Bating with the Neighbor


Bating with the NeighborIn retrospect, I’m sure my situation wasn’t all that different than a lot of married men my age. In my mid fifties I still had a very high sexual desire, a desire that just wasn’t met with a once a week suck/fuck session with my wife of 26 years. Don’t get me wrong, I was very great full, as most of my friends were jealous of what I was getting and felt lucky to get any pussy a couple of times a year. As time went by, I found myself watching porn and stroking my cock with greater and greater frequency. The type of pornography that fueled my stroke sessions varied from day to day, videos, photos and the occasional erotic story such as found on here. I’ve bated too just about every subject matter available. Although I don’t claim a preference, I definitely enjoy amateur over the overly produced porn. Eventually it became apparent to my wife that I was, taking matters into my own hands so to speak. The ever dwindling supply of lube and the Amazon purchases of new sleeves and a fleshlight were a dead giveaway. Fortunately my wife is very understanding and excepting of the reality that as we’ve aged our sexual desire hadn’t remained constant. She was in fact encouraging of my increased self love as long as she “got mine” meaning our weekly session, which I still looked forward to immensely. I’d never even considered the possibility of masturbating with another man. That is until the opportunity struck out of the blue. My neighbor Mark was about 15 years younger than me and married with young k**s still at home. We enjoyed watching sports together and were having a few beers watching a college football game one Saturday on his big screen. After a while his wife said that she was going to visit her sister for a couple hours with the k**s and she would bring some takeout home for dinner. His wife leaving the house really didn’t seem out of the ordinary and I just continued watching the game and when I got up to get us fresh beers Mark said that he hated to be a bad host, but he hadn’t had the house to himself in months and would I mind watching the rest of the game at home, so he could jack off. I apologized for being so dense and told him of course I didn’t mind. I was just about out the door when Mark half izmir escort bayan jokingly said, “unless you want to join me”. After only a moments thought I replied that if he was serious I seldom turn down a chance to stroke my cock. Mark switched the flat screen to web browser and handed me the tv remote and told me to find something good, and that he’d be right back.After a quick search of one of my favorite sites I’d found an rather long amateur cumshot compilation video showing endless streams of hot cum, the majority of it splashing into eager mouths. When Mark returned he’d brought a couple fresh beers as well as a tube of lube and some paper towels. I kept thinking this was a dream, but the reality was feeling my cock growing harder by the second. “Wow, great choice! I see that we’re both into hot facials” he remarked as he settled onto the opposite end of the couch. I could already see that he was hard, his shorts tenting as he began massaging himself, while taking in the action on the screen. I stood up long enough to kick off my Nikes, unbutton and slide my jeans and briefs off, freeing my throbbing cock. Setting back down, I wrapped my hand around my rod at the base and pulled out an expectedly copious amount of precum. “Damn Bro, that’s so fucking hot! I never thought I’d get so turned on watching another guy jack his cock”. As I spread the clear slick fluid around my cockhead and down the shaft, I kept glancing over in anticipation of seeing his cock exposed. I didn’t have to wait long as he lifted his ass and slid his shorts off, releasing a rock hard, cut cock that was about the same length as my 6”cock, but so much thicker than mine. So much so that his thumb and forefinger were separated at least an inch as he grabbed his shaft and began slowly stoking his own precum up and down the length of his shaft. We continued watching the video as we bated, steadily gliding our hands up and down. It soon became apparent that he enjoyed the act of unhurried cock edging as much as I did. Seems some men are just about pounding fast and furious, the only goal ejaculation. I admit that when I was much younger I was of the same mindset, just jerking to release my load. Now I much prefer the slow build, enjoying izmir escort bayan all the pleasure that my cock brings me. No longer is the sole purpose of my cockplay to merely unload my balls, but to savor every sensation of my edging. The video we’ve been watching ends and Mark finds a bukkake vid I’ve seen before. Just one big titted girl servicing over a dozen men who use every hole before having her kneel and they finish by stroking load after load onto her smiling face. (search “Rita bukkake” in the video section if you’re interested). Mark takes the lube and begins applying it to his thick cock and offers the tube to me. Squeezing out a generous portion, I stroke it into my pulsating cock. By now it’s obvious to both of us that we’re watching each other just as much as the event being played out on screen. I assume that he’s as fascinated as I am, seeing another man bating up close and noticing differences in technique, how his hand moves over the length of the shaft, how it teases the head and how the rhythm varies from my own. I’ve never had the desire to touch another cock, at least not consciously, but I can’t stop thinking about how it would feel to wrap my hands around Marks rigid thick fuck stick. As if he was reading my mind, he asks “can I jack you a little? I just want to feel your cock” I quickly slide over and immediately he reaches for my lube slicked cock. I hear myself moan deeply as I feel his hand encircle my cock and he begins sliding up and down the length, as he continues bating his own cock, slowly at first but steadily increasing his pace. Stroke for stroke matching the speed of his hands on our cocks, slicked with a mixture of the lube and the precum that’s being steadily pumped out. It isn’t long before I can feel the effects of his efforts. The porn on the television is long forgotten and my focus is solely on the vision of watching him jack us. I knew that I couldn’t take much more of his manipulation of my now sensitive cock, “stop for a minute, I’m so fucking close” I implored him. He replied that he was too. I suggested that we take turns bringing each other off and that it was my turn to feel a hard cock in my hands. Sliding off the couch, I positioned myself between Marks legs spread to grant me total access. I cupped his ball sack with one hand, squeezing gently as my other hand grasped his engorged cock. Damn if it didn’t feel even thicker than it looked. He let out a deep guttural moan as my hands began masturbating him. “Ohhh fuck that’s good, pump it Bro! I’m going to fucking explode”. The feel of his hot throbbing cock in my hands was amazing and suddenly I wanted to see him unload his hot cum. Tightening my grip and quickening the speed of my stroke, I urged him to let go. “Come on Mark let it go!! Shoot that hot cum for me! “. He erupted almost instantly, like hot white lava released from built up pressure. The cum poured out with each upward stroke of my hand that continued to pump his rod until I had gotten the last of his cum load and he was obviously becoming sensitive. I stood up and looked down at my very first visit drained and cum splattered neighbor, enjoying eew effect that my labor had on him. He looked so exhausted that I was expecting to either finish myself or perhaps maintain my “edge” and would have been fine with that. Stroking together and getting him off had been fantastic. Mark had other ideas though. Reaching up he took my cock into his hands and began jacking me as I stood there in front of him. I almost thought he was going to take me into his mouth and if he had I certainly wouldn’t have stopped him. I guess he wasn’t ready to go that far and I had me switch places with him. The sight of him down between my spread thighs and his hands massaging my cock and tight balls was almost as pleasurable as the sensations of his stroking. Even though I wanted just enjoy the experience for as long as possible and revel in having my cock serviced, I knew I was fast approaching the point of no return. He seemed to sense that as well and moved his hand faster and faster and just as my cum began flying from the tip of my cock his hand slowed down gently massaging out spurt after spurt of creamy cum. It seemed to flow out rather than shoot in spasmodic gobs. As my orgasm slowly subsided and he had the last drop of my ball juice out, I watched him stare at his cum covered hands in apparent fascination of what had just happened. Reaching for the paper towels, he handed me some and as we were cleaning up, I was very excited to hear him remark that he hoped we could do that again. I readily agreed, and couldn’t help but think to myself… maybe even more.

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