Beds Are Made To Be Broken

Double Penetration

It was the first time we’d managed to get a room. So many secret office corners, dark alleys, back seats and parking garages, hasty sessions, all grabbing and needing, a rush to the finish.It was late, you’d flown out the night before and spent the entire day conferencing but called me on your way back to your hotel room after dinner. You’d told me you’d leave a key at the desk in case I could get away, I could hear the longing in your voice and it mirrored my own. It had been weeks since I’d last seen you, I said goodnight and told you to dream of me.I shrug into my coat and tie the belt, grabbing my overnight bag, I make my way down to the parking garage and get into my car. It’s going to be a big drive but the thought of you laying in that bed by yourself is too much for me to resist and I didn’t waste any time making up my mind. I spend the hours with bahis siteleri thoughts of you running through my mind, how I’d been teasing you with pics that day, distracting you with texts. I’d spent the day in a frenzy of need, my panties soaked and my fingers unable to truly quench my desire. I needed you, nothing else would suffice. When I finally arrive my eyes are heavy and I’m full to the brim with lust. I park and make my way up to the desk retrieving the key, just as you’d said.I enter the key into the door and open it without knocking, I drop my bag and make my way into the room. It’s just as spacious as you’d told me, more like an apartment than a hotel room. I see the bedroom door ajar and move towards it undoing my coat and letting it fall to the floor. Pushing open the door I see you sprawled out face down on the bed, nothing but a sheet draped canlı bahis siteleri over your legs. I stop and enjoy the sight momentarily, your tanned skin against the white sheets, and to think I could have missed out on this.I kick off my shoes call your name softly as move to the edge of the bed. It’s around 2 AM and you’re clearly in a deep sleep, I undo my shirt and drop it to the floor then I unzip my skirt having it follow my shirt. I’m still wearing my bra, panties, stockings, and garter, I can’t wait any longer to touch you and I crawl onto the bed, moving slowly trying not to wake you. I press myself along your back, the heat coming off your body making me press more firmly.”Hey baby, you never told me you sleep naked. All the fantasies I could have been enjoying.” I whisper softly in your ear as I run my hand down your back and over your canlı bahis hip. You stir a little, the jetlag clearly prevalent. “Are you dreaming of me handsome?” I whisper as I slide my hand over your hip and across your lower abdomen, your skin is soft and I can feel your strength beneath. My fingertips brush your semi-erect cock and I hear you sigh softly, your deep voice making it sound almost like a growl. Encouraged, I wrap my hand around the base and slowly glide up to the tip. You shift in your sleep moving up onto your side, I move back and you slowly fall to your back on the bed, your erection laying up against your stomach.I smile and continue to squeeze and gently run my hand up and down the length of you, feeling you grow harder with each stroke. I hear you inhale deeply and turn your head towards me, you blink tiredly looking into my eyes. I see the fog of sleep clear and you say my name sharply before pulling me on top of you, your mouth finding mine. You smother me with deep heated kisses, one hand in my hair, the other roaming my body while you press up against me.

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