Becoming a Gal Friday Pt. 01


At eighteen I fell in love head over heels to the hottest babe I ever met. She was ten years older than me and well, the sex was amazing.

She took advantage of the fact that I was always horny, had stamina and could just as easily get hard again to go as many rounds as she wanted.

But I guess I was just a passing phase with her, I was merely her boy toy. Because, now, a mere two years later she told me to get out. She found her true love.

She left me for an older guy, and a rich one at that. I was being told to get out.

I having really nothing but the clothes on my back and she with all the money. She provided me with a few bucks to tied me over and she took back everything that was hers. She let me stay on at her place, sleeping on the couch for the next few weeks till I found my own place and got a new job.

The clock was ticking and I would be kicked out of here real soon. I felt like I had it, I was done with it, finished and I want to bury it.

All my old friends and business ties had been involved and connected with my now Ex and it was too humiliating to see and be with them. I wanted a new life away from them all.

I was fed up with it all and I needed to get away from this old life.

I figured it shouldn’t be hard for me to find someone, at work and in my life. I enjoyed serving other’s needs, to be an assistant and helper who works in the background for someone else’s success. I enjoy that feeling of pride knowing that I helped and served another.

I needed a place to live and a new job, I couldn’t sleep on my ex’s couch for very much longer, nor did I want to.

So, here it was the middle of the morning, me feeling sorry for myself, a bit drunk, sitting wearing nothing but one of her bathrobes at the kitchen table of my Ex’s house, she of course is off at the office and I was checking once again for online for job openings to submit my umpteenth resume. That’s when I stumbled onto the List.

Not really focusing and not really clear about this, it seemed odd and weird. Almost like something inside me was guiding me. But, somewhere I came upon what seemed the perfect opportunity. Here is how the job ad began.

“Wanted: Someone willing to serve.

Job is a CO intimate environment at a live/work Loft in the City. Looking for someone who will fit in with such a lifestyle work setting.

Job requires a willingness to perform some domestic as well as office duties. A work day would be considered a ten hour day Six days a week.

Two dedicated entrepreneurs who work odd hours need a ‘Gal Friday’ seeking someone who is comfortable with their Feminine side, who is willing to immerse themselves in that role, and therefore would enjoy CD. Pay would include room and board, since it would require employee to live on site and therefore be available at variable hours of the day or night.

Please submit your stats: age, race, height, weight, measurements, shoe size, and clothing sizes. Also your sexual history. No prior CD is required, though job requires someone who will be ultimately passable. As part of the job benefits, we will provide your job attire as part of the job benefits package. …”

There was more. It was sort of odd but intriguing.

I fixated on the pay rate and the fact that room and board was part of the package. A job and a place to live, why, this is fantastic, I thought this could be my answer, my solution. Some of the ad was odd, like who doesn’t enjoy listening to CD’s? Though I had to sell most of my music to once I lost my job to contribute to paying my way.

I read on, and it said that my bosses would be two young thirty something’s Alphas, a black man, and white guy. Then I saw something that sent a chill or shock or something thing through me. They were both listed as Gay.

Wow…living with two Gay guys…well I guess I could handle that. I had my fill of women and had the scars to prove it. So, what the hell. Why not.

I read on, it said to submit my resume, my sexual orientation, and a bit about my sexual background and history, something about insuring disease free, that alone should bahis siteleri have raised some red flags, but in my state, it did not. I was to submit my resume and a face picture, with a vague remark about other photos required if I passed the first phase when the on line interview was conducted.

In the cover letter, I was asked to describe how and why I would enjoy being in the traditional Feminine role of the service position and status. I thought it was all an odd way to phrase things but I was kind of desperate, depressed and a bit drunk.

I went off to weigh myself; I was one hundred and five pounds. I knew my height, as my Ex repeatedly told me, she enjoy being taller than I am, I was a mere five feet one inch. As for my measurements after finding a tape measure, I discovered I was 32-20-36, hmmm…a bit of a bottom heavy hour glass and of course flat chested. I hadn’t realized my proportions though I do recall my Ex always commenting me on my cute bubble butt.

So, after writing the cover letter, I submitted my resume.

I searched for some other job ads, but found nothing on this odd list that I stumbled onto. I wanted to get off it once I realized that it was mostly some kind of dating service list or one time hook ups. Can’t imagine how I found myself on this in the first place, just my fate, I muttered. I submitted some more resume, though none looked very decent.

Started to work on another brew when I got I reply. They wanted to do an online chat to interview me and it required a web cam. My laptop, one of my few worldly possessions, a early gift from my now Ex, had a web cam built in so I logged on.

There was a good looking black guy with dark chocolate black skin, who was oddly naked, at least from the waist up as far as I could tell. Odd for a business interview, but it did say they work odd hours, so maybe he just got up or out of the shower or something. Whatever who am I to judge, he is Gay and I don’t know much about them.

He was smiling up at me. After the preliminary greetings, I discover he was David, and I gave him my name, Jesse.

David: Has anyone ever told you that you are extremely good looking?

Jesse: Thanks. You’re not bad looking either. (Seemed the thing to say and it was true. Nice eyes, well-shaped nose, soft features, big lips and immaculate close cropped tight curly jet black hair.)

David: I want you to know that we were very impressed with your application.

Jesse: Thanks.

David: You were not only the youngest applicant but also the only hetero to apply. Your application stood out. I was inspired by your letter and the willingness you have to comply, fit in, do your part for the team, and your willingness to accept the traditional feminine role of serving another. That shows real promise, a willingness to throw off the conventional and embrace our lifestyle. You’re very impressive, as are your looks.

Jesse: Well thanks. I hope my age won’t be held against me. I’m very trainable and flexible.

David: Excellent traits. So, I always believe that you can tell a great deal about someone by their relationship with and the kind of porn they view. It reveals who they really are. So, tell me about your viewing habits, how often, what kind?

I’m a bit startled by the question.

Jesse: That is a bit…intimate and a odd question for a job interview.

David: Well, not for our kind of work/live situation. We will be very intimate and we need to know how compatible you are to our lifestyle. How willing you are to participate. Are you into solo, couples, group …?

Jesse: Well to be completely honest…

D: please do.

J: Well. I like all of that.

D: Oh, do you, how exciting, Excellent. Are their specific sexual activities that you lean toward?

J: Well. Mainly …

D: don’t be shy. Anal? Oral? Or?

J: oh no. not that.

D: Oh, that’s so disappointing to hear.

J: No, I meant to say, well, yes I really enjoy oral.

D: So do I. Oral is good start. Do you enjoy the participants to be nude or clothed?

J: I’m really into the partially clothed. canlı bahis siteleri You know when she is decked out in lingerie and such. You know, the high heels, nylons, garter belts, thongs, that sort of thing. I have a high heel obsession, almost a fetish.

D: I have a thing for high heels as well. This is perfect, considering the nature of this job. You will have plenty of opportunity to explore that fetish. How often do you indulge? And for how long?

J: Well, of late, being in such a frustrating situation, daily, even more than once. I need the release.

D: More than once a day, impressive. The blessings of youthful vigor, very promising. I was hoping that was the case. I enjoy extended interactions. I find them very satisfactory. Do you enjoy one of one or are you into group action as well?

J:Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the one on one, but an especially find the group action to be hot. All those cocks and all that spunk. Wow that is such a turn on.

D: Yes, I agree. Have you ever indulged in the Bukkake scene?

J: Oh man, Bukkake is so fucking hot. Seeing her dripping and covered in all that cum, Imagining how that would feel and smell and well it getting me going right now even thinking about it.

D:Really? Are you getting hard even as we sit here?

J: To tell you the truth, yes. I am sporting a hard on.

D: That is a lovely thought. As I said although we had many applicants, you stand out. You said you were trainable and very willing to learn and to be of service, correct?

J: Yes, I am a quick study and willing to learn most anything you feel is necessary for me to perform my duties.

D: Admirable attitude in one so young. I really feel you could perform quite well. Would you be willing to spend the weekend as a trial run? You would be fully compensated, in cash and up front, for your efforts.

J: You mean starting tomorrow, working on Saturday and Sunday?

D: Of course. We work internationally and at peculiar hours to suit our client’s needs. Though the weekend are usually light days and Sunday is our full day off, still this is a live/work job and I need to find out if you are a fit. I could pick you up in about an hour would that work?

J: I guess that would work. I really want the job. Yes. I can do it. I may need a bit more time, haven’t done laundry, and need to get clean pants and shirts and iron them and I need to touch up my ties and sport coats.

D: Oh that won’t be necessary. We are very informal here. For us, formal dress is a black silk kimono. Though I like the idea of long dangling things. I would be very interest in seeing yours. Would you describe yours as thick and long or skinny and long?

J: Well my Ex was very particular about such things, so she sought out some European specialty suppliers, and so, thanks to her efforts mine is slender but proportional to my stature.

D: I hope to handle that slender dangling thing soon. Anyway, you only need your toiletries, your lap top and that’s about it. Do you have sandals and say a long coat?

J: I’m confused. We were talking about my ties…

D: Were we?

J: I thought we were.

D: Don’t worry about it. All you will need is your lovely self. Though, I think if you have a trench coat and flip flops that would be good idea.

J:I do have those.

D: That will do. I will pick up a few things, such as proper foot wear before I pick you up. My partner is out on a business trip and will be back late Saturday. He leaves such interpersonal tasks to me. So I’m the one who you need to impress with your skills. If I say you’re the one, then you have the job. So, I will see you promptly at Noon in front of your building. And I do mean promptly. I won’t wait up. If you are not there I assume you’ve had second thoughts and there is no second chance at this, understand?

You are either willing to commit now or not at all.

J: I understand. I’ll be there. If I don’t need formal business attire, should I bring jeans and sport shirts or?

D: You do recall the ad? I thought it was clear this is a clothing optional work place.

Wow. canlı bahis Oh shit. The ad didn’t say…oh shit. CO that’s what it meant…clothing optional. Shit. I mean I always wanted to go to one of those nude beaches with my Ex, but she wouldn’t have it.

I would have been comfortable being around other guys being naked on the beach so I guess it’s just like that except more private.

And hell, he’s gay. But, so would probably some of the other guys on those beaches. They like that sort of thing. Damn. What do I do? I want the job and oh fuck. In for a penny, in for a pound.

J: Oh yes. Of Course. Just was thinking if we went out anywhere, I might need something. But, if you’re planning for us to be in all weekend. Then I guess I don’t need anything.

Oh Shit. Is that what he means. Being naked with him the whole week end? Shit. But hey…what’s that. I look down and myself and underneath the bathrobe I’m wearing I spot and feel my raging hard on. A part of me really likes this idea.

I’ve gotten all hot and horny. Fuck.

D: No, you won’t. Just wear the flip flops and the trench coat and that will be all you need. If things work out we can go shopping and get you some appropriate clothes considering the role of Gal Friday that you will be assuming. Now, the ad mentioned some more pictures would be required, if you recall.

J: Yes I do.

D: There is a simple way to quickly deal with this to make sure there is some kind of chemistry between us. So, I’ll show you mine and then you’ll show me yours, does that sound fair. You can take this as part of test. If you’re unwilling to do this, then clearly you can’t work for us. Makes sense?

J: Sure. Of course.

D: I will stand up and let you see me, then it’s your turn.

With that, David stands and steps back from his computer which allows the web cam to reveal that he has been sitting in front of me not wearing anything the whole time. All that naked chocolate skin. He’s got such a toned body and completely hairless from the neck down, even no pubic hair.

Oh my God! Look at the size of it hanging between his legs! His cock got to be seven or eight inches long! And those hanging balls…oh shit. He turns and reveals he’s got a shapely bubble butt like mine. My cock really aches now. He comes back and sits down.

D: Now it’s your turn. Strip down and let’s see what your packing.

Oh shit. If I take off this robe he’ll see my frigging hard on. Shit. Well, at least it ain’t no tiny dick. I was always proud of my size but compared to his…Hell. I’m only packing my max, which is just about six inches at the moment, though when it’s relaxed it seems like only two. I take a deep breath.

Well, do I want this gig or not? The pay is great! He says he really like me and I probably got the job. Room and board and six days a week, ten hour days at the rate he’s paying, Damn! I won’t get any offer like this ever! I need the money and a roof over my head.

Hell, I ain’t saying I’m marrying the guy or fucking sleeping with him, I’m just going to be hanging out naked with them. What frigging harm is that? Hell. Oh well. Here goes nothing.

I stand up and take off the bathrobe, revealing I too have been sitting here the whole time not wearing anything. Unfortunately and so totally embarrassing I’m sporting my full raging hard on to him. I just can’t help it. It seemed my damn cock got so totally turned on by all of this. Who would have known? I hear him give out a wolf whistle.

D: Nice very nice. I like it. You got all hard for me, how thoughtful. Now, turn around slowly, tease me and make me want it.

I do and slowly I show my bare butt to him.

Again, I hear that wolf whistle that makes my prick twitch a bit. Damn it! What the Hell is going on with that?

D:Yes. You look like a tasty young thing. You are definitely a keeper. Nice. Okay, then that’s settles it. I definitely want to see you at noon. Be there Promptly. As I said, you will be paid in full in cash when I pick you up.

J: Okay.

D: By the way, have you shot your load this morning?

What the fuck? What do I say? I guess the truth can’t hurt me.

J: No.

D: excellent. I would greatly appreciate it if you don’t while you wait up. I will make it worth your while. Ta Da for now.

To Be Continued…

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