Back Pain Ch. 02


My lower back issue was nearly non-existent within two days of my visit to Dr. Horn’s office, as he’d predicted. But even though the pain that once constantly nagged me was gone, I nonetheless contemplated endlessly whether I should go back for a return appointment. I felt so foolish.

For one thing, I was a little embarrassed at letting someone I’d only just met service me in a public place. That was exacerbated by the fact that he then rejected me when I came onto him. He was polite about it, but it made me feel so juvenile.

Despite being stung a bit, the simple fact was I still couldn’t stop thinking about him. He was mature and strong with a belly round like I like it. He had grey hair, and a clean shaven face that let you admire his chin, his dimples and his chubby cheeks. He looked like the classic sports-loving, barbecuing dad that you would see at a ball game or at his own kids’ games. Just the kind of man I stare at and usually the type of man you would be willing to bet was married with grown kids. Which is what made it surprising when he came onto me and what now made it more impossible for me to stop thinking about him.

After dreaming about him and daydreaming about him non-stop, I decided on a plan of action. I would schedule a follow-up appointment, unnecessary as it was, and find a way to make a move.

Exactly one week after my first appointment, I found myself back at Dr. Horn’s office sitting in the waiting room across from his young, blonde secretary. She told me he was just finishing up with another patient and would be out any minute.

I sat nervously, my foot tapping incessantly on the floor, and noticed that I was already starting to chub up a bit. I didn’t know what would happen but I reviewed the plan in my head. I pulled out the object of my plan – a simple business card – and turned it in my hands. On the back, I had scribbled “If you ever find the time..” and added my cell phone number. It wasn’t much, but my feeling was that he was inhibited by something last week, whether it be the setting or maybe a genuine time restraint. If I was right, all we needed was a little coordination to find some alone time. And if I was wrong, I’d just have to find a new chiropractor. Or not mess up my back.

I tucked the card back in my pocket as I heard Dr. Horn and his patient rounding the corner. The secretary helped the patient check out as the three of them made small talk for a moment before the patient went on her way. Dr. Horn smiled mischievously at me in a way that scratched at that itch in my mind.

He greeted me and beckoned me to follow him again. The secretary gave a warm smile as I passed and I hoped she’d once again leave for the day. I had a feeling that she wouldn’t though because unlike last time, my appointment was not after hours.

Dr. Horn didn’t take me to the massage room first this time, but instead led me to the room with the chiropractic table – the same room where we had our incident last week. He asked how my back was doing and I told him it was good.

“The pain is mostly gone, but I just wanted to do a check up because I’m new to all of this.”

It felt like the weakest excuse.

He smiled knowingly, “I’m glad it’s feeling better. Do you still feel it when you get out of bed?”

I shook my head no.

“Let’s just take a quick look. Why don’t you lie down on the table for me.”

He checked the notes on his clipboard and I propped myself on the table with my back up. I felt his hands lift my shirt a bit to look at my lower back. His hands barely touched me and a sensation tingled up my spine. As he felt the muscle that had been giving me issues, it was even more clear that the pain was gone. He pressed in a little harder and my body started to respond to his touch. I longed for him to keep going, but it was short lived. There was, after all, nothing to take care of this time.

I felt him lower my shirt back down as he confirmed what we both already knew.

“It looks great at this point. And if you’re not feeling any pain, I really don’t think you have anything to worry about. Like I said last week, I would try and stretch more often and not just your back. Gone are the days of exercising without stretching for folks like us!”

He chuckled and helped me up off the table. I wasn’t rock hard or anything, but I definitely had some activity showing in my pants. I looked at his groin and noticed he too was full. But, in his case it looked like his pants may just always look that way. I was desperate to find out what was beneath. I looked in his eyes and he smiled again. I wanted to show my intentions, glancing back and forth obviously from the pouch in his pants to his eyes. He maintained that same look he gave when he first saw me: this mischievous smirk that indicated he could read my mind.

But then he shrugged, pointing his head towards the secretary’s desk and gave this sort of frown. I knew what he was communicating because it was what I anticipated might happen. I grabbed bahis şirketleri the business card and stared into his eyes, biting my lip a bit, as I moved the card from my pocket to his. I slowly and deliberately rubbed against his thigh before leaving the card for him to read later.

I winked before starting back toward the front desk. He followed behind and he and his secretary both warmly bid me farewell.

When I got home, I became fixated on my phone, jolting for it as soon as I saw it light up with a new notification. I began to curse the notifications that were now frivolous to me as there was only one that I cared about.

I knew I needed to do something to take my mind off it or I’d go crazy. I reminded myself he may wait days before calling or that he may never call at all. But that mischievous smile of his instilled this surety in me that he would.

Despite this confidence, I decided to go on a jog to release some energy and get away from my phone. I never jogged growing up because I was active in sports and had plenty of running drills already most days at school. But now that I sit at a desk all day instead of playing sports, I definitely started to notice a difference in the mirror.

I went for a good run, feeling better than usual. Maybe getting my alignment fixed was making a subtle difference in my running form. I got back to my apartment, unlocked the door and let myself in. My phone was on the counter and instantly reminded me of everything that had been going through my mind.

I picked it up and saw a text from an unknown number.

“Tomorrow night, boy. You better be ready.”

My heart, already racing from my jog, thumped against my chest. His word choice gave me the chills, simultaneously arousing me and intimidating me. Calling me “boy” caused an immediate reaction as a growing erection struggled to create space in my nylon workout briefs.

I wanted to think of a proper response before sending, but also wanted to be timely for fear of repercussion.

“At your call, sir.”

It felt appropriate, indicating my obedience and eagerness to please. I wanted to add something playful and thought of sending him a pic to go with it. I took off my shirt and looked at my shape in the mirror. I had worked up a sweat and was glistening. I looked good and was tempted to have a quick photo shoot but reminded myself he was still kind of a stranger. I didn’t even have his number until 5 minutes ago.

I settled on an emoji instead, adding the face with his tongue sticking out. It was playful, but also almost invoked a dog: lovable but obedient to his master. I sent it and wondered how it would be received.

He responded instantly.

“Good boy.”

My cock was throbbing. I instinctively reached for it.

The bubble popped up as he typed and quickly sent: “I will send you a pin at 7. I want you here by 8.”

“Yes sir.”

“Are you touching yourself?”

I almost checked my shoulder as if he were watching. I guess it was pretty predictable.

“Yes sir.”

“No cumming, you understand?”

I already started leaking precum just from his texts. I was eager to obey but worried if it were possible.

“Yes sir.”

“Good boy.”

“Are you hard, sir?”

I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to ask unsolicited questions so I waited timidly for a response.

After a minute or two he sent an emoji.

The side-eye smirk.

My cock twitched. I looked back in the mirror and, already shirtless, dropped my shorts and underwear in a quick swoop. I lightly touched my tensing cock and removed the precum from my tip. I put it in my mouth and wished it was Dr. Horn’s.

Dangerously close to disobeying, I knew I needed to take a cold shower quickly. If I stroked twice, I’d shoot everywhere.

The cold shower relieved my tired body and my aching lust. It took considerable restraint to not rub one out in the shower. I was used to relieving myself when I got aroused in my own privacy. This must have been the first time I denied myself.

The evening crawled along and his image dominated my thoughts. I still never had a real good look at him. I was always on my stomach, face down when he took a look at me. But, his face and his general shape flooded my mind. I wondered if it would count as disobedience if I shot a load while thinking of him in my sleep. It had been a while since I had a wet dream, but I’d also never been so infatuated.

I woke up and was relieved to be dry. My day was impossibly slow as nothing could vie for my attention but the anticipation of that evening. Just seeing Sharon at the office reminded me of him and thus, the length of time remaining until 8pm.

At last, I was home, prepared a quick and healthy dinner, and showered again. I was thorough in the shower, making sure I was clean everywhere. While I was in the shower, I heard a buzz and couldn’t help myself. I dried off my hands and stepped out of the shower, dripping, as I grabbed my phone. It was him.

He bahis firmaları had sent the pin as he’d said. I opened it and saw that it was just ten minutes from my apartment. I waddled back into the shower and continued my preparations.

I’d never dressed more deliberately. I questioned every selection, and then questioned it again, constantly considering what would turn on this old man. I didn’t have any sexy underwear because I wasn’t sure what older men found sexy. I put on my normal grey boxer briefs and considered shorts or pants. I eventually settled on my favorite shorts. They were tight but comfortable and hugged my ass. I put on a white undershirt and a white long sleeve Henley. It was a casual outfit, but still looked nice. I debated texting to seek approval for my wardrobe but decided to just go with it.

I hoped that he wouldn’t be in scrubs. I wanted to see him in tight shorts, so I could see his legs and the clear shape of his ass out from underneath his baggy scrubs. I wanted to see him in a polo with an extra button undone to show more of his chest. I wanted to see him in a suit, or a robe, or just his underwear – what kind of underwear would he wear?

I applied deodorant to my underarms and lightly sprayed myself with cologne, careful to not overdo it. I checked the time and did my hair applying some product to make it slightly messy. I brushed my teeth, flossed, brushed again and used mouthwash. I was ready to go and the time had finally come.

I followed my phone’s GPS to what appeared to be his house, took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

The door opened and I was greeted by the mischievous smile I knew from the chiropractor’s office. He was the most handsome old man I’d ever seen. He was in a t-shirt and cargo shorts, clearly not having obsessed over his appearance the way I did. But I didn’t care, he looked incredible. He invited me in and closed the door behind me.

We stood in the doorway and sized each other up. He was big with a round belly and strong arms. His legs were covered in colorless hair – gray or silver depending on the lighting. He, too, had run his eyes over me and suddenly I was again concerned with his opinion of me and my appearance.

He stepped closer to me and looked me in the eyes. His arms wandered towards my lower back.

“I think it’s clear I am a dominant lover,” he explained, quiet in such close proximity. “But I don’t enjoy cruelty. If you need to stop, just ask. Politely.” He grinned as he rubbed my cheeks, cupping them to evaluate my assets.

I felt safe with him, which was important but an afterthought compared to how much I needed him.

“Please, sir.” I was anxious to get started.

“You will learn patience boy.” He swatted my ass and his mischievous smile returned. The swift strike caused a very real sting, but it quickly faded, overtaken by lust. “You will be pleasured, but on my command and my time. Now take these off.”

He stepped back and I bent over, easily undoing my button and dropping my shorts to the ground and stood with them still around my feet.

He beckoned me forward and I stepped out and approached him. My rock hard cock was firmly pressed against my grey boxer briefs. He glanced at it but returned his attention to my backside, feeling my cheeks again with more access than before.

“Turn around.”

I turned and instinctively bent forward slightly. He ran his hands everywhere, feeling everything my underwear covered. He swiped his open hand underneath my balls, grazing them before following my crack back to the other side. My legs shook from the sensation and I unintentionally bent forward more.

He probed my hole with one finger. Pushing the fabric into my hole and tracing my rim slowly. His hands were magic. The cotton only stretched so much, restricting his finger from truly entering my waiting depth. He tried, despite the cloth, to get in. His constant approach and the fabric’s consistent rebuffs created a festering impatience and a hunger. But I knew my place and the sting from his teaching hand lingered just enough to remind me.

Finally, he grabbed the waistband and lowered them off my hips and down my legs. I stepped out as the cool air met my burning skin and sent a shiver through me. I bent over all the way, pushing my ass to him and my hole puckered with hunger as I waited for his finger to return to the rim.

Instead a second swat stung my naked cheeks, more painful not because of increased force but my exposed skin. Initially I was confused what I’d done to merit the strike.

“You’re trying to rush me, boy.”

He was right. It was subconscious and almost uncontrollable, but my body was trying to get him inside me. The swat still felt unfair because he was skillfully stimulating the desire within me. I realized I was going to have to channel more self-control.

“You will learn patience,” he repeated.

My hole still puckered, clenching as it craved attention. But I straightened my body a bit and focused kaçak bahis siteleri on yielding completely to him.

His finger did return, and my hole actively responded to his touch.

“You’re not ready, boy. I’d destroy that tight hole.”

His words caused my body to groan, frustrated to be kept waiting. But they also aroused me, precum forming at my tip at the mention of his size. He’d destroy me? I still hadn’t seen him and with my back towards him and my face down, I could only try and imagine. I was pretty big myself and maybe arrogant having never had a partner with a bigger tool than mine. Yet, he had seen mine and was still confident. I started to get nervous but also was restless to see it.

“Please, sir.” I begged, knowing I’d get smacked. I couldn’t help it.

His hand whipped my right butt cheek once again and my body trembled briefly in pain. That one had more force, as if he knew I could do better. I closed my eyes and focused.

“Don’t be mistaken, boy. I told you I do not enjoy cruelty, but I will not tolerate willful disobedience. Show more restraint or I will force it.”

His soft voice was suddenly deeper and much more stern than before. I became nervous that my behavior had changed his demeanor and ashamed that I was disappointing him.

I straightened my legs, raised my head and concentrated on surrendering my desires. I repeated this thought over and over but I’d never had such strong urges.

His hands returned to my cheeks and gently worked at separating them as he sought a closer look. He spread me wide with his hands and the air filled my gaping hole which longed to be filled by something solid.

I reminded myself it did not matter what my hole wanted, or even needed.

“I don’t know, boy. Have you been stretched before?”

I didn’t answer. I just silently wished he would take me.

“Come meet what you’re up against.”

I turned desperately fast to face him but he had already turned and started toward the next room. I followed and watched his mature, round body only now noticing he still held my underwear in his hands. He stopped at the couch and dropped into it, leaning back into the leather. He made himself comfortable and I lowered myself between his legs. I was desperate to undo his fly, but waited for more instruction.

“Go ahead, then boy. Meet what you crave inside you so badly and see if you still want it.”

By now, I was certain he would be huge. Someone so confident must carry a big stick. I undid the zipper of his shorts and slid them down his legs. He raised his lower body from the couch so I could remove them. He wore white briefs as I’d hoped and they were full and round. There was no clear outline of a cock and I wasn’t sure if he was erect or not, but the pouch in his briefs were round. I removed his underwear and exhaled as I saw it. He was chubbing but not erect. It twitched from the attention though I didn’t dare touch it yet. I was only told to meet him and I concentrated on controlling my desires.

Almost as if he were testing my resolve, he sat in silence as I watched and waited. It was slowly growing and standing at attention, but I could tell it still was not fully erect. Watching it grow was nearly enough to make me cum, gratifying to know I had that effect on him. I waited between his bare legs and watched him, occasionally glancing up at his eyes like a puppy waiting and hoping his master might drop some food from his plate so he could pounce. His grin returned, pleased at my submissiveness.

I waited patiently with my eyes now locked on his dick. His confidence was not unwarranted. He still wasn’t fully grown, but his cock in its current state was already the thickest I’d ever seen. His mushroom head was round and his shaft was bulging. His nuts were still mostly hidden in his lap as he sat deep in the couch. He was hairy and big like I imagined. He was everything I wanted and I was doing well, in my estimation, not to take him in my mouth right then.

“What do you think, boy?”

He clearly enjoyed my praise. “It’s incredible, sir.”

His cock twitched and stood a little straighter.

“I thought I was big myself, sir.”

He smiled as he glanced down at my stiff cock.

“You are pretty big boy,” he agreed. “But no one is bigger than Daddy. Are they boy?”

“No sir,” I shook my head. “No one.”

He groaned his pleasure and finally reached full mast. I felt like I was drooling, still holding my hands by my side and staring at his cock just inches from my face.

“Do you still want it?”

“More than anything, sir.”

“It’s not gonna hurt you boy?”

“I neeeeeed it, sir.”

My responses drew fluid as his own precum emerged from his hole.

My head instinctively drew closer and my tongue began to reach out of my open mouth. I quickly closed my mouth and steadied my head, reminding myself only to look until released.

“Good boy. Look what you’ve done to Daddy.” I loved it when he called himself Daddy and called me boy. It only fanned the flames that were brewing something inside me. “You better get me nice and wet so I don’t tear you apart, boy.”

I looked up in his eyes waiting for confirmation that he was giving permission.

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