by Kotton Khandy

All persons are eighteen or over. This work is a piece of fiction.

Home from work I headed down the hall to my bedroom to slip out of my work clothes for the day and into something more comfortable for the evening before I started supper. I noticed the door to my ex-husband’s office out of the corner of my eye. The door was not completely shut. Pulling the door closed I went to change without another thought of it. Tim would soon be home from football practice, and he would sit in the kitchen working on any homework and we’d talk about our day while I fixed supper.

Hank had left with his secretary, twenty-four-year-old, Constance four years ago. Tim had been the good thing in my life that had kept me moving forward during that time. I stood in front of my mirror nude looking at myself. Something I can’t remember doing in years. A very well-kept thirty-eight-year-old high school principal I thought. Oh, I’d hear the muffled murmurs in the hall calling me a MILF. I’d find the occasional note slipped under my door when I came into the office in the morning. I laughed aloud to the woman in the mirror. Horny teenage boys are full of hormones. Well not all of them were boys.

I studied myself turning in front of the mirror. It had always been the tits I sighed. Overly blessed with large breasts. So big they were almost comical for my stature, boys and men had always wanted them. Ten years ago, I toyed with the idea of a reduction. Hank of course was against it. The doctor had shown me pictures that had been morphed with a software of what I would look like if they took them down to double D cup. Then D cup and finally C cups. In the end, I’d made up my mind and had them lifted instead of a reduction. I just did not look like myself in the morphed pictures. The triple D cups were me. Now they stood high like they did when I was younger…

At five foot three, I was dynamite in a small package. That’s what my daddy had always called me. Thought for a different reason. I looked into my own eyes in the mirror. Why all of a sudden was I worrying about how I looked. I’d turned down every man who had flirted or hit on me since Hank left. Tim would soon graduate and probably be gone to university. Colleges were lining up to offer him a football scholarship. ‘He had brains and the hard bod- ‘. I shook my head. ‘Brains and brawn.’ Where the hell did that thought come from about his hard body,” I asked myself aloud.

I slipped on a pair of stretch pants and workout bra throwing my hair up in a ponytail. My normal dress after school. Except I normally wore a t-shirt over the workout bra, but it was still summer, and I’d been hot a lot of the day walking around campus.

Removing my contacts in the bathroom I slipped on my black-framed glasses. Supposedly nowadays they are considered sexy according to a Cosmo, someone had left, that I read in the teacher’s lounge. Who cares? Does anyone actually live like Cosmo says people should, I wondered? Tim was the only man in my life. I just want him to be happy and successful. Maybe he will take care of momma in her old age instead of putting me in a home.

Headed to the kitchen I remembered Hank’s door being open. I always left it closed and had left his shit in there after I kicked the cheater out. Neither I nor Tim went in there. I was looking in the door and everything looked normal when I heard Tim come through the door.

“Mom I’m home.”

I walked into the kitchen, “Hey baby how was your day?” Tim looked up putting his books on the table and missed the table them hitting the floor.

“Uh… It was fine mom.”

“You ok baby?”

“Uh. Yeah, sure mom. Just misjudged the table.” I noticed a hint of color on his cheeks. Maybe he was just hot still from practice.

“Starting on supper. Having chicken fried steak.” I turned to see him look up from his book and nod then look back down. Something was bothering him. Tim could not lie to me, and I knew he lied when he said he was ok.

Working on preparing the meal as he worked on his schoolwork, I thought I heard some kind of a click. I turned and Tim was looking in his book. “So, who has you working on homework?”

“Misses Atkins. Calculus exam coming up end of the week.” Tim stayed focused on his book.

I turned around to tend the steak. “Have you been in your dad’s old office?”

“No mom.”

“Oh?” I turned to Tim. “His door was open a little when I got home.”

“Uh… Yeah, sorry I forgot. I needed a pen last night and did not want to wake you, so I checked to see if there was some in there.”

“Was there?”

“Um… No mom, I just finished it at school this morning.”

Tim was definitely lying to me but why? Why lie about being in Hank’s office? He lied hardly ever. I would respect his privacy. For now. Tim knew I did not like being lied to. Especially after Hank. Maybe it was important. As I said, for now.

I felt like I was being watched as I prepared supper. Looking up into grandbetting yeni giriş the microwave over the stove I could see Tim’s reflection. He appeared to be looking at me from time to time. I turned slowly and he was looking at his books. Maybe he had been thinking.

“Sweetheart mom needs a favor.”

“Sure mom.”

“Can you go out to the garage and get me the bag of crinkle fries. I was going to mash potatoes but that will take longer.”

“I don’t mind waiting, mom.”

I turned to him Tim was looking at his books working. “Please Tim, go get them out of the freezer in the garage.”

“Uh… Can I get it after I fin- “?

I was staring at him. He was officially acting odd. He’d always do what I asked no questions. “Tim. Please and now. You can finish that problem when you get back.”

I turned back but made to watch him in the reflection of the microwave. He got up and headed out then came back. Soon as the door was opened, and him came back in, I turned walking to him to get them. I suddenly knew why he had balked at going to get them. Grabbing them and turned back to the counter before the color hit my cheeks.

“Thank you, sweetheart.”

“Uh, sure mom.”

I put the fries on the tray trying to push the picture of his hard cock in his jeans out of my mind. The more I tried to push it out of my mind the more it wanted to stay. Shit, he was hung. I put the fries in the oven and went to the restroom in the hall quickly. My nipples were hard as a fucking rock and sticking out in the bra. With these big breasts, I’d inherited thick nipples that were hard to hide.

“Tim, could you turn the steaks?” I called from the bathroom.

“Yes ma’am.”

Shit, they weren’t going down. Maybe Tim won’t note… Wait! Was he hard because of me? Had he been staring at me instead of thinking? ‘Shit Betty!’ I said in my head. Was that click him taking a picture of me with his phone? Why was he lying to me? Calm the hell down I said to myself in the mirror. It was all coincidence.

“Mom, I think they are about done,” Tim called.

“Take them out and put them on the paper towels on the plate please.”

Under control, I came out and finished supper. Tim looked at his plate a lot while we talked and ate. I felt myself smiling and getting excited. That little stud was doing his best to avoid looking at me. I felt a little bad for him and a little ashamed of myself. I was enjoying it and shouldn’t.

Usually, Tim would help me with dishes, but I felt like he needed a break and told him to go turn on the TV. Tonight, I put them in the dishwasher, usually, we did not use it with just the two of us.

I smiled sipping my wine as we watched TV. Yeah, he was definitely trying not to look at me. “Why don’t you go put some shorts on? Aren’t you hot in those jeans?”

“I- I think I will just go shower and lay down for the night mom.”

“Ok sweetheart.”

Tim got up making sure to keep the Sports Illustrated he’d been reading in front of him to hide his erection. He’d need a bigger magazine I thought. “Hey, does your old worn-out mother not rate a night kiss anymore?” He always kissed goodnight.

“Sorry, mom.” Tim came back planting one on my cheek.

“I guess you have grown up on me. I remember when you were little, you’d always tell me I was the most beautiful woman in the world. You’ve grown up and your mom has got old.” I gave a fake sigh.

Tim kissed my cheek again. “Mom, you know you are still the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“I figured that was Jennifer,” I said as he was walking to his room.

“No mom it’s still you.” He said with his back to me going down the hall. “Now I felt heat in my cheeks.” He’d not lied. I could tell.

I got up in the middle of the night. I’d been tossing and turning. Tim was in my dreams. Mainly walking through school with that massive erection in his jeans. Headed down the hall I noticed the light coming from under Hank’s office door. I was about to open it when I heard Tim talking. Leaning my ear to the door.

“Hey, Amelia. I just finished the next chapter. About to email it to you.” I could tell Tim was listening to whomever he was talking to. “Ok Miss Thompson, see you in class tomorrow.”

I could tell by the sounds Tim was shutting things down. I hurried back to my room and waited till I heard him go into his. Why was Tim hiding he was writing something for school? What was he writing for school that was in chapters I wondered? I made up my mind to respect his privacy. Surely when it was done, I would get to see it. I mean if he was writing something big it had to be for a school project.

Over the next week, I tried to nonchalantly find out if Miss Thompson had some literary project going on where the students were writing something. From what I could gather was no. Frustrated that Tim was hiding something from me I had done something I had never done. Snooped.

I left school an hour early and knew the coach planned grandbetting giriş on keeping them late. Philip kept the boys late on Wednesday so he could cut practice early Thursday before Friday’s game.

I started in Tim’s room. His tablet and laptop were there and neither was locked. I searched his email. Nothing from Miss Thompson and no word documents that were not normal stuff. No story, no chapters. Nothing.

It all had to be on Hank’s old desktop, so I headed to the office. Hank like Tim never kept a password on his PC. Booting it up I waited and was surprised it had a password on it. I tried Tim’s birthday. Jennifer’s name, then birthday. Clicking the password hint. “Beautiful” just a one-word hint. I typed in beautiful. Nothing. I typed in several other words that meant the same thing. Frustrated I typed in Betty. The screen unlocked. I smiled feeling a little embarrassed and waited as the machine finished starting up.

Pulling one of the drawers open as I waited on the old machine to start up, I was a little shocked. There were printed-out pictures of several women wearing sexy latex outfits. Pulling them out I realized they weren’t just naughty pictures but prints from an online catalog. Each latex suit was a little different. One had a note written at the top. “This one B3.” I knew Tim’s handwriting and it was his.

Once the old machine was finished, I went to click the browser to open and look for his email when I noticed a folder on the desktop named B3. Opening the file, I noticed two Word documents but also JPEGs named A1 through A3 then one named B3. The Word documents were named STATS and another named B3 chapter 4.

I double-clicked the first JPEG figuring I would open them in the order they were across the screen. When it loaded I felt my chin drop? It was a picture of me in a bikini from last summer. I’d not taken it. Tim had to have taken it without me knowing it.

A2 was a picture of me smiling, that one I remember Tim taking. He’d said he needed it for his caller ID.

A3 was the scanned picture of the woman in the latex suit he’d written B3 on.

B3 was the picture of the girl in the latex suit with my head photoshopped on it. Shocked or not I had to say he’d done a great job with it.

What the hell was all this, was the next thing through my mind. Why would he do this? Wait did he send this to anyone? Shit Miss Thompson? I pulled the browser up. He’d saved his email password. Only one in the sent e-mail bin. B3 C4 was the title. A reply was sent to it.

“I will edit it after school tomorrow and send it back to you.”

Then another reply. “My god Tim. This… Well, it’s so hot and sexy… I… Damn Tim. I’m not sure I can keep editing these. If your mother found out she might think you and I are doing more than me editing your story. I could get fired. But dammit they turn me on so… Just keep it under wraps. You are too handsome for me to be accused of doing things with. Nobody would believe I did not… But my god the three of us together… I’m sorry Tim as your teacher I should not be thinking about the three of us doing naughty things.”

Tim replied to her. “I’m sorry Amelia. I can stop. I do not wish to put you in jeopardy.”

“No Tim it’s ok. I got a little… Well excited. I know we’d neither one cross that line. All of your secrets are safe with me and I’m glad we found an outlet for them.”

“Thank you, Amelia. You are the only one I can talk to about some things.”

What the hell is all of this about I wondered? I mean there was more than the story going on. Tim had secrets other than the story he could tell her. What? How could I find out?

He had a few emails in his trash. People had told John Constance how much they enjoyed his story. How they could not wait on the next chapter. Many praises for how great the story was and how sexy it was. Who the hell is John Constance? Who are these people reading what I now knew was a story he had written? No. Was writing. John Constance had to be his pen name. How and where were they reading them?

I clicked on the Word document B3 C4. I had to know what it was about and maybe I could figure out what secrets he had.

Chapter 4 The Further Adventures of Bouncing Black Betty (B3 – CH4)

Stepping out of her blue Nissan Maxima once the garage door had closed, Betty shut the car door tracing her hand across the matte black Nissan 400Z parked in the garage with it. She drove the 400Z only for her second job at night.

The kids at school would freak out of they saw the beautiful Principal in that hot sports car that was not even available to the public yet. It never would be available to the public with bulletproof glass, Kevlar in the doors, and the extra horsepower of the powerful engine under the hood.

Standing in her bathroom she shook her long black hair down from the tight bun she wore every day, it spilling down to the wonderful curve of her toned ass cheeks. Pulling the black glass grandbetting güvenilirmi off she stepped into the shower letting the steamy hot water wash away a day of students, faculty, and parents from her beautiful body.

Sensually her well-manicured hands washed her trim, toned, sexy body. The hot water and soap felt wonderful on her beautiful body after the day. Betty took extra time washing her abnormally large breasts. Abnormal for a woman of only five foot three and one hundred and twenty pounds.

Oh god, he was writing about me! He had my weight almost right. I was one-thirty. My hair, every detail. I drove a Maxima and want a Z when they came out. I’d been saving for one. I pulled up the Stats document and sure enough, he had mine down. Along with Amelia… Shit, he literally described Miss Thompson. Then Timothy. I was sure that was him… Shit if this was right no wonder his jeans were full last night. I was almost mad… No, I wasn’t… I was curious. I had to read more.

Dry and standing in front of the antique dresser in her room she looked at her body in its mirror. The bruise on her ribs almost healed from Saturday night’s activities.

Long hair up in a ponytail she put her contacts in, applied her makeup, then talcum powder to her body. The powder would help when putting her second set of work clothes on. The black latex that had become her signature look. The black latex that the criminal underworld had come to fear.

The average man saw the most beautiful blue-eyed woman in the world in tight latex with breasts that defied the norm and even gravity itself when they stood straight out bouncing with her walk. Criminals on the other hand knew the rumors of how this Goddess Vigilante took out the trash.

Bouncing Black Betty had taken down a mob boss, and two corrupt city councilmen and now had her sights set on Mayor Teddy Burnside.

I stopped reading to get a glass of chilled wine. Maybe this story wasn’t as bad as I was afraid of. While filling my glass any anger I had went away. It was obvious to me he was using the picture as inspiration for his story.

Back in front of the PC with my wine, I picked up reading the story.

Inside her useless ex-husband’s office, Betty pulled a book called Lying Ass Cheater forward on the shelf causing the bookcase to slide open presenting a spiraling staircase.

I had to stop and laugh reading that part…

Coming down the stairs her young, beautiful assistant Amelia stood with a clipboard waiting on Betty. “How’s our guest today, Miss Thompson?”

“He has been fed and had two I.V.’s. He is ready for your torture session. Shall I give you an hour and order Thai tonight?”

Betty smiled at her young assistant. “Yes, Thai sounds lovely.”

“Don’t forget your handcuffs,” Amelia said handing the black cuffs to Betty.

While Amelia went upstairs Betty sat in front of the monitors watching her captive. While she could find no dirt on him, he was privy to the mayor’s meetings and would be a wealth of information. So far, he had endured three days of torture. He would break. They all do.

Betty looked over his file again. Timothy had a business degree from the University of Theophilus. Local, home-grown boy. He’d been a high school football star who’d gotten a full-ride scholarship.

Sipping my wine. He’d worked with Miss Thompson on the story. Maybe that is why she edited it. Still, he was… Shit, I can’t be mad. He has himself in it also. Apparently, he is a good guy in a bad situation about to be tortured.

Betty watched the monitors again seeing him laying on the narrow unpadded bench. Four steel rings bolted to the floor kept his hand and feet stretched tight at all times. Anytime he had to eat Amelia would give him a tranquilizer that wore off in only a few minutes and left no harmful side effects. He would awake feet still chained out and hands cuffed together. He was allowed nutrition and fluids. He’d need those to endure the torture. Especially the fluids.

Too bad he was an employee of a bad guy Betty thought looking at the cameras. He was a handsome young man. Six foot three and all muscle. Especially that muscle that lay hanging between his nude thighs.

Tonight, she would break him. She knew he was on the verge. Standing Betty walked down the small dark corridor, her heels clicking on the concrete floor, opening his cell.

Raising his head, he saw the gorgeous brunette that was his captor. She had to be the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. The eye mask hid some of her face, but her blue eyes held him captive alone. “Please I have nothing to do with the mayor’s activities you seek. Let me go. I won’t say a word.”

Betty stood silently looking at his naked body. She felt her own body responding to his. Something that had never happened when she’d tortured the others.

“Please!” He begged again.

Holding the handcuffs up she saw the pained look on his face and smiled. She also saw out of the corner of her eyes that large cock of his starting to rise. “You know Timothy… That is by far the largest cock I have ever seen. I hate to torture it. Not only is it large it’s quite beautiful. That fat mushroom and all those veins on it. They feel so good in me. Why don’t you tell me all you know?”

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