that held her open. Her hips squirmed as Cean laid a hand between her breasts, and she stilled at his words. “My love, there’s nothing to be frightened of. You trust me, you said.” Her nod was jerky, even as her breasts rose and fell rapidly, heart hammering nervously against his palm. She lay there and felt the warmth of the stranger’s body suddenly leaking into hers, and the unknown of what this other man could do, would do, propelled her to speak without thought. “But, Sir, please – “ Her sudden cry was silenced by his warm palm covering her lips, and Bella fought to keep her body still. “This night is for you, about us. You’ll feel only pleasure tonight, my sweet princess.” She felt him lean in close, and moaned into his mouth as he kissed her, his hands cupping her face, then her neck. Her back arched as she felt fingers, other fingers, not his fingers, brushing against her breast, sliding along the curve, and she groaned at the other man’s touch. “My lovely, your outburst was unacceptable.” Bella’s mind froze, and then took off with a great leap as she felt the cloth at her lips, mouth forced open to receive the small wad of material. Quiet tears leaked from her eyes, dampening the blindfold as he slipped another silk tie around her head, knotted behind her. Gag secured, Cean patted her face, stroking thumbs along her cheeks, “This way, you can still express your pleasure, but your opinion is not needed, nor required. almanbahis şikayet I have everything planned, and you will enjoy every moment of it.” He crawled from the bed, and stood there, fingers stroking the inside of her elbow as Geoff settled against her. His knees pressed into the softness of her thighs as the still-undiscovered Lance angled himself to flick a feather duster against the soft pink peak that tipped her other breast.”But, now … Hmm, let us see. I forgot the most important part of this, aside from the end result: I forgot to ask you about your safe word.” Her body quieted again, and she went soft at his wonderful words. Her way out, even she’d forgotten in her nervous excitement. At Cean’s comment, all movement ceased. Bella shuddered as the man withdrew himself away from her body until this one detail was confirmed. Long fingers stroked along the inside of her arm, his voice soft. “I think … a knock. Yes, a knock, a sharp knock” She felt him move, his body stretching against her hand, and she heard a loud rap on their headboard, felt his wrist against hers. “Go ahead, my dear, give it a try. Just stretch your body a little,” he encouraged. She did, but hers was tentative, the sound a hollow tap, to see if she needed to move farther. “Try a harder knock, lovely, to make sure you can do it.” She obeyed, rapping it sharply enough that her knuckles stung. His chuckle was soft, and he leaned down to kiss the stinging flesh, making Bella’s heart melt with the soft gesture.”One almanbahis canlı casino of us will have our eyes checking up here, my love. Always an ear will be bent for that sound. If it’s too much, that’s all you must do. Are you ready to continue?” At her ready nod, he grinned, and stroked her face around the blindfold, motioning Geoff back into place beside her. Cean’s lips teased the bow of her sweet lips, as the hands of her hidden lover traced along her rib cage. Geoff leaned down, his right hand cupping her breast from the side, and he licked his tongue over the peak, the tip coming back to lash the tender bud over and over. Yet again, her back bowed, but this time was accompanied by a moan that rumbled in her throat, stifled by her silken gag. “Yes, my pet, enjoy. I’ve heard his tongue is talented.” Cean let his robe fall open, and idly stroked his cock, uncaring of the men around him as he watched her body arch, moans rumbling against her gag as Geoff began to lightly saw his teeth over the bud in his mouth. Richard switched his weight from foot to foot as he watched the damp flower between Bella’s thighs slowly begin to unfurl, and look impatiently up at Cean, who stood to the side, watching as the man teased his pet… Cean arched an amused brow, then nodded, tapping Geoff, who almost growled with frustration at his turn being disrupted. Moving from the bed and standing, he thrust the band of his pants down, freeing his hardened shaft, and wrapped a palm around almanbahis casino it, stroking the hungry flesh with a sigh even as Rich moved to the mattress. Bella squirmed as her breasts were abandoned, and froze as, too quickly, weight was settling on her left side. Her body jolted, and she groaned into the silk, her head angling to where Cean stood, caressing her arm, and she heard the soft sound of flesh on flesh near her hip. She shook her head, mute, and arched, even as thick, though gentle, fingers gripped each generous mounds of flesh. Two men, her mind screamed. Two strange men were here to witness her depravity, her submission to this man. She felt her cheeks redden, darkening with the realization that her nipples were hard between his fingers as he rolled the tiny nubs of flesh. She felt him bend down, felt his mouth at her neck, and she shivered in automatic response. “Such a good girl,” she heard her sire say, and she moaned quietly as pleasure slipped through her body as this new stranger’s mouth brushed over her collar bone. His mouth slid to the curve of her breast, and she shuddered in response. God, but she hadn’t been raised this way, she thought. But oh, it felt so good. It was naughty and delicious to know that three men surrounded her bound body, even as part of her mind fought it. With a rough little twist of her nipple, Bella whimpered even as her clit throbbed, and she squirmed as he tugged the flesh up, and her entire body thrilled at the sudden stinging bite of something being pinched around the sensitive flesh. “So pretty,” a strange, accented voice purred, and her response was a low groan as the clamp tightened, the tip of her nipple swelling and throbbing at his breath. Cean chuckled proudly, which was music to Bella’s ears.

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