Avi And Gina Get Together


POV: Sarah”Elena,” I whispered, tapping her shoulder.She looked at me and came back towards Avi’s bedroom. We watched our husbands fuck our daughters, so they felt rather content then. I escorted her into Avi’s room and shut the door.”I don’t know what this is about, Sarah, but…” she said before I attacked her and took her down to Avi’s bed.I pasted my lips to hers and made out with her like I was in love with her. Needless to say, she couldn’t resist, but to wrap her arms around me and finally make it with a white woman for a change. I didn’t even know what I was doing exactly; I just let my pussy lead me.We both enjoyed one another’s company for a few minutes as we just made out. Needless to say, she failed to protest at all and let it all happen. I just felt her nude body on mine and let whatever happened, happen.After a few minutes, she pushed my lips off hers. “Okay, I understand you’re not mad, but WTF?””We left our daughters alone with our horny husbands, so we now can have some time alone. Unless you don’t want to be alone.”She failed to speak, but kissed me yet again. So, I could only figure she was on board, even though we were both completely naked and barely knew each other. Yet, we were still making out like lesbo pros, and we weren’t looking back or wondering what went on out in the living room.After a couple more minutes, I calmly parted my lips from hers again, but calmly made my way down to her jugs. They were bigger than mine as well, so I knew I was in for a bumpy ride when I was having fun with her.I squeezed both of them a few times, and we exchanged eye contact too, but we didn’t let a word drop. I played with her black tits for a moment, moving them both back and forth a few times, which got her to laugh.I had only been with Avi and no other ladies, yet I found myself up for the challenge even as Elena was a black woman. At the same time, I knew just how horny Calvin was, and it appeared Codey was too out there, so I knew we were okay having fun together.I let my tongue out to her left nipple and titillated her. I immediately felt her shiver and feel my head with both hands. Even with just some experience with Avi, it seemed like learning how to ride a bike, and even if bikes were different, it was still the same exercise.I watched her as I slathered her nipples slowly and got to see her enjoy it regardless of whether she thought about me. She caressed my head and shot me one lusty look too. I knew this was unexpected to her, but she wasn’t complaining.I felt her twat on my stomach, and it was as wet as a monsoon. So, I knew I’d have to wash Avi’s sheets and blanket for her, but I was sure she wouldn’t mind. I had my cherry down on it, too, so we certainly soiled it.”Oh, yes, you white sexy lady, you like some chocolate tits too?””I’m learning as I go along, Elena,” I made clear, before kissing her. “I would think you’d do the same, right?””Yes.”I kissed her once more and went to her other nipples. I didn’t know how long we had before someone came looking for us, but I still wasn’t gonna push her too far too fast. I took it slow with her as it was our first time together.Judging from how she was looking at me as I licked her nipples, we’d be doing it again. I wasn’t gonna bring up that idea yet, but we’d have plenty of time to chat about it later. I let my tongue just go from bottom to top endlessly then.I knew I could do more then, but again, I walked a fine line when I knew even she could just push me off her at any time. She kept her hands on my head and her eyes on mine too. After a few minutes, I began moving my head, too, so my tongue got more surface area.”Oh, yes, I have sensitive nipples if you didn’t figure that out, so be gentle, but not too gentle, though. I can take some more pleasure from your tongue. Don’t worry, if you push me too much, you’ll know it when I slap you. I won’t do it hard enough to attract attention, but you’ll get the message.””Oh, so you’re a smart-ass too?””I have my moments, yes.”I took her entire right nipple into my mouth to test her theory, but I wasn’t expecting it to pan out then. I saw her angle her head back, and she also güvenilir bahis moaned. I still made sure to please her to a limit, but not enough for her to scream.I closed my eyes and focused myself the best I could, but still maintained that limit so we could remain under the radar. I didn’t picture Elena being someone else, but just the hot mom of Avi’s new BFF, and that was it.She kept her hands moving, but she also pressured my head, pushing me closer to making her scream. So, in effect, she made me jump over hurdles to keep her silent, but yet, that made it even hotter yet again.My heart was beating a mile a minute, thinking that someone could find us at some point. Whether it was in one minute or one hour, we were going at it and seemingly not worrying about the consequences.All bets were off then, but in a good way, I thought. All because we both stuck our feet into taboo territory, no one was still regretting it. I held onto her bosoms as firmly as I could and certainly upped the thrills for her too.”Oh, shit, Avi does have a hot mom,” she praised me, caressing my head.”You’re not so bad yourself,” I added, before kissing her.I sucked her other nipple into my mouth again and got her to shake the whole bed too. I wasn’t trying to get her to go nuts, but I couldn’t help it. I nearly felt like I was giving her a present and watching her open it up and loving it.So, even as I tried to keep her contained, I still went at her, and it seemed almost too easy to knock down her sexual dominos. She took me right with her as she shook, making my face crash onto her melons several times.She even took it a step further and pushed my head back and forth as well. I giggled a bit so that just made her do it even more. So, we both pushed each other, and surely enough, we both fed each other sex candy, it seemed.She pushed her pussy on me even more, which added fuel to the fire as well. Despite her pushing my head all over, I still controlled it the best I could and switched between her nipples repeatedly. They were big, but I still sucked everything into my mouth and loved the results.”Oh, shit, you’re one hot MILF,” she endorsed me, moving her body back and forth. “Oh, you’re making me cum just by licking and sucking on my nipples, you hot white woman. I’m trying to keep it down, but you’re not making it easy.”I giggled, but kept going anyway. I thought I was baiting her, but it appeared we were baiting each other. So, maybe we were planting some deep friendship seeds, but we’d enjoy the big branches of it later.She moved her head back and forth and looked at me one and off too, but couldn’t keep them on me to save her life. That was the result I wanted, and I couldn’t get away from it. I felt like I was swimming against a current, so I had no choice, but to let it win.Then I came up to her again and kissed her. “I like you, don’t worry, there are no hard feelings.””I figured that.”I pushed her face a tad and calmly climbed down to her cherry that time. I placed my palms on her thighs and let my tongue out on her hairy pussy. I got her to jiggle again and plop her hands on my head.So, I willingly pushed myself even more and got her to moan even more. “Oh, I think I might love you now, Sarah. Don’t tell anyone I said that, but it might be true from where I’m lying between us. Shit, not even my husband eats me out, but I’m getting you to do it?””Yes, but keep the volume down.””I’ll do my best.”I pushed down on her legs the best I could and held them down, but of course, I made it harder on myself once again. I let my tongue all over her lips and slathered them as well, so I got her to fail to look at me again.I smiled as much as I could and just relished the results. I still failed to think of her as being someone else; I just knew I suddenly had a thing for her, and had to act on it when the chance came up. As I had my tongue in there, it just got better.It nearly seemed like Wonderland, and all I wanted to do was explore as much as I could and get as high as I could off her twat as well. Seeing her go nuts was its own reward, yet I still wanted her to go apeshit a bit in due time.I was certain that güvenilir bahis siteleri we’d get caught sooner or later, so I prepped her to go as insane as she could, but not catch attention. I let my tongue into her slit from time to time, but I always made sure to evict it just in time.She continued to pressure my head somewhat, but as time went on as well, she couldn’t keep pressuring my head. I took my toll on her, but she was okay with that. I was unaware of just how much experience she had in his area, but it proved to melt rather quickly.I didn’t think that was a bad thing, but I still knew that there was a big possibility that I’d get to fuck her again at some point. I let my tongue rub down on those lips harder and got the pressure back.She managed to conceal her moans somewhat as I kept teasing her essentially. I was far away from giving her my all, but it appeared for her own good. From the pleasure she was already getting, it seemed that she was losing it.Even if it was slowly, she was indeed doing just that for pleasure another close woman might think was subpar at best. I wasn’t about to tell her that, but of course, she might’ve known something. Still, I found myself in paradise trying some MILF pussy.Although, after roughly six minutes, she pulled me up to her and kissed me. “You’re definitely a hot MILF.””What gave that away, my old boobs?””Yes, I assumed you knew I was a MILF because of mine.”I grabbed both of hers again. “That is a dead giveaway now that I think about it.””Yours too,” she agreed, feeling mine as well. “So, we have each other’s daughters to thank for that,” she added, before arching her back.We both rubbed one another’s jugs for a moment as neither of us spoke. Even though hers were bigger, she relished mine and clutched them too. Her’s were squishier and ever so loving, too, so we both had fun feeling each other up.We both shook and soiled Avi’s bed even more, but we didn’t talk for some time. I could. We even wanted to smile at each other, but we couldn’t. We just had to open our mouths widely and deal with the pleasure.Even if we weren’t doing something sexual, we were still feeling the sexual thrills, and sure enough, we proved to have chemistry. We didn’t speak for a few minutes, but nothing needed to be said as we just felt our bundles of joy.Then she abruptly pushed her lips onto mine. We made out like lovers, but we didn’t love one another. Needless to say, she took a big step towards that, though. We let our lips push together, and we felt one another’s souls as they appeared.We had one giant thing in common, and it seemed that alone made us click, but sure enough, we wanted to prove it more so. After a few more minutes, she dropped her hands to my twat. I had to part my lips from hers then and see it.I couldn’t help myself to hers just yet and deal with the shock. She let her fingers go back and forth ever so slowly, so I needed to use her tits for leverage rather than pleasure. I squeezed them a bit, but it didn’t seem to hurt her.She moved her hand quickly and made me squirm, too, so she certainly had me right where she wanted me even though I invited her into that room. After a couple of minutes, she stole my hand and brought it down to her pussy as well.She pulled it back and let her fingers into her mouth as her hand was drenched. I watched her suck off all the juice for a few seconds, but then I had to do the same. We both enjoyed the sweet nectar of one another’s cum.A moment later, she calmly got off the bed, going backward. I calmly made my way to her, so my legs hung off the bed. Needless to say, she brought her hands to my thighs and lowered herself down to my legs.She began kissing and rubbing them for me down there too, but she didn’t speak and shot me some lusty looks. I stayed upright and watched her, but she made it very hard to stay there even without her tonguing me.Nevertheless, I made it happen for her and myself. I wanted to woo her just as much as she wanted to do it for me as well. So, in the end, all the bullshit I thought of her before went out the window. Before she could let her tongue onto my lips down iddaa siteleri there, I set my hands on her head.She let her tongue onto my pussy and began licking me from one second to the next. I shook and tingled as I loved the feeling, but I did not talk. I also pulled her hair right away, but she didn’t care again.Like with her fingers, she kept her tongue moving slowly and kept her eyes on mine. I tried to keep myself from screaming, but it was hard after feeling her slick tongue in there for a minute.Still, I wanted it to go apeshit and enjoy every second of the taboo pleasure I could. She focused on my lips and painted them softly. That was more than enough to be so good it was like pulling teeth, but with a thrilling outcome instead.I moved my body around quite a bit, but kept my twat as still as possible for her. She somewhat pressured my thighs, but I had to work with her. She gave me the best gift I could imagine, so how could I not make it work for her?I had my juice plummeting out too, and it splashed her face, but yet, she made sure to keep looking at me. I helped her from time to time to wipe her eyes, so she was well taken care of indeed. She went on for over five minutes without a word dropping, but she made it clear we’d have a lot to talk about soon enough.She proved that she knew a thing or two about eating pussy too, so I had to commend her for that and give the proper eye contact head caresses as well. I felt her press her lips onto mine down there as well, so she also took care of me.We were sure that our families were fine without us all the while. After another couple of minutes, I had to lean back and deal with the pleasure better. I heard her giggle a bit, so she thrived on that.It took a few minutes at her slow pace to make me fall back, but she got it down and became feistier with me too. I felt her tongue dive in between my lips and roam around somewhat freely.She didn’t let her tongue onto my clit, but still made it clear she was having fun making me feel good. I tried my best to keep taking it, but she wasn’t holding back then. She wanted to push me to make me scream, it appeared.We both knew our secret would not stay a secret, but at the same time, I didn’t want to just shout it out to our families. I found myself getting off on them, not knowing just yet. So, I zipped my lip the best I could, but still, she was pulling my tooth, so to speak.I even shed a few tears, but she failed to speak of them. Despite such huge sexual lust, she kept her eyes open, giving me the most serene intimacy I could fathom. She fucked me and fucked me right out of the park.She got her way on my pussy, and I could only figure that I unleashed the sexiest demon she had buried deep inside her. So, all I could do was deal with it at that time. I felt her tongue deep inside my twat and upped the pressure as time went on some more.”Oh, shit, you’re one sexy MILF, Elena,” I moaned, scrubbing her head.She nodded and even began moving her head around even more to let her lips fondle those lips down there as well. Her lips felt to be as soft as fluff, and I got the grand pleasure of them rubbing down there.Whether it was fast or slow, she made it as wonderful as I could imagine, yet we both remembered the taboo pleasure was perfect for us, so it was easy for everything to rock so much. Even still, as I pulled her hair, she failed to whine.She just latched onto some great pussy-licking and unleashed the demon so much that I began hitting the bed. So, I constantly gave her the gratification of seeing the art of pussy-eating paying off in the best way possible.She failed to say a word or even let her tongue and lips off my cherry. Seemingly, she overlooked everything terrible about me and couldn’t care less. The most obvious thing I could think of was that at that moment.So, I had to lean back up again. I looked right back into her eyes yet again and caressed her head. So, the intimacy got reinstated, and surely enough, there was no way that my hubby could duplicate the feelings.”If I say ‘I love you.’, will that freak you out?””No.””I love you, Elena; I hope no one gets jealous. I could take this pleasure all night long and just pet your head. I could take it and have everyone watch, or no one. I don’t care; I’ll take it either way as it’s you, you hot MILF. I almost want your daughter to get pregnant because you’ll be a hot GILF.”

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