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Subject: Bath house at the Lake Chapter 1 My first story to publish on Nifty. Feel free to let me know what you think. Flames deleted and ignored. Constructive criticism will be read but in all honesty probably ignored for the most part. I am not a writer but love to write. My grammer may be off, a word may be used incorectly or horror of Horrors!!!!…I may even use a dangling participle. The chances of the last are very real since I never did figure out what the hell a dangling participle sia Bathhouse at the Lake Not true. Just a fantasy created by a situation. The first couple minutes happened. After the door opens…all fantasy. No animals were harmed. Go to bed. Its late and you have school in the morning. I had survived another horrible work week. Rather than do the 200 things around the house that needed done, I did what any red blooded American fellow would do…I went camping. Normally when I go to the lake I just pay the 12 bucks for a dry camp site right on the edge of the water and set up and relax. As I was waiting in line one of the Rangers who had come to recognize me as a local and knew where I liked to camp came up to my window and told me the whole waterline was packed. Great. Too late to turn around and go elsewhere due to the traffic. He then made my day and told me that there was one full hookup site that would be empty in a few minutes because the family was leaving early. Apparently Mom had done a poor job of cooking the half spoiled food in the cooler and now the whole family was sick. He had told the girl in the box to hold onto it when he saw me come in to see if I wanted it. I guess it pays to make a friend when you can. After paying my fee, I rolled over to the full hook up area and got set up. By the time I was done I was starving, hot, sweaty and not overly happy to be any of those things. I fixed a quick dinner from the fridge and sat in the air conditioning just relaxing and eating for a few minutes. The shadows were getting long and it was getting late in the evening by the time I had finished and cleaned up. “SHOWER” was my next thought. It had been a rough hot day and I was filthy and smelly from about 10 feet for sure. The biggest advantage to the full hookup areas was that you could shower in your unit or go use the camp showers were clean as a whistle, had unlimited time and hot water, and there was one of them only 100 yards away. The shower buildings themselves were pretty cool layouts. They had the standard restroom area for all to use. Behind this room were the 2 large shower rooms. Each one had a small sink, toilet and a HUGE shower area. These things were the size of a small car. As I walked up to the building I became aware of 2 things. First was the 9 or 10 YO fellow fighting to push the door…and second the fact that the second unit was being taken at that very second by an late 20s dad and his 7 or 8 yo kid. As the door closed on the second unit the boy pushing on the first turned around and I got to see his face. About 9yo, longish dark brown, almost black hair that just reached his shoulders, a thin face and the most shocking deep blue eyes I had ever seen. He was wearing a towel around his shoulders and a pair of tiny white shorts that may have even been underwear. And a pair of worn sandles. He was thin but not scrawny…just skinny. He had perfectly defined muscles even if they were small and a mini 6 pack showing. His little bubble but stuck out a bit in the back and there was not a single sign of a hair anywhere on him except his head. He was absolutely georgeous. “I think the door is busted.” He said “Nah, they stick sometimes, and they have a super heavy spring on them to keep them from blowing open during storms. Just need to give it a good push.” I told him. At the same time I did just that and pushed the door open. “Hey thanks!” he said as he scooted inside. My dick said follow but my brain told me to stay and I let the door clunk shut again. “Hey mister….” I heard from inside and pushed the door open again. He was standing there looking a bit worried. “Can you stay there and let me out when I am done….?” He asked. “Sure, I want to get a shower too. I will be waiting.” I said. Leaving off the offer to come in and shower with him. “Cool…thanks.” He half giggled “I sure dont want to be trapped in here.” The door closed again and I leaned up against the wall to wait. I was just thinking that there should be a bench for people waiting when I heard a tapping on the door and the voice again. “Hey Mister….you still there?” “Still here” I chuckled pushing the door open a little bit to hear him better. “Um….do you have a couple quarters I can borrow?” He asked. ataköy escort I realized that many folks don’t realized the showers are not free. Fifty cents gets you about 5-7 minutes of good hot water and good pressure but it aint free. “Well… sort of,” I said still seeing the humor and at the same time realizing that the kid was 100% bare assed naked peaking out the door. I couldn’t really see him but could see enough to realized he had stripped before discovering the coin box. “But if I give you all of my change I wont get a shower.” OK, this was only half true. I had several dollars in quarters at the campsite but had only brought 6 with me. I was planning a long relaxing shower. “Umm…well…could we share them?” he nearly whimpered. ” I am all sticky from dinner and smores and really don’t want to stay like this. I promise I will just hop in with you and get rinsed and then get out of your way.” “Well I dont think your parents will be real impressed with you taking a shower with a total stranger. I could get in a ton of trouble if I did that.” Inside my mind was whirling with the possibility of just seeing all of this cute little guy let alone maybe getting to brush against him. Red flags and caution lights were flashing in my head as my pecker swelled just at the sugestion. “Parents are dead.” He stated flatly loosing the bouncy tone he had just seconds ago.” Happened when I was only 2. I dont really even remember them.” He then reset to the bouncy voice and the smile he had carried before. “Im here with my Aunt and my 2 cousins. She wont care. By now she has 5 or 6 beers in her and the brats are asleep and I could be gone all night and she wouldn’t notice.” More flashing caution lights and now blast horns in my head as my dick swelled even more and my mind flashed 100 ideas in my head. “What the hell.” I thought to myself. He doesnt know anything about me…not even where I am camped. To him I said “Well then I guess we really dont have to rush…we can take our time and get really clean.” It was kindof lame I admit but he grinned ear to ear and stepped back to let me in the door. Once the door was shut (and now locked) I turned to actually get a look at him. What I saw left my heart racing. He was super cute as I said with a tiny upturn to his nose, huge eyes, straight white teeth in a huge smile and dimples on both cheeks. He had just barely begun to fill out in his chest area but puberty itself was a long ways away. His tummy was flat as a board and as I said he had a fairly impressive little 6 pack going. His little tummy then tapered down along the abdominal ridges to the cutest little 3″ pecker I had ever seen. He was cut and tight so that it stuck out a little even soft. Long coltish well defined legs showed he was also used to being outside. His tan line abruptly stopped midway down his legs. As he had said he was quite dirty and had the remains of desert on his legs and belly and chest. I dumped a couple quarters in the box and got the shower going. The hot water poured out in a wide spray and we stepped in. The actual shower was at least 6 feet X 8 feet so there was plenty of room and because the park staff was top notch they were really clean too. I put a hand on the little gods back and thrilled at the touch of the bare skin and pushed him gently under the spray. He started to hurredly rub his belly and legs and I realized he was trying to be good to his word and rinse and run so to speak. I tapped him on the head and he looked up surprised. “You really dont need to rush.” I told him,” we have 5 minutes or so with each set of quarters and I have 3 sets. I had planned to take a nice long hot shower and you are welcome to enjoy it all with me.” Of course I didn’t mention that I wanted all the time possible to drink in the sight of a beautiful preteen who was openly dancing naked in a shower inches away from me. “oh. ok. Thanks! I actually always wash fast like this. I only get 3 minutes at home to get in, get clean and get out or else there is always some sort of punishment.” Again his voice had dropped and his eyes had grown dark. I was beginning to get the impression that my young friend didn’t have the happiest homelife. A few seconds later the bouncy kid reappeared and looked me right in the eye and with all the seriousness in the world said ” I am getting a boner”. It had never happened to me before but I swear my dick went from somewhat semi to full on hard as a diamond bone in 2 heartbeats. I was kind of surprised there was no “Boinnng” sound. He looked at me and kind of laughed and said “Holy Shit!! I guess you have one too. Wow. Yours is HUGE.” In reality I merter escort was really not that big at all compared to most adult males. If I was 6″ long and maybe the diameter of a quarter rock hard I was lucky but to someone sporting a boner the diameter of a pencil and only about 2 inches long, it was probably HUGE after all. Before I could even respond he had reached up and taken hold of my cock and moved in for a closer look. I was frozen in place. I was even afraid to breath. I had hoped to maybe brush against him a bit in the shower. This was way better even if nothing else happened. He let go and reached down to take hold of his own. “Do you think mine is too small?” “I actually think it is perfect” I choked out almost unable to talk. I decided that I was in for the full ride and knelt down so I was eye level with him and placing a hand on his cute little ass I reached for his tiny pecker. He moved his hand and let me take hold. I gave it a couple gentle strokes. “See, size is not important when even the little ones can make you feel good when someone does this. “Oooooooh…..ooooooooh …ahhhhh……that feels really funny.” He moaned quietly. “John never touches mine.” “Who is John?” I asked getting a funny feeling he may have a story to tell. “Um…no one. Nevermind.” He stammered a bit and his eyes flew open. A look of fear on his face as he backed away a little bit. “Easy buddy.” I calmly reassured him. “Its ok. I wont say anything. I am guessing he isn’t another kid is he?” “No.” He shook his head and looked at the floor. “He is may Aunts Boyfriend most of the time. I think one of my cousins might be his kid too.” “And he makes you do stuff to him?” “Yes” He nodded still looking at the floor. “He makes me jerk him off and sometimes suck him when she gets too drunk…which is most of the time. “Well I wont make you do anything but get clean if you want. I don’t make kids do things they don’t want to. “OK….but you can touch me if you want to…that felt really good. And I can do you too. I like doing the stuff we do. I just don’t like him, He is always mean to me and pushing me around. He always wants to push his dick way down my throat too cuz I dont gag like she does. I guess I have something weird in my throat so I don’t gag when it goes down. I had heard of people with no gag reflex but had never actually met one. This was getting better an better. In the back of my mind I started thinking about how to deal with John the asshole boyfriend but in the front of my mind there was a drop dead stunning little boy with a scared look on his face. I opened up my arms and he practically dove into them. I didn’t do anything that moment but hug and hold him. It seemed to be exactly what he needed. It occurred to me that I never even asked him his name. “Stockton James Miller” Was his reply when he and I separated. At that exact moment the water shut off as the timer timed out. We both looked at the shower head and kinda laughed. “Well Stockton James Miller, my name is Jack. Lets put a couple more quarters in there and see if we can get clean then maybe have a little fun for the last two.” He just grinned and nodded. I dropped 2 more quarters in the box and the shower started up again. Reaching over to my kit I grabbed my bar of soap and quickly lathered it up in my hands a little before applying it to a silky smooth totally hairless little boy in front of me. I started on his chest to get some lather going and then slowly worked up to his head and shoulders so he could get used to my touch and then proceeded back down his body slowly building lather as I got closer to the object that was my goal. His little boner was rock hard and bounced a little with every heartbeat. His had to be pounding as fast and as hard as mine. I skipped his middle and went down each leg making sure to get every last milimeter all the way around and slowly came back up to his soft thighs and the outside of his butt cheeks. “Please Jack! Please touch me again” he softly pleaded. Deciding it was time I turned him a little and brought my hands up under each cheek and dragging finger across his little pucker I swirled around and wrapped a sudsy hand around his little prick. He nearly passed out and at the same time drove himself against the hand. “Oh man…oh MAN!” he gasped. Keeping my hand working his little dick I let the other hand wander around back taking the bar of soap and spinning it in one hand to get a bit more lather…and lubricant. I ran my finger firmly back and forth in his but crack just barely forcing my finger tip to run into the tight little hole each time. The combination was too much bahçeşehir escort for him. “Ohhhh Jack….OH! Oh! Um Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” I kept working his little stick for just a second as he pumped into my hand a few more strokes and then backed out as he became super sensitive. “WOW!” Was all he said. Actually he said it 3 or 4 times before climbing into my lap again and hugging me like a bear. “That was amazing!!” “I have a couple other tricks up my sleeve if you are interested…” I said mysteriously. He giggled and I set to washing my own self and realized that I was also getting a bit of help as the bar of soap ran across my back and little hands started washing my shaved head and shoulders. I was “standing” on my knees to be at his level and he came around to the front and started working the lather on my chest and then worked lower as I had done. He didn’t mess around long and soon had hold of my rod and was pumping away. As he lowered his head and opened his mouth I stopped him. “You know you dont have to do that right?” ” I know. I want to. I really do like doing it…just not to him. I want to try yours.” I let him go and he opened wide and swallowed the head. He was actually fantastic right from the get go and started swirling his little tongue around the head and then started going further. I realized that he was not fibbing about the gag reflex as I felt his tonsils brushing the head and still he kept going until he had it all. Then slowly he worked back until he was doing the swirling thing again. He had only done this for about a minute when the shower shut off. I noticed but it was certainly not the primary subject on my mind. The room was hot and steamy and my mind was nearly so. I watched the little head bobbing up and down and felt his throat constricting as he did 2 or 3 thrusts down and then swirled that little tongue as he caught a few breaths and then down again. It took about 2 minutes of this with my eyes feasting on his little body to bring me to the grand finale climax of years. I barely had time to stammer out his name and “cumming” before I let go of the first of at least 5 or 6 blasts of full pressure as I jammed my cock all the way down his throat and let go. Those first few were followed by several smaller ones and then I finally relaxed and realized I had been holding him. I pulled out and grabbed his shoulders as he slumped a little bit and coughed and then took a deep breath. “Damn Jack!!!!” he swore, “That was almost enough to drown me. I think my belly is clear full!” “Holy Shit Stockton! Are you OK? I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to grab you like that.” I babbled. “Its fine Jack, really. I am fine. John cums like that sometimes when he isn’t that drunk but just horny and his is even bigger so I cant get any air at all. I sometimes pass out before he pulls it out. This was easy…..and FUN! Can we go again? I want to see if I can make you dizzy. I make him dizzy sometimes and he gets all stupid. Once he even kissed me before he realized it was me.” he rambled quickly all in one breath. Finally realizing the shower was stopped and we were covered in sweat I dropped the last 2 quarters I the slot and gathered him up. We rinsed and I explained that adults need time to recharge. We cant go again that fast but I could see that he was again hard as a rock. I quickly set him down and dropped to my knees and swallowed his little spike. I basically gave him back exactly what he had given me except that I could fit all of his little pecker and his ball into my mouth without the need to worry about a gag reflex. Once a gain I let my fingers on my right hand go find his little pucker and start massaging it. I reached down ag gathered the soap again and added some on my finger for lube and let the tip go in. He didn’t flinch so I let it go to the first knuckle. Still no reaction so I started to press just a bit when he gave a push and relaxed and my whole finger popped in. He jumped just a little and froze and I was afraid he would pull away. I quickly went for his tiny love button inside and scraped my finger across it. There was a tiny noise from above and then he began bucking and thrusting for all he was worth driving his little cock into my mouth and at the same time driving my finger into his tiny ass. I made sure each thrust caused another scrape across his prostate. Just before the water shut of for the third and final time he froze, clenched, and thrust one more time just as I had done. He held perfectly still for a few seconds and then pulled out of my mouth and at the same time pushed my hand away. “WOW! HOLY SHIT! WOW!” was all that came out. “Like that did you?” His response was to launch up into my arms and give me a full on full french kiss! I was a little shocked that he even knew what/how to do it. We were in that position when the water shut off. It was over. Let me know what you think. I have 2 more chapter laid out sort of rough if anyone enjoyed and wants this to continue.

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