Sorry for such a short story, but this is my first story ever so leave a comment down below, plus some ideas for a part two any I use will get a mention.


“You think life as a monster is easy, well it isn’t all sparkly vampires and hot girls, it’s a life lies and deception, so where do I begin?”

Amber eyes stared at me through the undergrowth, a light fogging of breath filled the cool air. Panic drove itself into my every nerve. One step, crunch. Two steps, crunch.

Not taking a moment to think, I spun and tore off through the woods! Adrenaline carrying me as fast as I could possibly go! Suddenly, my left foot was jerked out from under me, I fall with grunt as my head slammed against a stump. Checking to see what happened I fill me with dread, a bear trap was clamped onto my ankle.


Oh shit! I shutter, as I look over my shoulder.

I could hardly comprehend what I was looking at. It was vaguely human, but too large in the shoulders, and it’s legs were bent weird.

As it took a step forward, it stepped into a patch of moonlight that had broken through the foliage. The first thing that struck me was it’s face large amber eyes and lush full lips, second was it’s fur, a beautiful reddish brown in color, covering every inch of it. The second was the chest, definitely female in appearance, ankara üniversiteli escort hanging down. The sight of it causes my penis to give a little jump.

It-her breasts were perfect. Medium in size, capped with smallish nipples, barely visible through her fur.

In front of me was something that until now, I thought was fictional. In fact it was a something I found surprisingly beautiful, a female werewolf.

It’s heavy breathing filled my ears as it stepped closer. A weird smell permeated the air, slightly musky, slightly smoky. It was so close now I could see it’s fur even in the darkness. It’s amber eyes stared into mine, as it knelt down, it seemed to smile.

Not like this! one rogue thought screamed, not like this!

Acting on instinct, I punched it straight in its face. It barely seemed to notice.

“Mm, strong,” it growled, in a distinctly female voice, “fitting of my mate.”

Wait, mate!

Then, before I could even react, it’s clawed hand flashed out, getting dangerously close to my family Jews.

My pants and part of my shirt fell away as the hand retracted.

As I sit there trying to process, what just happened,

“Hmm, perfect” she gives an approving whimper at my exposed manhood, which was already standing at half-mast.

I’m shocked, yenimahalle escort then something warm and wet wrapped around my dick. This shockingly beautiful creature with a body a supermodel would give an arm and a leg for, was sucking my penis

“Oh, god,” i groaned at the sensation of her tongue as it flicked on the underside of my penis, as I slide farther and farther into her warm, welcoming mouth.

I felt a jolt as I neared release, her hand had locked into my penis with a vice grip.

“Not yet,” She growled.

Her right hand reached up and shoved my shoulder to the ground pinning it there. She loomed over me, her amber eyes flashing. Her left hand reached back and grabbed my rigid penis.

Now not to brag, but my first girlfriend, who was a senior at the time, same as me. Both of us were 18+. 21 in her case. greatly exclaimed that there was no fucking way that it would be possible for us to have sex.

Thus started the rumor of me and my eleven cock. That rumor is the reason that I’m still a virgin myself. Not without great trial and error.

“Mmm,” she groaned as my cockhead nestled itself into her warm heat.

When she stopped, a little voice in the back of my head told me to press the advantage. My hips shot up burying my self half way into her hot tunnel, and causing her to ankara zenci escort gasp.

I rolled over positioning myself on top of her, as i assaulted her mouth with my tongue. I slowly rocked my hips forwards, slowly fucking my way deeper and deeper into her.

“Yes!” She howled “give me your love, make me your mate!”

“Your mine,” I growled through clenched teeth “no one else’s, but mine.”

With me words said, her cunt tightened down on my penis.

At this point I was on borrowed time, and I just couldn’t take it.

As the first jet of my cum hit her spasming walls, she let out a blood curdling screech. Then clamped her jaws down onto my neck.

It felt like acid as being poured into me veins, but my nether regions never seemed to get the message as I continued to cum over and over again.

The last thing I remember before I blacked out was her staring up at me.

Sunlight filtered down through the treetops, blinding me for a moment. When I could see again, the patch of auburn hair centered on my chest confounded me, as I lifted her head to get a better look at her.

Holy hell, it was Elisabeth Johnson. She used to go to my school, she had graduated a year before me. And had almost been my first ‘conquest’. What the hell happened last night.

I had to get out of there like now. Slowly I shimmied out from underneath her. I; stood, stretched, relieved myself, then took count of my situation.

So I was in the middle of the woods, half naked, with a gorgeous, naked, redhead sleeping on my chest. Time to make myself scarce.


Oh, hell. The bear trap was still on my leg. Well shit there went me getting away quickly.

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