Backstage Pass 3: The Boys Take Turns


Slowly I withdrew from the muffin’s cunt and crawled off the end of the bed. Bill immediately presented himself and mounted her. His penis was huge, the biggest in the group, although I have to say mine is a close second. Alastair got active with the camera again and recorded Bill’s cock head rubbing up and down the now-lubricated lips of the muffin’s pussy. Bill played his glans penis around her clitoris and made lightening jabs with it into her vagina and out again, watching it get slick with her blood and juices. Then he rammed fully inside her cunt. “Mmmmmmfff” she groaned behind her gag.

His fucking followed much the same pattern as mine. I guess I just knew what was most arousing for me and for an audience watching my sex act. No wonder Bill and the others had watched with approval. I did what they liked doing to a young girl bound and gagged on a bed, her virgin pussy available for hard fucking.

Bill fucked his cock into her young cunt long and hard, driving his hips against her spread thighs to ram his penis in as deep as he could. He mauled her breasts with his hands and stared hungrily into her weeping face and flushed cheeks. As I had done, he raised himself up so Alastair could photograph her cunt being invaded with Bill’s huge cock. And as I had done, he kept his cock fully in her cunt as he ejaculated his semen into her vagina. I could see it was a full, rough fuck and very satisfying to Bill, from his shuddering frame as his came in her cunt to his big grin as he dismounted from her sobbing, naked young body.

Harold was more clinical. He began his turn by examining her pussy, spreading the lips and pushing back her clitoral hood with his fingers. He dipped them into her vagina and held them to his nose, savouring the mixed scent of blood, semen, and vaginal juices. He nodded his head thoughtfully. “She’s really aroused. We may want to do her again sometime.” He rubbed his slick, oily fingers over the head of his erect penis. Then he mounted her and applied his penis to her cunt lips.

I stood beside Bill, watching Harold’s penis disappear up into the muffin’s hot young cunt and listening to his paunch slapping against her belly as he proceeded to thrust his penis into the depths of her vagina. I was delighted to find my own cock stiffening with arousal at the sights, sounds, and smells of Harold’s debauched fucking of a young teen. At my age, having debauched sex like this was a private fantasy come true, and no doubt I felt first relief at izmit escort the men choosing not to shoot me to death and then total lust when they allowed me full rein for my most libidinous fantasies. The large handful of blue pills and extra shots of testosterone I’d taken also helped fuel my sexual urges.

Harold lowered his whole body horizontally onto hers in a lustful embrace and began to feel her up and down with his hands as his cock fucked rhythmically into her cunt. He ran his fingers through her rich brown hair and held her head as he kissed her cheeks and licked at her tears. He kissed her dimpled chin and playfully nipped at it with his teeth. He ran his fingers through her armpits and got a tickle response that delighted him and caused him to ram his penis harder into her vagina.

Harold’s wandering hands found her breasts squashed under his chest and explored their full, ripe young contours. He rolled first on one side and then on the other to expose her nipples to his inquisitive touch, running his open palms around the nipple lightly in circles, noting how she responded, never once losing the rhythm of his penis thrusting in her vagina.

Finally Harold’s hands traced down over her womanly hips and under to her buttocks. These he squeezed and squeezed all over, then held on firmly as he speeded up his fucking into her cunt. He began to breathe heavily and then to wheeze as his climax built. He closed his eyes with the effort and then “Oooh ooooh oooooh”, his orgasm hit him and he came into her cunt, his penis thrusts gradually decreasing in speed and strength until he collapsed exhausted on her belly.

He got up immediately and shook his head. “That was some fuck, best I’ve had in years.” We all chuckled along with him, taking pleasure in his pleasure.

Alastair handed Bill the video camera and me the still camera from the chair. I raised my eyebrows in query as I took it. “Sure,” Alastair said briefly as he stripped off his shorts, exposing a long, thin, uncircumcised penis, its arrow-shaped glans now coral with arousal. “You seem to know what you’re doing. Must watch lots of porn.” His smile was almost a sneer.

I ignored it and smiled back. “Sure,” I said. “One has to learn somewhere.”

Like the rest of us, Alastair began on his knees applying his penis to the opening of her vagina, but once he had rammed his cock as deep into her cunt as it would go, his cruel streak emerged. He slapped first one tit and then the other with alternating yahya kaptan escort hands, blows sounding a dull thud on her young tit flesh and making her breasts jiggle and turn red. We heard her muffled screams of pain behind the gag.

Then he leaned forward and pounded his penis hard into her vagina, pressing his pubic mound firmly against hers at his fullest penetration, rotating his hips with a screwing motion that tangled his pubic hair into hers. He leaned forward and bit her chin, then bit each of her nipples, holding them in his teeth and pulling them up so her teen breasts formed long cones while she squealed in agonized pain. His right hand caressed her left buttock and then he stole his index finger into her bum crack and forced it into her anus as he continued to fuck hard into her cunt. She squealed again at this new penetration of her person.

As he raised up his bum to show his fucking action to the camera, we could see his cock shaft slick with juices: white foam from her vaginal lubricants, white semen from our cocks when we came in her cunt, and streaks and patches of clotted blood from the ruin of her virginity. It amazed me she could continue to take the pain of penetration after having her hymen ripped apart by my penis.

I mentioned this to Harold as we stood beside the bed, watching the continuing fucking of the muffin while Bill got it all on video. “Yah,” the doctor remarked, “these young teens are very resilient.” He sighed and stroked his penis as he watched. “I love these juicy young cunts. My cock and my whole body feel so great, so alive when I’ve come in their pussies. I wish they would just let us fuck them so we didn’t have to kidnap them like this.”

I shot him a glance and nodded agreement. I often regret that men and women have such different sexual agendas when sex is such a gift with potential to bring people together and keep them happy. “But that wouldn’t be as much fun, would it?” I teased him.

He shot back a wicked look. “You’re right. It wouldn’t. Still, it means we have to be careful. I wish we knew someone in the local police service so we could keep tabs on any suspicions they might have that could lead them to us here at Backstage Pass.”

“I know someone,” I said, trying to be helpful. “Murray Robertson, the police chief, is a friend of mine. We worked on a community project a little while back. I can find out what they’re doing about these girls, if anything, with a phone call.”

Harold gebze escort stared at me. “That’s great,” he said finally. “My heavens, I thought you were a snoop and our little operation would be in trouble. But the way you think and the way you fuck and now this, it’s been a real blessing. Do you want to continue with us, as part of the group I mean?”

“Sure thing,” I responded heartily. “I love this setup: the young moist muffin, the fucking, the abuse, the secrecy of the whole thing back here in the woods. As I said before, being out in nature makes me horny. Fucking teen cunt back in the woods in this isolated camp makes my cock stiff just thinking about it.”

“Good,” he said. “You’re in. We’ll call you when we can talk about choosing the next muffin for fucking. The local community college is a place to start looking for girls.”

“I can probably help you there too,” I said. “I know a lot of the college staff. They know the students and can tell me which girls are moralistic and which are ripe for some sexual activity.” Harold nodded again appreciatively.

Alastair had continued punching and pinching the muffin’s breasts and mauling her clit and thumbing her asshole as he fucked her. His breathing got faster and his corkscrew cock thrusts into her vagina got faster and harder. As she rolled her eyes and moaned with the pain and shame of this fourth fuck, he suddenly jammed his penis up as far as he could into her vagina and held it there. His eyes rolled and he moaned “Aaah aaaah aaha” as his orgasm hit him and he ejaculated jets of semen into her teen cunt.

Then he pulled out of her pussy with a pop, and Bill zoomed in to record the trail of white semen mixed with streaks of blood that leaked out between her labia, now swollen and coral in hue with the fucking The white come ran down her bum cheeks into her wrinkled anal opening.

I reflected that Alastair seemed to be one of those guys who stops his thrusting at the onset of orgasm, perhaps just to enjoy the fabulous sensation of muscles contracting and rippling up and down the length of a hot, stiff penis as they shoot semen out into the waiting cervical vault of a vagina. Not me. I’ve always enjoyed continuing my thrusting in the cunt to keep my cock head fully stimulated and maximize the ecstatic pleasure of orgasm and ejaculation, continuing my cock thrusts into her pussy as my orgasm subsides, milking that last drop of come from my cock head and maintaining the sensation of coupling with the cunt under me for as long as my penis stays erect.

But Alastair is also one of those guys who gets aroused hurting girls. I wondered whether I could ever be one too.

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