Most of what you’ll read below took place in the mid 60’s a time when life was free of such terrors as HIV or any of the other deadly ailments that are prevalent today.


My explorations into male fun began when I was eighteen. I had just finished my training as a Guard on the Underground, stationed at Acton Town. Initially I started on the District Line but was soon transferred over to the Piccadilly Line. My driver or Motorman as they were called then was a somewhat shy but cuddly Irishman in his late forties. Being a new crew we would make small talk about nothing much in particular or just read the papers during our breaks, after a few days of this he started showing me pictures of the girls sporting page 3 of The Sun and asked me what I thought.

Driving a ‘tube train’ to many people may seem an idyllic life but it’s a lonely existence, for the only time you made contact with your mate was either during turnarounds, breaks or at other times at the depot. As time went by he began asking me about my sexual experiences. About girl-friends or how often I ‘wanked’ to pictures of naked girls. This threw me back at first but he went on to say that when he was my age he was “at it” at every opportunity and he’d bet I was too. For some strange reason I told him that I usually relieved myself a couple of times a day.

“Good for you” he replied. “Never as good as when someone else does it for you though, is it?” He continued.

“No,” I replied. He then asked me if I ever had any fun with my mates, again I was a bit shocked. “You mean with boys?” I asked. “Yes” he said. “Never,” was all I could say, which was true. I then asked him if he did.

“Of course I did. Loads of times. Coming from a Catholic society that’s all we had, for the girls were off-limits, but God forbid you if the Father’s found out,” he quipped. All the time that this was going on I became aware of a stirring in my crotch. He was turning me on and I began to squirm. I knew that he knew too. I was confused…but in an incredibly erotic way. “We can’t do it now but would you like me to show you what it’s like?” He asked.

That night I wanked furiously over the thought of Sid, ‘jacking-off’ my virgin cock… Quickly followed by those youthful pangs of guilt. The following day I couldn’t wait to see how Sid would make his advances. Looking back, it was simply a fantasy adventure about to come true.

Start time arrived and sure enough there was Sid waiting with his satchel thrown over one shoulder, tea billy in hand scanning over the day’s roster. He asked me how my evening had been. I immediately coloured up. He asked was anything wrong. “Just shut up!” I retorted. “So our chat yesterday didn’t bother you then,” Sid chuckled giving me an elbow nudge. Silence was my only response for my mind was racing.

“You didn’t answer my question,” Sid asked, staring intently at my obviously arousal and whispered “I take it that means you would like me to show you?” I felt my cock solidify even harder. “Maybe” I stammered.

“I knew it… I can spot a randy lad a mile away” he replied, “Come on we’ll talk about this later, we’ve got a train to pick-up”. Like a rabbit caught in headlights I did just as he asked, following him out of the roster room and into platform 3; Eastbound for Cockfosters.

My mind was all over the place going up to Cockfosters, did I really want to go through with this, the more I queried my actions the more my cock kept saying ‘yes’. At the turnaround Sid asked if I was ‘still up for it’, meekly I replied “Yes”: “Good,” he replied, “Meet us halfway at Rayners Lane,” for it was there we had a fifteen minute turnaround.

Time dragged on the return journey, my cock was being rubbed raw by its movement against my pants as the train rocked from side to side. Rayners Lane finally came where we detrained several passengers before pulling into the siding.

“No one will disturb us here so I’ll be able to show you that a bloke can make you cum like no girl can, you horny little fucker,” Sid quipped. I remained silent… The pure excitement of events unfolding and the hardness of my cock was intoxicating and I simply knew that all I wanted right now was to let Sid show me more.

“Come on then… Let’s see what you’ve got!” Demanded Sid. “Is it safe here?” I answered. “Course it is, just get your cock out for me to have a look at.” I slowly unfastened my trousers. When soft, I am of modest size, and in my eyes quite small compared to some I’ve seen in the changing rooms but when hard it was a different matter. A miraculous transformation one might say. Sid could see this too for my raging ‘hard-on’ was tenting my underpants out of my opened fly. “Wow!” Was all Sid said.

I slipped a hand through the vent of my precum soaked underpants and revealed it fully to my erotic friend. “Drop your trousers and let’s have a proper look…” I did as he asked, my cock standing thick and proud in front of his hungry eyes.

“Well who would have known, it’s a fucking beauty!” Sid bahis siteleri uttered as he slowly approached me; reaching out he wrapped his hand around my shaft. In response it twitched violently for this was the very first time another man had touched me. Sid’s touch was totally electric as he slowly stroked his hand up and down the length of my shaft, the motion of moving my foreskin back and forth, drawing forth copious amounts of precum made my cock head shiny.

Using his other hand Sid ran his index finger over its swollen glans, coated it with my lovely sticky nectar then brought it to his lips and tasted me. “Fucking gorgeous,” he told me before returning his finger back to catch some more precum. This time he brought it up to my lips, I slowly reached out with my tongue and for the first time tasted my own cum… Salty, sticky and not at all unpleasant. I wrapped my lips around his finger and sucked it clean. “You are a naughty boy aren’t you?” Sid uttered. I couldn’t speak with the surges of incredible new feelings flying through my head.

“OK Let’s see what you’ve got for your Uncle Sid,” words I remember to this very day.

Within the confines of that small cab, Sid squeezed behind me then dropped his trousers. “It’s OK, I’m not going to fuck you…not yet,” he whispered, “Just making myself comfortable,” as he slipped his cock in-between my legs. One arm now held my waist… the other hand slowly pumped my dripping cock. “That’s the boy… we’ll soon get that spunk shooting out of you, you may have ‘blue-balls’ now but once I’m finished you’re be crying out for more.”

My knees felt weak. I groaned with sheer delight as he increased the speed of his experienced hand, sliding my foreskin back and forth over the swollen purple head of my young cock. Precum was now freely flowing and I could feel the pressure building. Sid certainly knew what he was doing and I wanted more. He paused. “Don’t stop…ppplease!” I could hardly speak, the mounting climax stealing my words. He started again, this time with more furious intent.

“Let it go… show Sid what you’ve got.” My hips lost control and I started meeting each backward and forward pump of his fist, fucking his hand as well as his cock which was now leaking precum all over my inner legs; to put it mildly I was possessed by pure animalistic lust. “That’s the way… cum for Uncle.” I started moaning with the utter pleasure this man was bringing me. I reached down with one hand and grasped his pumping fist, increasing the tempo.

Through fear of collapsing my other hand was desperately grasping onto anything: I couldn’t hold on any longer with a deep growl I let go. My balls contracted and my cock swelled with the building orgasm. The first spurt was painful and violent, shooting at least three feet. Sid moaned with pleasure. The second was less urgent but none the less impressive compared to what I was used to at my own inexperienced hand. Six or seven spurts later and I was shaking uncontrollably and had to tell Sid to stop. My cock was now incredibly sensitised. He stopped, bringing his cum coated fingers to his lips and hungrily devouring my cream. I was in heaven. So incredibly light headed. “That’s a good lad… I’m going to drain those balls every day now, a real proper milking that’s for sure.” I was silent. The adolescent feelings of guilt began taking over. What had I done?

It took the ‘Tisssh…Tisssh…Tisssh,’ sound of a set of points swinging back and forth to bring us back to reality. Swearing profusely we quickly pulled up our clothing and stumbled towards our working positions. Mind-numbing is how I would describe my condition… but on a high I knew I wanted more.

That day was an emotional rollercoaster between adolescent guilt and pure erotic arousal. Sid, had sparked a completely overwhelming set of desires that I had no real understanding of. All I knew was that by end of shift I wanted more… much, much more. He asked me if I fancied a quick drink after we finished. I readily agreed.

We jumped on a train to Chiswick then headed for a small local pub. “It’s always quiet in here… we’ll have a quick one and then back to mine if you’re up for it?” Sid uttered. “That would be nice,” was all I could manage to reply.

We walked into the dark interior of the pub. The brilliant day’s sun making it seem even darker. There were a few regulars sitting at the bar and Sid obviously knew them.

“Hi Vicky” he said to a well-dressed middle aged lady standing behind the bar. “Hi Sid… had a good day?” she replied.

“Yes. Very good thanks love… quite eventful,” he told her with a gleam in his eye. I could feel myself blushing.

“Who is your friend?” Vicky asked. “This is Andy…Andy, Vicky. Andy is my new guard,” Sid introduced us. “Pleased to meet you Vicky,” I stammered. “And very pleased to meet you too Andy…any friend of Sid’s is a friend of mine… especially a good looking lad like you,” she said winking at me. I blushed even more.

At 18 I was unaccustomed to adult banter canlı bahis siteleri like this. I listened to the two of them chatting. Vicky was wearing a silk blouse which accentuated her shapely figure. She wasn’t heavily made up but what make up she wore was obviously applied to please. Obviously at ease with herself and the company of men.

“Let’s sit over there Andy,” said Sid, pointing at a small table in the corner. “Perhaps see you later Vicky,” uttered Sid turning towards the bar. “OK Sid… have a lovely evening and take care of Andy,” Vicky knowingly responded. I was struggling with this unspoken communication. We carried our drinks over to the table.

“Nice lady,” I said to Sid. “Randy bitch more like,” Sid laughed. “Husband works away. Only home a couple of times a year. Fuck her own shadow that one.” I was taken aback by Sid’s matter of fact attitude. “Anyway,” he continued, “Talking about randy! How are you hanging?” he said openly ogling my crotch. I could feel myself begin to harden in my damp underpants for I had been oozing precum for most of the afternoon. “Very good thanks,” was all I could mutter. “Excellent! I’m sure you have recovered nicely and have another healthy load for your Uncle Sid?” he winked at me. “We’ll drink these up and be on our way.”

By the time we headed for the door I was light-headed and at maximum hardness. I was sure it was obvious and convinced that Vicky knew what we were up to. Sid led me along the road for a few hundred yards and then into the doorway of a large Victorian building that had been split into flats. “I’m on the top floor,” Sid told me. Up we went. I followed him up the stairs and into Sid’s modest one bedroomed flat. It was spartanly furnished, a couple of armchairs along with a sofa and coffee table, a small TV sat in a corner. “I know it’s not much but make yourself comfortable whilst I get us a couple of beers.” I sat on one of the chairs. On returning, Sid placed the beers on the coffee table, turned and sat on the sofa. “Blimey you’re shy. I thought you’d have got that beauty out for me by now!”

I stood up, slipped off my shoes and began unfastening my trousers. Under Sid’s intense stare I slowly dropped my trousers to the floor. Without its outer protection my predicament was more than apparent. “Blimey you’re soaked! I’ve never seen so much precum on a pair of pants!” drooled Sid. “And the rest,” Sid uttered nodding his head down

I pulled my soaked underpants over my engorged cock and released them, letting them fall to the floor around my ankles. “Holy fuck it’s beautiful!” I blushed at his words as I shuffled towards him, my hard cock dribbled precum as it swung about in front of me. As I drew close he reached out and traced a finger over my cock head before lifting his finger to my lips. Having tasted my cum only a few hours ago and liking the taste I hungrily sucked Sid’s finger into my mouth.

“That’s a good boy, would you like me to suck you?” I felt my knees tremble as Sid opened his knees and begged me closer.

Words were beyond me. I groaned a muffled “Mmmmm,” as Sid reached behind my thighs and pulled me closer still, with the tip of my cock bumping against his face he then gently kissed its tip. With one hand grasping the base firmly he open his mouth slightly then using his lips pushed back my foreskin. With his lips tight around the ridge below my glans he slowly licked and swirled his tongue about my head before taking me fully into his mouth.

The wet heat was incredible. When his tongue caressed my cock, my knees went weak. Sid pulled back until the only the head was in his mouth. His tongue lathered and pressed at the eye – I didn’t know whether to moan in ecstasy or giggle at the tingly feeling that also came. I did both.

Sid’s tongue covered every inch of my cockhead, always returning to the bottom, licking the cleft. Then he’ll bobbed back down, taking practically the whole thing in his mouth.

He pulled and looked up with a smile. “Better than you imagined,” he whispered before taking me into his mouth again.

Gradually he began to wank my cock in unison with his mouth as it went back and forth the sensations were electric. I was in heaven. I never wanted this to stop… ever. His other hand had now reached around me and was caressing the cheeks of my arse. He took me from his mouth and looked up at me. “Does my boy want to cum for Uncle?” he whispered. “Oh Lord pppplease”. His mouth found my cock again. This time with very clear intent. His hand firmly wanking me into his hungry mouth. The pace quickened and I could feel that heavenly sensation of passing the point of no return. My knees were buckling beneath me and I felt the sudden surge of hot cum beginning to rise. My hips began to thrust involuntarily. Then the world turned star-spangled as I lost it. Without thinking, I leaned forward and balanced myself on Sid’s shoulders as spurt after spurt of cum erupted from me.

My lover moaned with pleasure. Cum leaked around his mouth and coated my shaft canlı bahis as his hand wanked me furiously, turning it into a white froth. He slowed down and then with two firm strokes, milked the last drops from my cock. Slowly he released me from his mouth and swirled his tongue around me one more time before licking his lips. He rose to his feet and brought his head to mine and kissed me, gently at first and then more forcefully. His tongue entering my mouth. I met his urgency. Our tongues intertwining. The taste of my cum was overpowering. He stopped and pulled away, grinning with satisfaction. The cat that had definitely got the cream.

Without further ado he pointed to the bathroom. “You can clean up in there; lock up after you, I’ve got to dash now,” he said. I was in total confusion. Why the sudden rush? Was I no good? “Don’t look so worried! We’ll take a bit more time when you come round again…,” he hastily added as he hurried to get dressed.

My mind was racing. This man, in one day had introduced me to so many completely new sensations and emotions then brought it suddenly to an abrupt end. With shaky legs and an aching set of bollocks I made my way home, the taste of cum lay heavily on my lips as I thought at how my life had changed forever. New avenues were opening up for me to explore…and I definitely wanted to explore them. Very much so.

The following morning I couldn’t get to work fast enough to see where my newfound sexual mentor Sid would take me. All the previous evening my mind had been a confused blur. I wasn’t usually attracted to men the way I was to women. So what was going on? Why had I been like putty in Sid’s hands? It must surely be the overpowering arousal…the pure erotic lust. The need to take things to incredible sexual highs. I knew that I wanted to give pleasure as well. Not just receive it. I found the fact that Sid was an older chap a real turn on. This mature man taking advantage of my inexperience. This aroused me no end and I knew that I wanted to return the wonderful sensations that he had given me.

I briefly saw Sid that morning. “I will be leaving between shifts,” he informed me as we read through the roster sheet, “I’ve a dental appointment…but we can meet later in the pub if that’s ok?” I told him that would be fine.

I spent that shift riding waves of arousal in anticipation of what might happen.

I left work and headed along to the pub, entering the saloon bar I immediately saw Vicky, but no sign of Sid. “Well hello there Andy,” she said with a broad smile across her face. “What brings you here?” she continued still smiling. “I’m supposed to be meeting Sid,” I replied. “Oh really… back for more so soon!” Her smile was taking on a far more knowing look. I began blushing. “Don’t be shy…Sid and I have very few secrets!” She winked at me. “Would you like a drink?” She asked. “A pint of bitter would go down well,” I replied. As she pulled my drink I cast an eye over her. Vicky was wearing another silky blouse which accentuated her womanly figure. An above the knee skirt hugged her arse and rode high on her thighs as she turned to face the till. “There you go young man,” she smilingly uttered, handing me my drink before breaking into a giggle.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, wondering if she had caught me eyeing her up. “Oh nothing really… I was just thinking to myself,” she said with a distinct gleam in her eyes. “What draws a young lad like you to a randy old git like Sid?” she asked. My embarrassment was starting to get the better of me and I was squirming. She could sense this. “Like I said…no secrets between me and that randy hound!” she continued. “I don’t know what you mean,” I quickly replied. “Don’t be silly… you know exactly what I mean! Sid told me himself that he couldn’t wait to get into your pants!” she said laughing. “…and I reckon he’s managed that for sure!”

My head was spinning. What was going on? Was she flirting with me? Where was Sid? We continued for another ten minutes or so making small talk. Here was I, hoping to have met up with Sid and taking our fun a bit further, and now I am being flirted with by a quite clearly provocative mature woman who was probably older than my own mother.

“Well that’s me done,” I uttered placing my glass on the bar. “Where are you going?” Vicky asked. “Well it doesn’t look as if Sid is showing, so I’m off home” I replied.

“I could do with a hand shifting some boxes upstairs if you’ve got the time?” she asked. “Not at all it would be a pleasure,” I replied. I stood up then with the bar between us followed her towards its end, before cutting through into what looked to be a storeroom.

“It’s just those two” she told me pointing at two half-cases of wine. Vicky headed upstairs as I followed with the two boxes. We made our way into a kitchen at the back of the house. “Just there would be fine” she said pointing at a worktop. “Fancy a quick beer before you go Andy?” she asked. “Are you sure,” I asked. “Of course I’m sure silly…sit yourself down.” I sat at the kitchen table as she took two cold bottles out of the fridge. She passed one to me then perched on a high stool at the breakfast bar. “I need to get these heels off… my feet are killing me,” she said kicking them off.

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