Back in the day, in my early twenties, I worked for a company that employed many Vietnamese and Cambodian people. Being young and from a small Midwest town, I had little experience with people that weren’t white or black. So working here intrigued me — it gave me the chance to learn about new cultures!

Being twenty at the time, I, like all other guys, was perpetually horny. I noticed several Cambodian guys were seriously cute so I made every effort to spend more time around them than most others at work. Once I turned twenty-one, some of the guys at work took me out for my ‘first’ drink late one night after work. Daryll, Pete, Jon (and John) came as did Bay. Bay was his short name and was one of the Cambodian guys I was crushing over.

After an hour or so of drinking, everyone but Bay and Jon left as they had wives at home. I had two drinks and Bay had one. Jon, well, he had many. Too many in fact. Luck (for them, not me) neither him or Bay drove so I had the ‘pleasure’ of driving Jon back to his apartment. Once we dropped him off, it was time to drop Bay off.

Bay was a friendly guy. And seriously cute. He was about my height of five foot eight and, I’m guessing, one seventy or so. His skin was super clean and his hair was jet black. My job in the QC department allowed me to literally hang out with groups of people throughout the nights so I got a chance to get to know Bay and some of the others pretty well. One of Bay’s jobs at work required him to reach above his head frequently. As such, at I got to see his belly frequently. Which was a good thing in my opinion. It was pretty flat and, surprisingly, hairy. Well, hairy for a Cambodian. It wasn’t as hairy as mine, but that was a good thing for me at that time. He also had a nice ass.

On the way to his place, Bay said he had the place to himself and asked if I wanted to come in and play some video games. I was around 1230am which wasn’t late for us second shifters so I agreed. I wasn’t a video gay guy but that didn’t matter to me at the time.

Bay was a lot better than me at the games so I got dusted. He took much joy in besting me!

“You suck!” I said with a laugh tossing my controller off to my side of the sofa. “I told you I’m no good at these things!”

“Okay okay….” he said reaching to turn off the game system. The room went mostly dark.

“These things always make my neck stiff — I get in to them too much” I said honestly turning my neck slowly bahis şirketleri side to side.

“Here” Bay said reaching over and grabbing my shoulders. He squeezed my neck and shoulder expertly, his smaller than average hands belying his strength.

“Damn Bay…this feels amazing” I said relaxing my shoulders.

“Here sit here” he said patting the floor in front of the sofa. I sat down between his legs as he rubbed my shoulder and neck. I’m not sure if it was because I was tired or because it felt so good but I swore for a second or two I feel asleep. I snapped back to it when I noticed I was hard. Being young and somewhat inexperienced, I tried to move myself around to hide my hard dick.

“If you take off your shirt, I can get in deeper” he offered. I hesitated a bit, then leaned up and pulled off my shirt. I figured I would use that to hide any erection as I was loving his strong hands on my shoulders.

“Lean forward” he said. As I did, I felt his hands down my back more. He kneaded my back and it felt amazing.

“How did you get so good at this?” I asked.

“My grandma taught me. She did this for a living back home” he said as he ran his hands down my spine.

“”If you want, we can go in there and you can lay down and I could get you done better” he said pointing to his bedroom. I stood up and he lead me in to the dark room.

“You’re hairy” he said admiring my chest.

“Yeah” I said rubbing my chest. “I’m not too sure I like it though.”

“I’d love to be hairy like that. So manly. I’m smooth” he said pulling up his shirt. His chest was nice, firm and smooth.

“Well, you have some there” I said pointing to his belly. “That’s better than nothing, right?”

He moved closer to me and ran his hand through my chest hair. “I want like this” he said, seemingly mesmerized by my hairy chest. My dick jumped at his touch. “And you have beard” he said running his hand up my chest to my face. I hadn’t shaved so I had the ‘couple of day stubble’ going on.

I closed my eyes enjoying in his touch. Then I felt his lips on mine as my eyes popped open. For a split second I didn’t know what to do so I just stood there. Then I instinctively returned his kiss, my tongue seemingly having a mind of its own. His breath was hot and his lips were soft. I moaned with delight as I grabbed his body and pulled him in to me. Bay moaned as our torsos smashed together, but never lost his grip on my mouth.

I bahis firmaları wrapped my arms around his waist and held him tight as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders. While his chest was smooth, he had hairy arm pits so I ran my left hand up in to his right arm pit, enjoying his tuft of hair.

He pulled us back and we fell on his bed. I rolled over bringing him on top of me. He straddled me and I got to look up and him shirtless and it was a sight to behold. His shoulders were wide and his waist narrow already, but when he was on top of me, they were accentuated even more so. I noticed his pants were tinted so I reached out to see what he was offering. I could feel his hard dick through his pants, straining to be released.

Bay placed his hands on my chest and, while I didn’t actively work out, I was in decent shape with a nice chest, arms and legs. But I had no abs to speak of. Bay ran his hands through my chest hair and appeared to be loving every single hair. I returned the favor, savoring his smooth, silky skin of his chest, his hard erect nipples (which he seemed to love having touched) and eventually made my way to his armpits. From his waist up he was so smooth and hairless but his pit had massive tufts of fur. I was fascinated with them!

I ran my hands down to his hard dick and worked hard to get his pants unbuttoned. Once opened, Bay pulled them off in one quick swoop. His legs were quite hairy when compared to how hairless his torso was and it turned me on something fierce. He pulled my boxers down and my hard cock smacked my stomach. As I said I hadn’t had a lot of experience being with guys, but the ones I did said my cock was big. I even was told ‘you should do porn with that dick’ a couple of times.

“Oh my god. Your dick is huge” Bay said as he reached down and grabbed it with his small, yet strong hands. “And you’re dick is hairy” as he inspected my cock intensely. “And your balls are hairy too” he said in amazement.

“Let me see yours” I whispered. He stepped back and pulled off his underwear. His uncut dick stuck straight out and, to be honest,w as decent size in length and thickness. It looked straight at me from a ball of jet black hair. He was so hairy there I could barely see his balls (keep in mind this was before everyone was manscaping their junk).

This was the first time I’ve ever been with a guy that wasn’t cut, but, as I learned later in life, his uncut dick didn’t have a lot of kaçak bahis siteleri extra skin. You could barely tell he wasn’t cut. Which allowed me to see his ball of pre-cum slowly dripping from his hard cock easier. I sat up and put his dick in my mouth, savoring his pre-cum’s sweetness. His pubes tickled my nose but I didn’t mind. I took his whole dick in my mouth and rolled my tongue around its shaft as I rolled his little balls around in my hand.

He fell in to me and we both fell back on to the mattress. I grabbed his butt (which felt like two hard peaches) and had him fuck my face. He seemed to enjoy that as he pounded my face fast and hard. His bush and hairy balls smashed my face over and over again as I caressed his firm ass.

He got in to the face fucking and in no time, he was ready to cum. While I’d been with guys in the past, I hadn’t had anyone cum in my mouth so I wasn’t prepared when he emptied himself in my mouth. He yelled as he dumped load after load in my mouth, blasting the back of my throat. I grasped his butt cheeks hard as his muscles twitched with each load.

It was so hot, I had forgotten about my own dick until it, too, exploded, arcing through the air and hitting his fuzzy ass. Between his unloading dick in my mouth and my intense orgasm I somehow forgot to breath. Bay gasped when my hot cum hit his ass. His body twitched like it was struck my lightning, and I could relate.

Once we were done emptying our prostates, he sat back on my wet dick, pulling his limp cock out of my mouth, taking some of his cum with it. Incredibly thick white jizz strung from his dick to my mouth, landing on my hairy chest. I swallowed what cum was left in my mouth as I looked up at his slowly heaving chest.

“Damn” was all he could say at first as his dick slowly withdrew back in to his vast bushiness. His balls slowly dropping and landing more on my stomach than they were before.

“You’re sexy as hell” I muttered as I cleared the sticky cum from my throat.

‘You too” he said as he swung his leg over me and stood next to the bed. He looked down at my partially hard cut dick.

“I wish I could have seen that in action” he said.

“Maybe next time?” I said raising up, his cum dripping from my hairy chest.

“I’d like that” he replied with a smile. “And maybe I can find a place for that” as he reached down and stroked my dick. It pulsed with each touch, still oozing cum.

“Me too” I replied.

We cleaned up and I grabbed my keys from my pocket.

“See you at work tomorrow?” I asked.

“Yeah. Tomorrow” he said, the door shutting with a click.

Tomorrow would be an interesting day at work for sure!

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