Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 09


I’d come out of the steambath a couple minutes before 4pm, thoroughly intoxicated in a wonderfully familiar, and very addictive, fashion. Becoming overheated in several ways, I hadn’t spent more than a quarter hour in the steam. With a temperature higher than customary, causing an audible gasp when first entering the dimness, sweat quickly coating my naked skin as I slowly walked, growing aware that sex was occurring in several places.

Though air temperature was not the only challenge, particularly as time passed. It was more the second cock sucker, quite talented and dedicated, that had me on the edge of endurance, so turned on that I wanted to pump his mouth full of hot cum. Yet by keeping the rush bottle firmly closed, temptation could be, barely, controlled. The baths are a place where self-control is definitely rewarded if one is looking to indulge in hours of sex.

As now generally seems to be the case, the steam room provided easy sex, becoming quickly entangled in a threesome, playing with cocks and nipples, using tongues to kiss and nip at ears and necks. It took little time to fall completely under the spell of male only group sex, something that repeat visitors to the baths cannot resist – particularly considering how many of those repeat visitors are actively cruising. Especially in these steamy boundaries, where naked strangers pleasure each other without inhibitions. Orgasm was already too near for me to open the little brown bottle, particularly when my cock started to slide into a stranger’s wet mouth while a second stranger played gently with my nipples.

Listening and looking around, sinking into pure bliss, it was clear I wasn’t the only one getting his cock sucked. Much like how I don’t understand what women find attractive in men, I don’t actually understand what men find attractive in men. But there is no question that I find a hard cock sexy – and that the steamroom often provided plenty of opportunity to enjoy them. Not to mention providing the opportunity for other men to enjoy my own turned on rod. Something many men have done over the recent years, often telling me how sexy my cock looks.

At some point, continuing to surrender to the irresistible pleasures of gay group sex, a second cock sucker seemed to replace the first, though by now, my attention tended to be far too focused on the sensations to keep track of what was actually causing them. Most of my awareness was tied up in trying to decide when to do my first hit of poppers, knowing that there was no way I could do a hit without cumming so good and hard. Soon, the thought of poppers became irrelevant, starting to blindly kiss a questing tongue, surrendering my mouth and cock to oral delights, right hand finding a hard cock to stroke.

In typical steamroom fashion, things shifted without much notice, the threesome becoming a twosome, more or less. The cock sucker stood, then turned his back to me, holding my glistening cock between his legs. It felt fantastic, my cockhead sliding over his sack, his hand reaching down so that the fingers and palm pressed my cockhead wonderfully. Soon, we had shifted position enough that our motion involved my still slippery cockhead starting to slide over his soft and utterly inviting ass.

My first thought was that now would be a perfect time to do my first hit of rush, followed by the more rational thought that fucking a stranger in the baths bareback was not the best idea, regardless of temptation. And it was truly tempting – I have rarely allowed my naked cock to come into contact with an offered hole, though the last 6 months have led to more contact than the last 5 years. An increasing trend, easily explained – a man’s willing ass is a cock magnet, pulling in stiff rods.

I’m fully aware that this is similar to what happened to my reluctance to get sucked without a condom – particularly as it has likely been more than a year since the last time I used a condom when getting sucked off – or doing the sucking, my mouth full with another man’s turned on naked cock. Knowing how it happened in another area at least provides a bit of guidance in the present.

Leading me to croak something like “condom,” and move back a bit, breaking direct contact. His hand rapidly returned to teasing me back, until we were humping again, cockhead again rubbing along his sack. He turned around, going down on my cock as the man I was kissing began to lightly tweak a nipple. Yet another time, the idea of poppers passed through my mind, but the effort was simply too much as my cock was lovingly sucked, a finger beginning to probe my ass.

The first time was too abrupt, but the second attempt was much better, settling down on a finger while getting sucked, moaning. The heat continued to build, and finally, I could no longer ignore the temperature – nor the desire to cum. Deciding to leave, it still took a couple of minutes – already planned in . to reach the exit, the cock sucking slut doing his best to keep me in the Turkish bath.

I staggered to the shower, extended güvenilir bahis cock swinging, attracting the attention of a couple of other men. Barely able to slap the sensor to turn on the rainhead shower, noting the door to the steam room being opened from the inside. Stepping under the cool water, it was possible to no longer pay attention, so I decided to concentrate on nothing but cooling down. The shower next to me started as I soaped my hands, then feet. Followed by putting soap on my still horny cock, guessing that the man under the next showerhead had followed by out.

I truly wasn’t sure, having not really seen him in the dimness, and when I finally glanced over, it seemed as if he had left. Which turned out to be the case, as he walked into the showers from the left, next to the staircase. Becoming aware of him, it took little time to make my intentions clear, as my soaped hand began to stroke his cock right after he touched mine. Generally, I do not have sex in the shower area, but as he bent over to take my cock in his warm mouth, such considerations became meaningless.

Soon, he sank down, his back against the curved half height wall that separates the shower space from the rest of the basement. My glasses, towel, and poppers were still in the cubbyhole against the steambath wall, a passing thought as I began to slide my length in and out, feeling his lips slide against my taut skin. One man was sitting on the steps, positioned to look at what was happening, his hand already under his towel. It did not take long for the blow job to develop into a proper face fucking, my feet at the wall, holding on to the wall as I thrust back and force, my hand cradling his head.

After a while, he stood up to kiss me deeply, as my tongue explored his wet mouth, my hand holding our hard cocks together, starting to hump in public. Something I had never really done with a woman, but in a men only shower room, I couldn’t resist, grabbing his ass with my left hand.

At some point, I saw that 10 minutes had passed, my cock becoming a slave to his mouth, though one able to resist giving in and filling his sexy mouth with hot cum. The man on the steps began jacking off, a hot sight while having a stranger service my exposed rod. He stood and approached, letting me see that another 5 minutes or so had gone by. He got close, which did not matter to me or my cocksucker, who had begun to lightly finger my hole. We had begun a slut couple, and the other man soon left.

The clock showed just how long I had been using this willing cock worshipper, who had been jerking off the entire time. He turned me around, jutting wet cock pointing away from him. It took little time for him to begin to rim me in public as I jacked off, now moaning as his tongue pleasured my hole. Shifting position to give him complete access to my slutty ass, a couple of other men, both naked and hard, were watching. After a enthralling interval getting anally pleasured by man in the showers, he turned me back around, talking about going upstairs and getting a cabin, starting to kiss as we had several times already.

Just before his finger began to circle my sensitive anal ring, his wet mouth returned to my cock, slowly taking me into his mouth. I couldn’t stop from moving, settling down on his finger as it went in, feeling a matching motion along my erect length. Holding on to the wall again, he turned me into a total bathhouse slut, mouth fucking him as I moved in delight against his finger fucking. Finally, I was able to speak between luxurious thrusting and hip rolling, agreeing with the idea of going upstairs.

If not precisely coherently – “oh fuck .. cabin .. fuck yes .. slut .. upstairs .. hot” and similar phrases, likely over a couple of minutes. This is the sort of state that pure male sex reduces a man too, the mind overwhelmed by primal sensation. The weed and beer beforehand are just nice enhancements, ones that add their own element to indulging in sex with strangers. My first sexual experiences were in the late 70s, where lots of people considered stoned sex one of the highest pleasures available – particularly gay men who got off having public group sex.

He turned me around again, providing the opportunity to see that the time was now 4:25pm. As his tongue licked my hole, I couldn’t stop from grinding my ass against his face, aware of men moving around. Returning to babbling words, with “fuck” and “cocksucker” and “sexy rimming” being pretty much the only ones I was able to say. Particularly after his hands found my nipples, sliding over them, gently turning them harder and ever more deliciously horny. Prompting me to moan about going upstairs naked, hard cocks jutting, a thought impossible to stop.

When he stood up, I saw that it was now 4:30pm, meaning that I had just spent the last half hour getting sucked and rimmed in a bathhouse’s showers. Barely able to think, I towelled off, then gathered my things before walking upstairs, seeing that he was still under the middle shower.

Upstairs, güvenilir bahis siteleri I hung around the stairway, waiting several minutes according to the clock. At that point, I began to explore, quickly, trying to cover the entrance area as much as possible. Little was happening in the first two sections I explored. There were at least a couple of people in the corridor leading to the porn rooms, but the booths and darkroom were empty. By now, between hurried exploration and hanging around the top of the stairs, it appeared as if I had been stood up, so to speak.

Deciding to check out the porn room, I saw a clothed threesome being interviewed on the screen before (or as part of) the start of their performance. The theater area was empty, so I headed to the top row, taking out my condoms and poppers. Fumbling a bit, still overwhelmed by such hot sucking and ass licking in public.

Leaning back, I began stroking myself hard, enjoying the sensation of a growing cock. A couple of men entered and left before one stayed, hand sliding over the front of his towel as he looked at me. I started to show off a bit, staring at him while posing my cock in different ways. He unwrapped his towel, then sat on the middle row, his hand reaching out to lightly stroke my leg. I love such gentle caressing, especially when jacking off.

Another man, younger and heavyset with shortish black hair, entered. First taking in the film scene, causing me to do the same. But when his head turned to look between my spread legs, hairy balls being fondled, it took little time before his hand started sliding over the front of the towel. Hurriedly, he went to the middle row, on my left, his hand easily replacing mine as he bent his head down, taking me into his mouth.

Of course I had been looking for this, though it had probably been less than 10 minutes since another cock lover had been giving me a blow job. Pretty typical for a bathhouse slut, offering a hard cock to anyone who wants it. Years of experience have shown that any number of strangers want to service my cock if given the opportunity – which the baths provide in addictive abundance.

His skill was undeniable, though it was difficult to know whether he had been the same cock sucker who I had splattered with hot semen in this public gay porn space in the last year or so, next to another cock sucking pair. Not that it mattered as he went down on me, easily bringing me close to the edge of orgasm. Enhanced by how the other man was playing with my foot and toes and sole, tweaking his nipple as he played with himself. This drew my attention better than porn, as watching a man play with himself has been a real turn on for me over decades.

Lost in bliss, I barely recognized my previous partner as he entered and scanned the rows. He moved promptly between my legs, rapidly displacing the other two men. One assumes in similar fashion as how he had done it downstairs, though with my cock in paradise, I paid no attention to anything else. This state is something that can become craved easily, as so many of the men at a bathhouse know. Especially since can be found so reliably where men gather to have sex with other men.

He soon made it clear just how much he loved cock sucking, along with displaying a number of male pleasuring skills, such as lightly stroking under my hairy armpits, making me moan in pure delight, sinking into a higher paradise as he touched my nipples like in the shower.

It seemed to take little time to become entwined on the top row. He had a trait that was wonderful, stopping sucking when my hand moved down to my cock, but start again as soon as I made it clear he should. This did not only delay orgasm, but sometimes, jacking off with a spit covered cock is better than being deep in wet softness, such as when circling your cockhead over a man’s opened lips, teasing you and him before sinking back into his willing mouth.

Finally, ready to do my first hit of poppers when he began to go down on me again, breathing in deeply as he slowly and deliciously slid down my horny length. The rush began to make my cock feel gigantic, creating sensations of immenseness filled with pure sexual pleasure as his mouth went further. Breathing out and looking down, my eyes confirmed what my cock already knew in luscious detail – I was being deep throated, a finger starting to probe my willing ass.

At some point, laying back in total bliss, legs spreading wider as my cock sucker began to press his finger deeper into my ass. However, after only a moment of turning my hole into a quivering ring of desire, his finger withdrew. Followed by his hands pushing my raised knees apart, bending down, hand sliding over my glistening length, his tongue beginning to rim me again.

As always, a stranger’s tongue on my ass was completely dominating, particularly when he held my feet, indicating I should rise up. When my legs were up, his access to my hole was total, and I surrendered completely. Repeating my very first experience of rimming, iddaa siteleri something my first girlfriend did to me, after reading about it in the Joy of Gay Sex – way back in the very early 1980s.

Finally, after a an interval of pure animal joy, I was able to do another hit of rush with a stranger luxuriously tonguing my fully submissive asshole. Rimming is a pure delight, one distinct from cock centered pleasures. Though it is possible to remain hard while being so pleasured, when an ass is being tongued, other things become secondary.

He kept pushing me higher, to the point that my neck began to feel too much pressure, forcing an end things by changing position. He lay on top of me as we greedily kissed, horny cocks rubbing, my hands running over his ass, teasingly. My goal soon became apparent, and his kissing reflected just how turned on he was getting as my fingers neared, then touched his pulsing anal ring.

Slowly, my finger went deeper as my tongue slid over his, my left hand stroking along the inside of his thigh as our cocks continued to slide. The dynamic was beginning to shift, at least a bit, as for the first time, he was clearly the slut unable to resist a stranger pleasuring him.

A shift that did not last too long, as he pulled back, sitting up and then bending over to start sucking me again. As I moved the magic brown bottle to my nose, his hand reached up, so I let him have the stilled sealed poppers. By this point, it was not a surprise he was a poppers lover too, as so many become after their first encounter of poppered sex. In my experience, women love poppers too, especially when getting fucked hard and talking dirty, but the experience seems more intense for men. I don’t think that any regular rush user at the baths is too concerned about making a scale – the effects are far too intoxicating anyways. And at least in my experience, even better when using them with men.

Like now, greedily going down on me while handing back the still open bottle and cap. I did a hit, careful to seal the bottle before being turned into a total suck slut. He was deep throating me again as I finally breathed out, starting to thrust my hips, face fucking him right to the edge of orgasm. His hands had reached under my ass cheeks, making it easy for him to keep me from withdrawing.

However, he did not force me to cum, but instead started to tea bag me. Leading to his tongue starting to lap along my upper thighs, making me moan again, begging to be licked between my legs. He began to rim me again, forcing me to surrender to the heavenly sensations, jacking my wet cock in helpless bliss.

Having spent this much time together, both of us were clearly delighted in having found an equally willing and talented slut. Though you do find clumsy and unskilled men at the baths, they are easily ignored, particularly as so many other visitors have been practicing their abilities in pleasuring other men for years.

Finally, I sat up, playing with his cock, when I found the brown bottle. opening it and taking a deep breath before going down on his hard cock for the first time, handing the poppers to him as my mouth surrounded his naked cockhead. I finally did to him what he had done to me, though after a while, he put his hands on my hand, stopping me. Realizing he did not want to cum, I moved my mouth to his lips, kissing him as I hacked his cock with one hand, and mine with the other, feeling him gently squeeze my nipples as his tongue filled my mouth.

Laying back down, I noticed a threesome next to us, one row lower. Prompting me to do another hit of rush as my cocksucker returned to servicing my hard length, while looking at the gay sex happening next to me. Seeing how the man that had sucked my cock before was laying with his head in the lap of a sitting man, going down on him while the third man knelt on one knee as he had his cock sucked by the sitting slut.

When a tongue found my ass again, I rose myself up, discovering that it was possible to support myself with my foot lightly pressing against the ceiling. Fully aware that the rimjpb I was getting could be seen by at least one other man, the standing one. Who appeared to be looking, as he began to thrust deeper into a cock sucking slut’s willing mouth, turning me on to see.

This time, when I returned to laying on the platform, my cocksucker moved, soon squatting over my face. I began to teabag him while trying to find the bottle. He became a bit impatient, but I love doing a hit of poppers and turning into an ass pig, slathering a man’s ass with my tongue and spit. Finding the bottle, it took a bit for me to get it properly positioned. After breathing the magical scent in, it took a bit for me to position him to feel the tip of my tongue start to touch his soft and yielding hole, meaning that the full effects began to flow through me as he settled down on my face.

I could tell he was playing with his cock from the rhythm he anal ring was performing as my tongue went deeper. Rush turns me into a dirty ass licker, something no man I have ever met has resisted, with my tongue now pressing deeper into his hole, doing its best to provide the sensation of being tongue fucked, and not merely the luxurious sensations of being rimmed.

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