Subject: Babysitting Matty and John Mark part 2 Adult/Youth This story is work of fiction and contains sexual scenes between adults and minors. If these things offend you or you are under the age of 18 then please hit the back button now. I consider his story mine so please do not reproduce or or publish anywhere without approval. As Always, please remember to support , as your donations are what keep the site going. fty/donate.html) Babysitting Matty and John Mark 2 I made it to the bathroom closed and locked the door behind me not needing either of the boys to walk in on me while I was taking care of myself. I started looking under the sink and in the medicine cabinet to find something to lube myself up with and came across some baby lotion, OMG I thought to myself this was perfect. I stripped down and stepped into the shower, opening the bottle of lotion I squeezed a handful onto my six inch throbbing erection. Standing in the shower with my eyes closed picturing Matty in nothing but that Goodnite, stroking my cock “Oh Matty” I moaned “God your so hot.” Slowly increasing my speed as I imagined kissing him, taking that little diaper off him and throwing him on the floor and making love to him, and with that I exploded all over the shower wall, breathing heavy from my second eruption of the evening. I turned on the shower and stood there for what must have been at least a half hour just enjoying the water flowing over my body. I finished my shower making sure that I cleaned up the mess that I had made on the wall and myself with the baby lotion, I grabbed a towel and dried myself off and headed to bed. That night I had the most wonderful dreams about those two boys and doing so many things to them that would have not only made me the happiest person in the world but would have more than likely gotten me put in jail. I woke up the next morning to John Mark jumping up and down on my chest yelling at the top of his lungs. “Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. We have to go to the pool. Come on wake up!” he squealed. “I’m up. I’m up.” I said trying to placate him; I opened my eyes to see this cute little boy lying on my chest, resting his chin on his hands looking into my eyes. “Good morning. How did you sleep?” I asked. “Great! But I’m really sorry about last night.” He said looking down a little ashamed. “What was that?” I said as I reached down and started tickling him. “What did you say? I can’t hear you over this little boy rolling around on top of me laughing.” I said as I let my fingers dance over his whole body from his arm pits to his feet. This beautiful little boy dying laughing on top of me wearing nothing but a t-shirt and a soggy Goodnite. “Stop, I can’t breathe. I can’t…” He gasped. We both relaxed back on the bed him still on top of me and me just enjoying looking at him. “So, you slept well then I’m glad. Is Matty up yet?” I asked “No he always sleeps in. I’m always up before he is.” He told me. “Ok well here is the plan. Why don’t you go get out of that soggy Goodnite and into the shower while I go and wake up Matty and start us some breakfast.” We both stood up lifting ourselves off the bed while I was giving instructions to him. He started to blush when I mentioned his wet undergarments, noticing that I had embarrassed him I reached down and lifted him up one hand on his chest and the other hand cupping his soggy crotch and diapered butt, giving his crotch a squeeze “Or you could fly to the bathroom! He is faster that a speeding bullet can leap tall buildings in a single bound” I said in my most official tv show announcer voice as we ran down the hall. His had the biggest grin on his face as he held his arms out like superman, trying his best appear regal and super. I set him down in the bathroom door way “Ok little man get into the shower and I will get you some clothes and bring them to you and yes we will go to the pool after breakfast.” I told him. “YEAH!!” he yelled as he closed the door I laughed to myself grinning internally because his happiness was just so infectious oh to be a child again. I went back to my room and changed into my board shorts and a t-shirt, ok I thought to myself now to the impossible task of waking up a teenager. Grabbing my cell phone, checking my texts, emails and of course Facebook because what else are cell phones for. I walked into the boys bed room still staring at my phone, sharing a video of a motorcyclist doing a wheelie in front of a cop, I reached out and opened the blinds letting sunlight stream into the room. I heard a moan and looked down a Matty’s bed and my jaw dropped. There was Matty completely uncovered on his bed, spread eagle wearing nothing but his messed up hair, a Goodnite, and a hard 3.5 inch dick just barely poking its head out of the top of the diaper. I was instantly hard again, I just standing there with my mouth wide open, he moaned again and he brought his hand up over his eyes trying to block the sun light. I snapped out of my ogling and made a snap decision; I had to save this moment so I opened the camera on my phone and took some pictures so I could remember this forever. I didn’t want to embarrass him so after I got my pics I quietly closed the blinds and slowly backed out of the room pulling the door so it was mostly closed. I figured the best way to keep from humiliating him was to walk by his room yelling at him to get up and when he saw the door was closed he wouldn’t be worried about being seen in that state. “Matty! Get up!” I yelled as I banged on the walls as I walked passed the bedroom door and headed into the kitchen “Matty!” I yelled again from the kitchen. “I’m up!” I heard coming from his room. And in more than one way I thought to myself as I pulled out some cereal out for me and the boys to eat, peanut butter cap crunch the best stuff in the world. “Matty go take a shower and get your swim trunks on so we can go to the pool. You izmit escort can invite your friends if you want.” I yelled down the hall way. I was wasting time in the kitchen when I heard a door close, so I headed to the back of the house to find the boys door wide open and the door to their parent’s room closed. I went and grabbed John Mark’s bathing suit and took it to the bathroom for him. I knocked on the door; he opened it and smiled at me wearing nothing but a wet towel. “I thought you forgot about me.” He said, grabbed the shorts and closed the door. I smiled and went back to my room and grabbed a change of clothes and a bag to put them in, then went to the boy’s room; I first went into John’s dresser and grabbed some shorts, a Batman t-shirt and some super cute Flash underwear with lightning bolts all over them. I put them in the bag and walked over to Matty’s dresser and pulled him out a pair of basketball shorts, a Nike shirt, and then opened the treasure drawer. I pulled open the top drawer and was greeted with rainbows and angelic trumpets playing as I laid eyes on the treasure that was his underwear drawer, all different colors of boxer briefs gray, white, black, red, even a few purple pairs. I wonder where he got those purple ones man I bet they look good on him I just stared at the drawer for a few minutes wondering which ones he would look the best in. Then I heard “Find something you like?” Matty asked from the doorway. I stopped and turned looking at him; I held up the bag of clothes and said “I was putting together a change of clothes for us for after the pool.” And then lying said “I felt a little uncomfortable reaching into a 13 year olds underwear drawer so you want to help me out here?” He just grinned and turned to walk to the kitchen for breakfast saying “You will pay a 13 year old 40 bucks to wear a diaper but you won’t reach into his underwear drawer.” I turned back to the drawer and grabbed the purple pair and shoved them into the bag and headed to the kitchen myself. I threw the bag of clothes on the counter and grabbed a bowl of cereal and joined the boys at the table. We ate and talked, Matty said that he had a few friends that were going to join us at the pool, as we finished up breakfast I told Matty to do the dishes while I ran and used the bathroom really quickly. I walked to the bathroom and thought about it and turned to go to their parent’s room. I walked into the master bathroom and closed the door behind me. I walked over to the trash can, looking in I spied what I was looking for Matty’s Goodnite. I reached down to grab it and right away I could tell something was not right. To my shock it was wet. Matty had peed in his Goodnite. I quickly pulled out my phone and pulled up the pictures I had taken of Matty, zooming in on his crotch I could tell from the way it looked that it was not wet, so he must have we it before he took it off for his shower… I put my phone on the sink and started untying the strings on my board shorts, I let them drop to the floor as my hard manhood bounced up and hit me in the stomach. Reaching down I grasped both sides of the Goodnight, stepped into the leg holes and pulled it up my legs, as the cold wetness of his morning pee settled into my groin my dick started leaking pre cum like a fountain. I slowly squeezed my erection through the soggy diaper developing a steady rhythm as I stared at my phone with the picture of Matty and his diapered covered young erection. I didn’t last long and when I cam I squirted jiz all over my chest because of the way my erection was pinned against my abdomen by his diaper. I took off the diaper and replaced it in the trash can and grabbed some Kleenex to mop myself up with. I pulled my board shorts back on ready to head to the pool with my two favorite terrors. We walked to the community pool and as soon as we got close enough that Matty could see his friends he ran off. “I guess it’s just you and me kiddo.” I said to John holding out my hand, he grabbed it and smiled. We got to the pool and picked some chairs to put our stuff on, as I was putting our stuff down I looked around and there were only a few other people there I guess that it was early enough that we beat the rush. Matty was down in the deep end playing with two other young boys who were pretty cute but didn’t even come close to Matty. I looked over and saw John Mark standing on the side of the pool dipping his feet in to see how cold it was. “Dang its cold.” He said pulling his foot out of the water. I snuck up behind him and lifted him off his feet acting like I was going to throw him in. “No!” he squealed “it’s too cold.” He somehow managed to worm his way around so he could wrap his arms around my neck. Before I knew what happened I had a 9 year old with his arms wrapped around my neck and his legs wrapped around my waist. “No!!!! Cold!!!!” he said it my ear. I tried poking his sides and arm pits but it had no effect, he was latched on like a leach, “ok I guess I only have one choice.” I said taking my phone and my keys out of my pockets. He tried to let go and get down but I wrapped one of my arms around his shoulders and pulled him to me and then used the other to “support” his butt giving it a squeeze and making him yelp. We proceeded to jump in together and play for a few hours, which entailed mostly John mark climbing all over me, swimming around, getting on my shoulders, getting thrown by me, and doing it all over again. I got out of the pool and dried off leaving John to paddle around the pool by himself for a little. I unlocked my phone and the pic of Matty was still open on display for everyone to see, I struggled to hit the home button and clear it off before anyone saw and blew my cover. Looking at the clock it was 11:45, I looked over at the pool and yelled to John “You ready for lunch?” I asked. “Pizza!” He yelled as he swam to the side, hopped out yahya kaptan escort and ran over to me. “How about we go for something else?” I asked trying to figure out what was close enough. He looked at me with a puppy dog face, poking out his lower lip. I knelt down to be on eye level with him and start drying him off. Why don’t we let your brother decide? Why don’t you go find him and see what he wants to do?” With that he hugged me and ran off to go find Matty. Both the boys came walking up about 10 minutes later “So you ready for lunch?” I asked directing my question at Matty. Just then I heard a loud shrill yell coming from a little slip of a boy who looked like he was no older than 6 years old “John Mark!!!!!” It was one of his little friends named Billy. Billy came running over talking a mile a minute to John; I hardly caught any of the conversation and looked up to see an older man walking up behind the two little kids. He smiled and introduced himself, his name was Ted, we talked for a few minutes him telling me about himself and his family and me telling him about how I met and came to be watching over my two charges. Billy interrupted “Daddy can John Mark spend the night?” he asked pleadingly. Ted looked at Billy and said “Well his parents are out of town so I don’t know if they would like that.” Both boys got a very sad look on their face and he continued, “Plus we have some stuff we need to take care of this afternoon.” He told Billy. “Well I can give Mrs. Jennings a call and ask. I’m ok with it if she is.” I said John perking up at my words. “We have some stuff to do today as well but if Mrs. Jennings says its ok you guys can come get him at the house later that way we can both get done what we need to.” I said. “Ok sounds good to me.” Ted said and Billy was literally jumping up and down next to his father. I called Mrs. Jennings and told her what was going on and of coarse she was completely ok with it. Billy and John Mark had grown up together and Ted his wife were very close friends of the family so she was not worried at all. She did ask how the evening went with John and the Goodnites, I lied and told here that everything went completely fine, from here silence I could tell she didn’t quite believe me but she didn’t protest at all. She also confided in me that Billy was also a bed wetter so there shouldn’t be an issue with John going for a sleep over. I thanked her and apologized for disturbing her and hung up the phone. “Ok. Your mom said it should be fine.” I said looking at John Mark. “But we have to go take care of some stuff before you go over there and they have things to do, so how about 4 or 5?” I said. “At the Jennings house and you can pick him up. I’ll have him all ready to go.” “That sounds great.” Ted said. “We will see you guys then.” We collected our stuff and got dried off and headed to the showers. We sat down in the dressing room and I pulled out the bag with our clothes and started digging through it. I pulled mine out, pulled out Johns, and handed the bag to Matty. He took it and looked into the bag then back up at me with a grin on his face “The purple ones? Really?” He asked raising an eyebrow at me. I felt the heat in my face, I must have turned completely red from head to tow, and he was sitting there looking me dead in the eyes. I collected myself and responded “Well you told me to pick. Next time maybe you will pick your own underwear.” He kept looking me in the eyes for another minute or two then turned and headed into a shower stall and closed the door. What was going on with me, how was this kid having this effect on me? I have never had this kind of reaction around another person like this let alone a 13 year old. Yeah I lusted after him and his body but was I actually developing feelings for him? John Mark broke me out of my trance, “Are we going to shower too?” He asked with those big puppy eyes again. I cleared my thoughts and turned to him “Yep. You want to shower with me or you want your own stall.” I asked “With you.” He said sheepishly. I held out my hand and he clasped it, with the other I grabbed our clothes and we headed into the shower stall. I led him in, closed the door, set down our clothes and towels on a shelf and turned to my little cherub. “Ready?” I asked. He just nodded so I knelt down and started to untie his bathing suit. It dropped to the floor with a satisfying plop and there he was standing in front of me again naked as the day he was born and with no reservations about it at all. I smiled and dropped my trunks and turned on the shower head to a comfortable temperature and stepped under it. “Don’t forget me.” He said and stepped up next to me. I grabbed his soft bare shoulders and moved him under the steaming water to rinse off the chlorine and grime from the pool. I picked up the bar of soap and rubbed it between my hands and started soaping his shoulders and back. Although I have gotten him ready for the bath and shower before I have never bathed him before so this was a new experience for me but he did not protest. I stood there rubbing his shoulders and back soaping them up enjoying the feel of his soft skin under my fingers. “What’s that?” he asked I looked down and realized I had gotten hard in the process of bathing him and was intermittently poking him in the back with it. “Uh nothing.” I stammered as he tried to turn around but I grabbed his shoulders and kept him facing the water. I quickly grabbed the shampoo and put some on his head. “Close your eyes.” I said hoping to keep him from discovering my erection. Luckily he did as he was told and kept facing the shower, so I continued to wash him and made my way down to his legs skipping his butt for the time being and doing his smooth legs instead. “Keep your eyes closed.” I told him and turned him around. Again being the good boy he was he kept his eyes gebze escort closed mostly because there was still shampoo in his hair and he didn’t want It to get in his eyes. I proceeded to wash his chest and stomach, again skipping his middle and going down to his legs. Man his whole body was as smooth as marble was all I could think as I moved his hands across his body. I finished with his feat and he just stood there, with his eyes still closed waiting for me to finish. “You missed a couple spots.” He said with a cheeky grin. “Are you sure you want me to wash you there?” I asked. Again he was only nine, this was in no way sexual for him but I was hard as a rock enjoying what we were doing. “I won’t be clean if you don’t silly.” He said very matter of fact. I turned him back around so he was facing away from me again and started washing his cute little butt. The globes were glorious they were cute and firm at the same time. I added more soap and rubbed up and down his ass cheeks one in each hand then I slid my hand sideways down his crack and he shivered. I finally got brave and reached around and grabbed his waist and started soaping his front. I closed my eyes and took hold of his little member and started soaping it up. He giggled a little but made no move to stop me from touching him. I started feeling guilty and stopped thinking about baseball in order to get my hard on to go down before he opened his eyes. It worked well enough and I started washing the soap off him he slowly turned around and opened his eyes and stepped aside. I stepped in and started to wash myself in a hurry in order to finish up our shower time I was sure we had taken too long at this point. I turned off the shower and grabbed the towels and started drying us off. I put my clothes on while he finished drying himself off and stepped out of the shower stall. Picking up his clothes I moved over to one of the benches in the main room and sat down. There was no one else in the room so we stepped back into our normal after bath routine. He stepped in between my legs and I held out his underwear for him to step into, he did and I pulled them up his legs and let the flash emblem settle into place where I just had my hands not minutes earlier. I grabbed his shirt and shorts and finished dressing him and stood up. I went back to the stall and picked up his bathing suit and mine and our towels and placed them into the bag I brought with us. “Ready to go.” I asked. He nodded and reached out for my hand and we walked out of the dressing rooms into the bight sun. “Took you guys long enough.” Matty said with a scowl “Yeah sorry. What are you feeling for lunch?” I asked. “Burgers?” He asked With that we headed to go get some food. I took the boys to a quick burger joint; let them order whatever they wanted. We wound up with a tray of food, sitting at one of the red plastic benches in the place talking and laughing. These were the good times they were laughing and having a great time joking and calling each other names doing what brothers do, bantering and bonding. This made me wish I had some brothers of my own but being an only child I would have to settle for this but I would hardly call it settling with all the fun I have had over the last two days. We headed back to the house and the boys took off in two different directions Matty going to play video games in the living room and John Mark going to pack a bag for his sleepover. I followed John into his room and sat on his bed while he ran around throwing all sorts of stuff into his overnight bag except for the one item he needed. “I think you forgot something.” I told him “No I got clothes and toys. I got everything.” He said. “Well I think you forgot a toothbrush and your Goodnites.” He froze in his tracks, slowly turning his head so he could look me in the eyes, he had a look of horror on his face that told me he was about to break down in tears for the second time. “John Mark, Stop, and breath. Look at me.” I said. And he slowly met my eyes. “I’m going to tell you a secret but you can’t tell anyone.” He slowly nodded his head tears beginning to well in his eyes. “Ready? Billy wets his bed too and he also wears Goodnites too so you have nothing to worry about. OK?” “Really?” he said rubbing his nose. “Yep, so here is what you do, tonight before you go to bed when its time to take a shower you grab your overnight bag and take it into the bathroom with you. Take your shower and when your done put on your Goodnite and pajama pants over it and no one will even notice. Now you can tell them if you want to but no but me and your family have to know so your secret will be safe.” I told him. He smiled and ran and wrapped his arms around my neck in a tight bear hug. “I’m really glad your watching us this weekend.” He told me. “I am too.” I said as I got up, picked up a clean Goodnite and handed it to him. “And don’t forget your toothbrush.” I said as I left his room. I walked down the hall, went to the living room and sat down in the recliner. Matty was sitting on the couch playing GTA 5. “Mind if I watch.” I asked. He shook his head in the negative and I took that as a sign he didn’t mind so I zoned out watching him play. I woke up later to the sound of a horn honking and a 9 year old screaming “Billy!” as he ran down the hall way. I got up and opened the door there was Ted in the driveway waiting on John. “Have fun.” I told him. He hugged me again and ran out the door; I waved at Ted and watched John get into the car. I closed the door as I saw them pull out of the driveway and walked back into the living room where Matty was still playing GTA. “So what do you want to do this evening?” I asked. He looked up from the tv and turned off the game. “Well we could do the normal. Dinner and a movie?” he said a little shyly. “Ok sounds good to me what did you have in mind?” I asked. He stood up and got a wicked grin on his face and at the same time I could see massive blush flow from his face down his neck and into his shirt. “I want to call in my favor you promised me. No questions asked.” He said his tone resolute. Part 3 cuming soon stay tuned for more

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